Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dave Pack: I Gave Everyone A Second Chance And They STILL Refuse To Follow Me!

Dave Pack still cannot get over the fact that tens of thousands of Church of God members refused to follow him into the Restored Church of God.  He is still butthurt over that.  Dave claims that all the COG members were given a second chance, once he started his own group, to reside where the truth is.  Instead,  they chose to stay under the sway of the self-appointed conniving snakes that have started all of the splinter groups.  Dave is starting to sound like Bob Thiel, constantly butthurt over something.

If all the ministers with the Holy Spirit had said the flock is going to get slaughtered, banded together and confronted a lot of the newbies that were evangelists that they knew weren’t converted, that didn’t have the weight and stature of the giants of the past—those guys would have folded their tent and blown into the wind like leaves in October. They would have been gone and the Church would have been saved. Now, it isn’t what God wanted, but a lot of people said, “Why didn’t they stand up?” and the answer is—they were never going to spare the flock. They had grown too weak, even though they were converted; but they could have confronted.
Now…let’s fast-forward. Because men began to leave in different times and over different issues, were fired at different times…Different groups formed, nature abhors a vacuum. Wham! Opportunists stood up, and they would grab thousands of people, pull them to themselves and there’d be a whole bunch of groups instead of one.
They were given a second chance—outside the Worldwide Church of God—to unify, and where there’s about 50,000 people in the splinters, they chose to stay under ministers…I’m talking about the ministers for a moment…under ministers who were divided, who would not give up power; who had their own doctrinal ideas, their own administrative style; believed God had chosen them and created their own narratives for why “we’re right and everybody else is wrong.” That’s what happened. And so, they wouldn’t give up power, and the brethren wanted to be together.


Anonymous said...

All this blabber from Dave and other splinters about unity, holding hands and being together. It's a load of crock. A Christian is one who follows Christ. Salvation is through Christ rather than attending some church.
No holding hands is required for salvation.

Byker Bob said...

It actually runs deeper than Dave imagines. If I found out upon my resurrection that HWA or Dave were presiding in their glory, I'd ask Father God if I could be excused to go to the Lake of Fire. I'm thinking some other folks feel the same way?


Anonymous said...

David C. Pack was actually, unfortunately, shockingly right about some things. For example, Pack once complained about some former WCG members who had followed one of the other false prophets. Pack then said that some people cannot tell the difference between a true servant of God and a raging false prophet. Considering that hundreds of people have now been done in by raging David Pack the demoniac, he does appear to have been absolutely right about some people's complete lack of discernment. Specifically, Pack's own followers appear to have done worse than most other people in this regard.

I don't totally blame all those who got tricked and swindled by David Pack. How could decent, sincere people ever have known that David Pack was, to use one of his own phrases, more cunning and deceitful than most could imagine? Pack started off by claiming that he had been fired from both the WCG and then the GCG splinter group for standing up for the truth. Pack claimed to have gotten into trouble many times solely over issues of standing up for the truth. Pack never even hinted that any of it was ever over him being a complete butt-hole. When Pack started his RCG splinter group, he said he was concerned about precision of doctrine and was going to faithfully restore and teach everything that HWA had taught at the time of his death on January 16, 1986. Pack even re-wrote a bunch of church literature in his own words, and (very interestingly in light of future developments) assured everyone that the Devil would not have him go to that much work and trouble just to have him go bad in the end.

David Pack once correctly accused one of the other failed false prophets of being a writer of fiction. Pack then immediately started to write his own August 31, 2013 prophetic work of fiction, which has failed ever since. Pack once correctly accused one of the other false leaders of totally forgetting everything that HWA had taught about prophecy. How could anyone have known that Pack himself would then also totally forget everything and start making up months of insane prophetic noise about a “First Dominion” and other nonsense? Pack correctly accused other ministers of vomiting on their hearers. Now, Pack himself cannot stop puking uncontrollably all over everyone. And Pack's previous yelling and spitting was bad enough.

How could anyone have known that David Pack would soon want not only all their regularly required tithes and offerings, but also building fund donations, and would go on to want continual fundraising from them, and would eventually hit them with his new “common” teaching that they had to hand over their houses, retirement plans, savings, possessions, etc., or no salvation if they don't? How could they have known that Pack would later delete his own book that proved that HWA was the Elijah, so that Pack could promote himself to the office of Elijah and have the power to change, delete, and make up doctrines? How could they have known that Pack would later delete another one of his own booklets that proved that Jesus was the prophet mentioned in Deuteronomy 18:18-19, so Pack could promote himself to the office of “That Prophet”?

David Pack started off pretending to be just a humble minister who was standing up for the truth. Then Pack just had to be an apostle, and then Joshua the High Priest, and then Elijah the Prophet, and then “That Prophet” of Deuteronomy 18:18-19. Will Pack soon come out and reveal that he is the second coming of Jesus Christ?

One of the serious problems with demon-inspired psychopaths like David Pack is that his followers never really know what all crazy ideas the raging kook will come up with in the future after his followers have invested (actually worse than wasted) so much of their time and money that it is hard for them to admit that it was all a big, big, BIG mistake and walk away with nothing left but the clothes they are wearing.

Anonymous said...

More people are leaving RCG than actually joining. David Pack needs a serious reality check!!!

Connie Schmidt said...

Pack , other than his "white elephant" campus, keeps his church locations very secret. How does he expect all of the "disenfranchised lost sheep" to come to church when he doesn't even list their locations?

RED FLAG!-- Any church that is secretive about where it meets is virtually guaranteed to be FREAKY!

Connie Schmidt said...

It is a great strike against the LCG that at one time they actually had Dave Pack on their Council Board , before he started his own gig.

Goes to show you the kind of people they get near the top at LCG.

NO2HWA said...


Dave considers his superfantabulous website to be so awe inspiring that when COG members read his list of 125 points on the internet they will be so amazed that they will immediately join up with him.

Anonymous said...

Connie said at 4:14PM, Goes to show you the kind of people they get near the top at LCG.

LCG Council of Elders on page 9

Not counting the deceased Rod Meredith, we find on LCG's council:

Doug Winnail
Richard Ames
Gerald Weston
Sheldon Monson
Stuart Wachowicz
Rod McNair
Mario Hernandez
Dexter Wakefield
Richard Stafford
Jeffrey Fall
Lambert Greer
Wyatt Ciesielka
Rand Millich
Wallace Smith

A couple of those men are so evil that their very presence severely compromises all the others who would agree to serve on the same board with them. Some are yes-man toadies. More than one is absolutely lusting to be ordained as an Evangelist and secure his position in the Weston administration.

Notice that COGWA's organization goes so far as to circulate the group's Constitution and Bylaws, which remain "TOP SECRET" in LCG. Did you know that? LCG will not release to its own members the Canons and Bylaws by which the church was organized and the COE conducts its business.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Byker Bob said, " If I found out upon my resurrection that HWA or Dave were presiding in their glory, I'd ask Father God if I could be excused to go to the Lake of Fire".

MY COMMENT - BINGO! You have stumbled on the purpose of my Church. Let me send you our new booklet, "Just what do you mean Lake of Fire Church of God?" absolutely free of charge. :)

Pastor General