Tuesday, August 7, 2018

David C Pack and Fraudulent Ministers, What Is the Difference?


What About The Truth said...

What is the difference? Dave Pack defines a biblical teaching which was instituted by the original Apostles for the poor as a monetary gain for himself. Mr. Pack disregards the plain teaching of Jesus Christ and the Apostles concerning the care for the poor solely to elevate himself. This is one of the ways he operates as Anti-Christ, against Christ.

Sell all that you have and give to the poor requires two actions, selling it and then giving it. Which of these two actions has Mr. Pack personally done?

The RCG is defined by a man who willfully bears a false witness, steals what is not his, practices and demands idolatry (OF himself) and disregards his neighbors.

The millennial compound in Wadsworth is born of corruption in the extreme and all by the name of God or more accurately by a self proclaimed god.

So, what is the difference?

Anonymous said...

Superb film.

Anonymous said...

While I was working @ RCG HQ, I was grossly underpaid/overworked another way Pack increases wealth. Many who come on as staff are told "It's not about the money, it's about the service you will do here". Sort of a nice way of saying, “we know you have a ton of experience/skills but don’t want to pay you what you deserve, the prestige is more than enough to make up for it". I remember once Pack told the entire HQ staff that those who work at HQ will not earn a greater reward because of it, their reward is their paycheck, but that they would have to go above and beyond at HQ to truly get rewarded for good works and earn jewels on their crown. He said members who volunteer working on the land and various events, who do not work at HQ would get bigger blessings. This ploy pushed folks to do more at no expense to church funds at all, on top of asking for common to pour in.

The phrases that became all too common to us were: Beef up offerings, members need to be more creative/active with fundraising, tithing is absolute, give all that you have, your children don't need an inheritance, and store your treasure in heaven. Members were discouraged from donating to charity because man’s efforts would always fail, and it was a waste when you could just give it to God's Work so that it could provide the poor something far more valuable than money, "Good News".

The problem is that while this "Good News" gives one hope, it cannot immediately feed the poor, it does not allow the poor a roof over their head, it does not allow the poor to get out of that rut that is like being stuck in the underbelly of massive waves, it doesn't allow you to sign a check for health related checkups, it cannot allow you pay off debt as the bible says you should. The poor do not have the basic necessities of life right now, they are distracted with surviving. On top of that for employee’s, inflation is a real thing. Keeping people at such low pay rates is even more real @ RCG. After deducting two tithes and offerings, you were left without a feeling of reward from working at HQ but will a daunting feeling of how will I manage to pay my bills? Add to that no health benefits and that fact a lot of employees are not young. The poor were within and without. RCG is sucking up people with comfortable levels of money and spitting them out poor, thus not helping the poor at all but GENERATING MORE POOR PEOPLE. Think hard on this!!! Poor financially and poor spiritually because they’ve left confused and broken.

Here is what happened to me over time, I went from a constant state of struggle, poverty, and feeling sick to leaving the church and finding a Job that pays me what is commensurate with my experience. It has allowed me to stand up and help my family and friends.

I do not feel greedy for money now that I have an okay amount of it. I do believe however, that a person with money has more of a propensity to be distracted from the essentials of life: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness/goodness, faithfulness, gentleness/meekness and self-control. I understand that God in speaking to the "rich mindset" is trying to emphasize the need to divest oneself of human characteristics that limit people from bearing good fruit and practicing equity.

Anonymous said...

But if you are taking people’s money you have to also follow the command to distribute it to the poor, right? For starters that should include giving everyone at HQ a fantastic raise that would also boost morale. Sell the food from all the farm land the members so generously gave to purchase and remove the need to fundraise which so often occurs intra congregations and not outside causing further financial strain on members. Cease further construction efforts of a campus that is partially being used. Stop this coffee fund thing that HQ employees pay even if they do not drink coffee. Fund all spokesmen’s club initial setup/supplies. Fund members who open up their homes for services rather than make them put out a box for offerings for congregation supplies/sound team supplies. Aid members who qualify for funeral assistance from the government during the death of a loved one. Send food/aid to members in third world countries, do MORE OF IT! Fund more creative services for the youth who do not listen to or care about 99.9 percent of the nonsense that Pack preaches. They need interactive material on their level. Create more events for them outside of a yearly camp that they wait a year for. Create a hub where they can interact. If they are the future give them better knowledge on their level to handle the future. Remote assistance is not enough, allow pastors to find technological savvy members and reimburse for time. sponsor more events for the elderly. Set an example. Be more transparent with finances, give all members a breakdown of where funds went in addition to their yearly tax-deductible contribution sheet. There are thousands more ways to help members with all that money coming in and not just help yourself and your campus appeal.

They don’t think like this, they want money so that several thousand dollars of specialty tree’s can be planted on land that over half of the membership paid for but will never see in person, what benefit does that give to them Pack? The cost of 3 trees alone would provide a generous raise for 1 HQ employee.

Money is “a” root of evil, if not managed the way God thinks is in our best ability to help others. I believe if you allow Gods mindset on divesting yourself of dangerous characteristics that influence your mindset in managing your money, you can be prosperous. God wants us all to be prosperous and have good health. God’s outlook on money should make one feel more inclined to be responsible and careful and help those who need it. If tomorrow your funds are wiped away at least you know that when you had it you didn’t forget God wanted responsible, fair and fruit-bearing use of it. RCG needs to stop pinching every penny out of members already hurting pockets, allow them to benefit from attending your church and give joyfully, not because they feel threatened if they won’t they will be cut off. Members can have money and should be allowed to be persuaded by goodness to have things in common with other members, not give it to you Pack only to continue to see their fellow members continue to suffer.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:08, you picked the wrong HQ. Come to LCG HQ, where if you are senior enough or favored enough you will get either a nice raise or an equally helpful expense account, even when the income is down and others must tighten their belts.

What About The Truth said...

Anonymous 9:08x2, very well said and a lot of "common" sense - exactly what the RCG isn't looking for.

Your suggestions for the RCG are an indictment of all that goes on and doesn't go on in their operational side. Coupled with the theological failure, ministerial spiritual apathy and leader idolatry, there is no wholesale spiritual fruit displayed church-wide. Just the opposite is always displayed - a physical millennial property, YOUTUBE videos promoting itself and its activities (physical), written words and advertising doing the same.

Dave Pack, in his "Common" booklet and "Some Gave All" follow up booklet completely shows his mind for where it is at concerning money. Mr. Pack says to let the government take care of your ailing parents "that's why you pay taxes"; Christ says honor your Father and Mother and wholly rebuked the Pharisees for pledging money to the temple treasury ahead of taking care of their parents (Mark 7:10-13). Dave Pack commands his members that they have to be rich towards God (him) in quoting Luke 12; the word rich there actually means become rich (spiritually) and the context of what Jesus Christ taught there in that chapter backs that up.

Mr. Pack is completely comfortable having you send him all your money to purchase over two thousand trees to compliment the golf course design landscape and to put in lakes and waterfalls and special accent lighting while your ailing parents are at the mercy of the government. As the representative of the RCG, has Mr. Pack himself BECOME RICH (spiritual) before God (Luke 12:21) as an example for all to see, or are we witnessing just another man playing the leader of God's Church.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for some of the poor suckers who fell for David C. Pack's Bait & Switch scam in his Restored Cash Grab (RCG) cult. Dave attracted former WCG people by promising to restore everything that HWA had taught at the time of his death in January 1986. After attracting many hundreds of people, Dave forgot all about HWA's teachings, and started to change and mangle everything.

Dave made a wrong August 31, 2013 prophetic guess that not even his dozens of “proofs” for it were able to make it happen. Dave “restored” a “common” theft scam that HWA had never taught, with the added twist that all the money went to Dave and his projects rather than to the poor. Dave then came up with “130 PROOFS” that he himself, rather than HWA, was the prophesied Elijah with the power to make up doctrines. Dave also forgot what HWA had taught about prophecy and started to make up a lengthy series of prophetic nonsense about a “first dominion” that he made up as he went along.

The basic problem is that klepto-Dave Pack-of-lies is a false prophet leading a satanic imposter cult, and false prophets really do come to lie, steal, destroy, and kill!!!

Anyone who is still working at RCG headquarters to help that fraudster to perpetrate this cruel fraud at this late date (August 2018) is not worth even the low pay that Dave is so reluctantly paying them.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your reply. Very thought provoking. I also appreciate the use of scripture to cement your point. What is going on is sad and only gives me peace that leaving was the right choice.

Anonymous said...

Big picnic at the RCG this Sunday, I expect Dave won’t provide anything but rather will eat what everybody else brings. I wonder if he will ribbon off areas where he doesn’t want wanders to see, like his humble home on the cult de sack. Last time we did it he took up a special collection. And he made such a grand entrance. Maybe I’ll skip it this year. I hope it rains.