Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Non-COG Group Claims Petra As Their Own Place Of Safety. Bob Thiel and James Malm Devastated

Most of the major COG groups are suffering major butthurt after they found out that a non-COG related group is advertising Petra as the Place of Safety.  Bob Thiel and James Malm will be particularly disappointed when they have to submit to different rulers of the area once they get there.

Petra was already presenting an issue to the various COG groups that still preach this nonsense.  UCG, LCG, PCG, RCG, COGWA, and many others all think they will get there first and establish their realms and rulerships.  It is going to be one big snarling cat fight over who will reign supreme.  Now that they've been preempted, it will be particularly interesting.

Yehweh Not Yahweh has set up a nonprofit organization that is organizing a mass exodus to Petra.

PETRA—PLACE of SAFETY is a non-profit organisation that promotes, encourages and hopes to facilitate fleeing from the world to Petra, Jordan, for the Great Tribulation. (Founded by Jane E Lythgoe—Creator of Yehweh.Org.)
♖ PETRA, Jordan is the one-and-only place of safety for the Wise Virgins in the coming 3.5 year Great Tribulation—the rapture is after the Trib.
♖ PETRA is the Place of Safety in the Great Tribulation—the rapture is after the Tribulation. The next flood is the Tribulation and Petra is the next ark. Believers need to go to Judea then Jordan. Petra is the one-and-only place of rescue and nourishment for the believers (not just Jews) in the 3.5 Year Great Tribulation. It's the singular wilderness "place" the spiritually pure woman (living Bride) flees to in Revelation 12 for 1260 days—with Father Yehweh's miraculous help. 
Those who don't go to Petra and don't want to take the Mark of the Beast, will almost certainly be martyred by beheading. Even if they find enough resources to live on for three and a half years they will still be hunted down. Think Hunger Games—except on a huge scale! 

Like the false prophets of Armstrongism, Bob Thiel and James Malm, they claim that the tribulation could start either this year or in 2017.

They are even offering assistance to those that want to flee.

♖ Types of Assistance AvailablePre-Flight Expenses—Passport Costs, Document Costs, Travel Accessories, and More.
Flight Expenses—Flights, Travel Insurance, Travel Taxes, and More.
Post-Flight Expenses—Accommodation, Transportation, Food and Drink, and More.
Support—Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Support.

It just goes to show that craziness is not confined to Armstrongism.


Hoss said...

Like having prepared a feast site and then all the facilities and accommodations are booked out. Something like that happened on a WCG weekend trip I attended.

I remember the GTA sermon when he told how his mother was reading a National Geographic story about Petra, and an idea grew into a doctrine. Some WCG ministers said that as 1972 approached they started to doubt the Petra teaching, and then the 1972 prediction itself.

Sweetblood777 said...

It is interesting that Yahshua sends His angels to the four 'corners' of the earth to get His saints, and not to just one place.

Petra is hope based on sand. The sand is red and no food grows there. What do these silly people intend to eat? Are they going to haul tons of canned food and bottled water to the site? And what about protection? What protection can Petra afford in this day of attack helicopters?

The belief in Petra as the place of safety is nonsensical. Yahweh the Most High, can protect you where ever you are. If you have been chosen for protection, you will eventually find out about it, and you are guaranteed to know that it wouldn't come from some human being.

So, if someone comes to you and is not an angel, don't go with them. Don't fall for their evil intent. Don't sign over your money to them, or your property. If you do, you will be kissing that money good bye.

Anonymous said...

A religious Woodstock.

Anonymous said...

James Malm has never taught that Petra is a place of safety.

Byker Bob said...

There was an existing history of Petra as a place of safety for the Jews during Armageddon before HWA glommed on to it. At one point, a consortium of Christian theologians and business men had placed Bibles in the caves and buildings, so that the Jews would read about Jesus in the New Testament while hiding out there, and be prepared for His coming. I'd run across this a number of years ago on a Nabatean tourism site while investigating the concept of the flood as a localized Nabatean event.


Connie Schmidt said...

Since Jordan is the actual owner of Petra, I wonder what they have to say about all of those claiming it as their own?

My solution is that they should auction it off to the highest bidder (obviously there are several). Perhaps the winner could operate it as a resort location in the interim between now and the tribulation. Perhaps even under license from Donald Trump!

I can see it now..."TRUMP PETRA PLACE OF SAFETY"

Black Ops Mikey said...

Please answer one question: How can we get stock in the companies offering this?

It's bound to be a growth industry, replete with plenty of excess profit -- an excellent investment for sure and may produce enough revenue to beat energy and gold / platinum stocks.

Anonymous said...

she's just another confused soul...doesn't even believe that Jesus pre-existed...she takes one verse of scripture (Heb. 2:17)and builds her whole belief system around it.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to whether Bob Thiel has ever come clean about the higher learning ThD and PhD "degrees" he's claimed to have earned.

Never before had I ever come across someone who refused to state the name of the institution where the person's degree came from.
Those "ThD and PhD degrees" sounded impressive when Bob Thiel first posted about them, but to my knowledge he has NEVER stated where his Th.D is from.

Bob knows that people have had honest legitimate questions regarding the orign of his claimed degrees.

Has he ever given a clear and straight answer to those questions?
Not that I'm aware of.
I have no problem with the notion that Bob honestly believes most of what he proclaims as "truth"
However, when Bob engages in obsfuscation and what seems a deliberate attempt to mask facts of the "education" he claims to have, that's a big red flag to me, and speaks to his character.

The Remarkable Story of Bob Thiel's ThD and PhD

When Bob boasted last year : "And, yes, I have a Ph.D. and Th.D. among other degrees." , was that his final feeble attempt to quash questions about the logistics and legitimacy of his purported "real" degrees?

It seems that from Gavin looking into Bob's claims (which he shouldn't have had to, if Bob had answered simple questions honestly), that,

1) Bob's Ph.D. is from an unaccredited source, and that

2) Bob's Th.D. is also from an unaccredited source, and that Bob has played games in his efforts to both-

A) At first, falsely make it seem as if his Th.D. came from a legitimate seminary, and then,
B) Make it difficult for people to find out that Bob's Th.D. is only a meaningless mail order sheepskin of dubious (and non accredited) origin.

I wonder: Is Bob too caught up in "saving face"; making him unwilling or psychologically incapable of answering simple questions about his actual credentials?

Anonymous said...

4:24 AM, you are correct; Malm believes it is Pella.

"The second half of the week is to be fulfilled when the brethren again flee probably to Pella [no not Petra] immediately before the tribulation in our day.",_Jordan

Anonymous said...

8.18 AM PhDs and ThDs are arguments from authority. The reality of what people know and understand is what matters. There are many people smarter and more knowledgeable than PhDs with no letters after their names.

Anonymous said...

Pella or Petra, either way James Malm is a liar and a deceiver of the brethren. The entire myth has always been a lie that Loma Armstrong dreamed up and encouraged her husband to preach about.

R.L. said...

Since so many others are talking about fleeing to Canada....

Anonymous said...

There are over 40 hotels in Petra. On Expedia, you can choose from over 27 fabulous Petra hotels with "yuge" savings, indicating Donald Trump may be already involved!

But seriously, there will be a yuge number anointed cloths needed if Trump comes to Petra and brings Malaria.

(Side note: I knew a person who wrote a short play about a man who sold bandages. The person who sold bandages ran around whacking people with a club, in order to sell more bandages.)

So, in Petra, I expect that ACOG ministers will be requiring offerings for all the anointed cloths they'll be handing out, because differing factions will be throwing stones at one another.
There's money in them thar stones!

For reasons of enrichment, I expect that all the ACOG ministers will be united in one respect: They'll all be against "stone control" and be members of "The National Stone Association", allowing everyone to have unregulated unlimited piles of stones in their hotels and caves. (Of course, they'll use the time-tested method of fear-mongering and lies to explain 'the why of it' to their followers.)

If Hillary Clintstone were to come and suggest common-sense regulations for stone-hoarders, they'd not only "lock her up", but probably stone her to death, too.

What would happen if Thiel's group (in one cave) hated that those unrighteous people from Malm's group (from a different cave) were intermingling with them?
Thiel could proclaim that he's going to build a wall between the two caves and make Malm pay for it.

LCG Expositor said...

The Case Against The Place Of Safety (part 1)


1) There are two groups of people in Revelation 12:13-17. They are clearly described in the immediate context. One is “the woman who gave birth to the male Child”. Every preacher I have ever heard promote the place of safety glosses right over this. At most they give a passing reference to the woman being the church, but they never address how the church could possibly have given birth to Jesus, since the church didn’t exist then. Some might argue that there is only one continuous woman from the time of Abraham down through today. But Revelation 12 clearly talks about TWO sets of people and makes clear distinction between them. The second set of people is “the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Rev 14:12 describes the saints as “those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus”, a nearly identical description as the second set of people, those in Rev 12:17. So, it appears that Revelation 12:17 is the saints (the church) and 12:13 is not. So, who is the woman of verse 13? It can only be the Jews. It was the Jews who gave birth to the male Child; it is the Jews who will be taken to the place of safety. And the church is indeed her offspring. Further, the faulty teaching that the church of God gave birth to the man Child, is made worse by the inference that since only the Philadelphia era of the church of God will go to the place of safety, the Philadelphia era of the church of God must have given birth to the man child. That is stretching the scripture far beyond the breaking point. And, of course it requires the church eras theory of the Revelation churches, an iffy theory at best. So, the conclusion is that it is the Jews who will be taken to a place of safety, not the church.

2) The place of safety that the woman fled to for 1260 days in Rev 12:6 is singular, as is the place of safety in Rev 12:14. Yet the Church of God has consistently taught that the verse 6 place was not a single place yet verse 14 is.

3) Matthew 24:16 says “let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains”. It says nothing about those who are elsewhere. Who is in Judea now, the church of God or the Jews?

(continued in part 2)

LCG Expositor said...

The Case Against The Place Of Safety (part 2 of 2)

4) The KJV refers to the people of Rev 12:17 as the remnant. The Greek word is not explicit on what remnant means. The concept of remnant in common English is that of leftover scraps after the good stuff has been taken away. However, the Biblical concept is quite different. “Remnant” is referred to as “very holy” when used for the offering portion remaining for the priests. The book of Ezra refers to the returning Jews as a remnant. Isaiah and Jeremiah talk of a remnant returning to the land. Ezekiel talks of a remnant that shall be saved. The point is that the remnant of Rev 12:17 is not some inferior Laodicean Christians, but the choice elect. There is no indication in Rev 12:17 that they are anything otherwise.

5) Revelation 13:7 says Satan shall war against the saints and overcome them, they don’t escape. Daniel 7:25, too. It doesn’t say that some will escape and some won’t.

6) There is a promise of protection for the faithful Christian at the time of the end, but it is not the place of safety of Revelation 12. Revelation 3:10 clearly says that the faithful will be spared in the time of trial. “Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world” This is addressed to the church at Philadelphia. If you believe in church eras and therefore conclude that it is the Philadelphian era that is going to the place of safety, then you are confronted with trying to explaining how the Philadelphian era gave birth to the man child. Luke 21:36 also promises end-time protection to those “worthy”, “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass”.

Observation: The place of safety doctrine is the Church of God’s own rapture theory that has been invented and abused by church leaders to manipulate people into staying in a human organization in order to be protected during the great tribulation. This, of course, gives more power to the leaders, both in terms of more money and in terms of more personal loyalty. Once this place of safety myth is shown for the fraud that it is, people are then more free to follow a leader because he follows Christ, as opposed to following a leader only to save their own skin.

(end part 2)

LCG Expositor said...

For decades, Church of God leaders have intentionally manipulated the people: "We're going to the place of safety and if you want to go you'd better be with us. Otherwise, you'll have to live through the horrors of the tribulation, and may not even be in the first resurrection." How many people came into the church just to save their skin? How many didn't leave when they should have? Was their faith in God? Or in a human organization?

Anonymous said...

I see crybaby James Malm fell for it. He is not happy that you claim he thinks people are going to Petra. He says that he does not believe people are going to Petra but to Pella. Sometimes I think this guy is dumber than thiel and Pack combined.

Hoss said...

as opposed to following a leader only to save their own skin

Being in the mythical True Church or being out on your own to face the tribulation is what came across to me in an early GTA broadcast. Of course he eventually dropped the Place of Safety teaching, but being in the mythical True Church is still there.

Anonymous said...

@ Sweetblood777 So right! wait for the collection, angels are to be dispatched to collect. plus we are all subject to death, have to have a different approach and attitude about death. not trying to run away to petra. any twisted islamist or a dork from russia can bomb the whole place anyway. nobody lives forever as a man - made of flesh. we all rot to dust.

Anonymous said...

If you're old and have lived your life, the tribulation thingy is not a big deal. It's the younger people I feel sorry for.

Anonymous said...

I thought Pella was a place where high quality doors and windows were made, and not the "place of safety"

A google search yielded articles about safety glass.

Bobby "I'd rather eat a Reuben than drink from Steuben" Edwards