Saturday, August 13, 2022

Restored Church of God: After A Year Of Bad Press And Horrific Prophetic Failures, Dave Decides To Have An Open House


Wadsworth Damage Control


Wow. Dawn Blue is really showing her influence in the local community.


The Restored Church of God is swinging into full “damage control” mode. They have begun a public relations campaign by announcing their first-ever Open House.


Any single ladies out there? I need my plus one.


We cordially invite members of the Wadsworth Chamber of Commerce and vendors who have assisted us over the years to our first open house.


To extend our thanks and appreciation we will offer guests a first-hand look at our business operations as well as the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of our campus grounds—all of which exemplify our purpose and mission.


This is on the tails of four disposable “ministers” attending the 37th Annual Wadsworth Area Chamber of Commerce golf event this past Monday. Those brave men were the experimental canaries in the coal mine. Since no blood was shed on the green, it encouraged the enablers on the third floor to open the doors and invite the heathens in.


If your afternoon is open on September 8, it would be worth attending just so you can tell your friends you made it past the front gate. A selfie from the other side would surely go viral.

Be sure to bring your Bible with you because this event is on Elul 12. Feel free to ask a “minister” if they think anything significant is still going to happen that Sunday night. Do not ask any of the non-ordained employees. All they will be able to do is smile and look at their shoes.


If you really want to amuse yourself, when you are on the tour of the studio at the Media Center, ask the guide when the latest episode of The World to Come was recorded. The dance the man will perform around that question will be priceless.



The highlight for everyone will be when they get to meet Pastor General David C. Pack.


Greet him with a “Nice to meet you, sir. Are you currently Mr. Elijah or Mr. Not-Elijah?”


Here are other burning questions you can jot down:


Why are you unable to make your own lunch each day?

Why do others carry your briefcase for you?

How do horses “do the work” for God and who paid for them?

Has any member ever given too much Common?

Please explain your interpretation of Deuteronomy 18:21-22.

When RCG collects funds for AYC but does not have the camp, where do those funds go?

Is it a faithless act to sell a house when you teach that Jesus Christ is returning soon?


This is the point at which the Coffee Kid and Pepper Boy whisk away Dave with urgent business elsewhere. The Enabler-in-Chief would be happy to answer your questions if you would please email him at


The Open House is one side of the coin.



This posting in Member Services last night is the other.


Prophecy Update

Dear brethren,

Enjoy the Sabbath. “A wise man’s heart discerns both time and judgment.” All is well!

David C. Pack


This is an onion that is begging to be peeled.


Most obviously, this is not a “Prophecy Update” in any way, shape, or form. This posting says absolutely nothing at all. It answers a total of zero questions you may have.


“Enjoy the Sabbath.”


That was super-important to get out on a Friday night or the brethren may have forgotten to do this. This is RCG-code for “Jesus Christ is not coming this weekend, so relax and don’t even think about it.”


“A wise man’s heart discerns both time and judgment.”


This quote from Ecclesiastes 8:5 is an attempt at a clever, layered response saying there is a reason Dave has been silent. Wait, is he calling himself “wise” again?


“All is well!”


The dead-stop of messages after two failed dates has surely rocked the church. Brethren from all over the world have been writing in and calling. Something had to be said to the members.


This reminds me of Brad Schleifer’s, “Mr. and Mrs. Pack are fine,” comment when they had COVID. Anyone paying attention should frame those open-to-interpretation phrases in the context of the behaviors they witness.


It is not so much what they say, but what they do not say.


When RCG puts out a statement that “all is well,” know that all is not well. The coming days will reveal this to be true.


“David C. Pack”


These postings are usually written in the third person, “Mr. Pack wants to express…” And many of the postings regarding Bible study updates are signed by “Church Administration.” This screams desperation to me by them invoking his name.


The direct signature is a signal that Dave did not resign from RCG and he has not yet been voted out by the Board of Directors. Either one would be a wonderful option.


This is just a ploy to get Dave’s name on SOMETHING in Member Services to calm the brethren down. That is all it is.


The posting says absolutely nothing of substance.


Is a “Special Comments” message on the docket for Announcements today?


Anonymous said...

PLEASE tell me Dawn Blue will be attending. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about that cabin by the lake. What is that for? Seems like a perfect spot for the Stepford Boys to take their dates.

Anonymous said...

There is no question that the campus is a place of beauty. Unfortunately, you can't separate that from the ugliness and depravity of what is taught and practiced there. No contest, the beauty can't even remotely compensate for or counter balance that.


Free food?

The chamber of commerce is a voluntary partnership of businesses and professionals working together to build a healthy economy and improve the quality of life in a community.

Is Dave promoting the unequal yoking of the true Church with the heathen professionals of the greater Wadsworth community?

I hope Dave's words are recorded on September 8. I am dying to hear Dave blurt out something like this: this beautiful campus and our whole outreach program is a testament to the cooperation and professionalism that we received from our partners that are present this day. We couldn't have done it without you!

I wonder if the chamber of commerce will have even one thought about the repercussions of Dave's "Common" doctrine. The doctrine that destroys individuals financially no matter where they live, thus creating an unhealthy economy and lower quality of life in their geographic area.

Anyhow, a free catered meal sounds real nice.

Anonymous said...

I was really hoping this open house was going to be hosted by the local real estate agent looking to sell the property from under Dave, but nope, it's just Dave inviting the public in to gaze upon his own self-delusional glory. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

@10:12 am,

I would love to see the looks on their faces if Dawn Blue does show, and I hope she shows up with a camera crew. I would love to see her there with a microphone and cameras asking hard questions. They'd probably accuse her of be an agent for Satan and drag her off the property. Here's hoping Dawn Blue make an appearance, lol!

Anonymous said...


Simplistic thinking and one size fits all paradigms were some of the calling cards of Armstrongism. These led to us being separatists, even though the goals of the Chamber of Commerce that you outlined were actually consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ, and what we know of Father God (rains on the just and the unjust alike). Assisting with the good things done to better the community, (many of which we could have fully or partially endorsed) would have accomplished two things. 1) It would have been excellent outreach as well as personal evangelism by example. 2) It would have established us as positives in the memories of the people with whom we worked on various projects, building bridges to the future, whether that involved this world or the next.

Ironically, Herbert W. Armstrong practiced what I just outlined, internationally, through his meetings with powerful people around the globe. I used to believe he was hypocritical for not preaching Jesus to them as Billy Graham (whom I respected immensely) might have done. However, HWA did as we might have done if we participated in the CofC, Kiwanis, or Rotary Club. He trod lightly, and set a memorable example. I still believe he was a hypocrite, because he told us to have no part in doing things on our level that he did enthusiastically on his level.

Small minded, or closed minded thinking shrinks people down into a cultic mentality, which others can't help but notice. Once people decide that your group is a cult, of course they will not listen to anything you have to say. There are steps a group can take to control their image. These involve openness, diminishing the likelihood that others would perceive you as a cult. Obviously weird beliefs will continue to be a factor, but openness amps up the positive and allays suspicions. Dave's open house is a good first step, but he's got quite an uphill battle in undoing the damage which they already inflicted upon themselves by insullating themselves from their community for years.

Anonymous said...

this saying one thing while another something is going on, or when what is not said is more revealing than what is said, is called church speak. there is one version for the masses and another among the ministers. The Living Church of God ministers are real masters at this church speak. The LCG ministry and church speak. It is actually a form of breaking the commandment about bearing false witness in Exodus 20:16. It is systemic in these churches, certainly in RCG and in LCG. Who does not agree?

Tonto said...

Open House??

In real estate, a term often used for a place that is FOR SALE!!


Anonymous August 13, 2022 at 1:50:00 PM PDT - Nice observation and great analysis.

A side note about the Chamber of Commerce. Long before social media, the Chamber was the go to place for a qualified business reference. There was one huge problem with the Chamber though and its ratings. The Chamber had become a repository for a lot of bad businesses with bad business practices. These businesses somehow always still retained a high rating from the Chamber. It become known that the Chamber was coddling these businesses by ignoring complaints or dragging out investigations to the point of never coming to a conclusion. The Chamber was fully aware of what they were doing but felt the greater good that these bad businesses were doing outweighed any negative complaints. Thus there was never a rating devaluation for many of these bad businesses.

With the internet and social media this has all probably changed, but I don't know. As a business owner I have refused to join the Chamber for the reason above. And since the COGs operate and think the same way - that they do more good than harm and any complaints are just minor in context, I as a Christian personally refuse to belong to a COG.

Marc Cebrian said...

No "Special Comments" last night. I wonder for how long I can say he is going to do something and then he does the opposite.

Dave is still MIA despite some text in Member Services. I need "proof of life" in order to believe "all is well." He better show up soon and tell us why or I will have to write an article about all the "wacky" ideas I have that COULD be causing the silence.

Anonymous said...

Dunno. Maybe he is attempting to avoid headlines in the lead up period to the open house. One of the goals of the open house would most likely be for them to portray themselves as being just normal working people like everyone else in the community. Letting everyone come in to see that they are nor monstrous or dangerous, and certainly not a death cult. The entire church is infected with Pack's Derangement Syndrome, so it's going to be difficult for them to mask that. We'll have to let the event process itself to know if it is a hit or miss.

Anonymous said...

It’s an attempt for some good Publicity I’m order to sell the home they put on the market. Realtor probably suggested it.

Anonymous said...

OK. So I sense a future article. Know how the internet news sites have headlines like "I ate Avocados for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a whole year! Here's what happened!"

In this case, it will be: I purchased and lived in a house in the middle of an apocalyptic cult's compound for a year! Here's what happened!"

Anonymous said...

OK. So I sense a future article. Know how the internet news sites have headlines like "I ate Avocados for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a whole year! Here's what happened!"

In this case, it will be: I purchased and lived in a house in the middle of an apocalyptic cult's compound for a year! Here's what happened!"

Anonymous said...

I miss the cooking with Dave series. Can somebody please explain why Dave has stopped the production of this popular show. It was great, I miss the coffee and cookies and watching Dave's elves all fussing and moving all the displays on the table, I thought it was really impressive. So what if Dave is not a good prophet. Just because "EVERY SINGLE PROPHETIC UTTERANCE" by Dave was wrong, that is no reason to cancel his popular cooking show. Lets get a petition to get it back on the air.

As an aside I hear they will be giving guided tours of the Wadsworth Compound in the near future. Will they be charging a fee for the tour? (asking for a friend).

Anonymous said...

HA! At first glance I thought it said "Anus Horribilis" I suppose that fits too.

Anonymous said...
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