Thursday, December 21, 2017

Bitter Prophet Aghast Over Christmas Cookies For Prisoners! FOR SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just when you think false prophet and so-called true Christian Bitter Bob Thiel can't get any crazier he goes and writes another idiotic post for his blog.  The more this guy writes the weirder he is getting.  He focuses on the most irrelevant things and makes them into issues where there is nothing to be found.

Bitter Bob is incensed that a former leader of the Church of God 7-Denver is asking for cookies to deliver to prisoners in jail over the holidays.  Cookies, mind you, just some cookies to prisoners.

Bitter Debbie-downer Bob writes:

A former Church of God, Seventh day-Denver (CG7) member forwarded me the following from an email by Bruce Noble, who was the once the Chair; CG7 (Denver) General Conference Nominating Committee:
Help, I need help!  Christ birthday is just around the corner and it’s time to celebrate.
          Actually we should celebrate all the time, but we get to do it in the Shiawassee Jail on December 23rdthis year.  So once again I need your help.  We need homemade cookies individually wrapped, with no staples or strings, just like you like for your family along with individually wrapped candies.
          These are given to the inmates in a way, that shows God Loves them, every year we see people come to Christ through this out pouring of your Love.
          We need the cookies and candy delivered December 22nd @ 6:30 at St Pauls Episcople Church, in Corunna so we can pack them.

He then goes into a typical COG rant on how pagan Christmas is and that the early Christians did not keep it.  The same standard baloney we have all heard. But then he has to add this: 
While visiting prisoners is a good thing to do (cf. Matthew 25:36-40), giving prisoners Christmas cookies is certainly not a spiritually nor physically healthy thing to do. 
Seriously, can this man never see goodness or kindness in ANYTHING?  Some cookies for prisoners are certainly NOT going to that unhealthy and certainly are NOT spiritually damaging. How pathetic can Thiel get?  

Bitter Bob was so incensed that he had to put a call into COG7 current President expressing his shock and dismay and got this response from CG7's President:

To confirm that this still is CG7-Denver’s view, today I spoke with its President Loren Stacey. 
Loren Stacey stated that CG7-Denver does not observe Christmas nor the other worldly holidays that many who profess Christ do.
It is no wonder people look at Church of God members as daft so much of the time, when buffoonish leaders like Bitter Bob act so childish?  As the days pass by, I can see why Rod Meredith turned his back on Thiel.

Bitter Almost-arrested Bob Thiel is far more unhealthy and spiritually damaging than some Christmas cookies will ever be!  

Bah Humbug!


Byker Bob said...

If they'd just use their heads a bit, they'd realize that Jesus Christ sublimates anything with which He involves Himself. How do you diffuse and purify paganism? Subvert the paganism by turning it Christward, and making it all about Jesus instead of about Nimrod, demons, or whatever. There is far too much paganism to identify and eliminate.
So, morph it. Make it about Jesus, and you no longer have to worry about it. These convicts receiving the cookies are going to be pondering Jesus because they'll know the Christians lovingly and thoughtfully baked them for them. Unless there is a fallen COGlodyte amongst the prisoners, nobody is going to be thinking about Nimrod when the cookies are distributed.


Anonymous said...

Let me take this opportunity to wish all my readers a happy Xmas.

Anonymous said...

BB, would you support marijuana brownies for Jesus, on the theory that they symbolize in miniature the far greater "high" that one gets when one is on Jesus?

Anonymous said...

Hey bob, meet me in the jungle, I'll give you a cookie!


Near_Earth_Object said...

People who have a paranoia about paganism do operate off of an odd principle. They seem to believe that pagans have extraordinary powers to contaminate almost anything. So as they find out more and more about where pagans have trodden in our history, society and culture, they withdraw more and more into a smaller piece of spiritual real estate.

One of my past WCG ministers did not believe in wearing wedding rings because this practice had a pagan origin. This goes on ad infinitum.

The troubling part is that these paganism weenies for some reason deny the power of Christ to re-appropriate to a good purpose what the pagans have appropriated. The paganism weenies believe they are being super-righteous and super-zealous for not wearing any clothing decorated with paisleys and they are really making a statement that they believe in the powerlessness of Christianity.

But in a way I can see their perspective. They must go out and wage combat in what they perceive to be a highly paganized world and all they have is their little, talkative Armstrongism.

Hoss said...

Over 600 words of text and another 600 of references to related material, all about some cookies for prisoners. The only thing related to Christmas in the email was Christ birthday is just around the corner and it’s time to celebrate.
Bob could have simply said that he checked with CG7 and they still don't observe Christmas.
As I don’t know what the prison food is like, a couple of homemade cookies probably won’t spoil the inmates’ diets.

DennisCDiehl said...

BB noted:
Unless there is a fallen COGlodyte amongst the prisoners, nobody is going to be thinking about Nimrod when the cookies are distributed."

Like Africans looking for an American Church to provide needed goodies and "sure, we want to join your church," my experience with those incarcerated is similar. It's a lousy place to be with few amenities and it is very common for a prisoner to make major efforts to attach themselves to outside individuals or organizations , especially churches. I had many a prisoner contact the church and myself "to join". In every case, it was soon clear the joining was to get everything needed that being on the inside could not provide.

I don't blame them. It is how one gets through it all. You should see the paperwork and hoops I had to jump through to get the State to allow someone a drink of Passover Wine. REAL wine because we KNOW "the Bible meant wine and Jesus didn't turn water into grapejuice and in Timothy it says 'Drink a little wine ....." and was, and and ....and...." Just kidding.... Just struck my "wine in the Bible is not grapejuice"

Anyway, all that to say, that in my experience, which is not the only experience of course, not only will they not be thinking of Nimrod getting cookies for Xmas, they won't be thinking of Jesus or the Church either. They will be thinking of cookies and perhaps some of who to trade them to for cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Bitter Bob, the Almost Arrested Elijah, expected that he would lead many hundreds, even thousands, out of LCG into his new and pure church. Unfortunately, unless he counts African "members" who are members of several churches at once to get the American goods they desire, his entire church wouldn't fit in the room holding this year's LCG Family Weekend.

Bob can see this for himself if he goes online. LCG is having an online Bible Study on Friday, December 22nd at 7:30PM ET. Online Sabbath Services on Saturday, December 23rd will begin at 2:00PM ET.

To watch online, go to , then under “Stream Site” select “Charlotte Family Weekend 2017.” Enter CFW2017 for the password.

Feastgoer said...

Good thing Dr. Thiel went directly to the COG-7 President about this.

Well, hold it - maybe not. Why didn't he go to his "wayward brother" first? Like Jesus recommended in Matthew 18? COG Writer doesn't say that he ever did that.

Not to mention telling him that COG-7 members don't know how to spell Episcopal.

RSK said...

You would think by now that this killjoy act wouldn't sell well.

Then again, by all accounts, it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

“While visiting prisoners is a good thing to do (cf. Mathew 25:36-400, giving prisoners Christmas cookies is certainly not a spiritually nor physically healthy thing to do.”--Bob Thiel

“...I was in prison and you came to visit me” (Matthew 25:36, NIV).

Joseph ended up in prison after being falsely accused by Potiphar's wife when he refused to commit adultery with her (see Genesis 39:1-23).

John the Baptist ended up in prison for telling Herod that it was not lawful for him to have his brother Philip's wife Herodias (see Matthew14:1-12).

The original apostles ended up in prison for preaching about Jesus the Christ, and some people got arrested and put in prison just for belonging to the church (see Acts 12:1-19).

In stark contrast to the good guys mentioned in the Bible, unbelievers out in the world end up in prison for such things as robbing, raping, and murdering. Apparently, many women are attracted to incarcerated sex perverts and murderers and want to be their pen-pals. Demoniacs who twist and pervert all scriptures have tricked these crazy women into thinking that they are doing some sort of good deed and that it is actually a requirement of being a true Christian.

Before they get too carried away trying to show their great love to convicted robbers, rapists, and murderers out in the world who got caught, convicted, and imprisoned, many in the so-called COGs should first work on not slandering, expelling, and trying to kill for all eternity some of the truly innocent believers right in their own churches.

Connie Schmidt said...

Im not for Xmas and the like, but Paul said that even MEAT offered to idols is just fine to eat. Im sure cookies are too.

In fact Thiel can send me all the Chocolate Santas and Cookies that he wants or cant use. I will gladly eat them all! LOL!

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

What I don't understand is why "Almost arrested for Sabbath keeping Elijah Prophet" Bitter Bob Thiel would even give a rats ass about what someone in the grandparent Church of God, Seventh Day says or does. Afterall, in pure Armstrongism which I assume 'that Prophet' (Oooops, that's Flurry's title) still adheres to and believes in, the COG7D is the dead Sardis era church.

When the COG7D President answered the phone, why didn't Bitter Bobby ask, "Are you dead yet?" "You don't sound dead!"

Like his disdain for NFL football, Thiel's crazy Christmas cookies caper reminds us all that in Armstrongism, there is no aspect of human life that can't be blown completely out of proportion.

Happy winter solstice season!


Anonymous said...

Dont listen to liars like Bathhouse Bob.

Anonymous said...

I think I figured out why prophets and progressives have mental problems and can't think straight or admit the truth. It's because they need a following. They need to be liked by others. They fear the opinions of the mob.

Anonymous said...

Does Bitter Bob really think his money mooching African members care about such incredibly silly topics that he spends hours a day researching? Since 99% of his member slive in Africa and less than a hundred in the U.S. why is he preaching this kind of dumbass nonsense? He tries to come off as a well educated a well-rounded individual and instead looks and sounds like a complete idiot. You are right that Rod Meredith saw through his thin veneer of nonsense and turned his back on him. Thiel became the laughing stock here in Charlotte. The McNair/Meredith power boys were in no way going to let Thiel have the power or prestige he was seeking. They shut him down so fast his head was spinning. Many ministers were quietly telling LCG members to ignore Thiel's preaching and his website.

Anonymous said...

Meredith is still a power name in Charlotte. Using the link above, I'm watching Little NCIS Jimmy on the video feed at the start of the Bible Study, complete with a scraggly beard that makes him look like a bum. On the positive side, though, it helps balance his fat face.

With all the ministers Weston could have sent out on the video to LCG members around the world, it has to be significant that he chose the spiritually inept Jim Meredith to take this "keynote" role. Does Meredith actually control the finances of his late father's church, as some have alleged? Is Weston just a figurehead?

Anonymous said...

Since 99% of his member slive in Africa and less than a hundred in the U.S. why is he preaching this kind of dumbass nonsense

Maybe Bob should give a ruling as to whether it is appropriate to ingest the alcohol-substitute known as jenkem on the Sabbath?

Anonymous said...

LCG Bible study observation: Jonathan McNair has gotten FAT! Maybe he has been eating Christmas cookies instead of sending them to prisoners?

Anonymous said...

Bob's credibility is dropping faster than that of the special prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

4.48 PM
"why is he preaching this kind of dumbass nonsense."

The reason for this nonsense is to focus members on meaningless trivia as a substitute for spiritual meat. All the slivers do it with their non stop prophesy speculation, or holy day dates disagreements, or whether to eat out on the Sabbath etc, etc. Just like some cats have never have tasted meat, many members have never experienced genuine spiritual meat, so are unaware of this sin of ommission by their churches. Members aren't even fed just food. At best it's spiritual milk, and even that's debatable since the same repetitive material isn't food at all.

It's like in dictatorships where the government narrows the ideas and definitions that it teaches in order to maintain power and superiority over its citizens.

Anonymous said...

SATANIC teachings of the FALSE prophets:

Gerald Flurry: Wreck your own family and cut off all contact with your family members, relatives, and friends in other COGs, but support my extended family and its Irish dancing.

David Pack: Send me virtually everything you have, and let your own family become destitute. Tell your wife, “Woman, you have no say!”

Ronald Weinland: Be totally irresponsible to your own family, and waste your life reading my prophetic fantasy fiction books.

Robert Thiel: Look to demon-inspired pagans for little tidbits of prophetic truth, and go visit unrepentant, unconverted robbers, rapists, and murderers that you don't even know in prison.

Anonymous said...

Jesus: be ye therefore perfect.

The grace abusers: be ye therefore useless.

Anonymous said...

“...I was in prison and you came to visit me” (Matthew 25:36, NIV).

“...whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40, NIV).

Whoever does God's will is my brother and sister and mother” (Mark 3:35, NIV).

NOTE: Satan through his false ministers wants to trick church people into visiting robbers, rapists, and murderers in prison who ended up there for doing Satan's will, and for disobeying God's will.

Ann said...

I have learned more about Christianity from Byker Bob than I ever did in the church.
He straightened me out on here with his explanation of Christ a while back and I will never forget that.
Thanks Byker Bob for more good sense. You are my hero.