Monday, February 25, 2019

Gerald Flurry: Follow Him As He Flies To The Next Irish Dance Competition!

Follow Gerald Flurry, Lil' Stevie and other elitist PCGers as they jet around the world looking for the Ark of the Covenant or where they can safely deposit the New Stone of Edmond as they seek to find a master wood carver to design the new coronation chair for their "christ" to sit upon.

Enjoy the fun here:

Take a look at this while you can. The folks at the cult compound in Edmond, OK had previous flight plans on other web sites shut down.  Lets see how long it take for them to have this shut down.


Hoss said...

Lets see how long it take for them to have this shut down.

And how long it will take until PCG has to shut down.
Have any sizeable splinters had to shut down due to lack of funds or members? That is, apart from the GCG/LCG affair...

Tonto said...


These things seem to be able to stagger on for quite a long time. GTA's Evangelistic Association still puts out edited Garner Ted Armstrong videos in an attempt to be "current on world news", all this some 16 years after his death!

According to their 990's filed at the IRS, Revenue was still some $700k for the year, and Mark Armstrong was compensated $54k in salary, and probably received other perks like a car, travel and phone etc.

Anonymous said...

It that's his entire income, $54k is not really a lot. But it's still ten times what he's worth.

15 ministers making that much and there is no money left.

Byker Bob said...

If this were music, we would be saying that Mark is living off his father's royalties. In fact, this is what all of the Armstrong movement ministers are doing. They are living off Herbie's old songs. It is pure nostalgia.