Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Philadelphia Church of God: Cal Culpepper, Wayne Turgeon - Gerald Flurry's Gestapo Agents

From Exit and Support:

A Dis-fellowshipped man told of what his daugter saw when she worked as an Office Assistant for Wayne Turgeon:
I personally know a former PCG member who told me about some of his experiences with being disfellowshipped by Cal Culpepper and Aaron Eagle. He recently told he that when he was dis-fellowshipped at the Feast by Cal Culpepper he was told point blank that Culpepper had received orders directly from Gerald Flurry to "clean house!" Culpepper went on to tell him that they want to get down to a hard core of dedicated elite members who are not lukewarm and sinful--"God's elite army." This was around 4 years ago. Flurry knows exactly the kind of carnage and suffering he is doling out to PCG members who run afoul of the ministry. Cal Culpepper does nothing without Gerald Flurry's direct consent. 

This man's daughter, as part of her AC tuition payment, worked as Wayne Turgeon's office aide. Often as she did her duties she saw that Turgeon's desk was full of disfellowshipment/suspension papers as they were sent into HQ by the PCG ministers. These were read by Turgeon before they were sent to "That Prophet" to read. Apparently, when a minister puts a member out he has to fill out a pre-printed form that has very particular and explicit details of the person(s) sinful acts and what they did to get into trouble. His daughter said that she was told by Wayne Turgeon that she was not to discuss the details of what was in those files to anybody. I particularly find it creepy that Wayne Turgeon is sitting in his nice office, sipping coffee and reading form after form (for how many years now) containing in depth detail of troubled PCG members sins and faults. Those things should only be between those people and God and is not the business of some guy whose only job qualification is that he married Flurry's daughter. --Former PCG member


Byker Bob said...

This sort of paperwork has always been part of the Armstrong managerial style. When I was a little kid at SEP in Texas, our activities during the summer included work week, in which we had five consecutive days of doing campus improvement work. During our platoon's work week, I was assigned to janitorial detail in the big steel tabernacle, including daily sweeping of the floor, cleaning the restrooms, and dusting and vacuuming the executive offices.

One day, while I was dusting in the executive offices, I found a stack of disciplinary reports regarding the campers on one of the desks. These reports listed the camper's name, the counsellor's name, rhe number of "swats" administered, and described the offense.

As I was reading these, John Robinson, who was one of the older teenaged campers, and our crew leader, heard me laughing, and caught me reading them. John admonished me, but then also found them to be of great interest himself. I had actually found reports on three campers who had been swatted for causing an offensive odor during Saturday night at the movies by passing gas. Of course there were numerous other reports, but these were the standouts. Apparently, there must have been some malicious intent to these young peoples' gaseous activities, but reality was that kids were spanked at SEP for farting!

Later, in the AC mens' dorms, I learned to wish that there were some disciplinary relief for this same offense. Apparently, there must have been something about the WCG approved daily diet of church members!


Connie Schmidt said...

Turgeon ... even the name sounds "fishy"!

Black Ops Mikey said...

Well, if Wayne Turgeon ever loses his job with Flurry, he might go to work for the CIA.

Reference Homeland on Showtime for more details....

Or better yet, the show that follows, Billions -- the very picture of the PCG (except, of course, for the success).

Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat baffled as to why anyone stays in such organizations. I've never viewed HWA (or GTA) as anything more that someone trying to live according to God's instructions, and teach others to also. They were far from perfect, as am I.

The same goes for the leadership in my current organization. At least they are genuine kind hearted men who bend over backwards to help anyone with any problem they might have. I can't see them ever looking for reasons to give anyone the boot.

Anonymous said...

This is not new, its four years ago if I read it correctly. I'd like more updates about the stone henge of destiny or was that buttered scones of destiny? I now have an idea why orthodox Judaism have kaparot. Its these silly little ideas.

Steve D said...

Anonymous says, "They(HWA and GTA) were far from perfect, as am I."
That is right we are all flawed, BUT the NT makes it clear that for those in a position of leadership, there are qualifications which include Christian maturity (see I Tim 3). Neither of these men appeared to show much maturity or fruit of the Spirit. But, boy could they sell a religion, and speak well on the radio. To HWA, the qualification for ministry were LOYALTY TO HWA. That's number one.

Henry Bemis said...

Who cares how long ago it was. I am just glad someone has cared enough to bother to keep exposing these criminals. Don't listen to the do nothing critics - keep the pressure up on these guys. Like cockroaches the PCG ministers hate the Light and any illumination on their activities will increase their discomfort.
Personally I would hate to think that these perverts at HQ are leering over the sins of others while they break up families and destroy lives.

Redfox712 said...

How intriguing it is to hear that Wayne Turgeon and Gerald Flurry has such a role in disfellowshipments. This indicates that such things are not just done by pastors but also have approval higher up.

Anonymous said...

Redfox712 on March 9, 2017 at 1:32 AM said... “How intriguing it is to hear that Wayne Turgeon and Gerald Flurry has such a role in disfellowshipments. This indicates that such things are not just done by pastors but also have approval higher up.”


Gerald Flurry and Wayne Turgeon knowingly go along with and approve of their fake PCG ministers kicking out the victims of lying, slandering, old, sex maniacs, sex perverts and predators even when Gerald and Wayne know very well what is going on and what the filthy old sex perverts are up to. Wayne Turgeon even showed up once and immediately saw through what was going on, but did not help at all. All the local and nearby PCG leaders were perverted, depraved, and corrupt, but were never corrected at all.