Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Way of Giving Facebook Page: How To Suck More Money Out Of COG Members

Leave it up to another Church of God member to suck money out of gullible church members.  Church members have always been fertile ground for greedy unemployed members who could manipulate people to easily be separated from their hard earned money.  This has been easily done be crooks trotting out Herbert Armstrong who supposedly restored things lost for 1,700 years by a weak and impotent god.

Those fun folk at WCG Archives have spent many years stealing videos, booklets, articles, films, etc from the Worldwide Church of God with the dishonest claim that they are, by law, allowed to plagiarize and steal intellectual property by publishing it as "educational." They feel that Herbert Armstrong was on par with the bible in the things that are relevant to human kind.  Jesus Christ would not be able to return without Herbert Armstrong in the mix.  The Kingdom of God would not be able operate without Herbert Armstrong being directly under Jesus Christ. After all, government is the most important thing about the Kingdom of God that church members should be worried about.  Jesus be damned, government rocks!

For church members to be able to make it to the Kingdom they must be willing to fork over their money.  Labeling it tithes and offerings places a guilt trip on members.  They think their magical god is watching them and that if they do not give money or tithe then they will all out of favor.  Usually those demanding the money are those who are too damn lazy to work an honest day in their lives and have no scruples whatsoever in stealing money from gullible church members.  Just look at Flurry, Pack, and Thiel for that proof!

The WCG Archives folk are expecting COG members worldwide to finance their dishonest sites of illegally posted materials.  Brethren SEND US YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!  These folk are now Jesus Christ's TRUE end time representatives!

It is deceitful, manipulative and totally untrue!

Welcome to "The Way of Giving" facebook page!

Those of you who are loyally staying true to what Christ has given and taught through Herbert W. Armstrong, Christ's chosen apostle and end time Elijah, now have the opportunity to support and to be apart of the broadcasting and advancing of the work of God! 
We are commanded to pay God's tithes and to give those tithes to Christ's representative so the gospel message can be reached by the largest audience possible! By becoming an advertiser with this page, you can place God's tithes straight into the work of God, so that the preaching done by Mr.Armstrong, Christ's apostle and end time Elijah, can be advanced and broadcasted!

How it works...
At the top right corner, click the "send message" button, and in your message, request to pledge your support. This notifies us that you want to help in the advertising of our website, posts and materials of this page. 
One of our Admins will contact you shortly, and will make you an advertiser for this page. This is a special role, that opens a door for the individuals of God's Church to personally place God's tithe into the work of God, in advertising and making available the gospel message that was preached by God's apostle and end time Elijah Herbert W. Armstrong! You are not giving God's tithes to us. We are not handling any money. You are. And it's your responsibility to place God's tithes into God's Work, where God's apostle can reach the world with the true gospel message! Your support, will advance God's Work and Truth!
We are providing the materials of Mr.Armstrong and God's Church, on our website- wwcg-archives.com.
In turn, we publish those materials on 3 facebook pages.

This page. The Way of Giving page.

A Voice Cries Out- Herbert W. Armstrong page.

The Worldwide Church of God Archives page.

This has become a three-point spearhead for God's Work.

What we post will be shared here, on "The Way of Giving" page, which will give you the opportunity to advance it with God's tithes in advertising and boosting the posts if you are a part of the advertising team.
You even have the option to just boost our website.
Make sure brethren that the money goes to them and not to some lying false prophet leader of another splinter group, such as Bob Thiel, Flurry, Pack or Meredith.  These men are lying crooks, the WCG Archive folk are not.
There are many false ministers who want you to fund them with God's tithes. There are some websites that want you to send them donations and God's tithes, so "their work" can keep afloat. You can see the donate buttons everywhere!
We are not like them! We are not an organization.
We do not want donations, nor do we want God's Tithes!
We are just lay-members of the Worldwide Church of God, an unincorporated spiritual organism, and not ordained ministers. So we are not ordained to collect or handle God's tithes.

What this page opens up, is the opportunity for you to directly place God's tithes into the Work of God.
There is no ministry on the entire earth that is doing the world that these folk are. None whatsoever!  Hear that Bob Thiel!

Today, there isn't a ministry like it was under Herbert W. Armstrong. 
Those who were one time ministers left the spiritual body, to become ministers of a human organization or church. This is why you see so many COG groups. What we are today facing is the 2 Thes 2 Great Falling away, and none of these COG groups are the true body of Christ! They are not the Worldwide Church of God. They are merely corporations of human creation.
So what are we to do, if there is no true minister available to give God's tithes to? God's Work is still going forward in God's true Church!
God has personally showed us that we can put His Tithes into God's Work. But a lot of you wanted to help too. And since there is only ONE WORK, not a bunch of them, I think people have been waiting and searching for God's true Work!
We won't "take" your tithe money so we have cooked up a new name for our tithe payers, "advertisers" we will pretend your tithe money is "advertising" money.  Problem solved!
We couldn't handle God's tithes from others, so we provided this page, so you can do your part in God's Work. We now have the opportunity to work in cooperation, in unity, TOGETHER in backing and broadcasting God's apostle who is doing the preaching of the gospel and whom Christ is using to warn our laodicean brethren!

Remember how the old World Tomorrow programs used to say "The Worldwide Church of God presents.....Herbert W. Armstrong"?
This is still true! And you can still be apart of that presentation.

So if you have any questions, or if you want to request to be placed as an advertiser so you can do your part in God's Work, click the "send message" button in the top right corner and let us know.

We appreciate your prayers, as your prayers are the MOST ESSENTIAL ORGAN IN THE WORK OF GOD!

God's Church is a tithe paying Church. And God's Tithes are designed for the Work of God! And until the Two witnesses show up on the scene we are to be continuing in obedience towards God!

Thank you brethren. May God bless you all in your sacrifices and efforts in this Great Work of God!
God's church is NOT part of this crooked ministry. No Church of God member should be supporting this fraudulent "ministry."  Your tithe and offering money can go to better use taking care of the homeless, the widows and orphans in your community than to yet one more fraudulent Church of God ministry.


Byker Bob said...

They certainly have all of the patented words and phrases down cold.

This is good because? It further divides and shrinks the pie. Hopefully, more will grow creative like this, until everyone aspiring to spread Armstrongism only takes in a couple of bucks a piece.


Connie Schmidt said...

Didn't the old WCG materials always have this disclaimer?

"This booklet is not to be sold, it is provided free in the public interest.."

Anonymous said...

Read the OLD co-worker letters. Herb was less sophisticated in his earlier days, and his pleading for money comes through a lot more plainly. I.e. it's much clearer that he was just running a scam all along ... if you just go back to the beginning.

That's what the PCG said. Go back to the beginning of the work (they even wrote a booklet about that). So I did. That helped wake me up. Their advice sometimes backfires on them if you actually follow it, which they don't seem to do very well themselves.

Hoss said...

support and to be apart of the broadcasting and advancing

Sure, we'll be apart, but not a part.

Like when someone was to print cards that included the words Donations Accepted and he put Donations Excepted.

Samuel W Kitchen said...

I cannot believe it! Is it true that NOT collecting any money is in reality "robbing the people blind"? Aghast!!!!

And making available materials and videos already in the public realm,already given out freely, made possible by the wishes and intent of Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God, is now "Illegal"? Aghast AGAIN!!!!

Why did they give it all away? And how was it "stolen" if they gave it away? SHOCKING BUT TRUE!!!!

The writer seems "bewildered" at the facts that stand VIVID! "ANGRY" EVEN!!
And why?
How can we, who receive no donations, no monies, no tithes, no offerings, be such a threat to him?
The materials are a free product. The products that contains copyright is unchanged.
No money is being made from them on wwcg-archives.com nor from our facebook pages(A Voice Cries Out- Herbert W. Armstrong; The Way of Giving; Worldwide Church of God Archives).
When one becomes an "Advertiser", their money is handled by them and given "at their time and leisure" to Facebook for advertising purposes. We don't collect anything! Wow! WHAT BONEHEADS WE HAVE BEEN! We've been going about this "robbing the people blind" all wrong! We should have been ACTUALLY "robbing the people blind", instead of doing the opposite! Maybe we should have told people to send them to someone else! BUT NO! We had to go and just do the opposite. Not collecting anything, not gaining any followers, not sending them to false churches!Poor us!!!
We are not doing any of that, and I think you know that people see that.
The truth must really hurt.

Anonymous said...

Its the way of give? Give to the leaders that are exploiting the gullible sheeple that need their hard earned wages to take care of their families and save for retirement. Screw them! Don't give them a penny!

Anonymous said...

Samuel: Are you on drugs? Or have you been imbibing a little to much with the Harvey's Bristol Cream? You make no sense at all. Oh wait, when have you ever???????

Anonymous said...

Ownership is determined by copyright laws. That's the way the world works. It is not determined by 'the wishes and intent of' Herbie and his former church. Yours is the typical church mickey mouse attitude towards property rights. Property rights, what's that since only ministers have rights.

'SHOCKING BUT TRUE!!!!' is a typical Herbie expression learnt from his advertising training. It sounds 1940, 1950-ish. Try getting a personality and vocabulary of your own.

Byker Bob said...

Nobody can say that the Kitchens are insincere. I am sure they are doing what they believe to be best. It's just that they have been deceived, and are sincerely wrong. Some writers have even utilized their resources in doing papers which disprove various aspects of Armstrongism. They might actually end up being our buds after Jesus straightens out all the cultic bovine excrescence in the Kingdom.


Anonymous said...

5.17 PM
In the early days when his church was small and he was vulnerable, Herbie did stick to the straight and narrow. But when the church became large and he felt secure, he let go of bible morality. For instance, he introduced tyrannical church government. This is typical bully behaviour. Reality is what ever you can get away with. Forget about Gods laws and pleasing Him. Herbie was literally a thug. Which why he can be called Herbert Balaam Armstrong.

Samuel W Kitchen said...

"Anon March 7, 2017 11:26",
You do realize that "the Worldwide Church of God" is a bona-fide "constitutional church"? If you are talking about UCC LAW, which pertains to "corporate law", let me speak about Constitutional Law which governs "Churches". The Bill of Rights states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petitition the Government for a redress of grievances."[First Amendment).
Ownership in the Church, is God's. "The earth is the Lord's [ETERNAL'S], and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein" (Psalm 24:1). These inspired words are repeated in the New Testament in I Cor. 10:26. Yes, even the money — the gold and silver — is God's. "The silver is MINE, and the gold is MINE, saith the ETERNAL of Hosts" (Haggai 2:8).
Now when the "Church" distributed it's publications to the public, gratis, and it's films gratis to it's membership(who are NOT on the incorporation papers of WCG INC), this extended the copyright to that extent.
The intent of the "owners" is just that. Their purpose was intended.
Now, copyright pertains to "products". When such a product enters into the public realm by intent, and extends to the public with specific intent, now it gets juicy.
Because now it's purpose is to be given freely to the public, and once such copyright is exposed to such, only what matters now is "change", or "monies" collected as a result of such distribution. We don't collect any money, and we certainly haven't edited anything. We've striven to find the original, un-edited versions, and strive to preserve them for the benefit of the membership of the Worldwide Church of God, an unincorporated spiritual organism, that still exists.
All of these "COG" churches have contracted with the US Government, through the 1023 form of the 501c3 process. They VOLUNTEERED to give away their "Constitutional rights" that come with being a "Church". They are regarded as "religious non-profit corporations" rather than a "Church" because they've agreed to it. "Corporate Law" or the UCC LAW governs them.
But the Worldwide Church of God is a "constitutional church with constitutional rights". It's "property" belongs to the Church. At wwcg-archives we are preserving the publications as the property of the Worldwide Church of God. We are not editing or changing them, nor are we making any monies or anything from them. We are not declaring to be "property" of "another church" or "corporate entity". That's silly.
Continue to part 2.

Samuel W Kitchen said...

Part 2.

What we do declare, is that the membership of "the Worldwide Church of God" is still holding strong to what was taught, and said membership is running the wwcg-archives.com website and associated pages etc. It's been a fight for survival.
The writer of this column seems ANGRY and wants to slop around false accusations of "stealing" and "dishonesty" and being "crooked", but first we aren't a ministry, and second our fruits speak for themselves.
All of these publications expose these "splinter groups", while they claim that they are continuing in what was taught-continuing that work, that they truly are not.
The truth does that. And while we still believe the same things Herbert W. Armstrong taught, we do not go around saying "You can't believe what you want to believe, you got to believe what we say". Usually we are speaking to people who claim to be fellow brethren, who claim to be continuing in those teachings. They get angry, because we say "If you truly are doing what you say you are doing, then do it!".
We aren't trying to PUSH our religion on anyone who doesn't believe it. All we are doing is confronting those who claim to be fellow brethren, who claim to believe the same way, with the churches publications as evidence. If one believes what was taught, then they don't have qualms about what was taught!

nck said...

"For instance, he introduced tyrannical church government."

First of all this is not correct on a micro level.

For people schooled in church history, law and philosophy, the irony of it all is that the very fact that the churches of god could decide the way of church governance for themselves was a huge step toward modern day democracy on a macro level.

I am referencing early 17th century source material where professors at law invited church of god ministers to discuss "governance" issues and the revolutionary concept that "splinters" were to decide on "self governance" in a time that not attending the regular sunday service was considered equal to treason to the state and punishable by death.

The irony of it all.


Anonymous said...

You are doing a straw man argument with my Herbie 'introduced tyrannical church government.' Herbie knew that such a system of governing is unbiblical. It is the Nicolaitan heresy which Christ hates and is condemned meant times in scripture. Initially he did not have this form of church government.

What you bring out is that Herbie often hid behind the skirts of the moral compromising of society and other Christian denominations. Many could not pick his lies since such sins were common in society as a whole. For instance his 'give way' and tyranny are in harmony with today's socialism, so it sounds reasonable to most. But to eighteenth century Americas, it would have sounded strange.
Unless you are well read or corrected by a outsider party, most of Herbies lies would go undetected by most.

nck said...

Well, if I am doing a straw man it is unintentional.
The Nicolaitan heresy. I looked for a second at Wikepedia and read something about temple prostitutes. Are you talking out of your neck or should I research that heresy further?

Herbie just took the "management style" of the day. And I would urge you to read up on the management style of the likes of Walt Disney (behind the magic kingdom) or Henry Ford or the Chicago bankers HWA frequented with in his younger years.

Yes, we would consider this paternalistic, devoid of female influence etc style old fashioned today! But hey, talk to the pontiff and his recent battle with the Sovereign Order of Malta. Guess what......The pope won and the knights can look for another Master to distribute condoms.

"The give way" was a way of explaining "sin" from "righeousness" or darkness from light as the Kathars would call it. Every time needs "code words" that can be understood in their time.

What I mean is that I am 100% sure you were "gay" when you were young. Today of course I would describe your situation with another word.

Puhlease, eighteenth century America. Was that when the puritans whipped a "just married couple" because they had carnal relations just before their official wedding. I was just reading the journal of a contemporary calvinist sea captain calling the whole affair "wholly unpractical and quite stupid".

So yes I agree. Contemporaries can at ALL times detect good from evil, only the marketing or the words might differ.


Anonymous said...

The Greek word nicolaitan means 'victory of the people.' Hence church leaders are lording over its members. I have found Wikipedia dubious over moral issues.
Christ said not to be like the gentiles, lording over others. Herbie should have followed Christ rather than Walt Disney or Henry Ford.
You are a master of obfuscation. If truth is on your side, why use it?