Friday, November 11, 2016

Dave Pack: If You Are Part of RCG and Faithful, You WILL Be Saved

It is comforting to know that salvation only exists in the most superfantabulous Church of God splinter group to ever have been formed.  Only its most superfantabulous leader can make this claim. No other Church of God group is able or bold enough to make the the claim that...
For the moment, I want all of God’s people around the world to understand something. It is fundamental, and it speaks directly to why not a hair of a faithful member’s head can be lost in the years ahead…how will God protect His people?
Lets all pack our bags and move to Wadsworth!  Who needs Pella and Petra which are over-rated by the lunatic fringe of the Church of God, Wadsworth is where the action is at!  Besides, there is a great big lots store across the street we can shop at as the invading armies traverse the freeway on the other side of the holy compound!

Because tens of thousands of COG  members will have flocked to Wadsworth to sit at the feet of the holy one to be reeducated, they will be so special that people will literally flock to be at their side, because they have God's protection written all over them.
“And I will encamp about My house…” (Zech. 9:8) and He gives several reasons in the rest of the verse…but just stop for a moment. God says He will camp around His house… The one being referred to there, directly, is the coming temple, the House of God. But, we are the Temple of God now—we are the House of God now, as well as Jerusalem above. Try to imagine that God says a building—or a small mountain—is more important than a building of living stones.
Brethren, when you understand this whole prophecy…and it will take me a long time to…it doesn’t mean there won’t be persecution. There will be some persecution. But you will be amazed at how many people will want to be associated with you…when I show you from the Scriptures…because you are part of this. There is no way God would not “camp round about.” I can show you in the psalms that He does that. He camps round about the camp of the saints.
There is no way in the world God is going to add spiritual Jews—converting the house of Judah and bring it to a fractured spiritual house, bring it to a fractured spiritual Judah, where spiritual Jews are, whose hearts are circumcised. He has to…and this is one of the connections, again, between Bands and Grace…He has to unify His spiritual house. Meaning, many more thousands will immediately come into a situation where they won’t even know all these verses. They will have to learn them, and God is going to have to put a wall of fire and camp around about them, as well.
So I wanted us to all be absolutely clear. This prophecy—stunning as it is—has wonderful news inside it in that regard. Though it doesn’t mean that we are going to hop on a carpet and take a magic carpet ride. It is always difficult.  
I don't think there is a need to worry about "magic carpets."  With Dave I think it revolves around those "magic mushrooms" he has been smoking.  No rational mind could come up with all of this unintelligible nonsense!

Dave then moves on to why he was sent to New York City to serve as a WCG pastor many years ago. Again, Dave has to make this all about himself.  He was sent there so he could be around Jewish people so that the can better learn how to reeducated them,  when he is appointed by his creature he calls "jesus," who will be completing his ministry for 3 1/2 years, in the most superfantabulous temple to ever be constructed!
I will just say, I understand why I served in New York City. There are many reasons…and did so twice. I have worked with and have known a great many Jews. But I have gone to college without  many of them, and I have seen them in the Work of God…not very many, because primarily, God was not calling Jews, until He does it all at once. I don’t know if we have any physical Jews in the Church. I am descended from David, so how that’s counted is kind of interesting…Paul was a Benjamite, but reared as a Jew, and so forth.
Of course Dave has to bring in the British Israel mythology and designate just who the Jews are that he is talking about.
God works with the House of Judah, by the way, not the land of Judea. God is going to save Judah. Most Jews don’t live in Judea. So you think of the terms, you have Judea where the Jews lived, you have Judah, either the original man named ‘Judah’ or all those called the “house of Judah” who came from him who are individually called “Jews,” who today practice a religion called “Judaism.” So you have to sort out those things out and that will help you. When God works with the house of Judah, meaning Jews, not the Jews that live in Judea, the implications are awesome when you consider most Jews don’t live in Israel. What does that mean? I am planting a seed… but you will find that it has awesome implications. So of course, God could not ever bring many from physical Judah into a fractured spiritual Judah… a reason that both occur together……
Next, SuperDave tells his members just how SPECIAL he is.  He is at a level that other COG ministers have never attained.  No minister in the Church of God is as knowledgeable or set apart as as he is.
Because once the code’s broken, brethren…this man who’s been studying prophecy for 50 years up here…Next June, it will be 50 years I’ve studied it, and learned it, and buried myself in it more than any man who has ever lived. I know that, and I’ve said it. I happen to know that whoever is in this position would have to be that way, and there are various reasons. I’ve explained it. Until God breaks certain codes, vast areas are locked out of understanding that in these weeks we’re going to see. For instance, nobody could see verses that were screaming obvious about the House of God being built in Jerusalem this side of the Tribulation. Nobody could see... I couldn’t…that God saves Judah first and that doesn’t just mean deliver them—it includes salvation. 
Then Dave sets about PROVING that he is Zerrubbabel:
The message suggests that this man should trust God, not human forces or armies, power or might, but His Spirit…It’s interesting. The greatest mountain on earth at that time, back when the second temple was being built, was on their side. He wasn’t resisting Zerubbabel. This is a Zerubbabel that is resisted by a great mountain, not assisted by one, as Cyrus and Darius did. See the difference?
One of the problems, Mr. Armstrong never, a single time, ever attempted to explain…who the great mountain was, I never heard him do it, that resisted him. He never did. He just left it alone. He never tried to explain the headstone/grace-grace thing. And remember “finish” can mean “break off,” so, it could have an application to Mr. Armstrong. With the spiritual house, Mr. Armstrong’s hands didbreak off 30 years ago. But God, in His infinite wisdom, picked a word that can mean “finish,” or “break off” because you’re finished. Mr. Armstrong broke off—but also, this Zerubbabel will finish the house, because it has to get done, and that’s the amazing thing. Go back, and review the word “finish.”
Super Dave then needs to reinforce his ties to Herbert Armstrong.  No legitimate COG leader can exist without training at Herbert's feet:
…If you think I’m ascribing too much to Mr. Armstrong, well then, that’s what I’m doing. I worked with him. I knew him. He was unique of all human beings I ever knew by far. He just was. People are going to have to learn he was Moses. Moses towers out of Scripture like Everest. He was a type of this Zerubbabel, a governor of spiritual Judah. I don’t doubt that, but he also led a royal priesthood. His signature is on both of my ordinations. Now, we weren’t priests; but yet, brethren, all of you are part of a royal priesthood. All of you are in training to be kings and priests. Is it a stretch to believe?..... 
Dave then goes into great detail on how his god will gather in all the Jews from around the world so that they will be protected and reeducated at the new temple where his creature he calls "jesus" will be ruling.  It is a long convoluted mess of facts and fantasy.

Read it here: The Greatest Story Never Told, Part 4


Anonymous said...

Dave was sent to NY to be reigned in for a time. It was his last chance. He worked under Steve Botha's supervision. It was disciplinary and an utter failure according to Botha.

Black Ops Mikey said...

The code has been broken...

and now no one can fix it.

Byker Bob said...

Saved? To be under Dave Pack for all eternity? That'd be about like forcing yourself to gag down a dinner consisting of asparagas, broccoli, okra, and liver and then getting pooh for desert! Sorry Dave! TLoF sounds like a less painful alternative.


Anonymous said...

" He(Herbert W Armstrong) never tried to explain the headstone/grace-grace thing." - David C Pack

This is what Herbert W Armstrong stated in his sermon "Zerruabbabel's Temple" July 21, 1978

"Who art thou great mountain, before Zerubbabel thou shall become a plain. And he shall bring forth the HEAD STONE thereof with shouting, saying 'Grace unto it.’ Which is Christ, of course."

YET Dave Pack claims to have known what Herbert W Armstrong taught??
Well that is the difference, knowing and Teaching are two different things. And he sure isn't teaching it! He is far from Herbert W Armstrong as he is from God. Far.

Anonymous said...

Dave behaviour is consistent with my experience with most ministers. The adult world with its adult mindsets is foreign to them. I've noticed this phenomenon with many school teachers, but it's far worse with the ministers. Being good Pharisees, they feign Dr Phil type maturity and wisdom, but it's a lie. At heart they are teenagers.

Byker Bob said...

Now, behave everybody! I'm certain that Dave and all of the other ACOG figures, if they were here to defend themselves, would tell us that God had confirmed what they are teaching through their personal prayers. Seems obvious from all of the empirical evidence that has been collected from the Armstrong movement that God does not work that way, but that's their theory


Hoss said...

Back when the "Common" doctrine was announced, I remarked that Dave's Wadsworth estate would be a commune. Another poster asked me if that was true, and I said I was just being sarcastic. Now anything could happen...

A sure sign of it becoming a commune is when RCG members are on the street hawking Josh Letters.

Anonymous said...

Pack thinks that Armstrong will be resurrected along with many others from WCG days in order to rule in the first dominion. However, no other saints from the other era's are resurrected until Christ's return, although according to Dave, He will already be here in the Temple. But, I think he is changing that teaching now also, to every saint is resurrected (144,000) before the tribulation?

Much confusion, maybe we should just wait until Dave gets this all sorted out and posts an "edited" timeline chart. He needs to spend more sleepless nights "communing" with the 'holy spirit(s)'!

Connie Schmidt said...

I want to be a Bible Character too!

Hmmm... let me see, so many choices!

OK- Im the QUEEN OF SHEBA and I now deserve and must have , riches , gold and a palace! Give me those or you will condemned to the Lake of Fire!

Byker Bob said...

Connie's satirical comment should be carefully considered by those ACOG leaders who try to usurp the titles and accomplishments of the foremost Biblical characters. They're certainly not informed by the story of the self-aggrandizing Pharisee, and the humble sinner, both figuratively caught on Candid Camera while in the midst of their prayers!

That should be a gigantic red flag when determining the values of messages and leadership!


Miguel de la Rodente said...

It's probably too late for these guys, who knows? Just as they reach the brink, they may discover as Walter and Walternate Bishop did that in destroying a universe that runs parallel to yours, you also destroy your own!

Anonymous said...

Unless you are in RCG, no salvation for you!

Pack-atollah has spoken!

Anonymous said...

Back in the late 60's; WCG did teach that a third temple must be built. Also, everyone knows that it was assumed the HWA was Zerubbabel, even Pack taught this. Until he didn't, and changed everything else also!

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is to stop participating in the problem." I literally thank God every day in my prayers that I am out of the RCG cult.

Hoss said...

Back in the late 60's; WCG did teach that a third temple must be built.

Yes, it was taught. After Israel captured that part of Jerusalem, HWA said the Jews had only a short time to built the Temple (by 1972). After the Al-Aqsa Mosque arson in 1969 by a Plain Truth subscriber, the teaching faded away.

Anonymous said...

"Now, behave everybody! I'm certain that Dave and all of the other ACOG figures, if they were here to defend themselves, would tell us that God had confirmed what they are teaching through their personal prayers. Seems obvious from all of the empirical evidence that has been collected from the Armstrong movement that God does not work that way, but that's their theory."

LOL! Too many crazy ideas have been adopted by people thinking God is talking to them.