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COG Self-appointed Prophet Claims Germany Is Building Concentration Camps To House Americans

Germany is apparently gearing up to imprison Americans in camps located throughout Germany.  This is according to our resident Church of God lying false prophet Almost-arrested Bitter Bob Thiel.  Of course this fool is making a huge leap with his imagination, much like his belief that his god supposedly spoke to him to start a new COG splinter cult.

Germany has been dealing with its huge influx of Arab refugees over the past several eyes and built several refugee centers to house the refugees.  Some of them are sitting empty and Germany is scrambling to make new uses for them.  If you have had any  time in the COG, you will immediately know where this is going to go.  Apostate Thiel starts off with this:
Germany’s empty refugee shelters: Sensible backup, or waste of money?
Two years ago, German communities were forced to open refugee shelters at breakneck speed to accommodate the new arrivals. Many remain vacant, especially in rural areas. …
In Dusseldorf, temporary shelters are now being converted into permanent housing. This is because the city will have to ensure that 5,000 refugees, who have been granted the right to stay in Germany and cannot afford regular accommodation, will have a home in 2018. Initially, authorities had estimated a demand for merely 3,000 individuals. This has proven to be an underestimation because German asylum law stipulates that such individuals may not freely chose where to live. They cannot, in other words, move to more affordable rural areas.  12/22/17
The Apostate continues with this crap from Herbert Armstrong printed in 1958:
So, while Germany will use many of the refugee shelters in its larger cities, the rural ones are mainly empty. 
What might Germany use some for? 
Notice what the old Radio Church of God taught:
SLAVE LABOR CAMPS are coming back!
History is filled with the accounts of captive peoples, held as slaves in the aftermath of war-bought and sold as laborers, herded and driven as cattle. …
Yes! I know it’s horrifying! It’s difficult to BELIEVE such cruelties and bestial treatment could be perpetrated on help- less women and children, sick, wounded and exhausted prisoners of war! But it happened! And Your Bible foretells IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN-ON A MORE GIGANTIC SCALE THAN EVER BEFORE! …
God has foretold some STAGGERING things for our nations! …
God gave Ezekiel a mysterious duty to perform. He said, “And thou, son of man, take thee a sharp knife, take thee a barber’s razo4 a;nd cause it to pass upon thine head and upon thy beard. Then take thee balances to weigh and divide the hair.” What a strange commission to perform! What did God mean by it? “Thou shalt bum with fire a third pan in the midst of the city, when the days of the siege are fulfilled, and thou shalt take a third part, and smite it about with a knife, and a third, part thou shalt scatter in the wind, and I will draw out a sword after THEM” (Ezek.5:1-2). …
SLAVE TRADE to be Renewed!
God’s prophet said a THIRD would be left alive-but that third would be “scattered” into all the winds, That means they’ll be taken into many different nations as CAPTIVES-used as abject slaves. …
YOU Can Escape All This
God says You don’t need to suffer! There Is something You can do about it! “Therefore also now, saith the Lord, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping and with mourning. And rend your HEART, and not your garments, and turn unto the Eternal your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth Him of the evil” (Joel 2:12-13). God now commands all men everywhere to REPENT! (Acts 17:30.) (Armstrong GT. Pain Truth, June 1958)
This sick perversion of scriptures was used as a tool to keep church members in line and compliant. Armstrongism was manipulative in how it used pshycological fear inducement to keep members in line and in the church.

Apostate Thiel ends his silliness with this:
Jacob’s trouble is punishment inflicted on the descendants of Israel. And this includes Ephraim and Manasseh (cf. Genesis 48), which means the United Kingdom and the United States in the 21st century. 
It appears likely that empty ‘refugee camps’ in Germany will one day be used to house British and American slaves.
Apostate Thiel expereinces no guuilt when he sinks to this kind of sick depravity when he promotes these kind of lies on his blog.


Byker Bob said...

Oh no! I thought that the Haliburton-FEMA camps that are being built here in the USA under edict from the UN and the new world order were for that! Silly me!

Seriously, if Europe and more specifically Germany have experienced so much difficulty in assimilating all of the Arab refugees within the past months, do we really think there is even a possibility that the Germans would voluntarily bring in the significant numbers that have been part of the HWA prophecy mold? International population growth alone over the past 40 years have rendered this impossible. At the very least, "Laodicean" ACOG members have a greater probability of being killed long before they are ever enslaved. I mean where are all the ACOG members anyway? Their numbers seem to have shrunken. What Bob Thiel is repeating verbatim is all from the ancient HWA collateral materials of yore. Some prophet!


Anonymous said...

Try to figure this out - The churches of God claim that the Germans will defeat us and take us back to Germany and imprison us in concentration camps.

Well here is the problem, Germany has a land mass of 137,000 (137 thousand) square miles and a population of about 80,000,000 people. That's a lot of people for such a small land mass. The USA has a land mass of about 3.8 million square miles with a population of over 300,000,000 people. So if Germany defeats the USA they'll have to take on the daunting task of deporting over 300 million Americans back to the "Father Land" and keep them prisoners on a land mass that is even too small for their own population. Throw in about 35 million Canadians, 64 million Brits, 24 million Aussies, etc. you get the picture.

I'm sure Germany is having it's own problems right now with providing jobs, clothing, feeding, housing and providing healthcare and the basic needs of its own current 80 million population. I'm sure they have no interest in enslaving over 500 million people on their own soil brought in from America and the British Commonwealth of nations.

Another thing, even if the Germans could defeat the US armed forces they'll still have to contend with over 100 million pissed off armed Americans. I don't think the Germans are that dumb that they would attempt a suicide mission of invading America.

The churches of God need to pull their heads out of their asses, admit that their form of religion is as dead as Herbie Armstrong, close up shop and call it a day. They're not gaining any new converts as most people can see through the insanity of their goofball religion.In a few years they will be gone, thank God.

PS. I wonder what Germans think of this idiotic teaching? They must scratch their heads and think WTF?


nck said...

I believe the empty US NATO installations can House 2 million soldiers comfortably. So they could probably stack 14 million americans.

The Germans were stupid enough to invade Russia so they vowed never to be so irrational again.

As a matter of fact the proces to dissolve "germans" or any "european" nation is in rapid progress.

In 60 years europeans will speak as proudly about their "european" heritage and genes as americans are seeking for native american ancestors to boast about as a source of identity.

It is irrevesible. Millions of immigrant are diluting the genes and culture that brought us 2000 years of war, two major world wars and genocide.


nck said...


Germans do not know Thiel.
Most of them are currently singing german songs like jingle bells or sleigh ride. The occassional black singer on tv is welcomed like an extreme precious rarity in a string of pearls adding to their wealth.

Also they are on holiday and enjoying family time while watching dubbed rerun musicals by Ginger and Fred Austerlitz (oops sorry, astaire)

They do worry that Prez Drumpf will cause snow to disappear in winter so that they must spend the increase of their wealth in Austria where helmets are obligatory for skiing and the car needs environmental tax sticker.

Feel free to subscribe to my next prophecy letter or ask any question as we watch world events evolve.


Anonymous said...

Herb and his minions used prophesy to keep members psychologically cowered and passive. This is murder. Christianity means having a healthy, assertive mind that enables people to cope with life's challenges.
But as always, minister power and superiority comes first.

PS. Satan doesn't have a monopoly on murder.

Anonymous said...

Will the English speaking peoples be militarily defeated and herded like cattle into slavery?
God is a prayer answering God. Ask.

Sweetblood777 said...

This is mind boggling that a person with a PHD (Piled high and dry - HWA)can come up with this BS.

There is absolutely no proof that the ancient Assyrians are today the modern Germans. In fact, if one looks more deeply into it, Germany is part of the House of Israel.

Even if one believes such a thing, the Bible no where states that the Assyrians attack the modern nations of Israel. In addition, Germany does not have the forces and equipment to carry out such an attack.

It certainly appears that over educated people have no common sense, and this guy proves this saying, over and over.

Anonymous said...

Sweetblood: You have to remember that Thiel's "PhD" is from an Indian diploma mill and is not a genuine PhD. Thiel has been peddling fraudulent information since the first day he sold his first bottle of holistic pills.

RSK said...

Now wait, I thought it was gonna be empty walmarts in texas!

Anonymous said...

6.09 AM
Rods PhD was a joke as well when one considers his bland repetitive sermons.

Anonymous said...

Do Mr. Thiel realize the cost of transporting the U.S., British, Australian population across the oceans via either airplanes or boats??? A commercial airliner might hold up to 400-500 people. Divide that into the total population. You would probably die from natural causes before the Nazis deport you to Germany.

Byker Bob said...

Nck, it is good that you mention the very observable processes of assimilation and gene dilution that we see happening today in our own lifetimes. This was also in play thousands of years ago. Assimilation is where the tribes of Israel were originally lost. They never were preserved as distinct groups that had simply forgotten their identity and culture as HWA contended for the sake of the "hook" to his prophecy mold and message.

For those who do not yet know, the American melting pot is not purely Israel, Manasseh, or Ephraim. There are certainly identifiable dna types present, but the largest amongst those groups is actually German. Even if the US or Brittain had been pure in their generations at some starting point, both nations have certainly become "Samaritanized" by this point in time. The typical "Heinz 57" white guy of today is no more Manassite than were Cochise or Martin Luther King.

The best thing COGlodytes could do for themselves is to watch "Finding Your Roots" with Henry Louis Gates.
A rich gene pool often spawns talent and excellence. We all know what happens when groups of people become inbred.


Anonymous said...

I live here in Germany, and I can say without a doubt that this article is a load of dingos kidneys!!!

Connie Schmidt said...

Wow, I didn't know that Germany had nuclear ICBMs, and B52s , military naval ships like aircraft carriers and escort fleets , and a huge standing army that will soon be able to overcome the USA military and 300 million armed citizens.

Yes, the outcry on the streets of Germany are heard everyday... INVADE AMERICA!

Thank you Dr. Thiel for letting us know all of this remarkable news! ...


Anonymous said...


What I should have said is; I wonder what the handful of Germans that know of the teachings of the churches of God in regards to them conquering and enslaving the English speaking people think of this? I'm sure the vast majority of Germans (99.9999 percent) have never heard of any of the churches of God. As for the dozen or so who know of the Armstrongites they must scratch their heads in disbelief over this doctrine.

Anything that I have read on the modern day Germans is that they have no desire to repeat history, they just want to be left alone and live peacefully. Two world wars were humiliating defeats for the Germans, and part of their history I'm sure they wish to forget. So this obviously undermines everything that the churches of God and their followers believe.

As I stated in my last post, the churches of God are a dying belief system that needs to close up shop and call it a day. Anyone looking to join a church that keeps the sabbath would be better off looking into the Seventh Day Adventists, CoG7th Day, or the Seventh Day Baptists, as least they have more credibility than the WWCoG offshoots. They're trying in-vane to keep a sinking ship afloat, time to jump ship and let it sink.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to nuclear war I believe the matter is in Gods hands. God has never needed numbers to win a battle and I believe that true in the nuclear age. In the extreme, God can just suspend or temporarily change the laws of physics and chemistry to determine a battles outcome.

Hoss said...

About ten years ago, on a blog far, far away, there was a discussion with another COGblogger who supported the bit of Armstrong scaremongering. Even after the USA is nuked and only a third of the population is left, he considered it logistically feasible to transport those remaining to Germany. He even dismissed all the US Catholics who would be killed as acceptable co-lateral damage...
It appears Bob's only support comes from an old Radio CoG article, which reminds me of a lesson in the older Correspondence Course. What will the enslaved be doing? From old PT stories, they'll probably be assembling those super V2 rockets HWA claimed the Germans were developing...

Byker Bob said...

Personally, for anyone who believes that the old covenant sabbath is still unfulfilled, still unexpanded into "a Christian's sabbath rest, or that with a fixed calendar you can even know what day it is supposed to fall on, I'm thinking it would be best to skip the whole William Miller, Adventist connection, and go straight to one of the Messianic Jewish groups. Because, let's face it, faking the gift of prophecy has already ruined far too many lives. Over the past nearly 200 years, we've had an opportunity to accomplish something that nobody in previous human history has been able to do. We've proven Jesus' statement that nobody except the Father knows when Jesus will return. And, I believe that the return is based upon world conditions rather than on mathematics. So, it's Father God's judgment call, not something based on a pre-ordained timeline. If the lunar sabbath people are correct, and if Genesis 1 is actually based on relativity, then the people who theorized 6,000 years for mankind and 1,000 years for God have very poor understanding, and have based their theories on total foolishness. Obviously, only strict legalists could concoct such theories in the first place.

I know God works on an exponentially higher plane than humans, but when I was raising my son, I always valued it much more when he naturally did the right thing because that was part of his basic personality and ingrained in his character than when he did it under threat of punishment. And, I think that's the place where Isaiah 1:11-14 is coming from. HWA's entrapment and coercion of people through his faking of the gift of prophecy, turning them into "save your ass" Christians must be as detestable to Father God as were the underlying factors which prompted Isaiah's words. Frustrating for a parent.


True Bread said...

I first ran across this loon years ago before I started True Bread...he called himself the "COGwriter" and I used to bust Meredith's balls in emails asking him if Theil produced the doctrines of the LCG...

Germany is in the EU and also in NATO. The EU one of the ten zones (ten horns) of the Club of Rome, as they have had the planet divided that way since before most of us were even alive.

NATO is the military branch/enforcer of the King of the North, and includes the USA/UN/Israel...and some other players that will pop up on the radar screen soon enough.

The G7 is/are the seven heads of the beast in Rev 13....trampling the planet. And Trump is leading them, as the AC.

Personally, being part German, I'd love to visit sounds like a real gas....

Heil Trumpler...!!!

nck said...


No they have no desire to forget both world wars. Yes it was humiliating but they do not seek revenge. They have a feel for perfection and grovel philosophically on a daily basis. Rock and roll and democracy have brought light in darkness. But they are aware of extreme weak spots. Any sudden devaluation of the Euro might awaken ancient hidden demons. Therefore European Unification is closing in rapid pace and in such relentless manner as no anglo can imagine. Especially not if they are focussing on all the wrong indicators like the delusioned british going alone or the Greek struggling to maintain dignity in their exposure of dealings with JP Morgan. Minor ripples.

People like anonymous talking about the cost of shipping pppulations have no grasp of the German mind. The jews and gipsies bought ordinary train tickets at deutsche bahn to pay the expense toward their final destination. Everything went orderly and cost efficient.

Now. In what do they think of cog. I do know that central intelligence held files on Strauss visits to Pasadena. I also know that most neo nazi material to Germany is distributed from the United States and websites hosted in the United States. Also destabilizing conservative movements all over Europe are receiving large funding from alt right movements from the USA.

So as in the Cold War TALK is about the russians. But the focus is on the USA. This distrust is vice versa since Obama listened in on Angela Merkels office.

And the germans have moves ALL their gold reserves from the New York vaults in an extreme tempo over the past 2 years. Signalling increased distrust of the American empires ability to provide pax as is the duty of any empire on which the mandate of heaven is bestowed.


Anonymous said...

Most COG leaders and members still believe a good portion of what Bob Thiel teaches. They believe it is true because HWA taught it. It makes no sense to anyone who sees what has happened to most of the so-called "English speaking nations".

Who would be taken to Germany? Only whites (non Hispanics),Laodicean COG members, & other Sabbath keepers? And this only after we are "nuked"! Why would they nuke the USA only to have to try and come here and round up millions of people, and deal with fallout here, & traveling across the ocean?

Most of Europe is a laughingstock and can't control it's own borders. Many German companies have set-up shop here. The changes being made by the Trump administration, are making it more favorable for European companies seeking to invest in the USA. We are the real seat of Babylon The Great!

Anonymous said...

You people are too stupid to see that Bob speaks the truth!!!

Anonymous said...

Some conspiracy theories are wacko and some are bang on. It's stupid to dismiss them all without investigating them.

Anonymous said...

Germany is becoming Islam North. Say goodbye to the mighty Assyrians.

Anonymous said...

Max Keiser on RT has a clue about people "gaming the system 24/7" as he puts it.

Byker Bob said...

You've got to remember that Germany is the epicenter right now for global climate research. No way are they going to unleash the level of nukes needed to subdue the USA and all other English-speaking nations around the world, because of what it would cause in terms of earth surface temperature rise. Remember, all the models and timelines for global warming were modeled on negative carbon technology which has not materialized, so current state of the planet is far worse than what has been publically stated.

Look to the next generation of WMD, not nukes. Microwave technology and electromagnetic technology are under development, being perfected as we speak, and the USA is the leader in these forms of technology. Both are capable of disrupting the communications systems necessary to launch missiles and nuclear attacks.

I would suggest that posters read up on Stuxnet. In my field, machinery has been controlled by PLCs for the past 15 or more years. Stuxnet was a program in which all commercially available thumb drives were programmed to recognize and alter the PLCs being used by the Iranians in the equipment used in their nuclear research. It altered the speeds of critical motors and other parts of the process and caused failures and setbacks up until the source of the failures was finally discovered. Laser technology was also being used against the North Korean missile program. Usually this sort of information only surfaces because the intelligence community has moved into the next phase of stealth and counter technology. You will most likely not hear of these forms of technology in your ACOG sermons expounding prophecy. If they can't understand dna, how could they possibly comprehend this level of advancement?


nck said...


It s not that they cant. They dont.
In case of terrorist attacks most "former" borders have been closed within hours. There is capability but no political will to implement.

That is either a mistake, laissez faire or policy.


nck said...

What possible topic could be better discussed on the 25th of december but the Germans.

Let me know when COG pastors start talking about exoskelletons. (It might grab my attention.)

Im afraid it might result in new exoskelletons in the closet though.


Anonymous said...

Anon 7:33PM wrote:

Some conspiracy theories are wacko and some are bang on. It's stupid to dismiss them all without investigating them.

Conspirators are a lot more powerful than you are, and have much better connections to the other power blocs in our world.

As such, if you THINK you have stumbled across a conspiracy, it is almost certainly a false diversion allowed by the true conspirators whose aims remain covert.

Near_Earth_Object said...

The key to prophecy, according to HWA, was the identity of the modern day Tribes of Israel. An ancillary, but necessary, identity involves Germany as the Assyrians. This prophetic infrastructure has decisively imploded. And anyone who continues to subscribe to this patent medicine sideshow should join the flat earth society.

I will not go into the genetics. I have gotten some push back from this website on the complexities of genetics for this venue. So let me summarize the conclusion that genetics, a hard and established biological science, gives us:

In spite of coincidental geopolitical events, parallels in history, similarities in the pronunciation of place names, writings by crackpots, arcane allusions in pseudo-history, beliefs that identities have been mysteriously hidden, The Compendium of World History, and my-uncle-is-Irish-but-he-looks-just-like-a-Jew, genetics demonstrates incontrovertibly that the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon people of the British Isles are not descended from Israel (and the Germans are not descended from Asshur).

And I can hear it now: "God hid their identify even from scientists." That is rank denial of the most pathetic sort. One should instead consider what God says about those who claim to be Jews and are not. (I know, someone told a big lie at one time that Israel and the Jews are two separate people, hence, "we are not claiming to be Jews but rather Israelites." But a political separation does not create a genetic separation among people with the same origin. Don't be dumb for the sake of preserving an absurdity.)

RSK said...

Closets full of exuviae?

Anonymous said...

9.33 AM
The Bibles 'a nation and company of nations,' the British empire and then the American 'empire,' fit like a clove. You're lost in a sea of trivia while ignoring the elephant in the room.
I speak for thousands like myself.

Byker Bob said...

11:09 ~ Let that stuff continue to ruin any hopes you have for a normal, productive life. Don't expect the rest of us to ruin ours. I left in '75, when their truths were found to be lies. I had compelling evidence to support my decision at that time, but the evidence against HWA's prophecy mold which has come to the forefront over the past 42 years has expanded and become so much stronger that not even a flat earther could continue to find that mold credible.

So far as the elephant in the room goes, you may want to revisit the parable of the three blind men and the elephant.


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:09AM hit the nail on the head, writing:

The Bibles 'a nation and company of nations,' the British empire and then the American 'empire,' fit like a clove.

Cloves are nasty little pungent spices that rarely fit; they tend to dominate recipes in which they are used, and they are often used in cigarettes as a tobacco-substitute. And indeed, trying to add British Israelism to history, or substituting it for authentic history, is almost exactly like using cloves in one's cooking or smoking.

Yes and No to HWA said...

When it comes to science, let alone genetics, I am way out of my depth. So the quotes below may or may not be relevant to the discourse:

“… scientific thinking is in constant flux. Del Ratzsch describes the situation this way:

“Science is complicated, historically shifting interplay among nature, theories, data and a host of often-unstated nonempirical principles that shape our thinking, evaluating, theorizing and even perceiving. Since the parts are so interwoven, changes in one part frequently have consequences for the content and condors of other parts. Parts do change over time – theories are replaced, shaping principles alter, and so forth. And sometimes entire systems involving all three components are overturned and replace by others” (The Battle of Beginnings).

“As a result, if God were going to ensure that his revelation was culturally and scientifically accurate and modern in its communication, he would have to issue periodic updates. So, for instance, if his revelation took the form of eighteenth-century understanding, it would have been totally revised by the mid-1900s. Then in the post-Darwinian era, it would certainly be obsolete. By our day, very little would be able to stand up to scrutiny” (John H. Walton, Genesis, NIVAC, p.89).

“I am simplifying a lot of scientific and historiographical issues here, but I hope it is sufficient to suggest that the genetic research is not as unassailable as its publication in scientific journals might suggest. Genetic history is a developing field, and perhaps someday, scientists will be able to resolve the ambiguities we have noted here. But even then, the basic issue that the skeptics point to will not go away. Geneticists will always need to rely on non-genetic evidence to make any historical sense of the data— written texts, oral traditions, and interviews with people about who they are and where their ancestors come from. Without such evidence it is impossible to turn the testimony of DNA into a coherent account of the past, and that process means that there will also always be some degree of imagination involved in the construction of genetic history, just as is the case for historical accounts based on ancient texts or archaeological finds. So what then are we to make of recent efforts to use genetics to illumine the ancestry of the Jews. There are certainly reasons to be open to it and engage it as a potential source of evidence. But one shouldn’t simply discount the skepticism or assume that genetic evidence is more reliable or certain in its interpretation than other kinds of evidence simply because it arises from a scientific field rather than a humanistic one” (“Can Genetics Solve the Mystery of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel?” (, pp.15-16).

It doesn’t matter, so much, it the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples are not “Israel” as history suggest, that once again, Germany will play a major role in war with these people, in WW3, but this time winning; sometime in the 2030s?

"The Nazi German invasion of Britain would have not been a gentle affair. The captured German papers leave no doubt of that. On September 9 [1940] Brauchitsch, the Commander in chief of the Army, signed a directive providing that "the able-bodied male population between the ages of seventeen and forty-five [in Britain] will, unless the local situation calls for an exceptional ruling, be interned and dispatched to the Continent... In no other conquered country, not even in Poland, had the Germans begun with such a drastic step ...[the plans]... seem designed to ensure the systematic plunder of the island and the terrorization of its inhabitants ... Everything but normal household stocks were to be confiscated at once" (William L. Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, (Sydney: Random House Australia, 1998), p.782).

Near_Earth_Object said...

Anon 9:33

A "nation and a company of nations" is a non-proof. (Let us look at mainland China and the numerous overseas colonies where Chinese have migrated. The Chinese even own a lots of sea gates. As if any of that meant anything.) Leaping from that to the idea that the British people are descended from Israel is a breathtaking flight into unabated tomfoolery.

Genetics is not trivia. It is pseudoscience that is trivia. Genetics, in fact, reveals the triviality of pseudoscience.

It must be clear that people who believe in British-Israelism are unable to follow logical discourse.

And the elephant in the room has taken a prodigious dump for all to witness.

Byker Bob said...

Generally what destroys or subjugates civilizations is not something that is known from past history, as is the WW-II plan the Germans had for Brittain. (from the Shirer quote). If anything does happen to bring down the USA sometime in the future, it will most likely be an out of context problem, ie something that nobody has ever seen before or would have reason to expect. The Germans, the Catholic Church, and Europe have lost any possible element of surprise by this late date, as think tanks have had decades to ponder HWA's subversive theories. It's why nobody fears the so-called gospel message the splinters are putting out through their attempts at mass media. Wolf has been cried too many times.

Now, if the real Assyrians somehow got a formerly unknown WMD, and the Eastern Orthodox Church linked up with them, who would ever see that coming??? Not saying that will happen, but it would have to be something like that, beyond the wildest theories, and very sudden.


Yes and No to HWA said...

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within. The essential causes of Rome's decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggle, her failing trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars” (Will Durant).

The coming great depression will reveal America also has “grey hairs” (cp. Hos 7:9b).

The suggested primary historical template to view the future:

The Dow Jones peaked on September 3, 1929 and some 10 years later on September 1, 1939 Nazi Germany attacked Poland commencing WW3.

Say the Dow Jones peaks in 2019, then some ten or more years later (a ‘rhyme’ not an exact repeat) WW3 may be on the horizon. (Hopefully the Steelers can be in or win the superbowl which would rhyme with a good year on the stockmarket in 2018 – the sharemarket does well in the year when they are there).

It was towards the end of the Hoover recession in 1933 that Hitler came to power, then came FDR, (and not along after that a not too good prophetic Sabbatarian work started).

Hitler's general instruction of February 1933 to Werner von Fritsch, the then commander-in-chief of the German army was 'to create an army of the greatest possible strength'. Cp. Wilhelm II’s order to create a German Hight Seas Fleet after the Great Depression of the Nineteenth Century, which would be in his own words “God’s Instrument of Justice”.

This suggests that Europe’s military buildup will commence sometime in the future, in the first expansion after the coming contraction?, gaining momentum from the threat of Islam - "The bear market will bring back nationalism, racial exclusion, and perhaps even religious conflict..." (Bob Prechter, Why Fashion Trumps Financial Media,, September 28, 2006). Foreigners will become scapegoats in their adopted countries.

The depression will lead to breakup of Europe; and most likely China, Britain and America – to name some of the big few; or at least provide some impetus in that direction – combined with natural disasters America may see the pride of its power being broken over the years after the stockmarket crash – eventually becoming ripe for invasion.

"If this is true [history repeating itself] then can we be sure that history has written finis to what was perhaps the grandest design ever conceived by man: the Holy Roman Empire?...

"Germany" became synonymous with the Reich, with the Kingdom of God on earth (a development that made the confrontation between Germans and Jews all but inevitable: one chosen people verses another chosen people)..." (George Bailey, Germans: Biography of an Obsession, pp.360-61).

I have always liked the trailer to the original “Red Dawn” as a type for the future, especially the first part - – if the Simpsons could predict Donald Trump becoming President – so can Hollywood predict the invasion of America?

"On the eve of the attack, the officers of Pearl Harbor no doubt observed the sacred American Saturday-night ritual of getting stinking drunk, as did most of their men, and so when the first bombs fell, were incapable of manning their numerous planes and AA guns to defend themselves. Here the rule 'know your enemy' definitely helped the Japanese. If American forces, wherever stationed, are ever attacked again, the proper time will always be Sunday morning. National character changes very slowly" (Observation by fictitious WW2 German General Armin von Roon in Herman Wouk's novel "The Winds of War", (1971), p.721).

Cp. also the early Sunday morning October 23, 1983 bombing of the Marine compound in Beruit, Lebanon.

the Ocelot said...

Seems like I heard this song before