Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kevin Owen Dean: New Arrest Warrant Issued

The Painful Truth is reporting that an arrest warrant has been issued again for Kevin Dean, former trusted advisor to Herbert W Armstrong and Festival Coordinator.  For so long he reigned as one of Pasadena's HQ untouchables.  How fast the mighty do fall.

Check out the story here:  Most Wanted:  Kevin Owen Dean

I looked up Imperial Medical Technologies where Kevin is listed as working with regulatory issues.  What I find interesting that this is another business adventure of COG people.  There are several COG/former COGers listed as its personnel.

Imperial Medical Technologies
30 Curtis Court,
Ste. 300, Cartersville, GA 30120, U.S.A.
Phone: (678) 290-5785
FAX: (770) 874-4220

IMT Personnel:
Vice President Sales: Dawn Miller
Sales Administrator: Brandie Doucet
Sales Administrator: (Spanish): Jackie Guzman
Clinical Director: John McCraw
Regulatory: Kevin Dean
Engineering: Danny Lincoln
IT/Marketing: Scott Doucet


DennisCDiehl said...

Aside from the shallow glee some will get from this, I find it both fascinating and tragic. The acts are wrong and leave scars on those most unable to defend themselves. But what is going on with the contrasts between the religious hopes and the human behaviors? Are those plagued with pedophilia , which has to be some function of brain disfunction or psychological damage when younger drawn to others of the same misbehavior? Do they unconsciously use religion to to keep the beast penned? Is it because of all places, church would provide a supply of naive and trusting parents and children?

It is no secret around the Bible belt here that the church youth minister is always the one they watch for such behaviors. Anytime , it seems, this comes out, it is mostly the youth minister, usually a single guy who loves Jesus and "working with kids" that gets into trouble.

Youth pastors and ministers suffer from Catholic Priest suspicions in their own way.

I feel sorry for both the abused of course and Kevin. He must be terrified. They may find him dead somewhere. I had a collegue in ministry who went to prison for this and he hung himself unable to cope with it all.

Interested Bystander said...

You are a very compassionate and decent guy Mr. Diehl.
I believe I recall you playing drums with your sons in NJ at one point at a church social?

Anonymous said...

Yes, mercy for the cobra, that poor thing -- it just can't help doing what it does: It must be frightened with all the people chasing it for no particularly good reason and has to go on the lam.

As opposed to the bad cobra that continues to file lawsuits and take down websites because it people have had the audacity to call it a cobra.

Anonymous said...

And if people want to see how bad the Dean brothers, they can go out to Silenced for a relevant excerpt from the Kessler Letter.

DennisCDiehl said...

I didnt say it was not bad behaviors or inappropriate. I have seen enough behind the scenes in the lives of the average member to neither judge or belittle. People are people. Dave Pack, Ron Weinland, Joe Blow, Mary Mary quite Contrary and all people have stuff. Stuff is what we do. Those who say they don't are lying. Those who admit to whatever faults are , are the most free.

I don't condone, but I totally understand. I have seen it all and heard it all and held the hands of real people through life's shit. I find all to just be folk usually hidding behind bravado, schtick , authority or wishful thinking.

We can all find someone and something to bitch about. Ultimately one has to ask, "how does this serve me?" Usually it doesn't much.

Anonymous said...

The Princeton Prison Experiment does explain the ACoGs pretty well.

When a former guard asked a former prisoner how he would have acted, he said that he could not say.

The whole lesson of this is that those who ended up in the power structure of the WCG were allowed to have a similar kind of power over the members as the prisoners had over the guards. The ministers of the WCG had an entitlement which allowed them freedoms denied to the members which corrupted them.

And you could ask, "If you had graduated from Ambassador College and become a minister, wouldn't you have acted the same".

I do not know: I was never afforded the chance... Thank God! I would not have wanted to be tempted nor live with all those terrible things on my conscience.

The ministers lied to the people and though they may (or may not) have known they were lying, they still took the money.

The former prisoner of the Zimbardo experiment was not about to give the former guard a free pass.

We should take away from this the idea that we cannot afford to compromise ourselves to try to make something which is unworkable work: It will bring lasting damage, not just (or not so much) to ourselves, but to others.

And once the damage is done, it cannot be undone.

In some cases, some of those "guards" in the Ambassador College Experiment have not sought either to make amends nor have they learned anything except how to keep doing the evil they have been doing with greater sophistication in hopes of not getting caught.

Armstrongism is a tremendously corrupting influence and it began with one man with one lie.

We should learn from that.

Oh, and it does appear that Kevin Dean should go to prison.

DennisCDiehl said...

No offense Douglas but your prison analogy is bullshit. Like any church, the ministers of the program were mostly sincere and the idea that "they hoped they would not get caught" is also bullshit.

You imply too much in your rantings. Most were very sincer in reading the Bible as presented and thought it meant what it said .

Ministers didn't lie to the people, You view your world in hindsite and unfairly so.

Whatever your affiliation with WCG needs to be taken responsibility for. It was not all done to you. You made your own choices and while they may have later proved wrong, you can't blame others totally. Accept responsibility for your own choices.

You rant and rave about "armstrongism" but you were a part of it yourself evidently and life is not everyone else's fault.

i get tired of your repetative rantings as if you had no personal choices or responsibility

Painful Truth said...

Churches can and are used by those who wish to hide their evil.

I know quite a few "cultist" folks and they admit that their cult are full of these people. The ministry does little to nothing as to these perverts.

Why do they stay? Fear of leaving. So yes Dennis, it is a prison camp with prisoners that are unwilling to escape the insanity, trading their families safety and security for hope.

Fear is why I stayed in the cult. I always felt is was a pipe dream what HWA taught. It was, and I remained in denial for years because I "feared."

Anonymous said...

I have no pity for those who sexually abuse children, regardless of whether their penchant for willingly and knowingly molesting little human beings stem from a psychological disorder or as a result of their own victimhood as molestation survivors. We live in a society where child molestation is vigorously and publicly condemned, in addition to the fact that a person cannot molest a child without knowing what he or she is doing will harm the child, regardless of their own sense of morality. I don't see these people as cold and calculating monsters who delight in the suffering of innocents, but neither do I see them as deserving of any kind of sympathy. On this planet there are millions of mentally ill people, and millions who suffered sexual abuse who do not molest children.

Regarding the members of the WWCG; this was not a political organization like the Nazis. This is religion. It is based first and foremost on a suspension of reality, the discarding of logic, reason, and skepticism. Once these people accepted the existence of a magical supernatural being, they are prey to any one who comes along purporting to speak for this supernatural being, whether sincere or not. And once in, it is their belief in God that keeps them in. Fear of damnation, etc. You see Dennis, Believers don't have working Bullshit Detectors (except when it comes to all aspects of their life not shadowed by religion- like their bank account). If Believers are to be blamed, it is for Believing in the first place, but in many cases they had no choice in that either, thanks to their believing parents. But please spare us the view that since ministers were sincere- completely irrelevant- they should be afforded the same compassion and understanding that we should also extend to child molesters.

Paul R.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Kevin Dean looks nothing like I remember him. When I was a kid, I always thought he looked the local morning DJ Rick Dees who later took over the syndicated Top 40 when Casey Casem retired. Now Kevin just looks like a fat old man.

I hope they throw the book at him, and give him a life sentence per child with no possibility of parole. Life on the inside is epic in a bad way for you if you're a child molester. Oh well! The sick bastard made his bed, he should not be spared from having to lie in it.

I personally know of two other child molesters from WCG days in Pasadena, and neither one of them has ever been prosecuted, but these are partly family decisions, since the crimes were against their own children. One stayed in WCG after the changes, the other left earlier and has become one of the self-appointed, self-righteous prophets. Some people's hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Is he still on the lam? Have none of these people turned him in?

Anonymous said...

The information on the "CartersvillePatch" is not exactly accurate. Kevin did not run out of the courtroom - he went missing on March 31st (2 days before the trial). His car was found, but not him, and to date he is still missing.

He and his family have never been worried about the "charges" because they are only accusations with dates that do not match up, no DNA, etc. In the state of Georgia, anyone can make false accusations and get your butt thrown in jail. The accusations were made by a jealous step-daughter who happens to be a paralegal and "in good" with the authorities in Bartow County. She is a psycho, in my opinion!

Kevin is a lifelong, dear friend of mine and NOT a child molester. The only thing he is guilty of in this situation, is having done too much for this bitter, ungrateful stepdaughter (like putting her thru school to become a paralegal....). The girl's mother (Kevin's wife) is completely devastated over what her daughter has done. And, I grieve for the entire family.....

caseywollberg said...

"No offense Douglas but your prison analogy is bullshit."

Yes, it is. In fact, the "experiment" itself was bullshit. Although Zombardo's "findings" are popular among amateur armchair psychoanalysts like Douglas, professional researchers are far from impressed by them:

"The problem is that a lot of the psychology community disagrees with his findings. Some found that any results were rendered meaningless by insufficient controls. Some have problems with his analysis of the results, reaching a different conclusion based on the same data. Some found the sample population invalidated by selection biases, or the size of the sample inadequate for statistically useful results. Some found methodological flaws that tainted the participants' behavior."

Zombardo is an unscrupulous hack. I've repeatedly requested that Douglas stop using this analogy on the basis of the information I've provided, but he continues to ignore my advice as well as the inconvenient facts upon which it is based.

caseywollberg said...

Anonymous, if he's not worried about the charges, then why is he missing?

Anonymous said...

"is having done too much for this bitter, ungrateful stepdaughter...."

Bitter? There go the Armstrong Alarms. When will you people learn that using the word "bitter" always gives you away??? Also the character assassination of the complainant usually means that there is some validity to the charge.

Honest criticism of the church? "Bitter."
Left the church? "Bitter."
Disagree with church doctrines? "Bitter."
Criticize a minister? "Bitter."
Etc. Bitter, bitter, bitter, bitter.

Paul R.
(Who, though you will refuse to believe it, is not bitter.)

Anonymous said...

caseywolberg, no one knows why he is missing. He had been preparing for the trial, and was running late for an appointment with his attorney on 3/31/12 so he got in his car, drove off, and has not been seen since. A missing person's report was filed, and his car was found near a lake where he and his wife often spent time.

Anonymous said...

Paul R. -

I'm very sorry for using a word that is offensive to you. Instead of saying "having done too much for this bitter, ungrateful stepdaughter...." I should have phrased it this way:

"having done too much for this spoiled-rotten, ungrateful stepdaughter." There! Better? :)

FYI, neither the stepdaughter nor Kevin's wife have ANY affiliation with "the church" or HWA. Kevin has been out of WCG since 1986, and I left the cult over 15 years ago. So, it never occurred to me that using a word such as "bitter" would be so harshly judged by the

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Your word isn't offensive to me. It's just sort of sad. And pathetic.

If you were to have simply stated that your friend was innocent of the charges, and listed his redeeming qualities, then maybe someone would consider what you have to say. But you, like all Armstrongites of one flavor or another, have learned from years of listening to sermons and reading Letters to the Brethren, to immediately demonize the complainant as "bitter," and other character assassination keywords. The word "bitter" is always, and I mean always, used in conjunction with a person who has committed the horrible crimes I listed in my comment. But I doubt you realize this, or would understand it. You are parroting Armstrong ministers.

PS. I hope the man goes to prison if he is found guilty. He will have plenty of opportunity to indulge in his wildest sexual desires. A man after HWA's own heart. (At this point you will be thinking, "this Paul R is obviously bitter against Mr. Armstrong and The Church. Paul R has a spirit of bitterness.")

Paul R

Anonymous said...

LOL "Paul R" -- YOU are sad and pathetic! I just came here briefly to point out that some of the information in the "CartersvillePatch" is wrong - NOT to be judged and ridiculed by you. Big, good riddance! I will not be commenting on this blog anymore.

Anonymous said...

Um, okay.

Paul R.

Anonymous said...

The last I knew of Kevin Dean is he was the Superintendent of Imperial Schools (shudder) and then he skipped town with the girl who he had been having an affair with, who had been an Imperial senior, leaving his then-wife. There are laws against that, it's totally immoral, unethical and unprofessional.

Last time I was aware that he had skipped town, there was a pretty good reason for it. I bet he didn't skip town for no reason this time either...just sayin'

Also, I know it's kind of late to mention it, but it isn't the Princeton Prison Experiment, it's the Stanford Prison Experiment. Philip Zimbardo was an faculty member at Stanford, not Princeton. One is in California, the other is in New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Dean did not skip town with a girl. This is a false accusation made by bitter people. You are obviously bitter as well. Kevin Dean is my bestest friend in the world and he the nicest, kindest person I know. One time Kevin Dean lifted a burning school bus out of a ditch and saved all the kids, and then took all those kids, well, the girls actually, and hosted them at his house until the cops came to arrest, er, pick the girls up and thank Kevin Dean. I know of two perfect people; one is Jesus and the other is Kevin Dean. If anyone wants more info on the life and times of Kevin Dean, please write to me as the President of the Kevin Dean Fan Club.

Paul R.

Anonymous said...

could be worse. At least he likes girls and not boys.

Anonymous said...

Until we know all the facts, in the US, he is and should be, innocent until proven guilty.

Anonymous said...

Diehl, you are an Fing idiot. How would you feel if it was your children who were sexually abused by a predator? I suspect your attitude would be much different. Asshole.

Anonymous said...

For the posters saying Kevin Dean is a good guy, you're in total denial. Regardless of the current allegations against Kevin, his actions qualify him as a sex offender. He was a grown man, with a wife and two daughters, when he was superintendent of Imperial schools. During that time he abused his position and was having a sexual relationship with an underage student (I was an Imperial Schools student and friend of hers at the time). Kevin then left his wife and family to run off with the young girl. This isn't conjecture; it's simply what happened. Those actions qualify a person as a pedophile and sex offender. To argue that Kevin is a good man is to deny the reality of the man's life and his actions.

Anonymous said...

For the person who claims to have been a friend of the "young girl" of whom Kevin Dean allegedly had sexual relations and ran off with - did you call the cops or do anything to help your friend? If Kevin was such a pedophile and sex offender, why didn't anyone have him apprehended?

I knew that "young girl" and she was 18 when Kevin married her. Granted, this was a stupid thing that BOTH of them did, but there is so much more to this story that you probably don't even know. And for the record, Kevin's wife was a complete bitch. I can't say I blame him for having divorced her and "running off" with an 18 year-old, at the time. The whole WCG organization was corrupt and rotten to the core, beginning with HWA and his incestuous relationship with his own daughter -- so it's no small wonder that so many men in the "ministry" were just as warped and perverted too.

Anonymous said...

To all those standing up for this man, perhaps you should think before you post. You cannot imagine how terrified it is to be the one who is abused. I don't even know why I'm posting. "people are people." Really? Be terrified for those who live with the reality of abuse and how it affects them, in so many aspects of their lives, decades later. There are no words. There are NO words to aptly describe years of internal torture for something done to you as an innocent child. NONE.

Anonymous said...

As Super Intendant of Imperial Schools and Director of YOU/SEP programs, Kevin Dean slept with and/or molested at least 6 underage female teenagers. Sherri is obvious, anyone knowing the situation knows he left his wife for her. He was also caught dinging her on a Imperial/YOU ski trip in Europe (they'd been bopping for years). He avoided punishment by threatening, buying off and smozing (with job offers) those who had hard evidence.

He sexually assaulted and molested 4 teen workers/campers during the summer of 1984 at Orr. A camper got a sweet gig on the ski team as hush payment (Sara could not ski).

S (yes another S..he liked this initial) and K were long time assault partners through a number of Orr sessions. And another Imperial student was sexually assaulted by Kevin but fortunately escaped when someone came to the door. Thankfully I was able to directly pass on most of this information to the powers that be soon after HWA's death. The evidence was overwhelming..and he was fired. Sadly, he was never charged. Kevin had some significant evidence hanging over HWA's a result, while HWA lived, Kevin was untouchable. JWT hated Kevin and knew what he was up to. (In part, because I and many others, told him about these, and many more events.) Oh, it is fairly certain Kevin snorted cocaine with Imperial graduates at a pool party held in Kevin's back yard. Coke with the boys and dinging the girls, a true educator at work.

Anonymous said...

Why does this crap not surprise me. I love it when people in authority get busted.

Lisa said...

I AM the girl who escaped from KD when his daughters came back from swimming at SEP. I was working in the kitchen that session. He sent for me and under the pretense of giving me a back adjustment (he went down the front) proceeded to touch me in all the private areas. I was FREAKED out and told no one. Do you know why? Because somehow I knew I would be blammed for it. Took me 9 years before I was brave enough to tell my parents. All of the stuff listed above is true.

TLA said...

Lisa Ann - I hope you are okay now.
We used to think that "God's ministers" set perfect examples. Some of them turned out to be pretty rotten.

nck said...

This is all terrible.

I do not regard 18 "under age" by the way.

I abhor predators asmuch as puritanism and some postings stink from puritanism. But justice must prevail through the bravery of those speaking out.


Anonymous said...

My kid sister was 15 when she was raped by a married member of the Armstrong family. (NOT GTA) When it came to light, my mother, a member of over 40 years at the time, and my sister were brought in front of the "council of elders" in the Administration building to stand on the charges of my virgin 15 year old sister seducing this pedophile. My mother sat, very submissive and never stood up for her. My sister, asking to go to the bathroom, left the grounds. I was never told of this story until about 5 years ago. Incredulously, my mother still ashamed and embarrassed, I looked her in the eye and told her that her daughter was RAPED! Until that moment, she had never considered this, as the elders made my sister out to be the guilty person. Did Pasadena harbor rapists and pedophiles? You bet they did.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify... when he was with the girl at Imperial, she was at least a Jr, as she was a year younger than me, which means it was going on for at least two years, and started before she was 18. (This is my first time commenting, so many kids at school knew about this affair. We just had no idea what to do about it. Who do you tell when the person in charge is the one breaking the rules?)

Anonymous said...

Would Lisa care to comment about the similar accusations others have made against her own father? Were they any part of the reason she stayed silent for so long?

Lisa said...

@Anonymous Anonymous said...
Would Lisa care to comment about the similar accusations others have made against her own father? Were they any part of the reason she stayed silent for so long?

I said nothing because I was trapped. Who does one go to when the guy in charge is the offender? I distanced myself from that world when I was 19.
Come out into the open if you want to ask me about my dad.

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

By the way Anon, YOU are the perfect example of WHY I didnt say anything!!!

Instead of compassion and empathy, you turned my comment around and asked a personal, off topic question and HIDE your identity to boot.

Do you even know me?
Have we ever met?
Probably not.
Step off.

Lisa said...

@TLA- Thank you for your conern, I appreciate it. :) Healing is a work in progress.

Lisa said...

@The anon person who mentioned my story before I did. WOULD YOU PLEASE contact me? It is important that I speak with you VERY Soon! I can explain why in person. You can use the email on my google profile.

I believe you will be very pleased with what I have to tell you and I also have a question.

THANK YOU in advance for getting back to me. I hope you see this immediately.