Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saul Persecuted Non-Halloween Observers

Did you know that Saul was on a holy terror and persecuted people who would not keep Christmas, Easter and Halloween? Halloween?????

This stupidity comes from Yisrayl Hawkins, the convicted felon who runs The House of Yahweh in Abilene Texas.  Hawkins mind was warped by Herbert Armstrong's teachings and then went off the deep end forming a cult in Texas.

Some of his recent stupidity includes:

The Apostle Shaul never taught Christianity any more after he repented of it and was converted to Yahweh's Laws. None of the Disciples taught Christianity. Christianity teaches the world to practice sin. Christianity teaches iniquity. They teach that the Laws of Yahweh are done away with, that Jesus Christ kept the Laws for them so they can continue to sin. If one does not know this, that person knows nothing about Christianity.
Jesus and Christ are pagan Gods that Constantine enforced the worship of.

Constantine changed the Feasts of Yahweh and instituted holidays, such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter, as official rest days to be celebrated, which also carried the death penalty for not observing them.

Those living in Galilee, where Yahshua and the twelve Disciples were born and raised, were persecuted the most because they were all taught by Yahshua, and then the twelve Disciples after Yahshua's death.
The Galileans fled to the land that later became known as America. They are now referred to as the American Indians.


DennisCDiehl said...

..sorry, redo...

This really happened.

I was working at the front desk at St. Francis hospital in Greenville.
It was about this time of year and a nun came up to me fusing about how pagan and wrong Halloween is. She then went on to tell me it was meant to honor God and Jesus and the true meaning has been lost.

Then she said...

"Even the Lord's prayer says, 'HALLOWED be THY name..Hello!...Hallowed...Halloween!"

I just stared at her and reminded myself the Catholic Church also has its loons, theologically questionable reasonings and funny nuns.

Happy Hallowedween!!!

NO2HWA said...

But Dennis, the name is now Jesusween!

Anonymous said...

What idiot came up with the idea of Jesusween?

What's next- Snow White and the 7 dwarfs suddenly becoming Mother Mary and the 7 disciples?


Anonymous said...

I think you guys are missing one other thing in No2's post. What about those Galileans who immigrated to America to become the American Indians while losing all their culture. Armstrongites are such idiots!

williamc said...

Yisrayl Hawkins is NOT a convicted felon. Are you as sure of his felony conviction as you are about the rebuttal you have made to his most educational article on the Apostle Shaul?