Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ron Weinland Cult Imploding

There was an interesting post on the False Prophet Ron Weinland page.  He is losing members just like Flurry and Pack are.  After being told one lie after another and watching money grubbing second witness wife Laura and her money laundering daughter Audra waste their tithe money on personal items, his members are finally fed up and are walking away.

As usual Weinland is blaming his dwindling flock for his "christ" delaying its coming again and wreck havoc on the world.

  • Some interesting statements from Ron’s latest sermon with a translation
    “That we’re still here. If you’re still here that is awesome ! It really is! Mighty! Because the vast majority who have had opportunity, that you’ve had opportunity to fellowship with in different areas, they’re not around any longer. ”
    Means: Almost every body has left the church. There’s almost nobody left.
    “As was stated before the exceedingly important point to note is contained in that first paragraph. There is one factor in the midst of this that would determine which date God would send His Son to rule in His Kingdom. That factor was the Church— His Church. ”
    Means: IT’S your fault the lord hasn’t come. Its not my fault that I said the wrong dates. God looked at you and changed his mind.
    “We’re still moving forward because so many have gone by the wayside”
    Means: Once everybody has left we will have reached the destination.
    “Thinking yesterday of how much I loathe human nature.”
    Means: I really don’t like people very much. In fact I loathe them.
    “The greatest part of what we’ve been called to at this end-time is in front of us. It’s ahead of us yet. So if you think you’ve been down a long road – yes, you have – and we have a little farther to go. But some of the greatest of things that many of you are going to have to face are still in the future”
    Means: Yes you still have the 2019 failure to deal with yet.
    “People are willing to blab about, talk about, demean God’s people in front of other of God’s people, to tear them down.”
    Means: I have my blinkers on so I don’t see this close to home.
    “The fact that we’re still here, it’s a miracle.”
    Means: It is a miracle that you are still here.
    “300 people?”
    Means” Whoops, I have just revealed the church membership number.
    “I wouldn’t be where I am today, at the level of where I am today, with the strength that I have today, with a boldness that I have today, with a determination that I know ”
    Means: I am being so bold and strong. That’s why I have recently been saying – I believe, I hope, I think, perhaps so much. My boldness is to be strong with provisos.
    “I think of visiting Lubbock, Texas, when we were out there. The one woman I’ve known since first started going to Salina, Kansas, probably in… had to be in 19… late 1970, possibly. Known her that long. I’m so thankful there’s one person at least that’s still with us”
    Means: There is only one member of PKG in Kansas.
    You can learn a lot from Ron. He is so good with own goals.


Connie Schmidt said...

Looks like the "EKG" for the "PKG" is going FLATLINE!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie and Clyde took the wrong approach to getting rich qick, and having a easy life. They should have become preachers. All that free tithe and offering money. And no feds on your tail.

Senior Citizen said...

You keep spelling it wrong! It isn't witness it is WITLESS. The two WITLESSES.
Now get it right for Pete's sake.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Anonymous 7:25 AM said, "Bonnie and Clyde took the wrong approach to getting rich qick, and having a easy life. They should have become preachers. All that free tithe and offering money. And no feds on your tail".

MY COMMENT - Au contraire. If Bonnie and Clyde robs "the Church" (wink wink) the way Clown Ron Weinland did, they could do 3 1/2 years of personal tribulation in Federal prison for tax evasion. I still laugh that the presiding Judge in the clown tax cheat Ron Weinland tax evasion case took the time to research COG beliefs and found the significance in the number of 3 1/2 years for the Great Tribulation and imposed sentence for that amount of years.