Friday, March 9, 2018

"Stick to your own religion sunshine. Stop attacking mine."

Below are a few experts from a love letter from the Kitchen clan.  You remember them, they are the wild and crazy guys on Facebook that have made it their lifelong duty to worship at the base of Herbert Armstrong's altar that they have erected.  These are also the same guys who have made a business out of stealing copyrighted works of the Worldwide Church of God to post on their altar to all things Herb.  They have elevated Armstrong almost to the point that he was immaculately conceived and was/is incapable of doing no wrong.

The Kitchen's are particularly upset that we compare Gerald Flurry's heretical filth to that of his nemesis, Herbert Armstrong, the very man Flurry learned all of his doctrinal tricks from.  Both Armstrong and Flurry got their doctrines from the William Miller fiasco and the subsequent Sabbatarian/Adventist groups pitching fits that they and their groups alone had the correct doctrines.
Using the heresies and actions of Gerald Flurry and "his" Church and organization(which is NOT the Church Herbert W. Armstrong was a member of) to slam and berate Herbert W. Armstrong again I see. Gerald Flurry's Church, incorporated into the PCG organization. He does not teach what Herbert W. Armstrong taught, and yet you keep "preaching" to your flock that he does. 
Gerald Flurry is precisely a member of the exact same group that Herbert Armstrong started and all of the 500+ heretical splinter groups belong to today.  To say they are different is to deliberately lie, something that true Armstrongites claim to NEVER do....Ha Ha!

Since HWA's death, a lot have tried to copy the Worldwide Church of God. They went out to form their own organizations calling themselves a Church of God, and are trying to copy what Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God did. Why? Because they want the money. It really is a marketing scheme being played out by these COG sects. HWA and the WCG was genuine, and the opposite. HWA taught the Word of God. Plain to see. Easy to research and find the truth.
I can't argue that most of the splinter groups formed as a marketing scheme that brings money to line the pockets of the current leaders.  When all of these guys saw their "prestigious" positions as ministers in the Worldwide Church of God swiftly coming to an end, they did the only thing they knew how to do, divert tithe money to their greedy pockets.  One of Armstrong's biggest mistakes was having a paid ministry.  Most of these men have never worked an honest day's hard labour in their lives.  They have had everything handed to them on a platter, fleet cars, ministerial allowances, free travel, housing allowances, etc.
Yet you spend your time, spreading tripe and diatribes against HWA and the Worldwide Church of God, trying to grasp for "invisible straw" to set fire to, so you can convince others of your beliefs? You are just as bad as Gerald Flurry, with your wacky beliefs. But no one cares. But you definitely care about whether or not people share the same beliefs as Herbert W. Armstrong. You probably make money from this right? No wonder Herbert Armstrong appears to threaten you. 
Herbert Armstrong has never threatened me, even when I worked in his house.  Stretch much?

I have never discussed my beliefs on this blog.  That was never the purpose.  The purpose was to expose the lies and absurdities of those entrenched in Armstrongism.  I can honestly say I don't give a rats ass what you think about my belief/unbelief and the questions/uncertainty I prefer to live with.  What I do know as a fact is that Armstrongism, no matter which flavour of the month it is, is entirely based upon the false teachings of Herbert Armstrong and many of his minions.  Are there some real Christians in some of the splinter groups who are actually are living faithful lives?  Absolutely!  They are the ones who have chucked Armstrong's booklets into the rubbish bin and are followers of Jesus. The sad fact is that thousands of COG members have had their lives ripped apart by the heretical COG leaders who litter the landscape today and those are the people that this blog has been reaching.

And does your Church endorse your blog, dedicated to attacking another human being?
Stick to your own religion sunshine.
Stop attacking mine.
Well, actually the church where I volunteer in various capacities knows exactly what my blog is about.  They know because two of Herbert Armstrong's pathetic minions, Wade Cox/Russell Hilburn, tried to make them tell me to shut the blog down.  Knowing the rich history of abuse and the endless scandals of the Armstrong empire that made the Pasadena papers on a regular basis, they basically told him how deep he could stick it and that they would in no way tell me what to do.

Sorry to rain on your day, Sunshine!  Stop taking Armstrongism so seriously, your salvation does not depend upon it!

Its a sunny glorious day in Pasadena where the truth still goes forth...from this blog....Hee Hee!


Anonymous said...

Well, when Herbie arises from the dead the first thing he is gonna do (if he makes into the kingdom after all his child molestation) is excommunicate Pack and Flurry for making up their own prophecies and declaring themselves apostles so they could brush aside Herbie's prophecies and apostolic dictates and replace them with their own.

Anonymous said...

With facebook, google, and twitter deleting so many politically right accounts I'm surprised any of Herb's people are still on there. I guess they are leaving the cooky ones up just to make the right look stupid. It's the usual approach of the left.

James said...

Well it seems the Kitchens should get out of the kitchen if its getting to hot!

For the armstrongites, telling the truth is unpopular now days. Instead these Harmstrong wanna-bees want their cake and eat it. Cake supplied by the blue ribbon tithe payers.

Earlier this year, the 'dreamer' Bob Thiel ranted at the Painful Truth telling his readership "not to listen" to what we said. Why don't he tell them to think for themselves? Would that not be the right thing to say instead of telling people what they should do?

You and I Gary can present the facts, but it is up to the readership of our blogs to do the research and see if we are telling it like it is. I would expect no less.

Thinking for yourself people requires action when you learn what we say is true. If you don't act on knowledge, you contribute to the misery that armstrongism causes.

No one advocates you not believe in a God. We only advocate that Armstrongism is a scam that has harmed countless people. Why contribute to a lie?

Anonymous said...

Good to know you are so filled with hate for the Armstrongs, it has clouded your mind from accepting Biblical truths most COG's teach. There's no question the Armstrongs left a poor legacy of egotism and cultish attitudes. I knew that within the first year I got involved.

To ignore or ridicule Biblical truths, as the false teachings of Heaven and Hell, the Immortal soul, the Trinity, Pagan Holidays, Sunday worship is to let hate, not reason control your mind. All the issues mentioned above are easily proven, with a "theological" degree.

Anonymous said...

Stick to your own religion sunshine.
Stop attacking mine.

HWA made his mark by attacking other religions. Why is it OK for HWA to attack other religions, and for the Kitchens to support HWA's attacks... but when someone else dares to attack the attacker's religion it is suddenly an outrage?

James said...

Anon 11:24,

There are few "Biblical truths" the armstrong's taught. However, can you tell me the origins of the bible without quoting the bible?

Anonymous said...

Herbert Armstrong was a useless piece of shit. Only a worthless fool that holds his demonic teachings in high regard would lower their standards to be the detriment to themselves.

Anonymous said...

"Good to know you are so filled with hate for the Armstrongs..."

Not sure who that is directed towards but most critics here don't really hate the Armstrongs. If they ever did, they probably got over it by now. Usually when people are accused of "hate" it's just a trick to discredit them or to justify censoring their views. The media have been doing that for so long it seems to be a part of the culture now.

Anonymous said...

I will say, in defense of the Kitchen clan, that it is mind-boggling to see how the current generation of ACOG leaders can get away with proclaiming ever-new nonsense while professing allegiance to the old HWAcaca. Look at the latest weekly message from LCG's Assistant Director of Church Administration, Rod McNair. When you read it, remember that McNair is also in charge of LCG Feast of Tabernacles planning.

Over the years, some brethren have fallen into the trap of thinking that saving Festival tithe—also known as second tithe—is optional. In other words, if they cannot afford it, they don’t need to save it. But Scripture shows just the opposite. Saving the Festival tithe is a command that teaches us to have an appropriate fear of God, keeping our focus on Him providing for our needs (Deuteronomy 14:22–23).

Before McNair's message, LCG did not say that poor or scattered brethren were breaking God's law if they could not save the Festival tithe. Members were encouraged to save what they could, and then to apply for Festival assistance if necessary. If not enough assistance was available, those who couldn't save enough might need to keep the Feast at home. In doing this, LCG acknowledged that assistance funds (including funds to attend the Feast) were for the poor, not from the poor. Now, however, greedy Rod McNair wants the impoverished widow's two mites!

To make matters worse, anyone who actually reads the Bible will discover that God only commanded adult men to make pilgrimages to the place where God placed His name. Further, there were three pilgrimage seasons each year, but this did not mean that every male Israelite around the Mediterranean was commanded to make three pilgrimages to Jerusalem every year. Rather, pilgrimages were made in connection with those festivals, but it's not that every festival made every male a pilgrim every time. LCG used to acknowledge this quietly, even while drumming up interest to encourage every member to attend every Feast.

Rod grew up in WCG, and does not remember the early years when the whole church didn't attend the Feast of Tabernacles every year. His demanding message, born no doubt of ignorance and privilege, may come as a shock and an offense to LCG's poor and elderly who have previously not felt stigmatized for keeping the Feast at home. Not only is McNair's message unbiblical, it is another step in the direction of cultic control of LCG members.

Anonymous said...

Now, however, greedy Rod McNair wants the impoverished widow's two mites!

Middle class people have little or no appreciation for the hardships of the poor. It's not just the widows who suffer.

Anonymous said...

Herb earned the trust of his followers by pointing out the flaws in mainstream religion. Too bad he had so many of his own flaws.

-- Evil Diabolical Satan-Worshiping Hideous Nazi Troll.

Anonymous said...

That Kitchen clan is one f'd up mess. I am shocked at how they continue to justify their theft of church literature for their site. They denigrate everyone that doesn't bow at the Herbie altar yet they break their beloved 10 COmmandments which is their ultimate god.

Anonymous said...

Evil Diabolical Satan-Worshiping Hideous Nazi Troll wrote:

"Herb earned the trust of his followers by pointing out the flaws in mainstream religion. Too bad he had so many of his own flaws."

What you said is true, but HWA probably could not point out his own flaws any more than the leaders in mainstream religion could point out their own flaws...and perhaps for the same reasons.

HWA taught that Jesus' second coming would very soon occur and Jesus would reign on earth for 1,000 years, but that was a flawed theory. Where is Jesus? HWA taught that 10 kings/nations would very soon exist on earth, but where are they? Oops, another flawed theory, etc. We've been hearing things like this for decades:

Jesus Christ said: "But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!" Matthew 6:23

Many in the world teach about Christmas; it looks like lots of light, but that light is darkness! How great is that darkness?

Isaiah said: "And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them." Isaiah 42:16

And that day and its fulfillment is still future...and it looks like God has forsaken them; doesn't it?

Based upon scripture there is reason to believe we all live in a world help captive, and each of us is into some degree of darkness and evil, whether we think it is light or not. We are all flawed to one degree or another.

Even Satan appears as an angel of light!

"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." 2 Cor 11:14

And his ministers?

:15 "Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works."

Same thing: more lights, but their light is darkness! This almost reminds me of the movies about Transformers, where things are not always as they appear to be.

Job's life was like the following:

"When I looked for good, then evil came unto me: and when I waited for light, there came darkness." Job 30:26

Are our lives all that different from Job's? It does not seem so.

So, we all continue on doing the best we can with what we have. Life and death continue on...


Near_Earth_Object said...

Herbert Armstrong sat in a library in Des Moines and channeled Millerite teaching and then claimed he had been directly taught this by Christ.

There is no reason to believe that Armstrong's Millerism was in any way more superior to other forms of Millerism. What Armstrong believed can be found in other Millennialist churches. Even British Israelism can be found in the Sacred Names Society, another Millerite fragment church.

The Branch Davidians, whose beliefs are quite similar to Herbert Armstrong's beliefs, have just as much right to claim descent from the long history of the Church of God as outlined by Dugger and Dodd as the Armstrongists.

I heard WCG ministers back in the Seventies acknowledge that Armstrong's beliefs were to be found in other organizations, but nobody had assembled the package quite like Herbert had.

The problem with that rationalization is the heresy nicely packaged is still heresy.

Connie Schmidt said...

Anytime you have a system that has some type of "Ordained From God, With A Special Calling" leader, it is going to drift and get very weird. HWA drifted from the COG 7th Day into his own forms of madness. Flurry, Pack , Weinland etc. , they all too claim some kind of HWA Mantle, and yes, they too add their own versions on top of it.

Much how a copy of a copy of a copy, will get so blurry that it is unintelligible , the same has happened in Armstrongism.