Thursday, March 9, 2017

Aaron Dean: Due to Brexit/Trump/UN resolution on Israel...etc....Time is very close!

What will the church be saying 20, 30, 40 years from now when they are still sitting in their homes claiming "the end is nigh?"

I don't necessarily disagree with what you observe, but a quick reading of Rev 2 and 3 show the church has often been in bad shape. :-(

Also Gideon's army shows numbers don't matter, and HWA's last comment was that the purification of the bride comes next.  That sorting has been happening since he died. 

Rev 14:3-4 indicate there are 144,000 "first-fruits". Perhaps God has about reached the number he wants in the 1st resurrection.  HWA and I discussed this before he died.

Prophecy is now taking place with Brexit/Trump/UN resolution on Israel...etc. Time is very close.  God can pull the chord at any time.

We simply need to make sure we are "Working out our own salvation with fear and trembling".  You can't make others do anything, you can only try to inspire them to change themselves.



Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell him the difference between "pull the chord" and "pull the cord."

Black Ops Mikey said...

So wrong on so many levels. Perhaps that rattlesnake bite did more harm than we thought... to his brain. Talk about not being hurt by deadly things.

It's already been over 40 years since Jesus was supposed to return in 1975. How many chances do morons like Aaron Dean get before they finally have to admit, well... um... OK... "I'm a false prophet"? Assuredly, they must have moments of lucidity like that old woman in that Alfred Hitchcock TV show who was in a coma for 60 years and came out of it just before her death not realizing that much time had passed since she ran off with the adulterer and that ship ran into their boat.

Anyway, this is like a schizophrenic seeing relationships all around them which have no reality, like John Nash in A Beautiful Mind, except that the movie got it wrong, he really was convinced there were space aliens. Brexit/Trump/UN resolution on Israel -- those things aren't too far removed from Dr. Nash rationalizations. (We'd recommend a mental health check, but really, he already checked that the door when he first attended Ambassador College and has no way to find it again after spending years ruining his eyesight to please Herbert Armstrong -- physical and mental sight loss... bummer.) Hey, nim null, Revelation 2 & 3 have no relevance at all to Armstrongist churches. Actually, it's probably the case it has no relevance at all.

Aaron Dean is welcome to continue his insane delusions if it comforts him, but for heaven's sake, can't he just keep his silly stupid ideas to himself?

And really, with British Israelism worst science fiction ever (as alternative earth history, thanks mostly to G. G. Rupert), we wonder what Dean will come up with next? Extraterrestrial aliens?

You say that can't happen?

Let's wait for 40 more years... about the same time that artificial intelligence destroys humanity for good.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Dean is the same guy who admitted falsifying Armstrong's last letter. So why should be believe him now? He lied to keep people in the cult. He should be in hell.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it says 144,000 and a great multitude. Aaron Dean, please do more bible study.
This 144,000 appears to be a inner circle within the bride of Christ. It's only they that will descend with Christ to the Mount of Olives. The status thingy.

Byker Bob said...

Why of course he does!

What we see around us today doesn't hold a candle to what was going on in the late '60s and early '70s. Assassinations, riots, hippies, drugs, Viet Nam, dollar sliding against gold when we were still on the gold standard, disgraceful president and vice president who were forced to resign from office, back to back recessions, the initial move towards a united Europe, crippling gas shortages, and other ominous and disturbing trends all seemingly pointed to the end. During this, the HWAcaca bogus end times message was at max power and practically unavoidable if you had a radio or TV set! And, then suddenly, there was Ronald Reagan, patriotism, the hippies went yuppie and GQ, and everyone got plugged into making the money that funded the incredible technological advances we all have and use today! The swinging of the pendulum.

A couple of things that look vaguely Armstrongish appear to be happening. The ACOGs most likely will attempt to milk this situation in varying degrees. Unfortunately for them, all of their prophetic "understandings" are based on British Israelism, German Assyrianism, 6,000 years for man and 1,000 for God, Church "eras", and Ussher's Chronology. Good luck with that!


The Painful Truth said...

Fake prophecy, fake news.

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot abide the intellectual irresponsibility that is required to engage in all this speculation.

Yeah, sure, Santa didn't come last year when he was supposed to, or the year before that, or the year before that, but because of how outraged I am that everyone is SO naughty THIS year, he'll just HAVE to come and put coal in ALL their stockings!

Same logic = same probability...

Anonymous said...

I thought the 144,000 were all Jehovah Witnesses

Anonymous said...

regarding the 144000 it is clear: out of all the children of israel, only 144000 become first fruits, and my assertion is based upon what the Scripture actually says...

see, i too can decree something out of the blue...