Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dave Pack: I am "settling the score" when it comes to biblical interpretation

Superfantabulous Dave.  He may think he has the inside track on true Biblical knowledge but he has been usurped by the self-appointed false prophet Bob Thiel.  Pack though gives it a mighty try and claims that he is now setting once and for the true the interpretations of scripture that has been lost for decades.
Now, I know I say this every week—and I’m going to continue to say it until it’s not true—but each sermon presents awesome, inspiring new things that are game-changing and, in many ways, continue to make the entire Bible come clear. It has almost become a tradition, not by design, but by accident, that I will open with certain interesting things by way of just “settling the score” on certain questions that have existed for decades and making things clear.
The buffoonery that comes out of Dave's mouth is just more foolishness that has been a long standing tradition in the Church of God.  Countless self-appointed liars and false prophets have claimed they and they alone possess the true words of God.  Every single one of these fools, from end time witless witnesses to evangelists, to those that whore themselves out to the law and to know-it-all ministers, all have ended up being liars.  Dave and his contemporaries are no better then the previous 7 decades of false teachers.


Hoss said...

Comparing the antics of Dave with Bob, I think Dave is more deserving of the title Sideshow.

Byker Bob said...

I agree, he's setting the score. His team is permanently set at zero!


Anonymous said...

score: zero to zero for zero

Black Ops Mikey said...

By this time, I wouldn't even buy health food from this guy.

Gerald Bronkar said...

How on earth do any of these kooks attract a following?? HWA and GTA at least had charisma, with a bit of charm and salesmanship, and were original and timely. After 1975, not so much timely. Yes, they set dates.

So happy that I escaped early (1973) and did not need to be concerned with which new nutty prophet to identify with and follow/worship. I am so thankful for the freedom to reason!

My experience has taught me that believing the bible to be the inspired Word of God will always leave you frustrated and confused. There are some nice sentiments expressed in the pages of the Bible, but it was not directed at people living in the 21st Century! We need to broaden our horizons and look elsewhere for ideas that work in today's world.

Can you honestly read the Bible without seeing unjustifiable favoritism, anti-gay, anti-woman, pro-slavery, genocidal sentiment in passages throughout both the Old and New Testaments? It is there; it is sickening; and it is unapologetic.

It is sad to know that so many are unable to see that religion, especially today, is all about cash flow and the life-style and ego of the leaders. These guys are completely in the dark about the world and our future, but they are happy to take your money as long as you are gullible enough to send it to them. They are nothing but blowhards and have no power or influence without your financial support. They are no more connected to God than you are.

Please use some logic, and recognize what you are doing to yourself and your families. It is never too late, unless you are one of the pastors/elders receiving a paycheck from the tithe payers. If that describes you, it is probably better for you to just keep smiling and nodding. You are undoubtedly living at a higher standard than you would in the real world.