Sunday, September 6, 2015

Philadelphia Church of "god", Gerald Flurry and Cal Culpepper Destroying Yet Another Marraige

Gerald Flurry's despotic reign continues to wreck more havoc as another marriage is being destroyed by Flurry's evil teachings. This sick cult takes great pride in splitting up marriages and families. 

From Exit and Support

August 31, 2015

I am grateful for your but devastated about my situation regarding my husband and PCOG. He believes this is the true church and remains dedicated to tithing, keeping the feasts, etc.

It is causing great turmoil in our marriage, and due to this group, PCOG, is disintegrating. It's like my husband is proud of this and claims Jesus says leave father, mother, wife, etc. This group has twisted, corrupt, ministers and the members are fear and guilt stricken. No religious group should have so much power and destructive capabilities.

How can you not assemble with your loved ones or attend a friend's funeral because they are "not of God's character" and that it is against their teachings? Honor thy father and thy mother? Really? And judgment? That's all PCOG does. I can't imagine that Cal Culpepper will teaching after Christ comes. Far from it!

I have a lot of pain from what has happened to my husband. He is fearful and has stopped living. I love him and pray that we will make it. However if we don't, it will be the PCOG's influence--100%. For years I have respected my husband's interest in PCOG (he is not yet baptized); but I have now been challenging the PCOG's behavior. More so, the ministers who control the organization. It's a shame that the PCOG website looks so "normal."

Please pray for me and my husband. --[name withheld]


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

This writer’s letter does not make sense to me. On the one hand, the writer states her husband “believes this is the true church and remains dedicated to tithing, keeping the feasts, etc.” And then later she writes, “For years I have respected my husband's interest in PCOG (he is not yet baptized)”. If PCG is the old WCG on steroids as I have always heard, why would Flurry allow this “fence sitter” (I believe this is what they were called in my old WCG days) to attend for years without being baptized? It doesn’t make sense to me and sounds out of character for one of the extremist Armstrongite groups.


Anonymous said...

I had thought that religion was supposed to be about being loyal and faithful in marriage. There is a commandment about not committing adultery.

Too many PCG people like to divorce their mates so they can chase after other people and pretend that they are doing it all for God. The sort of people who go to the PCG and stay there are not good people.

Any good people who got tricked into going to the PCG either smartened up and left or else got expelled for not going along with the evil things that evil people in the PCG wanted them to go along with.

Anonymous said...

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

“If PCG is the old WCG on steroids as I have always heard...”

You have been misinformed. The PCG is like the old WCG on illegal hallucinogenic drugs and totally drunk and messed up with illicit sex. The massive doctrinal changes that Flurry “flooded” the PCG with under the guise of “new revelation” have changed things dramatically for the worse.

Anonymous said...

Can we take a moment and focus on the evil bastard Wayne Turgeon? He has done more to destroy marriages in the PCG than most anyone I know! He's a pussy hound and is well known for asking women in counseling sessions if they have anal sex and perform oral sex! He is a creep! He doesn't respect his wife at all and for those that work in the Hall of Ad, they will tell you that Laura is always in Mr. Flurrys offe crying about asshole Wayne!

Byker Bob said...

It is possible that this lady does not speak English as her first, or primary language. Flurry and his assholes have been especially hard on what they term as "racially mixed" marriages. Because skin color is so important to them, you have to wonder how they deal with the proliferation of tattoos perhaps amongst prospective members. It probably makes them long for the days in which hair was all they had to worry about.


Connie Schmidt said...

No minister of ANY denomination should not be asking personal sexual questions of anyone, such as those that are mentioned in the above post. This goes for either male or female individuals being counseled.

The marriage bed is undefiled, and it is NOBODIES business what the details are.

Any minister caught doing such a counseling should be immediately reported to the authorities for sexual harassment charges.

Anonymous said...

The about comment about Turgeon are correct. Being blessed with the "high honor" of being at HQs in Edmond, my family and friends get to see more than we should. When I've tried to bring it to the attention of others, the members all agree that Turgeon and the ministry are perverted and polluted. But they all say, "he's Gods minister, we can't do anything!" It's disgusting!
The PCG is a very sick and perverted group! There isn't a person in there that won't stab you in the back! No loyalty at all!
And yes! Turgeon causes so much division! I've actually watched him prey on happy families and friends and do and say things to break them up! Very sad!

Anonymous said...

“When I've tried to bring it to the attention of others, the members all agree that Turgeon and the ministry are perverted and polluted. But they all say, 'he's Gods minister, we can't do anything!'”

The PCG members are correct that the PCG ministry is perverted and polluted, but they are technically incorrect to think that it is God's ministry. If you want to get technical about it, it is actually, technically Satan's ministry in Satan's PCG cult with Satan's servant GRF at the top.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus warned people to beware of false prophets, explained that you would know them by their fruits, and said that a bad tree will bear bad fruit and cannot bear good fruit. Jesus concluded by warning that anyone who does not listen to these words of His and put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand without a foundation and had it all collapse when (not if) the storm came.

Anonymous said...

The comments about Gerald Flurrys son in law Turgeon anger me! They're true! He visited our congregation a couple years ago and was a complete ASS. One of our young men was going through a rough divorce. His wife left him for another woman! Turgeon humiliated this young man in person and then from the pulpit! Kept teasing him about how his wife left him for " the other team!". From the pulpit he even mentioned how he was going to bring this story up at the next ministerial conference. I'm sure I wasnt the only one that wanted to punch Turgeon!
He finds a wound or a sensitive spot and he will try and destroy you with it!
Evil Bastard!

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, let's all boo-hoo for Laura, she who stole computer files so her daddy could start a church by stirring people up and preying on their fears and doubts to get them to follow him. Laura and Wayne are two peas in a pod. Widdle Gwant is a chip of both blocks. What a train wreck of a family and church.

Anonymous said...

“Can we take a moment and focus on the evil bastard Wayne Turgeon? He has done more to destroy marriages in the PCG than most anyone I know! He's a pussy hound and is well known for asking women in counseling sessions if they have anal sex and perform oral sex! He is a creep!”

In his defence, maybe Wayne Turgeon has to ask personal questions to get to the bottom of a matter. The problem is that there are so many male and female sex perverts in the PCG, and the older they get the worse they get.

Wayne Turgeon once seemed to see quickly right through one of the frustrated, sex-crazed, old women in the congregation who thought she had a right to get her hands on a single guy a third of her own age. In spite of all the other wicked male and female leaders in the congregation who had been gossiping relentlessly and lying fiercely to Wayne Turgeon, he seemed to see right through what was going on without even having to question the younger prey.

Wayne Turgeon gently mentioned in his sermon that day that, “We should pray for our singles, not prey on them.”

At the meal that day, Wayne Turgeon mentioned that he did not get married until he was 33 years old. Significantly, he also mentioned that his own mother had “abandoned the family to run off with a guy half her age.” This clearly helps to explain his excellent understanding of what women can be like.

Unfortunately, other satanic filth like Ronald Morley and his son Robert Morley always acted like they were big shots in the PCG sex trade and would not let anyone, including Wayne Turgeon, interfere with them. They got rid of anyone who did not go along with whatever they wanted. In the end, it appeared that Wayne Turgeon went along with them. There are too many perverts and liars in the PCG to stop them all.

Wayne Turgeon has supposedly said something to the effect that he admires Gerald Flurry so much that he would still follow him even if he were a false prophet. This always seemed to me like a case of Wayne Turgeon seeing right through Gerald Flurry and informing him that he knows the guy is a false prophet, but not to worry about it because he will support him anyway in order to keep his wife and his position with its status and pay.

Being too long in the PCG will no doubt have caused Wayne Turgeon to go downhill a bit.

Anonymous said...

Haha, 9:11 (aptly timed?) -- gotta love your objective description of the woman. Frustrated. Sex-crazed. Old. Had a right to get her hands on a guy.

Was that through your prism? The cut off contact with your own family prism? The no make-up prism? The no doctors, even if people must die of treatable conditions prism?

Is that the warped prism through which you saw Turgeon as gentle? Or saw him as having excellent understanding of what women can be like? Or saw him as seeing right through Gerald Flurry, instead of lining up enthusiastically behind him?

The PCG caused Turgeon to go downhill "a bit"? Really? REALLY?

Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at September 9, 2015 at 3:50 AM said...

“Was that through your prism?”

Different people might have had different experiences, especially at different times. If you know of anything of interest in the PCG, feel free to relate the details here.

Helpful hint: Dispense with all that silly “prism” talk. That sort of “prism” talk sounds like psycho-babble from someone who does not believe that there are facts or that there is right and wrong behavior. As someone once said, “Prism is where they put bad people.”

Don and Ange said...

Last night we stumbled across your blog, trying to google past information about the founder of our cult who had his roots in PCOG. R.W. Davis the founder of New Testament Christian Churches of America, INC. started the organization as a family owned business back in 1969, after he left the PCOG of America head quartered in Joplin, MO to become an independent. During that time the PCOG's were considered the trash can of the Pentecostal church because they allowed Remarriage and Davis was married to his second wife. Several of his contemporaries were interviewed later and it was well known that Davis left in part because of his reputation as a serial adulterer. He started the ntcc in St. Louis after he became the pastor of the Crondelet PCOG in St. Louis where the schism occurred and he remained in that same building for a couple years. The bylaws of the NTCC were drafted almost verbatim from the PCOG church that he came out of thus making the NTCC a bastard child of the PCOG's. Davis often alluded to the fact that God had raised him up to start the NTCC as the last move of God on planet earth, and preached holiness or hell to the masses with strong implications that all other churches had compromised the true word of God. The organization as it is often referred to is nothing more than a real estate holding company and a massive storehouse for tithe which is collected and poured into a gigantic funnel that has allowed him and his family to live lavishly at the sacrifice of the slave class church sheeple who are continuously being fleeced.

We run a survivor's blog where many X-members have contributed testimonies of the Horrific abuse that they suffered and the hidden secrets that have been kept from the brainwashed masses. Several X-members have testified that Davis had molested and raped them as children, and covered up the actions of others in this perverted organization that had done the same. In the early years they ran a day school for children and the practice of spanking other people's children in their absence was established and gave grown men access to young children's bare bottoms and genitals. Victims have testified that they received spankings after their underwear was pulled down and Executive Board members to include Davis had sexually probed them with their hands. While members of this cult were forced to have an outward 'wholesome' appearance to give the church a facade of purity, the leaders of this group were corrupt to the core. The abuse that took place in this organization is incomprehensible and even though Davis got away with much of it, much of it became public two weeks before his death last year in March. In spite of our efforts to warn people to escape from these hucksters, many still believe that the NTCC is God's last hope for mankind and they refuse to believe anyone who has departed. Those of us who blog about their sordid past and hypocritical, double standard, false doctrines are considered to be the off scouring of the earth. We were amazed when we discovered this blog at how eerily similar the NTCC is to the COG that spawned them.

Byker Bob said...

When I saw the word prism, I found it an interesting variation. Most of us have used terms like "blinders", "filters", or "rose-colored glasses", when referring to the visual or psychological bending of perceptions which occurs as a result of the absorption of Armstrongism in its many forms. The usage of the word didn't strike me as being necessarily pseudo, but I wondered if perhaps it was part of the insider language of a particular kind of therapy someone might be undergoing in their own personal recovery effort. A prism does take a light source, and alters and separates it in ways that makes it different from the original source. I guess my problem with this is that generally, a prism takes a positive element, light, and often beautifies that positive into another positive, useful factor. In the printing industry, prisms were used in the late 1980s in the processing of information beamed from satellites, for direct to plate imaging used in producing local editions of a nationally based newspaper, in very short turn around time. In the pre-PC, pre-internet world, USA Today was a revolutionary concept, made possible through this technology, although I believe I first saw it at a plant in Riverside, California that was involved with producing one of the Dow-Jones publications. I remember that day well, because we were inundated with one of our California winter monsoon storms, and to make the appointment, I actually had to trade vehicles with my wife, using her 4WD Jeep. We were examining the possibility of using my company's technology right in the high speed paper path of the press to spray dot matrix addresses and other information on the papers which were destined for the US Mail. Since the paper path was a continuous stream, the tecnology of the day did not provide a method of signal sending which would have identified each separate newspaper, accurately triggering the addressing process at the necessary speeds. Virtually everyone was using off-line solutions at that time.

But, I digress, even if it is to present a practical application of the prism, of which most people would not be aware. The prism metaphor breaks down in that Armstrongism takes absolute toxic crap and makes it appear to be a thing of beauty. It is an illusion. Armstrong metaphors associated with a sewage processing plant would also break down, in that the final by-products of sewage treatment are inert and useful, as in non-potable water, useful in irrigating golf courses and such. Probably filters, blinders, and rose colored glasses are more accurate descriptives, because Armstrongism yields absolutely nothing of any positive value. It forces one to log dead time, much the same as enslavement or imprisonment.


Anonymous said...

Oh, for crying out loud, people:

Prism. used figuratively with reference to the clarification or distortion afforded by a particular viewpoint.

My suggestion was that 9:11's attempt to defend/justify Turgeon was indicative of a distorted viewpoint.

The truly hilarious part of 6:00's follow-up was this kicker: "If you know of anything of interest in the PCG, feel free to relate the details here."

As if the collective weight of the evidence presented on this blog over the years just vanished into thin air.

Anonymous said...

There's no need to overthink the word 'prism'.

Anonymous said...

Widdle Gwant and Widdle Waura's pwism...

But, I digwess...


Anonymous said...

To the idiot above that mentioned Turgeon having an excellent understanding of woman!!!!! You must've just fallen off the turnip truck! He is a full and complete ass and has zero understanding of women! As for him mentioning praying not preying for the singles, he's the biggest predator the members need to worry about, then Brian Davis, Gareth Fraser, Wik Heerma, so an and so forth!
Don't any of you remember Turgeon when he was a college student at Ambassador College? All those love affairs he had? In and out of bed with any willing female! Then he got suspended for climbing out of a young ladies window during the night! Fond memories indeed!
No, the PCG didn't make him who he is, he made the PCG what it is. And don't you dare try to discuss the favorite son in-law with Gerald Flurry or you'll spend some time in the outer court!

Don and Ange said...

Sorry guys, we got you confused with the Pentecostal Church of God because of your acronyms. The Pentecostal Church of God probably doesn't deserve the rap but they are a controlling group. The abuse is similar and the testimonies of abuse are more reminiscent of The NTCC.

Anonymous said...

That's one of Flurry's biggest problems. There were witnesses to Turgeon's shenanigans back in the day, or of Davis's treatment of his late first wife, a sweetheart if ever there was one. It's amazing, watching people blindly follow along, just like people did with HWA, afraid to say anything, afraid to think for themselves. Of course, that's what Six-Pack is counting on, just like his idol did, before him.

itstime said...

Wow, I have seen some of the material preached by other groups and most definitely they lack any spiritual understanding but to see the comments posted here regarding the PCG is a real eye opener. I couldn't care less about the eventual demise of the ministry. They deserve what they get and will get what they deserve. It's the laity that concerns me. For the most part, these people are horrified. They would be even more horrified if they knew what was coming and when. It's easily proven from scripture that the tithing system is not only illegal now but what is far worse, it completely negates the blood sacrifice of Christ. All who are under the New Covenant that partake of tithing are on a one way slope to the lake of fire. It will be up to the laity to decide if they want to follow Christ or a man.
Mr. Moderator, you know who I am so I'll leave it up to you to decide how to proceed.
I think itstime to do something about that cog.

itstime said...

Ma’am, in reference to the tithing system, which is implemented and enforced by all the “splinter” groups, you might want to pass this on to your husband.
The tithing laws were implemented under the Levitical Covenant to among other things, support the functions of the Temple, which included the priesthood.
They were and still are commanded for those who observe the Priesthood of Aaron. The Jews are a perfect example of that observance today.
That however, has absolutely nothing to do with the New Covenant implemented at the death of Christ.
The Old Covenant is under the auspices of the priestly tribe of Levi while the New Covenant is under the auspices of the Royal tribe of Judah, into which, Christ was born.
Most are aware that the animal sacrificial system was basically symbolic of atonement for transgressions or sins, by those under that system.
Christ’s sacrifice, the shedding of His blood was for the atonement for the sins of all mankind.
The New Covenant is governed by the Priesthood of Melchisedec, of which Christ is the high priest.
While support of His ministry is also commanded, it requires “giving from the heart”, a spiritual attribute as opposed to the physical tithing system.
Now, with that overview, every time tithe is paid, it’s a slap in Christ’s face. It tells Him that the tithe payer adheres to the Old Covenant and by doing so, rejects Christ’s tremendous sacrifice.
The New Covenant is based on faith. How much faith do those groups have when they must force the laity to disobey the very gospel they all claim to preach?
As to their credibility, let’s take a brief look at the following verse.
Rev 19:10 ….. worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
All of the groups have the spirit of comedy, of guesswork, of absurdity, but none has the spirit of prophecy.
By that we know that none have the testimony of Jesus and if that doesn't stir things up, nothing will.