Sunday, March 11, 2018

Herbert W Armstrong Home For Sale In Bankruptcy Court

Here is your chance to own Herbert Armstrong's Pasadena home located at 210 South Orange Grove Blvd. The current owners are now in bankruptcy.

Chapter 11 Trustee: Peter Mastan
Debtor: BGM Pasadena, LLC
1. Bankruptcy sale subject to Bankruptcy Court approval
2. All offers are subject to court overbid process
3. Bankruptcy Court Case # 2:15-bk-27833-BB
4. Properties are being sold “AS-IS, WHERE-IS” without
representations or warranties
BID Deadline: May 10th, 2017 at 5:00 pm PSTCourt Overbid Auction Date: May 17th, 2017 at 2:00 pm PST before the Honorable Sheri BluebondLocation: 255 East Temple Street, Courtroom 1539 Los Angeles, CA 90012

Dorn Platz had bought the Pasadena campus to build their super high-density apartment/condo
complexes.  Pasadena residents had a fit and fought them at every turn.  Dorn Platz eventually went bankrupt and sold their holdings, except for Herbert Armstrong's home (their offices) and the 380 - 390  apartments (former AC dorms) where DP exec's had private on-site residences.

The new owners eventually got their plans through and the building spree began.  Now the last remnants are for sale.  Though this sale has a lot of baggage attached to it.

The current tenant at the property, Dorn Platz Management, Inc. has a lease in place that runs until March 31st, 2025. The lease was originally executed on March 29, 2005 for a 10 year term and extended for 10 additional years. Please note that similar ownership interests exist between the debtor, BGM Pasadena, LLC, and the tenant Dorn Platz Management, Inc. Dorn Platz holds a master lease for building with sublet tenants existing. Buyer to Verify. The lease was originally executed on March 29th, 2005 for a 10 year term and extended for an additional 10 years. Please note that similar ownership interests exist between the debtor, BGM Pasadena LLC, and the tenant Dorn Platz Management, Inc. Dorn Platz holds a master lease for the building with sublet tenants existing. These sublet tenants may also be affiliated with the debtor, BGM Pasadena, LLC. Buyer to review all leases and related documents and verify.

The spacious grounds around the house are long gone.  The garage was moved to a new location next to the reflecting pool and the lawn ripped out and made into a parking lot.  The backyard now has a three-story condo towering over it.

Just imagine what it would feel like to own this home and to be able to sit in the downstairs library or upstairs in HWA's old office and channel HWA's thoughts as you start your new church!  Or imagine sitting in the downstairs sunroom watching professional wrestling or Westerns on TV on a quiet Saturday afternoon, as HWA did while Ramona painted her toenails on the couch next to him.

Here's the opportunity for Bob Thiel to move his HQ down to Pasadena and start a real work!

The glory days for the work have a bright future for the right buyer!


Anonymous said...

i keep thinking about that behind the work doc and how mr. armstrong was sitting at a large dinner table with some people (none of whom were people of color); it was a beautiful, elegant spread, complete with golden utensils, fine china and crystal ware...

i think about how so many lay people i knew what struggled to pay tithes, including my father, and at the end of the day it was merely so much waste...

oh, if the Church truly knew the God we worshipped; if we merely practiced what we preached: how truly rich we could have become; how we would have been sustained to this day as an organization, if we had simply served God rather than mammon #theywerecarnalminded...

c f ben yochanan

Anonymous said...


And Flurry comes bounding in to Pasadena on his jet, running through the Airport.
Oh WAIT! There's Pack, running fast and nearly tripping on Flurry's briefcase!
Oh NO! There's Weinland, running and seeing both and pronouncing a curse on both of them!
But wait! A car just screeched in and out comes a bunch of United people! Oh NOES!!
And LOOK!!! Another car pulled up! It's none other than Weston and Ames!

Who's going to get there first to get that Beloved House???

Suddenly Flurry forgets all about That Rock to get the House that Armstrong played Poeme in with all that golden furniture and stuffed porcupine with Dom Perignon! Oh the memories!!!!!! Oh how Good and How Pleasant they are!!! But they all want the prize - so OFF they go and TRIP OVER each other causing a massive argument!!

They all start yelling at each other saying that each of them is the rightful owner of the Holy Shrine of Herbert, when they get a text that the home has been purchased.

Who could have bought it under their feet like that? The gall! The audacity! The nerve!!! hey look at the picture on the text.

And they all yell at once...


nck said...

"i keep thinking about that behind the work doc and how mr. armstrong was sitting at a large dinner table with some people (none of whom were people of color); it was a beautiful, elegant spread, complete with golden utensils, fine china and crystal ware...'

Ben Yochanan,

Although I do agree somewhat with the overall tone and message in your complete posting the first paragraph is somewhat of a misrepresentation of what occured.

First of all the BtW movies were not a documentary.
It was a report. So far for people who claim there was no accurate reporting to the co-workers.

It was not "some people".

This was a display of the graduate dinner for graduating students. (In this case portrayed by the YA's. The symbolism of this dinner at graduation was that "at least once in their lives" they could sit and eat and live like kings in the very manner and with the utensils kings use and have used. Perhaps people like to dispute this symbolism, that is ok, but that was the main messageg of wcg that people were to rule tatooine.

You say non of which were people of color.

That is not true.
The cook was of color. She has rendered a tremendous amount of service and should and was honored for that. Moreover ALL graduating students of color got to sit at that table.

People might dispute that there were too few students of color. Perhaps so. But they were not deliberately excluded. If you would watch the 1983 YA festival movie you would see that students of color were included in the YAs. The YA's are at some dissident blogger sites disputed because as a flagship phenomenon they only included the beatiful people and not the ugly ones.:-) :-) a huge point of contention still for some. The premiss however was that those black students were among the beatifull ones and good singers too and hopefully stellar character too, but I am not the judge of character.

BTW the fine china was also used by the MANY dignitaries visiting the campus.
Non of the items were in HWA personal posession, but the church's although of course he enjoyed the fruits of it.

Most importantly. ALL of the major acquisitions and expensive material posessions of gold silver and art over time APPRECIATED IN VALUE during HWA's tenure as leader of his flock.

What happened after his death, the auction and where the proceeds went is another question. Some call it theft, others call it good riddance. However the golden and silver artifacts and art etc did under HWA's rule not depreciate in value and increased in value towards the church of which we, you I and your father were a part.

As you may have noticed I am not mocking you. I am affraid I cannot change the waste that occured and the proceeds of genuine offerings going into pockets that we had no say over.

I hope that some of my clarification at least explains or changes some of your perspective toward a less bitter view. As the jews taught us, the taste of a bitter fruit is bitter indeed. Which is the central message of Pesach and the bitter fruit is used to symbolize that.

As the Buddha says. To relieve ones suffering one must let go and not be attached to the physical things. We should be good stewards of our own lives. Godspeed.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't begrudge Herb or anyone else living in a mansion if they earned it by enriching other peoples lives. But rather, Herb harmed peoples lives with his abusive cult church culture and his many non stop lies such as "in the name of the Living God, I tell you that we only have 3-5 short years left." He should have been in prison for the harm done to many.

DennisCDiehl said...

It's D I E H L and I'll have to pass. Let Joel Osteen have it. I live in a single room, in a home in Portland with an acupuncturist landlord, two Naturopath students, three cats and a nice dog owned by the housemates. At too...I have to get to work.... :)

Connie Schmidt said...

Come on Dennis! ... its your calling to buy that house.... LETS MAKE A DIEHL!

Dennis Diehl said...

Connie, I've already made two Diehl's, Jeff and Chris. They made six more

nck said...

Oh Dennis,

That comment is hilarious. You are the master of textual interpretation.
Be aware. Connie is particularly picky on men. I tried, without succes. :-)
But hey que sera sera.....


Anonymous said...

I think I would be more concerned with dark spirits that might be attached to such a house. The damage that was done to so many and teachings so contrary to what should have been, I wonder if there wasn't a little "help" maybe? I sometimes think that the leaders of these groups all have the same spirit.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes think that the leaders of these groups all have the same spirit.

I have talked to some very discerning brethren who assure me that there is at least one very evil demonic spirit at LCG headquarters. Some accept a simpler explanation: Jerks hire jerks, and jerks breed jerks. Others, however, have been shocked to see how people they knew and loved have become transformed after a little time at LCG HQ, and they have suggested in utmost seriousness that in order to survive at LCG HQ you must tolerate the presence of, and eventually be influenced by, a very real and personal evil spirit.

Dennis Diehl said...

NCK: If I make a really gay comment is that a homo textual one? If I make two is that bi textual? šŸ˜±

Anonymous said...

Dennis: Sorry if I rubbed you a little wrong with the ie business. I should have remembered the old rule "I before E except after C." The way you reacted, that has been done before I think.

Mistake shall not be repeated. Diehl? Diehl. Er. Deal.

Dennis Diehl said...

It wasn't rubbed 914. I just didn't get the punchline or context etc. I need a dog or something to get me off bannedšŸ˜Š

Anonymous said...

Sell that goddamn house and give the money to the poor suckers who lost their lively hood trying to support Herbert Armstrong.

Anonymous said...

despite all that, including your tone deafness regarding my people of color assertion, God saw fit to destroy much that mr. armstrong built, just like He destroyed the Temple (twice) cuz the powers that be put the trappings of the physical above the needs of the lay folk; totally missing the point regarding what pure religion, as defined by James, is all about...

despite all the Truth mr armstrong brought to the public, the wwcg was an institution doomed to failure cuz of the carnal minded nature of its hierarchy...

just as flesh and blood eventually dies and rots, so too does any and all what are built upon the doctrine of a fleshly mind; and God is no respector of persons...

c f ben yochanan

lnrd said...


step back in time to purchase?

What year is the present !?

BID Deadline: May 10th, 2017 at 5:00 pm PSTCourt Overbid Auction Date: May 17th, 2017 at 2:00 pm PST before the Honorable Sheri BluebondLocation: 255 East Temple Street, Courtroom 1539 Los Angeles, CA 90012

Anonymous said...

So what is it valued at now? What does "Overbid $11.4m" mean?

Byker Bob said...

That house was always a mystery to me. I had always attempted to stay clear of the Armstrongs, to not become known to them. When I learned that HWA would invite students to his home for dinners, I lived in fear of it. Fortunately, that was one fear that never came to fruition for me. I doubt that the man ever even knew my name. And, that’s the way I preferred it.


Anonymous said...

Nck, I think you forget that most of that shit HWA bought, it was during times of crisis. Brethren you must sacrifice for the "work". The income has dropped to dangerous levels. It was all lies. You are such an HWA suck up. Stop making excuses for the scam.

nck said...


Could be true.

Perhaps you are mistaking "cash flow", "reserves" and "assets".

Did you ticket the offices for selling the GII after receiving such letter? Or did you actually understand the difference between the words at that time?

I am not a suck up. When generally this blog interprets the "co-worker" letters as members only, I am just correcting that a bit.

Yeah, he was some kind of a fund raiser I agree.


Byker Bob said...

Look, there were member letters, and there were coworker letters. When we weren’t processing the magazines at AC Press, I’d sometimes help out on the folders, which meant hours of scooping up and jogging the finished letters, putting them in a mechanical compressor, banding them, and placing them in containers to be transported to another department where they were inserted into envelopes and then transported to the bulk mail center at the Pasadena Post Office on Arroyo.

The job jackets differentiated the types of letters. Member letters and Co-worker letters were completely different, and separate jobs, and there were semi-annual letters, and special emergency letters. The guys who set up and operated the big floor model folders were always busy, believe me. And, they were the most enthusiastic users of hearing protection, because when that paper hit the backstops in the fold plates at 600-700 ft/minute, it made a harsh and loud slapping sound.

Those letters, though, were what kept the money rolling in. The magazines in addition to the broadcast, would attract new members, and then the letters would put the regular squeeze on them. Oddly enough, for those who are members of the NRA, the style of their regular letters is nearly identical to that of HWA. Diarrhea of Caps and hyperbolic punctuation, and constant dire emergencies. If you didn’t know better, you’d think that maybe Wayne LaPierre had been an AC student or a WCG member at some point in his life!


nck said...


"Behind the Work" BB productions. Interesting addition right from the press.

As pure speculation.

La Pierre's profile would exactly fit the profile of upper crust readers of the PT magazine in the early 1970's, (Nixon years) as as student interested in international affairs, early eighties. (Conservative Reagan years, it is morning again in America and subsequent rise in PT circulation (among policy makers)

"LaPierre has been a government activist and lobbyist since receiving his master's degree in government and politics, including positions on the board of directors of the American Association of Political Consultants, the American Conservative Union, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation."

As a pure speculation, I would be willing to place a bet that his eyes once saw HWA's fund raiser letters at one time.


Anonymous said...

Gerald Flurry will be first in line

Retired Prof said...

In regard to BB's and nck's comments about Wayne LaPierre and the NRA: I never made the connection to HWA's rhetoric specifically, but I see what you mean.

Maybe I made a subliminal connection; after the NRA adopted these tactics, I dropped my membership.

nck said...

Well Retired Prof.

Thank you on behalf of the children of America.

(if a time of need arises there's plenty of time to ask our resident militia troll for the nearest franchise).