Saturday, April 8, 2017

Germans Will Soon Be Joining With Blacks To Punish and Kill Americans, British, Australians

Dave Pack is up to his old tricks, as usual.  He has to scare the living daylights out of his dwindling church members.  The Germans will be rising up and joining up with the "Queen of Sheba" (African blacks) to punish and destroy the sinful people of the British Israelite nations.  Americans, Canadians, British, Australians, and other BI nations will soon be hanging off meathooks as they watch their children being raped and slaughtered in front of them.  What other group of people than Church of God members could dream up and take delight in such a scenarios!

You know what God says? I’m going to have those Gentiles, come up with you in judgment. Now that’s interesting, because we thought the wicked were coming up 100 years later. You’re going to find out, they don’t. Keep listening. They’re going to come up, and I’m going to have the Gentiles tell you, you’re out. Think about it. The Germans, the Assyrians, were the dreaded enemies of Israel. God used them over and over to punish Israel. We’ve been to war with them twice in the last century, and it started thousands of years ago. I’m going to take your worst enemies, because they listened to Me and I’m going to use them.
They’re not the God family. They didn’t come up in the resurrection to eternal life. If they had, they’d have been up 1,000 years earlier. Proof that they’re not in the God family, and God is using them as members of His family to condemn them, is they come up together, after the Millennium. So He’s going to use those physical human beings, who had good attitudes…We’re about to read another one…who had good attitudes to tell them, “You’re thrust out.” Ooh, that will be hard to hear. Talk about weeping and gnashing of teeth…But, brethren, we’re understanding judgment. Let’s read one more, then let’s talk.
“The queen of the south [a black, African Gentile] shall rise up in the judgment with this generation…[Here’s what God thinks of black people, by the way; a little insight here.]…and shall condemn it…[Whoa…Can you imagine?]…for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon [God] is here” (Matt. 12:42).
So God takes people, who are so unlikely for us to believe…these Germans, ferocious warriors, the toughest the world’s ever seen…God is going to use them one more time to punish His people. We’ll be hearing that in the month of November. We’ll talk more about that. And this African Queen…coming up together. Obviously, they didn’t go on to eternal life. They didn’t. But they were good people. They listened—and they were Gentiles. How bitter will that be? Now, look if God tells you, you’re out, or if the prophets, or the apostles, or any member of the God family tells you you’re out, that would be bitter enough…but to hear it from your worst enemies? That’s God’s plan. You need to baptize your mind into that thinking.


Byker Bob said...

Oh, crap! First of all, Middle Eastern Assyrians would need a race-change operation to become Nordic "master race" Aryan Germans in the first place! And that was perfectly obvious even before the mapping of the human genome! Duh.

Secondly, the American fighting man is second to none in modern history!

Third, the majority dna prevalent amongst citizens of the USA today is German, and quite honestly, research even shows that the British royal family is actually German!

Had there been a ghost of a chance of HWA's race-based prophecies coming to pass, they are already 42 years overdue.

Lastly, even if a horrible calamity were to take place, 1) God's sense of fair play mandates that the world would have to have been warned on a perceivable level so that repentance would be an option, and 2) No ACOG or its leaders gets to decide who God will or won't protect, nor do they get to be gatekeepers to places of safety.

Dave, your bogusness is showing, and your bank account is shrinking! Bummer, dude. Shoulda stayed with health foods.


Connie Schmidt said...

I AGREE! -- We need to carefully watch and monitor the GERMANOS!

Anonymous said...

The toughest in the world Germans have been utterly defeated twice in a row.

Byker Bob said...

You know what's so funny about this? Back in high school, and basically on the streets, as a group, German guys never got special recognition as being ones to watch out for or fearsome of. There were different ethnicities that enjoyed that distinction, as if simply being a member of that race was intimidation enough that you'd better back down. Now, sometimes people would make remarks like, "hey, watch out, he's Italian! Your fight is never going to end. His whole family is going to hate your guts, and life as you know it will be over." The same was said of Latinos. And blacks. Stuff like, "you're going up against Hank? I hope you know he's got a lot of black friends!"

No, people of German background were just perceived as other white guys. Later on, as the iron curtain fell, Russians earned a reputation as being especially tough. Members of the Armstrong clergy used to make disparaging remarks about French people, but over the years, I've known some pretty tough French Canadians, and Cajuns.

More racial stereotyping. That seems to be what Armstrongism has always been about.


Anonymous said...

But in both wars, the Germans fought on two fronts at the same time. The SS had the trait of winning at a heavy price. Often they would lose half their men in one battle. This wasn't the way that Americans fought, so a direct comparison is not easy. The Americans fought well at the Battle of the Bulge.

Black Ops Mikey said...

"You need to baptize your mind into that thinking"

Umm... isn't that brain washing?

RSK said...

Double whammy! Germans and black folk! Boy, COGlodytes must be a real panic now!