Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ron Weinland Forced His Wife to Lay In The Tub With A Blanket Covering Her While He Preached

Can Armstrongism get any crazier?

In 2008 Weinland gave a sermon on the 1260 days...
In this past week’s sermon Ron delivered an interesting message that indicated that his wife Laura (the silent witness), on more than one occasion, had to place a blanket in their hotel room bathtub, and remain there in the bathtub covered in a blanket, while Ronnie gave his sermon in the comfort of their spacious hotel room.   This of course was to elevate distractions, while Ron could concentrate and deliver his sermon.  Could you imagine spending approximately 2 hours sitting or laying in a bathtub covered in a blanket?  I can’t.  This is pathetic.  
42:23-42:42 …I was going to mention here that she [Laura] is actually in the room this time.  It shows growth on my part in being able to speak.  I guess she doesn’t have to go into the bathroom this time and put the big blanket to cover her in the tub like she did during Passover last year.  Sometimes it has been difficult for me to speak when there is one or a few in the room compared to an audience…
Earlier in the sermon, Ron declared that prior to the delivery of this sermon; he approached his wife and caught her off guard by proclaiming that God wanted her ordained as a Prophet.  According to Ron, there wasn’t any discussion with Laura before this decision to ordain her was performed.  It occurred at that very moment.   Later he made reference that he had grown enough to allow Laura to remain in the same room while he delivered the sermon.  That is why she is in attendance at today’s sermon, in their hotel room, with Ron the “Prophet” and not in the “tub” with the blanket.
Finally, Ron did proclaim that he is still the “Prophet” and will only answer to God and Christ.  Laura is a “prophet” that is subordinate to Ron, but has been given authority over all evangelist and elders of the church.
What woman in her right mind would lay in a hotel bathtub, covered with a blanket, while her idiot husband was preaching a sermon in the other room.  What kind of a man would ever make that request? How sick can Armstrongism get?


Anonymous said...

You don't understand. Following the pattern of Ezekiel, Laura had to lay on her left side for 390 minutes and on her right side for 40 minutes, before God could grant Ron an understanding of the iniquities of the Israelites and the Judahites in the church.

Her blanket represents two things: Gideon's fleece, and Ron's desire to fleece his members.

Connie Schmidt said...

Did she at least have "Bubble Bath" , a "Rubber Ducky" and a "Glass of Wine"???

Dennis Diehl said...

The world of theology and religion would be better off with Ron in the tub...gagged.

Byker Bob said...

There are events and personalities in the Bible which are fairly normal. Most people of faith attempt to imitate those people.

There are, however just totally bizarre individuals to be found, especially in the Old Testament, who were off the wall because God was using them for dramatic effect. I'm still waiting for some of the "prophets" in the ACOGs to marry prostitutes (Hosea), or to cook with dung (Ezekiel), to wander around naked (Isaiah) or to hide their underwear and wear a cattle yoke (Jeremiah). Apparently, this stuff wasn't just eccentricity, it was the center of these prophets' ministries!

So nothing literalists today would do shocks me. The problem with a little thing like a woman covering herself in a bathtub during her husband's sermon is that it's offbeat, but fairly benign compared with shocking things that modern artists have done. We've all been exposed to the theatrics of Andy Warhol, or to Alice Cooper ("Cold Ethel").

Nope. Not even this will attract attention to the Armstrong prophecy mold. Sorry, Laura. Laying in the bathtub for two hours was just laying in the bathtub for two hours! Hope Ron popped for a masseuse after your ordeal!


Ilija Korac said...

I do not know you people. Why do you try rubbish Mr.Armstrong with Ron Wenilender he have nothing to do with Mr. Armstrong teaching and he him self do not believe in Mr. Armstrong teaching.

Anonymous said...

That is just plain weird!

Rod Meredith Knew Bob Thiel Was A False Teacher said...

Ilija @ 4:30

Are you serious? Everything that he knows he learned in Armstrongism. His problem is that the then took all of that information and twisted it with his own demonic revelations. The man is spiritually sick due to Armstrongism.

Lest you think he is an anomaly; Bob Thiel, James Malm, David Pack, Gerald Flurry and others are doing the exact same thing.

Anonymous said...


Nobody today believes in Mr. Armstrong's teaching. They can't, because that teaching (1) changed over the years and (2) relied on specific facts and dates that have since been proved to be false.

Many today BELIEVE or INSIST that they believe in Mr. Armstrong's teaching, but each of these believers/insisters has to make certain changes, however small, to adapt his teachings to 2018. Each of these believers/insisters is offended and appalled by the changes other people make, but they excuse their own changes as the "correct understanding" either in harmony with or built upon Mr. Armstrong's teachings.

Of course, they are ALL nothing but RUBBISH.

Even Ilija doesn't believe in pyramid inches, or in Mussolini as the Beast, or in Monday Pentecost, or in the end-time Elijah completing his work immediately prior to Christ's return, or any number of other teachings of Mr. Armstrong. Sadly, he, just like Weinland and others, believes himself to have the TRUE teachings of Mr. Armstrong for today.

Ilija is on the right track, having rejected all but one variety of modern Armstrongism. All he has to do, now, is reject just one more form, and he'll have figured it all out.

Byker Bob said...

Every time Ilija posts a comment, somehow I expect Czechoslovakian swingers Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd to suddenly appear in their snap down hats and plaid slacks, swinging their shoulders and proclaiming "We are two wild and crazy guys!" Hey! Maybe that can be the next thing! A Czechoslovakian ACOG apostle or prophet!


Anonymous said...

Humility was not a lesson Ron seems to have gleaned from his time in PRISON.