Monday, September 5, 2016

Don Billinglsey Goes Off The Deep End And Says Hillary Will Be Shot

Don Bilingsley has imagined himself a prophet for many years now and publishes some of the most idiotic rants ever imagined regarding the COG and prophecy.

The Church of God News site had this up:

Church of God Faithful Flock“What Are Your Plans for the Next Six Years?” asks CGFF Pastor Don Billingsley, a Church of God elder since the 1950s, in Historical Reality Reveals the Future - as he shows (?) that Biblical history and prophecy point to President Hillary Clinton being executed in 2023, when God’s Elect will flee to the Place of Safety and the Great Tribulation will then begin.

Just how stupid can this man get?  His small personality cult will be kept safe while Hillary in office, but once something happens he and his group will flee to Petra.  Jordan is never going to allow these raving lunatics from the Church of God into their country.

Someone needs to report him to the government.  All we need is some idiot in his cult that might take matters into their own hands!


Black Ops Mikey said...

Does anyone believe that Don Bilingsley will be alive in 2023?

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Donald Drumpf. I guess that shouldn't come as a big surprise.


In literary criticism, any conjecture, any viewpoint, literally any way of interpreting the text is valid so long as you can state your methodology.

The same goes for theology. It is in fact just a branch of the study of literature. The only difference, however, is that in theology, those interpretations are often promulgated as "truth." In literary criticism, nobody thinks James Joyce was channeling a deity. He wasn't of course, and I feel pretty damn safe in assuming no other human being has ever done so either.

But in no other field that purports to traffic in any kind of putative, provisional, or probabilistic "truth," can you just literally make shit up, and then have that be "truth." Only in theology. And while our own dear Rogue's Gallery of false prophets have made a cottage industry out of making shit up and calling it "truth," they by no means have a monopoly on it. Every televangelist does this. Pat Robertson does this. People have been doing this for thousands of years.

When will we, as a species, all recognize that throwing novel interpretations of ancient myths against the wall to see what you can get to stick is not a pathway to knowledge, understanding, or wisdom. It is just a pathway to foolishness...and other people's money...

Anonymous said...

“Don Billinglsey Goes Off The Deep End And Says Hillary Will Be Shot”

There are too many kooks in the so-called COGs making too many reckless prophetic guesses. They do not care how bad they make the so-called COGs look with all the wrong prophetic guesses that they tell in God's name.

Furthermore, once a COG false prophet has predicted that something will happen, it seems like it just cannot possibly happen. Does Don's reckless prediction mean that Hitlery cannot be shot or stopped? Woe, woe, woe to America!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, all you dyed in the wool Armstrongists who insist on clinging to all the insanity and mouthing the same old inane cliches. You've succeeded in getting one of the few sane commenters and contributors on here to decide he doesn't need to waste any more of his time on you. I'm talking about Dennis Deahl. I saw his latest posting had been removed so contacted him to find out why. So many of you have no appreciation for solid facts and carefully researched material. It's rather frustrating to some of us who hoped to inject a little reason into this site. So, enjoy your warmed over conman-generated nonsense you inherited from morally debauched old Herb. You won't have to have your complacency disturbed by Dennis anymore, and I'm feeling pretty much the same way.

Allen C. Dexter

nck said...


What's a sane person doing here anyways?
Anyone who was in a cult was not sane in the first place. Even those born into it since they are wired by their parents.

My guess is that Dennis will be back. As a prolific contributor, an anonymous poster or a lurker. In one, two or three days/weeks/years. This blog is just too entertaining.

At this present junction in time the contributors who appear to be "hurt" most are the ones who are taking it all too seriously. Or who gave themselves a self proclaimed mission in furthering the cause of anti-armstrongism. Self perceived importance.

It is only those who can acknowledge and see what the merits of the system were who are hurt the least. Those who are trying to hurt others on the premise of "exposing" hurt themselves the most.

I extrapolate that from the fact that this particular blog's success exists by the merit of being able to see the merit of being able to discern utter wackiness. And it is a wackiness that goes for most religions.

Those who have it as their mission to educate should be careful as to not start preaching since that is exactly what pisses off 99% of the visitors here.

If Dennis would in any way be "quenched" by the total disregard of respect for his postings he should ask himself the age old question.: "What would Anon-Ra do?"

Just obervations from a visitor.
btw I am DDiehl's number one fan.


Anonymous said...

Allen C Dexter..Sorry Allen but everyone doesn't think like you do, ever think it's you that could be wrong. All you are doing as an Athiest is trying to defend another Athiest, this site was never meant to be a site for Athisests to push their views, it was meant to, well, you check it out and tell me if Dennis was within that purpose.

Anonymous said...

why do cogers open their mouths in regards to politics of the world; they are always proven to be fools on the matter: i can remember dr. meredith saying in a sermon that maybe a george w bush presidency would but this nation some time, when it actually brought this nation to the brink of destruction...then thiel was tearing his hair out about an obama presidency when it turns out obama pulled the nation from the edge of financial disaster; now this guy billingsley is running his mouth about something that he likely will not even live to see...

by what spirit are these people speaking???

Redfox712 said...

What an awful thing to say about any presidential candidate.

Connie Schmidt said...

He just hasn't been the same since he left his wife Barbara Billingsley . When she was June Cleaver and Alton was "Ward Cleaver", they made a heck of a lot more sense!

Connie Schmidt said...


Isn't this about the third time that Dennis has decided to leave here and never come back?

Anonymous said...

Allen, with all due respect, you, Dennis, and others don't get to define what reason, reasonableness, and sanity might be for the rest of us who participate on the blog, as if your definitions are the only ones which matter. There is a wide range of opinion possible, some of which has been traditional here in the USA for centuries, and has worked just fine. As one small example, if you ever listen to Dennis Prager's talk show, he articulates a logic and societal behavioral pattern based on the Torah, (not a strawman version of the Torah), which is sane, humane, reasonable, and derives from a much deeper fund of education than that possessed by someone who has read a couple of books. HWA has infected all of us in many ways, one of which is his premise that a do it yourself education in a library is just as valid as a university degree.

If Dennis Diehl wishes to take his ball and go home, that is his prerogative. I am sure we all wish him well. He's got a real problem with a condescending attitude towards those who happen to disagree with him. I blame HWA for that as well.

Anonymous said...

It is appalling that people get told to choose between the likes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for president of the United States. Surely a country with over 300 million people could come up with better choices than that.

Retired Prof said...

Allen, you suggested that my comment advising Dennis to tone down his typography meant I hoped he would stop contributing posts. I had no such hope. They were entertaining and educational. I got more out of two of his posts than out of two semester's of Rod Meredith's class at Ambassador.

Funny. I already knew better than to correct anybody's English unless the person has requested editorial help. Now I know the same rule applies to typography.

Opinionated said...
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Mickey said...

So is he saying that Ms. Clinton will serve two terms in office? Or be elected the term following this one;)

Gerald Bronkar said...

Allen, I agree that Dennis was making an effort to help open minds, but alas, it may be a complete waste of time. We can become comfortable in our delusion. The greatest fear of many is that "they could be wrong", especially when it involves their faith.

Jesus loves me this I know,
For the bible tells me so!

Please don't try to wake us. We love it here in la-la land.

EX-COG-FF said...

I was involved with Mr. B. for a short time. This was over 10 years ago. Even back then I thought that he made some outrageous predictions, (none that you could prove from The Bible).

After all, isn't this where people should be looking for "inspired revelation"? What we have instead, is a bunch of desperate church members, (looking to men) for what they perceive as truth.

I chalked up a lot of Mr. B.'s behavior due to his advancing age. I know that he has only gotten worse (as most of his so-called "faithful flock") have abandoned him for greener pastures.

Anonymous said...

ACOG ministers are constantly saying weird things. Billingsley has plenty of company. Sometimes the ministers even fight amongst themselves in their own church's publications. LCG seems to do a lot of this, with anti-Meredith, anti-Germano and anti-Winnail factions often quite recognizable. Soon enough I'm sure we'll see an anti-Weston faction start taking its turn. What does this tell us about the LCG ministers who are letting their media effort be used in that way? Are they so eager for power that they delight in cutting down the senior men, not realizing that when the senior men fall, the junior men will fall with them?

The latest example is an article online at

The article tells us that Turkey's Recep Erdogan is an autocratic tyrant who seeks to implement Godly rule as he understands it, and is purging Turkey of people who oppose his plan to move away from anti-God secularism. The commentary tells us that Christians aren't to act in such an autocratic way. They should be more "introspective" than Erdogan, and instead of purging their enemies should "learn from past mistakes."

How can LCG reconcile the purging of John Robinson with the standard set in this LCG article? Is this LCG article not a direct attack on Rod Meredith? Is LCG publishing it because there's an internal power struggle? Or are they just a bunch of clueless brainwashed zombies who are at peace with the cognitive dissonance that comes from saying one thing while doing another? LCG has now come out plainly in print as opposing autocratic rule. How can it defend this position against the reality of its form of government and Rod Meredith's practice of the form? In publishing this article, they are either hypocrites, cynical manipulators, or outright idiots.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The question I may ask, will Mr. B ever admit to the crimes he committed against his daughter? Think Herb.

Anonymous said...

If Dennis were indulging in any sort of objective effort, don't you think he would at least check what Bible commentaries say about verses in question, or read the pertinent footnotes in his study Bible before making his comments? Maybe compare them to what the latest book he's read says about them, and just see which side has more merit? He doesn't do this! He goes with whatever "disproofs" or doubt-affirming paragraphs he has read in the latest book whose purpose was to cast doubt upon the Bible. Most Christians here aren't fazed by his bombshells, and immediately pick up on where he has crossed into error, but then when they protest, he tries to verbally bury them, to the round of cheers and attaboys from his fellow non-believers. He says he's not an atheist, but he sure pulls out every stop in a one-sided attempt to trash God and the Bible. Proof-texting for atheism is equally as bad as proof-texting for Armstrongism! Become a more convincing writer, Dennis! Cover the best from both sides.

Pam said...

Am I the only one who has ever noticed that Billingsley looks suspiciously like the cartoon strip character Tintin?? See the photo at this link.

Tintin Billingsley

Anonymous said...

Facebook is my main forum. People who want to follow what I have to say can find me there under Allen Dexter. I've decided to have very little to say here for the immediate future. Oh, I'll continue to follow along for interesting news about COG madness. Following the inevitable decline is rather interesting, and quite frankly, rewarding. I love to see progress.

DennisCDiehl said...

I did not take my ball and run. My attitude or approach is not condescending and I was never a HWA trained goody goody as some imply. All I can simply say is that none of you know me as I don't know you in reality.

After thinking about it and some of the comments made, I removed all the posts that had nothing to do with the stated purpose of the blog. My interests in theology, Biblical origins and "science well done" as I am wont to say were only ever meant as "filler" of some interest to those who still had interest in the Bible but were coming out of the literalist and prophecy oriented gibberish of the WCG. I wrote between the times until Gary had new and more interesting news of Church of God events and personalities. That's all I ever meant to do. And that is what I was invited and allowed to do. It is the wrong venue for my interests and probably was insensitive to the many differing beliefs and experiences of those here.

I have been interested in theology and origins of both the Bible and life as we know it since I was a child. I am as interested now in what I got wrong as I was in what I thought I was getting right when I discovered WCG.

Transitions are messy and usually take a lot more time than we would wish or ever think.

It has been interesting and informative for me to read some of the more childish and ad hominen attacks and wise cracks made as if I am not sitting right here reading them. I take those into account as well.

Most times what I contributed ended in emotional reactions towards myself with little or no comment on the content of the posting. Critical thinking is important to me and not a skill anyone taught or would even know how to teach in my WCG experience. I had to learn it on my own and my contributions here were in that spirit and with the hope it might help a few get out of the emotionalism of what I called "mere Bible readers" and find out what may really be going on with the Book and in the sciences as they challenge the Sunday School version of the Book.

Untrained, egocentric and self absorbed personalities like Pack, Flurry, Meredith, Thiel and others are dangerous to the sincere seeker. I hope you will all continue to expose them for their lack of training and foolish visions of themselves.


Anonymous said...

Anon1:34AM wrote:

"Allen C Dexter..Sorry Allen but everyone doesn't think like you do, ever think it's you that could be wrong. All you are doing as an Athiest is trying to defend another Athiest, this site was never meant to be a site for Athisests to push their views, it was meant to, well, you check it out and tell me if Dennis was within that purpose."

1. Um, when it comes to the purpose of this site, I'd leave that up to Gary to decide if I were you. If Gary says Dennis' posts were within the parameters for his blog, then they were.

2. Have you ever stopped to consider that an atheist is just a person for whom the christian cultural programming has lost traction, meaning that for whatever reason celestial Elohims, Yahwehs, and Jesuses now seem to be as real to us as Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Rudolph, and christianity having been falsified for us, and assuming there is a religion out there that does have an actual, real God, we haven't got a clue how to figure out which religion that might be? And that shouldn't make us second-class citizens, should it?

Speaking only for myself, and not for Allen, yes, I do think that it could be me that's wrong. But then I go back and review all the falsehoods and mythicism surrounding the bible and realize just how improbable that is. What about you? Have you ever thought that it's you that could be wrong? It doesn't sound like it.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, do you have a blog of your own where you can "go deep" in astro-theology and these other interests of yours?

People here are happy to banter with TradingGuy and even Priam as long as they keep it brief and don't get obsessive. Yet we should notice that their comments, even the obsessive ones, are usually within the broad realm of the topic line of this blog: "Books, News and Observations About Armstrongism and the Churches of God."

Astrotheology isn't news of the ACOGs. Only rarely is it an "observation about" the ACOGs. Most of the time it is "Yet Another 'New Truth' Found By Ex-ACOG People."

TradingGuy sometimes seems unable to fathom how it is that people don't take his ideas as "the Bible properly understood" but instead see them as "Yet Another 'New Truth' Someone Found." You're smarter than that, and can tell the difference between "I wish you people would see how cool this idea is" vs. "This idea highlights a flaw in Armstrongism."

So, why not develop your own blog, then from time to time when a post here overlaps with one of your interests add a relevant comment and a link to a more detailed discussion on your blog? Best of both worlds.

Anonymous said...

Dennis I like your Bible study posts. I am still interested in theology though not a believer of anything in particular. I read some of Bart Ehrmans books and then James Tabor who was a teacher at AC for awhile. I think your stuff was as good as theirs.
Did you ever think of writing a book with some of your material? Not sure what Ehrman believes, and Tabor is almost a Jew, though he looks Irish. I think you are more similar to me in my beliefs, probably an agnostic. I see no reason to start keeping Jewish customs, and I am not so sure about James Tabor's idea of Jesus having a Roman soldier father. Also both of those people have to write things that their followers will agree with and they have their professional standing to consider.
I don't think this site should limit topics too much, because by doing so the audience will be limited. It is good to appeal to a wide range of interests.

RSK said...

What is an "Athiest"?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing things up Dennis!


Anonymous said...

It worked just fine to expect a child mortality rate due to smallpox and polio. No need for those unbiblical vaccines.

It worked perfectly well to enslave unpaid labor to support an otherwise unproductice agricultural trade. And the Bible says "slaves, obey your masters", after all.

It worked so well, in fact, to have a monarchy with an absolute ruler as king. Thats what the Bible commanded. Oh, that unbiblical American Revolution, what were they thinking when they turned around and set up a republic (which has clear pagan roots)!

itstimecog said...

And Peace to you too Dennis. Thank you for that most informative narrative as I'm sure it clears up a lot of misunderstanding.
We're in this together, like it or not. A house divided shall not stand so let's make sure we're all standing at the end of the day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dennis, for your well-stated explanation.

While I disagree personally with your theology (or lack thereof :) ), I generally find your approach to be well-intentioned and oriented to encourage critical thought. You, and several regular commenters, raise some questions which do warrant deeper investigation, and your personal experiences with WCG are always illuminating to those who did not see such things in the past.

It takes a lot of humility to do what you did and explain as above, and shows us a bit more about you.

NO2HWA said...

Dennis is free to post here any time he wants. If someone gets offended then they need to look at why they are allowing themselves to be offended. If you don't like something, don't read it! It always amazes me at how easily COG members want to be offended. Nine times out of ten they are offended because they refuse to have to deal with truth or gray areas in life. If you want to read that kind of crap go read Malm or Thiel.

Anonymous said...
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nck said...

"Dennis is free to post here any time he wants."

By all means. Iron sharpens iron.

I am 100% sure that of all visitors of this blog I visited/entered the most, the most ancient, the most different structures/edifices that mankind built around the world to allign it's inner God with the outer sacred. Add to this areas that have been sanctified with blood. (burial places, battlefields, war memorials)

In most of these visits I have not been sure on the philosophies that lay at the foundation of these areas. A lot of them seem to be alligned with the stars. Others with earthly "energy lines", others with early drugs (like the nazca in peru). I find it interesting that Dennis is looking at the stars. And I expect another to look at earths geography.

I am sure ancient man was more aware of his natural surroundings than we are, surrounded by mostly man made structures, skyscrapers, ikeas, wall marts. Ayers Rock or the Black Hills would impress me more as a "temple" than our modern temples of consumerism.

Other man made structures command awe, like the ancient star tower in Oaxaca, the temples of the moon and sun in mexico city, mississipi mounds, ambassador auditorium, the Cathedral in Cologne.

But as an extra terrestrial I would be interested to know what inspired the raising of such splendor. To know what is in the heart of man. Dennis at least tried to shift our perspective. Just like the wcg introductory shot of the earth before each and every video production. This was a version of the epic 1969 picture, where mankind for the first time in its existence was able to see earth for what it is. An amazing blue airship in the midst of an ocean of black. It was this very picture that caused the great paradigm shift for mankind to look at itself and earth as one species travelling space bound to exit together and work all things out.

A paradigm shift takes time. Just as "brexit" is not causing immediate economic pain but will slowly detoriate the UK to a small unit if they not come to grips and welcome the new order paradigm.


Anonymous said...

Dennis, you said that you removed the posts that had nothing to do with the stated purpose if this blog. Did it occur to you that many people put a lot of time, thought and effort into their comments on these posts? They did this so others could consider their point of view. They didn't do that, thinking the 'minister' Dennis would on whim erase the fruits of their labour. Here we go again with the ministers 'we have all rights, and the unwashed masses have non.' This is what happens when decades of anti concepts such as give, help, serve, robs members of a sense of basic reality.
So Dennis like a good church drone, presses the erase button when things go wrong. That's not everyday reality. God does not do that. He does not hop into a time machine to reset things that go wrong.
A decision once made, needs to be honoured. A trade is a trade, no taking your money back when the trade goes against you. I frequently got this garbage from church members during my 8 years in the church.

Cheers TradingGuy

Redfox712 said...

The latest issue of PCG's recruitment magazine is out. Here's my little overview of it.

Chuckles said...

BB-BYKER BOB where are you man, miss your input.

Anonymous said...

Focus, people. Don Billingsley. Hillary. Focus....

Black Ops Mikey said...

At the Painful Truth, we are concerned about branding. We may stray off a bit from time to time, but we don't want folks to believe that we are turning away from the original vision to expose the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia for all it's worth.

Some of the material that Dennis posts is speculative and we're not sure that it can ever be proven one way or another. Whether or not the Israelites picked up 100% pagan habits is certainly up to question. However, the Jews themselves seem to consider the Old Testament full of myths and stories. How can we fight that? They don't seem to believe in the Genesis creation account. Some of the poetry can be inspiring even if it isn't literal truth.

Beware though. Just because some things are open to question, others are not. The evidence is quite compelling that much of the New Testament is forged and that what it represents is more than a little suspect.

The question is whether or not a site follows its branding. If it does, we're good.

Anonymous said...

Den, In the future I'll make an effort to keep my comments "on the track"!
I was like the first commenter in a recent post of yours and simply drilled a hole in what TradingGuy had previously stated and seemed way crazy.

It's great to have you around these parts. (As did the many members of our local WCG church 'way back when' who often traveled for hours on Saturdays to hear you speak instead of hearing their local pastors preach.)

Also, good to know that Byker Bob's attacks on you are recognized as being of no real importance of the type intended.

Anonymous said...

Back on the track! -

"President Hillary Clinton being executed in 2023, when God’s Elect will flee to the Place of Safety and the Great Tribulation will then begin."

There are 3 things wrong with this nutty "prophecy"!

Can you spot all three?
(Or are you so sure of any that you'd like to cause one?)*

* If you'd like to cause one, please either turn yourself in to the police or have a session with a qualified clinical psychologist.

Anonymous said...

"If people obeyed Gods health laws, small pox and polio would not exist...God put it into the heart of the king of France to side with Americas war of independence, helping with his navy. So the war had Gods approval. It's like God removing Saul from his office."

What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

"Slavery is a complex debate that other blogs have covered, so I'II pass on that."

Convenient. And conveniently doesn't link to any or comment on how successful those arguments were.

"The 'code of federal regulations' passed over one million in 2010. Kings of old could only dream of the intrusive power of todays governments. In the OT, God commanded the king to read Gods laws every day. This amounted to a republic, ie, a government whose role and restrictions are defined by a document."

Nonsense. European kings had the bible and used to assert a divine right that made them tyrants and despots, unanswerable to the people. If this were true there would have been no need of Magna Carta, and no American or French revolutions.

"Having pagan roots? Does that mean that if pagans wire cloths, that therefore we should go naked??"

How do you feel about christmas, easter, and halloween? Do you project onto your god that he is cool with those or not?

Gerald Bronkar said...

Some of the anonymous postings on this blog are presumptuous, condescending and plain ignorant. To assume that those of us who may doubt the infallibility of the bible or the existence of the OT God have read one or two books and fallen into some heretical trap is at best judgmental and shallow.

Most of us who doubt your god, or may consider ourselves atheists are very willing to accept new ideas that can be observed, based on the scientific method. I guarantee you that if god were to speak up, or in some way show himself to us, everyone of us would be listening attentively. I still hope there is a god, but there seems to be little evidence. Our minds and hearts are open to evidence. How about you?

God does not intervene for his certain chosen people, if he did it would be obvious and newsworthy. It just does not happen--except in the imagination.

Believe what makes you feel good. It is our right in America to worship or not worship.
Please refrain from proclaiming us without faith as "of lesser intelligence" because we have read books other than the bible, and reject third party revelations.

Anonymous said...

That probably wouldn't have helped your dating difficulties.

nck said...

Man is certainly stark mad; he cannot make a worm, and yet he will be making gods by dozens.
– Michel de Montaigne (1533 – 1592)


nck said...

My Sunday school teachers had turned Bible narrative into children’s fables. They talked about Noah and the ark because the story had animals in it. They failed to mention that this was when God massacred all of humanity.
– Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz

How many things served us yesterday as articles of faith, which today are fables for us?
– Michel de Montaigne, The Complete Essays (1580)


nck said...

The most important lesson I ever learned from my mentors in business is this: always live to fight another day. We can do that. It won’t be fun and it won’t be pretty and we’ll have some scars to show for it, but we can do that.

The useful lesson from the Biblical Flood Narrative isn’t a pleasant fable about Noah saving the cute and cuddly animals. The useful lesson is that hubris must be confronted, hope is always present, and that preparation and honest actions will see us through any storm. Yes, we can do that.


Anonymous said...

I've read it all now....The war had God's approval... Like God removing Saul from his office...
Of course God and Jesus Christ talk with American accents and Satan has a clipped British voice...

James said...

Anonymous said...

9.08PM if people obeyed Gods health laws, small pox and polio would not exist.

Now that is BULLSHIT! Where the hell did you come up with that from? Your cult?

DennisCDiehl said...

Blogger DennisCDiehl said...
Trading Guy thought:

That's not everyday reality. God does not do that. He does not hop into a time machine to reset things that go wrong.
A decision once made, needs to be honoured. A trade is a trade, no taking your money back when the trade goes against you. I frequently got this garbage from church members during my 8 years in the church. "

I take it you have never heard of the the reset button being pushed called Noah's Flood or the Children of Israel promised so much only to have them all die in the waste howling wilderness? Buttons got reset all the time in the OT.

As for removing postings that were unrelated to the site etc, I had to sacrifice or trade off well thought out comments for eliminating the postings to bring the blog back into focus. It's like a reset button with some inconveniences that can't be helped.

Anonymous said...

One might point out that many of the well thought out comments on the removed "unrelated to the site" posts were critical of Dennis. Heavy, baby! So, removing the posts removed that critical stuff as well. What a terrible accident. Blimey! Be great if we could all do that.

We pillory the CoG leaders who have gone off the deep end. Not terribly surprising that we also do it to one another. Racists do that whenever there don't happen to be people of colour around.

Anonymous said...

Wild animals get sick. Which of God's laws are they breaking to cause the illness?


NO2HWA said...

I have not removed any comments since I am on vacation. The only thing I have done is approve comments and search for more things to irritate the liar and false teacher, Almost Arrested Bob Thiel.

itstimecog said...

Well Dennis, after reading these posts, would you agree that "Mat 24:5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many" rules the day?

In over 60 verses in the Book of Ezekiel, God ends His description of the wrath He brings on people with this: "shall know that I am the LORD".
It all comes down to this: Gen 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:
He gives us the formula required to achieve that goal. It is laced with blessings and curses.
Basically, if you're a good boy, you get the blessings, if not, it's the curses for you. That applies to individuals and nations alike.
Like today, they were bad boys before the flood so God pressed the reset, as you say.
His finger is on the button again, only this time, as He said in Ezekiel, we are going to know it's Him doing it.
He told Noah He would destroy man by using the earth. The destructive forces of the earth surpass man's capabilities so much that it hardly bears mention.
Moral of the story is "be a good boy".


Anonymous said...

Dennis, the flood and Israel in the desert is a type of reset, but more accurately the consequence of sin, and after much warning. What He did no do, is use His vast abilities to wipe out reality ( eg, by rearranging the past and changing peoples memories) as depicted in many science fiction movies and series. On the contrary, Christ honoured reality for instance by refusing to change stone into bread. This honouring also took the form of accurately recording history, which Christ on occasion quoted.
When you post an article, the implicit contract is that peoples comments will remain. By erasing these comments, you violated the contract. In typical church-world minister mode, you solved your 'focus' problem by trampling the rights of others. Us unwashed masses by contrast, including God, try to solve focus or similar problems by changing the present and future. No erasing of the past.
Erase the past, erase God, erase the bible.

Cheers EraserGuy

Anonymous said...

Meighen, God is quality. Germs, viruses, illnesses, diseasees are Gods quality control agents. God said that everything He made is 'good.' I prefer to believe God rather than you.

Cheers TradingGuy

nck said...
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nck said...


Since Gibson is part of a special Roman Catholic Cult that is absorbed with blood sacrifice as witnessed in all his latest movies, the movie flick is probably not recommended for the faint hearted. I have seen the gory movie described as making "Private Ryan" look like a film about boy scouts.

On the other hand I heard the Venice film festival this week honored the movie about a sabbatarian conscientious objector with a 10 minute standing ovation.
Like many among you I have memories standing before the committee saying I do not believe in violence as a solution and refuse to kill by the command of others.


Chuckles said...

One thing I must say NO2HWA is I and hopefully others appreciate your allowing comments to be posted even though some of them really ought to be trashed. We all have some truth and something to say, and many are knowledgable and interesting, but we all at times have our opinions that we might think are right, at least in our own eyes, but thanks for letting even our opinions that are actually wrong go through, unlike the shinning light blog who can't stand any comment to go through unless he agrees with it or it makes him sound or look good. Malm can't stand to be corrected or shown where he is wrong or that someone else might know something, he is always right and unless your comment agrees with him, in most cases it won't get posted unless he can use it to turn it around and make himself look good. Even though he has an opening for comments it's only open for comments that he agrees with because only he knows the truth and all other comments or opinions are wrong. Anyway, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

"God is quality. Germs, viruses, illnesses, diseasees are Gods quality control agents."

What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

"God said that everything He made is 'good.' I prefer to believe God rather than you."

Ditto. Until someone can demonstrate which god, if any, has ever "said" anything, rather than just con men, I'm going to assume that no god has ever said anything. And that which can be used to prove every god, cannot be used to prove any god.

Anonymous said...

TradingGuy makes the following claim: "Slavery is a complex debate that other blogs have covered, so I'II pass on that."

Hmmmmm... the term, "complex" raises a red flag for me, leading me to believe there'd be some apologist justifying involved.

So, he leaves us wondering just why slavery got God's glowing stamp of approval.

Could it possibly be that TradingGuy thinks the answer is about trade?
Could TradingGuy possibly think that slavery is or was a legitimate form of trade? You know, like trading labor for housing and food?

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I'd choose to have Dennis with a finger on the "reset button", over a self-described jealous God who is quick to anger and has an itchy finger.

When Dennis presses the reset button, it's to help this blog stay on the track of pointing out Armstrongism's wrongness and debauchery.

When God presses the reset button, it tends to kill millions of people- including women, innocent children and babies.

Anonymous said...

4.37 AM Mmlm even refused my comment that heaven can't be more beautiful than planet earth, with its breathtaking waterfalls, vegetation and wildlife. Evidently, even that's too revolutionary.
I wonder if angels have smartphones?

Cheers TradingGuy

nck said...

"God is quality. Germs, viruses, illnesses, diseasees are Gods quality control agents."


Look up the mormon records of your ancestors and compare their ages, ages of death, especially the women and all your cousins (of the eight children families in your past) that did not survive their first 6 weeks.

Talk to them about about how "Gods quality control" weeded them out.

I would have no problem with your statement if it contained something like the survival of the fittest or survival of the most adaptable. But "quality control" whoa....


DennisCDiehl said...

To be honest, I was not thinking of the comments section that went with the articles. This is a first for me to remove something in response to agreeing the blog needed to be put back in focus. I just as easily could have left them as they fell into oblivion on the sight. I simply was not thinking of the comments. The highly complementary comments and those who find such things interesting also went.

I don't care about criticism for sharing alternative theological concepts that few if any would have been exposed to in WCG or even be aware of.

Your assigned motives for my doing so, however, are asinine. I'd like to think we all were and are in this together but have learned a lot about how those with Post Theological Stress Disorder react to just about everything. That I was a "minister" clouds your seeing me as an individual. Like you all, I thought I , (at 14 lol) had found a better explanation of what the message of the Bible was and it was, after all, the 60's.

I grew up in the Dutch Reformed Church and those folks had me memorizing whole chapters of the Bible and the Westminster Confession of Faith at a time to compete with others in getting it said exactly right. I choose the WCG. I did not grow up in it nor did I have a clue how it worked or even who the Armstrongs were. I went there to be a minister just as I would have done at another that seminary that I turned down for what I thought was the WCG seminary in Pasadena.

All the rest to follow, the drama, the scandals, the authoritarian behaviors and of course, the self important ministers who hurt folks and came to me in adjoining church areas for help, all came later.

Time would fail me to explain the many times I wanted to quit because of the people and leadership but still felt the message was correct. I set myself up for depression and anxiety which did show up in the latter years of the experience.

When getting help for a few days for the depression, I got a visit from a Church Administrator who was not on my list of folks I wanted to come see me during this time. But he got in and told me "WE think you are hiding in here." Nice.... He was also annoyed the church had to pay for it.

I apologize for deleting your comments along with the articles. I was not thinking of them at the time and did not think it would matter probably anyway. My motive was to clean up the intended focus of the blog.

nck said...


Incredible that Dennis is explaining things that are obvious for one who attends this blog more than a year. But some are here shorter I guess.

In all this talk about mesopotamian mysticism we tend to forget that they were normal people too with normal lives.

I ran into this ancient mesopotamian "clay tablet", conveying a message that most of us can relate too and agree on.

"The mother’s singing, rocking and touching provided the baby with a sense of calm and security (at least if hunger or a dirty diaper were not the root cause). Bosworth argues that Mesopotamian magicians adopted these ancient lullabies, wrote them down and sold them to parents who could afford to pay. References to wet-nurses and nannies imply the wealth of some clients, as seen in this incantation:

"You, baby, newborn human: you have now emerged, you have now seen the sun, the light.
Why in the womb of your mother did you not treat her like this?
Instead of treating your father well and allowing your mother to lead a normal life, you have terrified the nanny and kept the wet-nurse awake.
With your noise, the household god is no longer sleeping, the household goddess cannot grab sleep.1"


Anonymous said...

Kudos, Dennis, for remaining true to what you recognize as being the right path.
Also, thanks for having the guts to apologize for when you've changed your mind which may have inadvertently irked others.

I've noticed persons get 'out of sorts' because of someone mentioning kooky things they believed a few months or so ago, and it being mentioned presently, even though the persons never offered a retraction or apology to give a clue that they no longer reside in the psychological 'kookyland' they nested in (and attacked rational critics out of), some short months ago.

Some people- including politicians- seem unable to say they were mistaken and to offer an apology that makes any reasonable sense.

Rock on, Dennis.

R.L. said...

Mr. Billingsley's prophetic timeline has a problem - a math problem.

If Mrs. Clinton takes office 1/20/17, her "sixth year in office" would be 2022 - not 2023, as he claims.

Anonymous said...
Drawing Biblical connections with secular propoganda!
Do they realize how much they are enabling Clinton and Obama by believing in that propoganda?
Wait,....I forgot, propaganda is their sole modus operandi.


nck said...

I expect an intelligent person like DBP or so to respond with another Socratarian question like....Could Abraham and David have been Christians?


Anonymous said...

Germs, viruses, illnesses, diseasees are Gods quality control agents. God said that everything He made is 'good.' I prefer to believe God rather than you.

Cheers GenocideGuy

Anonymous said...

Hah! 5:55, Bilious must have remembered his math from HWA's original method of counting Pentecost! Some habits die hard.

Anonymous said...

Neo minister Dennis apologizing. I'm surprised. I can't even visualize present ministers apologizing.

9.44AM Dr Phil in his book 'life code' claims that it's unwise for a politician to publicly apologize, since it would be used as a club against him by his adversaries.
Food for thought.

Cheers TradingGuy

Anonymous said...

I remind people here, that one of the reasons Jews were historically persecuted is that the epidemics that swept Europe, were often much less severe in Jewish areas. The reason being that Jews practised biblical hygiene.
'Cleanliness is next to Godliness,' as the saying goes.
Germs and viruses are sophisticated designs. God created them for a reason.
Again, people think they know better than God.

Cheers TradingGuy

Anonymous said...

No surprise here about Dennis apologizing.
That's what real people do.

I'd think by now, it would be recognized that Dennis isn't about "jockeying for positions of power" or "protecting his image" or "lording it over others" or "personal greatness" or "one-upping others", as those who don't apologize are known for doing.

Gerald Bronkar said...

IMHO, apologizing is a sign of strength, not weakness. Small people, lacking in confidence refuse to apologize.

In most happy marriages, the couple has come to understand that there is nothing wrong with an apology, no matter who is right or wrong. Being right is secondary to being happy.

Many involved in religion and government have not learned this fact of life.

I appreciate your apology Dennis, even if it was not due.

Anonymous said...

“...Biblical history and prophecy point to President Hillary Clinton being executed in 2023...”

Saying that “Biblical history and prophecy point to President Hillary Clinton being executed in 2023” seems a bit far-fetched.

The only good thing about any of this is that with someone like Don Bilingsley making up guesses like this, there is now some hope that Hillary Clinton might never become president.

A more sensible thing to say would be that Biblical history and prophecy point to the people of the United States being punished for their sins at some point if they do not repent.

Anonymous said...

They washed hands after toileting, yes. Where do we find this admonition in the Bible?

Anonymous said...

8.19 PM the word 'wash' appears 70 times in the old testament. For instance:

Lev 22.6 the soul which hath touched any such shall be unclean, and shall not eat of the holy things, unless he wash his flesh with water.

Cheers TradingGuy

Anonymous said...

Socratarian question?


Anonymous said...

September 10, 2016 at 12:42 AM

....somethings can never be washed away with just water!

James said...

As the largest cog non-prophet I am going to make a prediction. Hillary dies before the election. And if I'm wrong I will revise my non-prophecy as I receive new knowledge.

Anonymous said...

According to conservatives blogs, Hilary is a sick woman. She has long coughing bouts, and needs to be helped up stairs by her body guards.

Anonymous said...

You seen the video too?

Anonymous said...

Let's look at this...
In many ex-COG blogs, a democratic candidate will often be hated to the extent that a comment's hope is that the democratic candidate will either die of natural causes (at best), or else be killed by someone (who follows YHVH).

I actually find that rather strange, considering what the Bible says about people in governmental leadership positions.

NO2HWA said...

Every single post that mentions TRADE from here on out will be deleted. I am sick of every conversation being hijacked. If you don't like that then you don't need to be posting here. I am no about the numbers game for readers. Its getting pathetic at the idiotic posts lately. Grow up or leave.