Thursday, October 20, 2011

God's Wrath To Reign Down on Australian Prime Minister?

British Israelism propagandist Craig White is all indignant that the Australian Prime Minister did not curtsy to Queen Elizabeth.  She is going to drawn down the wrath of God for failing to bow to the Throne of David!

Julia Gillard Declines to Curtsy to the Queen

Aussie Prime Minister refuses to acknowledge the constitutional head of state. The problem for her is that she refuses to bend the knee to the Throne of David - it may be that a Higher Power may break her political knees as a result.

I never cease to be amazed at how Armstrongites continue to make fools of themselves for all the world to see!


Byker Bob said...

Throne of David? He should read his Bible! God said he'd take that away from the Jews until someone worthy (Jesus) were found to sit on it! But, that's not one of the ACOG cherrypicked scriptures, and probably most of the members have no idea it has been in their Bibles all of these centuries.


Byker Bob said...

Just in case there are any ACOG lurkers here, the exact scripture reference is EZ. 21:24-27. It totally kills any possibility that the Brits have the throne.


Allen C. Dexter said...


We were so disrepectful that we kicked king Grorge's ass in the revolutionary war. We prospered and grew and saved their sorry asses in World War II.

The pomposity and ridiculousness of it all overwhelms me. I listened to Herb and his ignorant minions much too much of my life. They're ridiculously stupid and the people who take them seriously after all this time need to have their own heads examined.

Anonymous said...

Do they needs their heads examined or their butts? That seems to be what most of them use the most anymore.

Anonymous said...

I bet no one ever read Ezekiel 23:20

New International Version

"There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses."

Can you imagine having that read in church when endeavoring to show how crazy this woman was and making whatever prooftexing point one wanted to make?


Goodbye Pastor Bob!

Steve said...

The "queen", my ass! What a joke for the idol-worshipping Brits.

Byker Bob said...

MT, I remember the story of Aholah and Aholibah being read to us either in Bible Study or Sabbath Services. Of course, they didn't dwell on verse 20, but the ministers equated Israel and Judah's straying after other Gods with physical fornication, leading to the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities.

My point would be that Ezekiel 21, two chapters previous to your quote, actually disproves that the Queen of England could be sitting on David's throne. That right was removed and reserved for Jesus Christ. WCG ministers were clearly reading Ezekiel, but ignored the passage which might have corrected one of their primary theological errors!