Tuesday, November 26, 2013

David C Pack: You Will NOT Go To The Bathroom During Services!

Silenced has the following entry on their blog about a woman who attended for a brief time with the Restored Church of God cult.

Shirley Ward left this comment on our last post about RCG cult lunatic David C. Pack’s efforts to control his members:
I was with the RCG for several months, but got out because I was treated like child in an elementary school. I was told I had to call (one of the members) to let them know if I wasn’t going to be there on the Sabbath. I made it very clear that I, am 76 yrs old, and had some medical problems that kept from leaving the house. When I didn’t call, I was reprimanded. I explained that if I didn’t show up, that I was too ill or the weather was too bad.. I also, explained the difficulties I had, getting to and from the meetings, as it took me two hours to get there and that the traffic was extremely bad. Then I was told that I nor my grandson wasn’t allowed to go the restroom during the sermon to do so before or after the sermon, which was a problem for me, because of the medications I took. I was furious when I would get phone calls about how I or my grandson would leave during the sermon, so after the last tongue lashing I went on line and left a scorching e-mail and told them what and how I felt about the RCG Mr. Pack and his ego trips, constant need for money for his building fund and so on. So there, I just validated all of your comments.

Silenced ends the entry with this:
Dear Wadsworth media,
Potential sources criticizing Pack’s cult are practically being handed to you. Your laziness and lack of intellectual curiosity are rather sickening at this point. Real reporters would be probing this already.

Amen to that!  The Wadsworth "reporters" have given Dave a free pass on his cultic behavior. They know the criticism but refuse to hold him accountable.  How many lives need to be lost to this dangerous cult before one of them wakes up?


Anonymous said...

If I am going to go to the bathroom, it is absolutely right that I am going to go to the bathroom if I am going to go to the bathroom!!! If it is that imperative to make someone wait to pee, then they perhaps (I am being sarcastic!) they should take away the xhairs and put in commodes instead of chairs during a sermon, if it is THAT important, or free depends!!!! If people have a medical problem when people have to pee, how dare they to give people a hard time for going to the bathroom. When you have to go, you have to go. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

I can just see it: A young woman urinates herself during services, then the ministers treat her and her family with a condescending disgust and Dave flips out because there's urine on "God's carpet"! Who cares about the young girl and her family, right? Hell, if you can't control your bladder like a real GODLY woman, then what good are you to Christ in his Kingdom? Look out now, Dave Pack may try to convince the girl's parents (with Old Testament law, of course) to stone their daughter to death for such a travesty. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

Reminds of my Catholic elementary school days. The nuns would decide whether we could go to the bathroom during class. Often times we were told "NO" and to "offer it up (the pain & suffering)for the poor souls in purgatory".

Such nonsense then, and now. Nothing really changes, does it.

Anonymous said...

You could go to the bathroom if you were in a congregation with a host. We went by the motto, "what happens in the congregation stays in the congregation."

Another problem is they advertise that they are teaching "how to live" and yet copy the world on how to be successful. For instance, the Spokesman Club is modeled exactly after Toastmasters.

They taught healthy eating from dieticians of the world.

They taught success principles from self-help gurus.

The only thing that is different is religious doctrine or how to view God---and that was modeled after COG7 of the 19th century.

There just is no good reason to subject yourself to this rule.

Corky said...

This one is so ridiculous I can't even think of anything sarcastic to say...the story speaks for itself about the control these turd heads believe they should have over their congregants.

Anonymous said...

I usually feel sorry for these people, but more and more I wonder, do they have any self respect left? Are they so insecure and dependent that they take this kind of abuse from anyone? How long before someone publicly confront this madman?

DennisCDiehl said...

Dave hasn't changed in a bit in all these many years. He just gets worse. Just have the kids pee on the floor and be done with it. I imagine Dave will give in.

Dave can't imagine what would prevent you from hearing his every word. He's a sick puppy. He informed my sister once that my neices, then about baby size on the floors were demon possessed because they interrupted his sermons with crying and Satan knew Dave had important things to say.

Just pee and poop on the carpet and see where it goes from there.

I like the comment about the Wadsworth "Reporters" or the Akron Beacon Journal types. No guts. No curiosity about the mold growing in their own backyards

Byker Bob said...

Well, Steve Martin did it best in the movie "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels". He played the part of a man-child, called "Ruprecht". Michael Caine would feign that the character was his brother, utilizing him to disgust and break it off with women whom he was basically through with.

Example: They, and a lady are seated at the dinner table, Ruprecht wearing an eyepatch, and with a cork on his fork so that he would not miss his mouth with his food and injure the other eye. Suddenly, Ruprecht asks, "Mind if I go to the bathroom?" Michael Caine replies, "Why of course not!" Ruprecht, never leaving his seat, suddenly gets a euphoric look on his face for about twenty seconds, and then says "Thanks!"

It is time for Ruprecht to make an appearance at the so-called Restored Church of God sabbath services! Of course, Dennis's anonymous emailer will probably accuse Ruprecht of blaspheming an apostle!


Head Usher said...

A commenter by the name of Kevyn Rand said:
"Sabbath sermons are mandatory and if you are unable to attend you must grovel and simper like a puppy begging for forgiveness. My dear brainwashed friend has also indicated that the sermons are 'intense' and leaving for any reason is frowned upon."

The "intensity" with which "sermons" are regarded just tells you right there that you're dealing with a mind-controlling cult. What's with all the "intensity"? Is it because "god" is speaking through the preacher-man? I'm sure that's what THEY will tell you. And it's "frowned upon" to miss what "god" has to say to you? Why is it so many other people's business anyway, so that there needs to be so much frowny-face policework going on? If you must render such "intense" respect to "sermons" and the related preacher-men, so much so that even if you gotta go, people will tell you it's still best to ignore the call of nature, what more indication do you need to know you're in the Krazy Kult? As though you could focus on what "god" was saying to you while the pressure was building up anyway?

Seriously though, what will you be missing if you get up and go into the bathroom for a few minutes? That missing "key" you've been searching for all these years that's finally going to make sense out of Armstrongism? Trust me, that "key" doesn't exist. There is next to nothing of practical value in the doctrines of Armstrongism and the sermons of its preacher-men. The reason why sabbath service attendance is so mandatory and so policed is because that's part of the price of your subscription to heaven, not because you're going to receive any information of value. If you weren't at services for any reason the week before and then something happened to you, well, may "god" have mercy on your soul, because you allowed your subscription to lapse!

The thing I can't stand about Armstrongism is that MEN tell you if you don't jump through this hoop, and that hoop, and all these other made-up hoops over there, that "god" will be somehow "disappointed" that you don't seem to "care" about him that much. But jumping through every single one of those hoops requires you to do something which benefits mostly the MEN that are telling you to jump through them. Think about it for a second, do you really think that trying to "hold it in" for an hour or two (when the solution your body is requesting is just a few short steps away) demonstrates anything to any "god"? Such as how much you "care" about him? What it does do, however, is demand that you demonstrate how much "respect" you have for "his ministers" (yeah, right!) and whatever garbage they have to say to you (which benefits those MEN, at the expense of your sanity, and quite possibly also your underwear.)

And then trolls come along and shout at you for leaving and disbelieving such garbage? As if they had any jurisdiction or standing to carry out such frowny-face policework? All that policing is the mind-virus at work. And the mind-virus never tires of trying to reinfect even those who have an acquired immunity.

RSK said...

The Wadsworth media is very unlikely to expose Dave - there's no immediate profit in sight for them to do so. Plus, in small towns, news outlets tend to be little more than mouthpieces for the handful of power players in town, and rocking the boat is not what they typically do. Better go to the next major city.

DennisCDiehl said...

Head Usher asked:

"Seriously though, what will you be missing if you get up and go into the bathroom for a few minutes? "

What would one be missing if they got up to go to the bathroom for a few minutes and kept going out the door? lol Not a thing!

Anonymous said...

Well, it may actually be worse than we are imagining. Remember, this is Dave Pack, and the RCG! It is entirely possible that the deacons who followed those who went to the bathroom discovered that they were going not #1, not #2, but in reality #3! Vomiting in disgust at Dave's sermon, and then kind of getting it together to make their reappearance.

Or, they could have been heard calling friends who skipped to tell them they didn't miss anything but the s.o.s.

I remember pulling sabbath guard duty in Pasadena. On my rounds once, I discovered some teenagers outside of services, congregating and socializing. One of them might actually have been catching a smoke. Basically, I was friendly with them, but just told them to watch out for the other guard. Sure enough, when he came around, he yelled at them that they needed to get back into services. He said it was obvious that they hated their parents, and what was being taught in services. And, what teenager whose mind had survived the brainwashing wouldn't? But, it's doubtful that the guy's lecture would have done other than to reinforce their attitude.

That is the problem in settings where behavioral patterns are the result of duress, and not personal decision and commitment.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Being of the male species, I have an easy solution to this Apostolic command from the Packatolla. Gentleman, stand up! Drop your drawers! Ready! Aim! Fire!


Joe Moeller said...

Stay with Dave long enough, and ALL bodily functions will stop at church services, including , but not limited to .... brain function, immune response, heart function and breathing. In effect, his bull crap will kill you, both body and soul.

The only bodily function that Dave is interested in you keeping in services, is of you having an ORGASM, whether male of female, whenever he... "GREAT PACK" is in your presence or is speaking at you.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Black Ops Mikey said...

Oh, you know, the solution is so simple: Lock the bathrooms during services.

This is reminiscent of Mad Magazine with their article on how to make workers in a business more productive: Board up the bathrooms!

Of course, the sermon could be piped into the bathrooms so there could be no escape from Pack's demon inspired messages of lies.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Herb, Meredith, et al, were bad enough, but they don't hold a candle to this idiot. Little men on power trips. That's all it is!

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing that Gerald Waterhouse isn't still around to shoot off his mouth for hours on end. Ushers will have to issue catheters and leg bags.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Anonymous November 27, 2013 at 5:31 PM said,"It's a good thing that Gerald Waterhouse isn't still around to shoot off his mouth for hours on end. Ushers will have to issue catheters and leg bags".

MY COMMENT - LMAO, that was too funny! Thanks for the good laugh.

Joe Moeller said...


Sing along to Leslie Gore's "Its My Party" (and I will cry if I want to!)...

It's my Church, and I'll PEE if I want to...
PEE if I want to, PEE if I want to...
You would PEE too if it happened to you!!

A Happy "FECES Navidad" to Dave Pack too!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

Cool, Joe. We could also modify Doby Grey's 1966 classic, "I'm in with the In-Crowd" to accomodate Pack. Change the words to "Urine with the In Crowd".

Maybe he's getting nostalgic for some swimming!


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of when I was in grammar school eons ago. A boy requested to use the restroom during class.His teacher refused him so he sreplied, "Okay then, I'll just do it right here". So he just sat there and peed in his pants! Score one for the boy! It really happened.
It appals me of so many scociopathic power mongers and sadistic cult leaders who love to exert such control over people. I do blame the people also or else if it were not for their support, he would be nothing. How many eye-opening warnings can God allow to give church members in places like that for them to wake up, as in the false prophet fiasco a few months ago.
If we are to qualify as Kings and Priestsm how can one if they cannot even have the basic understanding that this is the work of a maniacle egomaniac. They cannot even make decisions for themselves let alone others. We have to move past fear of men and replace it with a respect for God.
I had just heard that he even dictated, through a minion of his, the legnth of a woman's hair, legnth of her skirt, no makeup, and now now bright colors (shades of the FLDS or strict Amish?). You know the IMPORTANT things God is concerned with, what does he care about jsutice, mercy,faith and love of your fellowman?