Monday, May 22, 2017

Dave Pack: Those were furious times, so bad I never got out of my pajamas nor drank water because I had no time to go to the bathroom

Dave, in his own words:

I mean, when Joe Tkach saw my first list of 154 doctrinal changes, he went to the entire church on video and said “Dave Pack has been eating poisoned mushrooms! We haven’t made those changes.” But a few here and a few there said he did. When he got my first copy of There Came a Falling Away, evangelists, who were in the room with him…when somebody handed it to him, he got so mad, he took the book and threw it as hard as he could against the wall, in what used to be Mr. Armstrong’s office. “He’s causing terrible trouble!” Trust me when I tell you they would have dispatched me right quick. I know the spirit we’re up against. You better come to grips with this, and let it motivate you to escape.
Those were furious times, and I had to work as hard as I could, 18-hour days were nothing…nothing. I never got out of my pajamas, sometimes, talking to people. I couldn’t drink water, because I didn’t have time to go to the bathroom. I didn’t eat meals sometimes. My wife was…You know, I mean, I was alone. I was up against “the power”—“the system”—alone, almost alone, I had a wife…but alone. Vilified, laughed at, excoriated…You know, I mean, just…just horrible things said. And it doesn’t make me great…I just, I just said…I…I left these things. I gave up a lot when I was a kid. You know, I had achieved some things in my life and before I gave them up, I thought long and I did a lot of research, and so I had really proven.

No man on earth, nor anyone in the COG can ever compare to Super Dave.


Anonymous said...

25 times in one paragraph (kind of a paragraph) he said "I". It's all about Dave. Poor Dave, got beat by his dad, his mommy coddled him and he has grown up to be a mean, insecure old man who cannot get enough attention. So much drama, like an 8th grade school girl. And his message is about as coherent as a rambling crack head. In the past 5 years he has become more and more absurd. It must be wearing in him that all of his predictions are not coming to be, that his huge debt for the compound is unsustainable, and he is getting older and older like the COG con men before him who all die, and he must know deep down inside that his life has been wasted. So much damage, so many hurt people, such a bad man. :/

Wendy Rickman said...

Super Dave must still be eating poisoned mushrooms judging by some of the ludicrous sermons he has been giving.

DPR567 said...

Does anybody actually join David Pack's RCG? I know people who are members of GCI, CGI, ICG, PCG, UCG, and LCG, But I don't know of anyone even talking about Dave Pack or his group except when I see it mentioned on this site. I guess he sets high standards on people who want to join and if that be the case nobody wants to go through a lot of "red-tape" just to join a church.

Anonymous said...

Didn't GTA say that much of HWA's autobiography was fiction? Probably the same with these other leaders. Then members uses these fictions to prove a point.

Anonymous said...

Only a WCG minister would call an 18-hour day lounging in his pajamas while talking on the phone "working hard."

DennisCDiehl said...

Pious conviction based on marginal information and delusional thinking does not make it correct. I used to hear that Dave is so very intelligent and would note that intelligence is not defined by merely being clever. I don't even think Dave is clever anymore. He's descending into something which usually ends with the observation that "something wicked this way comes."

I have sat with people having legitimate mental health challenges confined to a hospital setting for help who talk the very same way about their importance, insights and how much everyone resists them, boy will they be sorry...

Dave works very hard formulating fairy tales to be spun every Sabbath. By his own admission he is "getting near the end the the series." Then what? More theological drivel but on some "never before understood until now" topic Dave takes a fancy to.

I'll do Bob Thiel one better on being a prophet.

1. NOTHING Dave Pack preaches about will actually come to pass or could

2. Less not more people will be drawn to Dave's Church (And let's not kid ourselves, it is DAVE's Church)

3. As he ages and like RCM, Dave will come to realize no Jesus is coming to glorify him and will never set foot on his Holy Campus.

4. He will grow old and die like everyone else unless someone gets overarchingly angry at him for taking them on his Magical Theological Mystery Tour.

5. No one will want to take over RCG as there will be little left but debt and high maintanence of over done properties in an insignificant place.

6. Like the now defunct Ohio Match Company, headquartered in Wadsworth and now extinguished, so Dave's theologically mistaken light to the world will go out.

7. Did I say Dave would die like everyone else?

Byker Bob said...

I don't even know how much research was possible back then. It was one book at a time from the library, or an encyclopedia article here or there. People were very easily and prematurely led to conclusions, and most adults did not know the difference between primary and secondary sources, let alone typical high school students. This is why so many were able to be led down the primrose path through such things as the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course and the United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy. The Armstrongs had created a barrage that was very tedious to unravel given the cumbersome nature of pre-internet research. This was before topical microfiche was even popular.

I don't know many church members who would have had the wherewithal to launch an honest effort to disprove Armstrongism. It was presented authoritatively, most simply bought into the proof-texts after agonizing for a while, and that was the basis for their "painful" and deep research. It has stuck with them for a life time, having become "the truth once delivered" by "God's Apostle".


Anonymous said...

Did Dave ever give worthwhile sermons while he was employed by WWCG?
Or was they worthless nonsense, just like now.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

In The Court Of Public Opinion regarding who is a better prophet - Diehl versus Thiel - my Judgment is on Dennis! And, it's not even close!


Leon said...

You are still laughed at Dave because you are stupid.
In the end it is all always about Dave, Dave and only Dave.
Every freaking thing out of his mouth is all about him and his talent, him and his problems, him and his glory
Dave is in love with himself.