Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dave Pack: King of Jordan Will Soon Be Looking To Me For Guidance

God's most superfantabulous man to ever be created, after Jesus of course, is such a mighty man that the King of Jordan will soon be looking to Dave Pack for advice.  This will happen because King Hussein will remember that Dave is a "son" of Herbert Armstrong.  Dave is a "son" of HWA because Dave claims he trained at Herbert Armstrong's feet...which he did not.

Dave feels that a physical temple will soon be built in Jerusalem which he and his followers will have a part in building.   Below is his take on King Hussein saddling up to stroke Pack's ego.

God tells us that you can’t make that verse any other way but that, miraculously, the leader of Jordan, who, basically would have a thousand fatwas put out on his life the moment he lost control of the Temple Mount...He has the 91-year sacred custodianship duty to protect the Temple Mount. I would go so far as to suggest that maybe, maybe among men, this righteous king…He is a good and decent man—He personally knew Mr. Armstrong; Mr. Armstrong knew him...He may well be shown by God, “Leave the Temple Mount alone.” But now God would have to guarantee his life, because the moment he did that, he is a “dead man walking.” He might live another five minutes.
There is some reason why the leader of Jordan is uniquely spared, and we are told that he is. That will become more apparent a little bit later, but I wanted to bring it up in context with Psalm 83, because it is a lot of the same players. We will have to learn, a little bit later, more about why he might be protected…but he is a unique person.
It’s interesting, by the way, that there is an elder in one of the big splinters who used to run the Jordanian Embassy under the Ambassador. He ran an embassy in Cameroon, then he was in the State Department. He retired about five years ago. He graduated from Ambassador College in the mid-1970s. He knows King Abdullah as well as I know most of you.
One wonders if the son of King Hussein, known well to Mr. Armstrong, would come in contact with the “son” of Mr. Armstrong—he is my father in the gospel—how that might play out. I will just drop that seed. There are some things to mention, here momentarily, but that’s enough, because I wanted you to see this. Let’s keep reading. This is important.


Black Ops Mikey said...

King Abdullah has listed sky diving, rally racing, scuba diving, football, and science fiction among his interests and hobbies.

It actually may be possible that King Abdullah may find out something about David Pack (though not through the kook, Herbert Armstrong): It may be through his interest in science fiction.

David Pack espouses British Israelism (wasn't the King's mother British?) which is the alternative world history version of science fiction. Therefore, there is a possibility that the King may be perusing science fiction and happen upon British Israelism. If his interest is piqued, he might find that Herbert Armstrong actually believed in this science fiction and that David Pack claims the distinction that he learned this weird variant of science fiction from Herbert Armstrong.

From there, the King would conclude that David Pack is another kook like Herbert Armstrong and avoid him (not that David Pack could bring anything at all of value to the King, unless he wants to part with his Steuben Crystal desk paper weight).

Being that the King is the defender of Islam, it would be natural to suppose that he would be extremely opposed to Armstrongism and that David Pack may find that he has entered a very real dangerous world with a power King and political leader galvanized against him.

This is an unlikely scenario, but it is entertaining to think that David Pack may have a Fatwa issued against him by a King who is the defender of Islam, and no amount of delusions and insanity could save him from a situation like that.

Keep pushing Davie, and you might just find yourself in a world of hurt -- pray that you will continue to remain invisible to people of power in the real world.

Connie Schmidt said...

Lets be frank here... Pack is nothing more than a "Son of a Bitch" , not some kind of "privileged son" of anyone!

Anonymous said...

Connie, please don't simply dismiss MR Pack out of (one) hand.

He's such a kook that he deserves to dismissed with a barrage of "both hands slapping"!

Black Ops Mikey said...

No one seems to want to take it seriously, but as David Pack becomes more and more unstable, the prospect of another Jim Jones / People's Temple / Marshall Applewhite / Heaven's Gate keeps escalating. It wouldn't take much....

At any time, David Pack could decide to give his final sermon — a sermon filled with delusion, telling the members sitting in his congregation that they would enter the kingdom that very afternoon. As his sermon reaches its crescendo, the deacons pass those little wine glasses to each and every member — sort of like the Passover. In each small glass, is a sweet and tasty liquid laced with deadly poison.
“Take this and be with our Lord and Master,” he will say.

After 3 or 4 years of everything going a direction he cannot understand, because nothing he thought would come true has and none of his prophecies have come to pass. He has wasted his inheritance passed by his parents through the Health Food Store and he has contracted debt to fund his grandiose schemes that he insists the members of RCG should pay. It is “God’s Will,” he declares. Confused, mentally debilitated, disoriented, he has seized in his rising mania the only thing that makes sense to him: Take the poison and die and everyone will instantly be in the kingdom.

Think it couldn’t happen?
We’ve seen this behavior and scenario before.

It may well be time we see this happening in the Armstrongist churches of God, given the despair over the unanticipated entropy the sects have encountered.

Mere hyperbole?


Miguel de la Rodente said...

King Abdullah probably already knows about David Pack if he's a fan of wimpy soft art rock. Of course, that would be a different and better David Pack, the force behind Ambrosia.

EX-RCG said...

David Pack and Ambrosia didn't start out play wimpy, soft, art rock. There American Prog-Rock sound was in line with bands like Yes. There success (and the exploitation of people in the music industry), led them to go the direction that they did...till they finally broke-up.

This is just like how David C. Pack didn't start out like he is now. Much of his teaching was what the people of the old WCG always had heard. His success and then allowing himself to became vain, (and exploited by Satan) has led to his demise. Now, the RCG needs to break-up.

Anonymous said...

NFB (Dallabnikufesin)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Holding on to Yesterday is a classic!

Anonymous said...

3.37AM what you describe parallels my experience with several church members. When I first met them, they seemed reasonable people. But with time, their behaviour changed for the worst, until I had to avoid them for my own self protection. In hindsight, they initially wore masks which they gradually discarded. When their masks were gone, it was a wild ride. I have experienced this over and over both inside and outside the church.
Pack is following this same scipt.

Connie Schmidt said...

Am I the only one who thought for a minute that the dear King was "Captain Obvious" from the commercial??