Friday, June 1, 2018

Dave Pack Exposes the Duplicitous Actions of United Church of God Leaders As They Started Up UCG

After Dave Pack rebelled against Pasadena and WCG due tot eh doctrinal changes he decided to join forces with Rod Meredith.  What he describes below proves once again how duplicitous the leadership of the United Church of God was.  Not only did Kubik and others sit in church-owned housing, while still on WCG payroll as they planned UCG, they also manipulated the church in order to get as much money as they could before that left for UCG.  Pack's comments below also show what a total jerk Rod Meredith was in starting up Global Church of God.

It was March 7, 1993. For the first time since 1972, Mr. Pack was unemployed—only this time the family was also without a vehicle! The Packs could not afford and never had a second car. He also had no computer to communicate through email.
The Worldwide Church of God gave him only two weeks severance pay for his over two decades of service in the ministry, plus a few days of any unused vacation that all terminated ministers received by policy. The small severance was because the Packs had officially declared that they were going with another organization. This made them, also by policy, “opponents” of the WCG. Virtually all other ministers, most of whom that would leave would do so two years later, would receive one week of pay for every year that they were in the ministry—because they did not immediately declare their new allegiance. These waited until the larger check had cleared the bank. This was made possible by high-ranking sympathizers in Pasadena carefully coaching them step by step regarding exactly what (and what not) to do, and when.
Mr. Pack took a deep breath and resolved to move forward—regardless of giant obstacles ahead.
But what about a car? The Packs had insufficient money to buy one.
Since the Global Church of God had been in existence for just two months, there were only about 275 members worldwide. There were a handful of deacons and local church elders to help, but no full-time ministers had yet been hired into the field. Mr. Pack was the first. The fledgling organization had limited resources. The tithe-paying base was small. The headquarters could not afford to advance a down payment for a car.
Understanding the crucial juncture facing God’s people, Mr. Pack could not let days, let alone weeks, go by. There was work to do!
His very first action as a yet unpaid minister was to go obtain a $4,000 cash advance on a personal credit card. He then sent these funds to the Global Church Headquarters so they could purchase a car in the Church’s name with this money. The promise was that they would try to repay the principal amount when and as they could.
Thrilled to get back into the field and to visit brethren, Mr. Pack charged into this unique, new assignment with gusto.
“Someone was kind enough to loan us a car until we could get a new one. We were most grateful. It allowed us to run errands and buy groceries for about 10 days.
“We had faced obstacles in the past where the only path was that of faith. This decision was easy. But what choice did we have? We needed a car, and the Church could not afford to buy one. So I offered to act as an agent to purchase the vehicle on their behalf. There was a Ford dealer nearby and we got a brand new Aerostar exactly like the one that had just been driven from our garage.
“It would look better for Global if it had purchased the vehicle, rather than I having done so on my own behalf, or even on their behalf. The goal was to have other ministers be able to see that Global was a legitimate organization—that all manner of familiar procedure, activity and support was present. We were happy that no other Global ministers had to do as we did. I would certainly do it again.
“I would only learn later about how the many scores of ministers went with the new splinter in 1995 with a tremendous amount of money—sometimes tens of thousands of dollars—simply because they did not declare their affiliation until the larger ‘severance’ check had been cut for them.
“These men would wait in the back of the hall for one Sabbath, officially ‘undeclared’ in terms of organizational destination. Of course, everyone knew exactly where they were going in a couple of days, and could not understand why they were delaying the changeover. There were always salaries, cars and expense accounts waiting from the start for these faithless, hypocritical appeasers because large numbers of tithepayers followed them out the door to the same new organization.
“There was a very early surprise, however, in all of this. Instead of a thank-you for buying the car from my (borrowed) funds, the Global leader was disappointed that I had only brought an initial group of 38 people with me. It was absolutely stunning. I was not bringing enough human ‘booty’ right out of the gate to suit him.


Byker Bob said...

Isn’t it interesting that Dave is actually capable of making at least one somewhat valuable contribution to our fund of knowledge? There is still that self-serving element to his remarks, (he is always the central hero to his own story) but we know some things, or have corroborated some things that we might not have been able to know otherwise.

That only 38 people followed him to Global is very telling.


Anonymous said...

same old, same old ways. Packs choice of the word faithless to describe them is interesting.

Sweetblood777 said...

Clearly David conning Pack reveals by his own words, that he is nothing but a hireling, but tries to convey sincerity to his mind dead tithe payers.

By draining the bank accounts of his members he has shown that he is more covetous than HWA ever was. Both these men and their cohorts will most likely NOT be in the Kingdom. They have received their reward and will receive nothing further.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Pack was a dumb ass and didn't know the policy. Just say I quit! I'm sure HQ could have cared less. They were probably happy to get rid of you at a discount.

Pack has more than made up for his losses. He has stolen so much money from his people.
He is always going to be a whiny ass.

Buckeye Bob said...

Yeah, well....Vic was T's right hand man firing everyone that would not observe the new teachings. What would you expect? Honesty?

Anonymous said...

David Pack needs to look in a mirror and examine his own faults before he misjudged others.

Claire Voighent said...

Why have some of my comments been deleted on previous posts? I feel that you are targeting me because I am a firebrand and speak my mind. Sometimes hard truths need to be spoke even if it hurts others.

What About The Truth said...

What Mr. Pack describes here so bluntly is the perpetration of fraud by the soon to be UCG. In various sermons through the years that he has given he is even more matter of the fact blunt to what these men did and how they did it.

What Mr. Pack will never admit to is the egregious fraud that he has been and is perpetrating. He founded his church upon the glorifying of himself as a martyr of both the WCG and GCG as the only faithful one to hold to all that HWA taught. When he then changed much of what HWA taught and people questioned him or left his church, he said they had no understanding and had lost the Holy Spirit. That would be fraud toward a people who bought into and believed a specific teaching and standard and were now for a second time being fraud-ed by a man who said he would never do that. Mr. Pack claims to this day that he has changed nothing that was taught by HWA. In a direct quote from a sermon he stated; "I have not deviated one whit from what that man (HWA) did, I've bent on nothing". (March 12, 2017). As is typical with people that fraud, they also lie. Proof of that lie would be the fact that Mr. Pack has had to rewrite all of his literature (99% rewrite of HWA's teachings) and re film his videos because of all of his new teachings. And this is where another fraud and lie comes into play. For over two years RCG continued to send out books and show videos to the public with content that they had determined was false - thereby blatantly defrauding the general public.

The continuing fraud of Mr. Pack's common doctrine is a lot more egregious than ministers timing their moves to maximize their income. Mr. Pack's method of maximizing his income is to extort from his members their whole financial being at the expense of families, marriages, the elderly, and the disabled through the fear of that person having to go through the Great Tribulation and then the Lake of Fire.

Then there is the continuing fraud of the dignity of the elderly and disabled through Mr. Pack's Christians don't retire mandate. In what is a societal and biblical norm, the taking care of elderly parents in their most frail time of life, Mr. Pack mandates that they continue working even knowing of the expected perils and the reality of physical harm that comes to those adhering to his teaching.

The RCG's motto of; The Pillar and Ground of the Truth is certainly a cover for a multitude of sins committed by a leader with a lot of dirt on his hands.

Connie Schmidt said...

I believe in Packs "Common". Yep... COMMON THIEF!

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack's view of the new United Ass. was: "...I would only learn later about how the many scores of ministers went with the new splinter in 1995 with a tremendous amount of money...There were always salaries, cars and expense accounts waiting from the start for these faithless, hypocritical appeasers because large numbers of tithepayers followed them out the door to the same new organization...."

Jim Franks in the latest Cogwa "In Accord" contained a 10 May 2018 member letter where Jim describes those who were to be the top leaders in the new United Ass. differently, in fact, with the following words:

"...When a crisis came to the Church in 1995, they stood strong and firm, refusing to compromise God’s law..."

Strong and firm sounds so sweet!

Well, were those new top leaders of the United Ass. both "faithless, hypocritical appeasers" as well as "strong and firm?" Perhaps!

Then Jim Franks wrote: " 2010 each understood the issues and the challenges of the day, and each was instrumental in the beginning of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association, in his own area..."

Overall, it appears that a Church (called worldwide church of God) broke up and an Association (United) appeared and, in time some 15 years later in 2010, that Association broke up and another Association appeared (cogwa).

Which Ass. is God's Church? Either? Neither? Just a couple of associations that can no longer associate with one another?

Time will tell...

Anonymous said...

The moderator explained why he deleted your posts. Go back and have a read.

RSK said...

How do you not know? Arent you clairvoyant? :

Feastgoer said...

8:15 AM, Perhaps your comments coming across as hurtful is why your comments have been deleted. Maybe you should learn to respect others, after all, not everyone shares your religious views and political ideas.