Friday, October 11, 2013

David C. Pack: Because I am The ONLY Apostle Today, All Splinter Group Leaders Are Beneath Me in Rank

The rank of Apostle  (which I David C. Pack holds) 
is OVER the rank of Evangelist 
(which all the weaker, impotent COG leaders hold.)

David C. Pack, the chief narcissist is on a roll:

This unwillingness to admit error is occurring throughout the splinters today—while brethren are (falsely) told almost routinely that I teach error. Yet I teach exactly what Mr. Armstrong taught. Instead of returning to God’s Church, brethren remain in places where they are drenched in false teachings straight from the apostates who took them straight from the Protestants! But they will not come with us—God’s true Church—because they are being deceived by false leaders about what The Restored Church of God teaches—and about what Mr. Armstrong actually taught.
“Yet they are all human. They are all subject to error, and so are you—and so am I—and so is this Work of God. Even though it is God’s Work, directed, empowered and blessed by Him, He carries it on through frail, weak humans, and we humans are ALL of us subject to mistakes!’
“…Repent means confess your sins …”
“If I were looking for God’s one true Church, I would assuredly look for one that had confessed and corrected its errors! For all have had them—even the early churches…”
“Any criterion that assumes God’s true Work through humans is absolutely perfect, unable to be wrong or make mistakes or hold to any error, is a false measuring stick and will mislead you.
“You may ask, do I, then, feel that we in this Work are full of errors, misleading the people? Most emphatically NO! We have not had to correct error many times. But each time we have corrected an error, we have had one fewer error left. If we knew of any error still remaining, now, we would change it! If and when we find one in the future, we shall correct it! The one who follows that principle is the MOST free from error!”
I and The Restored Church of God do the same. Mr. Armstrong continues:
“So, confessing such an error is one of the surest proofs to identify the people through whom the living Christ is working—and whom He is using!
“If you are looking for a leader who claims that he is perfect, and you think you have found him, and he is human, he is a false leader. There is only the one Leader who is perfect today—and He is the living Christ! We follow Him—and we trust you, with us, will do the same.”
It is quotes like these from Mr. Armstrong that are often used out of context by splinter leaders who hold offices below the rank of apostle. They claim, “We can change (translate: overthrow) teachings of Mr. Armstrong because he admitted he got things wrong.” They cite Mr. Armstrong for authority to change what they absolutely have NO AUTHORITY to change!


Byker Bob said...

Unfortunately, Dave's claim that he is an apostle was not validated by God on September 30. You have to ask yourself if God would allow a real apostle to hang out there flapping in the breeze as if he were any garden variety pretender. This goes to credibility on a very fundamental level. He does not have the witness of God behind him. Actually, he has no rank, and neither do the other charlatans to whom he compares himself. It is ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

"Yet I teach exactly what Mr. Armstrong taught."

yep, DCP is loyal to his god, that's for sure...

I prefer to learn what God teaches, as recorded in His Holy Bible.