Saturday, March 17, 2018

Did Richard Ames Admit The World Does Not Need LCG's Message?

Richard Ames writes:

God loves every human being who has ever lived, or who ever will live. He has demonstrated His unconditional love for His creation and for every human being. We need that love to motivate us in fulfilling our calling in life (Romans 5:5). Recall how Dr. Meredith expressed his love and compassion in one very moving co-worker letter a few years ago: "Dear Brethren and Co-Workers with Christ, Greetings from Charlotte, NC! Talk about natural disasters! Even as I write, radio and television reports tell us that tens of thousands of human beings have perished in the powerful earthquake which just struck Pakistan and parts of India. Perhaps none of these people were truly acquainted with the God of the Bible, but every human being is precious in God’s sight" (October 10, 2005). Yes, every human being is precious in God’s sight. We all need God’s love to fulfill the mission He has given us.
Yes, every human being is precious in God's sight, even the unchurched in India and Pakistan who have never heard of Herbert Armstrong, Rod Meredith, the Sabbath and Holy Days, church eras, unclean meats, proper church government, prophecy or Living Church of God.  If God already loves them, as Ames says He does, they God already loves those untouched or reached by the Living Church of God. So essentially there is no need for the church to continue to demand tithe money to fund the elite's lifestyles in Charlottee.

Does the world really need LCG's message?  Is it lost without it?


Anonymous said...

"Every human being is precious in God's sight?"

YES. that's the truth. But their FRUITS don't show they believe this.

When I first read this, the song came into my head:

"Jesus loves the little children, all the children in the world, red and yellow black and white, all are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children in the world"

That's a good thing. But. When I read what this minister says, I wince. I feel a little nauseous. NOT because of his words, because the words are true.

It's because they have the audacity, the gall, and the nerve to say this, and then promote such a dogma as B.I., continue a controlling and harmful authoritarian structure, treat some of their own members like sewage, disfellowshipping for things that are not warranted... I don't need to make a list. Every person out there knows someone with a story or has a story if they have anything to do with the COG's. The evidence is so widespread it's personal to most of us.

If someone is going to get on there and say that EVERY Human Being is precious in His sight - then they need to get on the ball and make some changes and start acting like every human being is precious in God's sight. If that's the conviction, if that's what they're saying, then enough words. Enough talk. Enough emptiness. Start showing it by treating every person as the precious person they are - especially their own members who pay for the food they eat and the house they live in.

Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

The cartoon ridiculing religion could apply to just about anything, especially the politically correct crowd whose box of acceptable opinion is getting smaller and smaller.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! Richard Ames is still alive???

Byker Bob said...

Mixed messages have always been part of the Armstrong program. It wasn’t long ago that LCG people were warned about senior citizens getting demons, and a caregiver was disfellowshipped by Rod McNair for giving normal two week notice after being instructed to resign from his position at a senior care center.


Anonymous said...

"and a caregiver was disfellowshipped by Rod McNair for giving normal two week notice after being instructed to resign from his position at a senior care center."

Yes. This is the kind of absolute CRAP that comes from "ministers" who teach at an organization that claims that "Every person is precious in God's sight".

Yeah, sure. Precious until you do something somehow that pees off the current dictator who doesn't give a crap about anything but that person doing what they're told, regardless of the impact it has on their lives and family. In one swoop with Rod's big mouth, that man lost their job AND their church. And they think people are precious?

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAA. Yeah. IMO the only thing they really think is precious is power and money. If you don't give them either power or money they don't need you.

"Every person is precious". You know that scene from Back to the Future with that big load of crap that Biff and company hit? (Yep, I remember full well that scene because I was in WCG at the time full force they said a 'big naughty word' LOL.) I think that "Precious" comment would have a perfect home right in that big old truck full of crap.

Anonymous said...

What strikes me about the 'every life is precious' is that they leave out that it's the trunk of the moral tree. It is the purpose of a moral code and the existence of the church. So why leave this out?
It's interesting that Herb by contrast, taught through the 'magic' of repetition that the 'give way' is the trunk of the moral tree. A big difference.