Sunday, November 12, 2017

200 Million Horseman And Lying COG False Prophets

When various COG ministers run off at the mouth about their take on prophecy they never seem to engage their brains with reality.  Check out Ron Weinland's take on the army of 200 million horsemen.

Conald Weinfraud has NO idea what he is saying.. and has to completely avoid the Bible to say anything at all. There is NO way Europe produces the army he says it will, what an total moron! 
Revelation 9 states that an army of 200 MILLION horsemen riding fire breathing horses will be running around right before Christ returns. So that means there HAS to be 200 MILLION horses being gathered and prepped for this event. And this is supposed to happen before June 9, 2019? LMAO! 
1. A single horse drink about 7 gallons a day on average. 
2. That is 1.4 BILLION gallons of water a DAY these horses will have to consume to stay alive. 
3. If we just measure the number of days between now and June 9, 2018… that’s over 302 point 4 BILLION gallons of water necessary to keep them alive!!
4. Where is this water coming from Ron? 1.4 BILLION gallons of water will be around on that SINGLE day you stupid false prophecy will occur? 


Dennis Diehl said...

You get the same kind of foolish scenarios when you run the needs and numbers on the Exodus and wilderness myth

Byker Bob said...

We can see how William Miller might have interpreted Revelation 9. Horses were still very much in use in warfare during the 1800s. In this present era of nuclear weapons, and surgical strikes, calvary has been obsolete for nearly 100 years. Most people who believe that we can actually understand prophecy today deal in symbolism as opposed to taking every word literally. Some, in explaining a 200 million man army, point to China and their national birth control program, which has favored retention of males, many of whom cannot find mates, so have joined the military. However, it would be wishful thinking to envision Germany as launching a 200 million man army. For anyone to do it in the next 18 months it is simply not possible.

Not a heck of a lot of solid thinking goes into the feasibility of the HWA prophecy mold. Their "apostle" said it, they believe and fear it, and none of the stalwarts even make rudimentary attempts at trouble-shooting it.


nck said...

My personal life is only based on literal interpretation of any texts.

Regarding ancient manuscripts I am faced with Ceasars' grossly exagerated numbers of celts and germanics in his 50 bc "Bello Gallico."

He was either making a point of "large numbers" or "exagerating his military feats" for budgetary purposes for the decision makers in Rome, or perhaps for political purposes trying to make a case to "cross the Rhine" into Germanic areas whereas the Senate only mandated him to conquer the Celts and remain on his side of the Rhine river, as I recall.

Ah well. Politics and statistics.


Hoss said...

And these are fire-breathing horses!
Did anyone ever interpret this as an army with a total engine capacity of 200 million HP?

Opinionated said...

No one ever said Ron was smart.

Anonymous said...

No one ever said life was fair, only eventful.

Near_Earth_Object said...

The world horse population currently is 58 million. These horses are scattered among many nations with divergent politics and uniting them in one great herd is impossible. It is possible in the future that we might have global events that would diminish our technology and require that we rely upon horses power once again with a great increase in horse breeding. One can always develop a speculative scenario.

I think we must also consider that the Book of Revelation occupies a weak spot in the canon.

-- Neotherm

Connie Schmidt said...

I could imagine someday later in this century that there could be a Robotic Drone army of multitude millions.

D. B. Cooper said...

The book of Daniel says at the second advent of messiah that it will take 45 days to straighten out this shit-storm that humanity has made for itself. I think that was Pervert Armstrong's pet theory.

Anonymous said...

The 'fire breathing' horses are obviously artillery and rockets from military equipment. This explains the colors mentioned.

Dennis Diehl said...

200 million is hyperbole at its best