Friday, March 10, 2017

Join the Dugger Family On The Big Sandy Campus

You too can join the Dugger family for a weekend on the former Ambassador College campus in Big Sandy, TX where you can delve deeper into the cultic beliefs of the Quiverfull cult.  You can learn patriarchy, how to make your wives and children really submit, and you can share warm stories around the campfire about your glory days attending the BS Feast site and camping in the very same spot!

If you thought the craziness of Armstrongism was legalistic, just wait till you learn how it really should be in the QUIVERFULL cult!



Black Ops Mikey said...

I'd only go if Dodd was also there.

The original one.

Anonymous said...

"how to make your wives and children really submit,"

All men need is the same authority employers have over their staff. What the heck is wrong with that? You can run a company in the USA but you can't run your own family. That's why corporations are making a bundle and families are falling apart. The government wants companies to work but not families. If you hate men having authority you must hate your job, any job, because you hate being under authority and would rather live in anarchy. Or you could be a weenie man that no woman or children can respect, and let them walk all over you.

Henry Bemis said...

Most Baptist are normal people. This is an extreme sect. Not everyone who believes in God is a nut.