Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Dave Pack: Thursday Is Now The Day! (After Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday FAILED!)


Not A Goodman


Monday, January 23 @ 10:04 AM ET

Tuesday, January 24 @ 10:05 AM ET

Wednesday, January 25 @ 10:06 AM ET


Three down. A fourth was called up from the reserves.


Thursday, January 26 @ 10:07 AM ET


Imagine a husband tells his wife, “Honey, maybe on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday, but probably not Thursday, when you wake up, you will find a surprise on the nightstand."


The wife wakes up Monday morning. Nothing on the nightstand.


The wife wakes up Tuesday morning to nothing on the nightstand.


When she rolls over to an empty nightstand on Wednesday morning, how irritated should she be? But there is always the outside possibility of Thursday.


By this point, should the wife consider it foolish to believe Thursday would be any different? And what does this say about the character of her husband, who is stringing her along?


Take this scenario about a surprise on the nightstand but replace it with the return of Jesus Christ, the establishment of the Kingdom of God, eternal life, and the fulfillment of years of exercised faith.


The Restored Church of God members are experiencing an empty nightstand every morning this week.



David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God did not express confidence that the Kingdom of God would arrive on Thursday morning during “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 416).”


Part 416 – January 21, 2023

@ 47:07 It is interesting that the goodman of the house [Matthew 24:43] is charged with telling the brethren…the hour and the watch when the thief would come. And so, I’ve told you that. Per Headquarters time, it's around 10 in the morning. Anytime from tomorrow morning, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and I guess if you’d say Thursday and no flight time to get out of trouble. It’s possible. It’s possible.


David C. Pack proves to the members of The Restore Church of God that he is NOT a goodman for the nth time. Not biblically. Not as the Pester General. He is not a goodman. By his fruits, you know him.


His piss-poor reading comprehension skills also butchered Matthew 24:43 and Luke 12:39. The verses say, “IF the goodman of the house had known…” not “the goodman tells the house to watch.”


You cannot believe what Dave tells you. Not when he quotes himself. Not when he presents math. He is not a goodman.


@ 1:02:07 I hope it’s tomorrow. I suspect it’s not. It’s okay if it’s Thursday. I suspect it’s not. We'll see which day it is. Check your clocks around the world per Jerusalem sunset. I think math has brought us what we've been waiting for a long time. Good night.


Did Dave just give God his approval if God wanted to do it on Thursday? “It’s okay…” That is an odd statement. What day would the arrival of The Kingdom of God not be okay?


He went from suspecting it was not Thursday to telling the members it could ONLY be Thursday.


On Monday night, a hideous block of text was posted in Member Services that intended to re-clarify the mess of Part 416.



Prophecy Update – January 23, 2023


No undisclosed points from Mr. Pack’s sermon notes remained applicable. Counting back 55 days from Abib 1—45 days followed by 10 more—is the only way to read the 1,335 days. With one more day to prepare, two more hours of proof could have been added to this math. You may wish to read Dan. 11:45 and 12:1 to realize how it states several times there are no days between the arrival of the 7th Head in Jerusalem and the 10 days of great tribulation. Reading Dan. 11:31-35 is also helpful. So is Rev. 12:12-14. And so is Matt. 24:15-21. The flight start is simultaneous with armies arriving, the abomination being set up and the great tribulation beginning. Note that speaking of the FLIGHT (vs. 16-20) is followed with “THEN shall be great tribulation.” No break in time! Thursday sunset in Jerusalem appears to be the ONLY time God’s math works! Abib 1 cannot change—nor can the length of 55 days before it!



The alphabet vomit begins with a real zinger.


No undisclosed points from Mr. Pack’s sermon notes remained applicable.”


This is pure comedy if you pause to soak it in. Read quickly past it, and you will miss the joke.


Dave forgot to present essential points from his notes on Saturday night, and he was so distraught that he made CAD issue a rushed message to tell the church more would come.


But, as with most ideas David C. Pack has, his thinking evolved.


Rust forms when iron is exposed to oxygen and time. Dave’s inspired knowledge does the same thing, rusting with a little bit of air and a little bit of time.


He probably felt like he dodged a bullet. It could have been embarrassing to present items that became irrelevant two days later. Oh, wait. I just described a majority of "The Greatest Unending Story!"


If the points did not “remain” applicable within 48 hours, they were never "applicable" in the first place. Where did those ideas come from? They absolutely did not come from the mind of God. I would love to see the hirelings at Headquarters try to debate that one. The answer is not on your shoes, fellas.



“…is the only way to read the 1,335 days.”


Dave slipped the 1335 back into the mix during Part 416 after removing it during Part 411.


Part 411 – December 24, 2022

@ 55:58 The 1335 is not what we are waiting for, and it's spectacular news for all of you to understand.


This was one week after he stated how important it was during Part 410.


Part 410 – December 17, 2022

@ 1:39:15 The 1335 has to be the coming of Christ and the starting of the seven years.


You can add the 1335 to the growing list of biblical items swooping back and forth in the Wacky World of RCG. David C. Pack is not a goodman.


Quoting accurate statements in a fair manner is perceived as an attack. Yeah, the antichrist using facts is the wicked one. Talk about bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.



“With one more day to prepare,

two more hours of proof could have been added to this math.”


Wait, is RCG trolling? This is pretty funny, too.


Within 48 hours, the math will again prove to be bunk even if he had 48 hours' worth of material.


There is no doubt David C. Pack can fill two hours. Hot air is not in short supply at Headquarters. The gears between Dave’s ears never stop churning. Talking a lot does not equate to knowledge. It does not equate to wisdom. It does not prove anything.


The “Greatest Unending Story!” is at Part 416 with over 700 hours of content across 7-plus years.


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God has proven: ZILCH. He is not a goodman.


Should it be shocking to even the All-Believing Zealots that his latest theory will fail tomorrow morning any less spectacularly than it did today, yesterday, Monday, and throw in Sunday for good measure?


Believing the bloated, long-winded words of David C. Pack is a fool’s errand.



Thursday sunset in Jerusalem

appears to be the ONLY time God’s math works!”


That is not what he said on Saturday.


Part 416 – January 21, 2023

@ 47:30 …I guess if you’d say Thursday...It’s possible. It’s possible.


@ 1:02:11 It’s okay if it’s Thursday. I suspect it’s not.


The stone-cold math from Part 416 was soft-serve, after all.


Numbers are equally as malleable as word definitions. Are we sure Dave is not a Reubenite? He keeps saying he is a Levite, but the guy is a walking illustration of “unstable as water.”


The mood on the third floor at Headquarters will be beyond cheery Thursday. Coffee Kid and Pepper Boy should avoid making supper plans with their wives because it will be a long night.



Monday, January 23 @ 10:04 AM ET



Tuesday, January 24 @ 10:05 AM ET



Wednesday, January 25 @ 10:06 AM ET



Thursday, January 26 @ 10:07 AM ET

Impending fail.


Anything he ever says.

Perpetual fail.


Boy, that “February 10 / 40-day” business is really starting to look pretty good to Dave again right about now.


There is a reasonable and natural limit to all things.


Is it reasonable to see that David C. Pack has no biblical credibility?


It is natural to understand that God is not using him to teach any of this?


There is a reasonable and natural limit to all things except when it comes to David C. Pack.


The brethren are urged to continue to be patient, trusting a man who proves you cannot believe him.


He is not mentioned throughout the Bible. He is not fulfilling prophecy. He is not revealing the Mystery of God. He is not Elijah-Elect. He is not an apostle.


Brethren, it is time to anoint your eyes again.


David C. Pack is not a goodman. Never was. Never will be.


Marc Cebrian

See: Not a Goodman


Jim said...

Yep, Thursday sunset Jerusalem time. That’s it for sure.

Anonymous said...

Dave, could you skip parts 418 to 665 and go straight to part 666? You're getting boring. (Thanks Marc for the sit down comedy).

Anonymous said...

God's math? Now if that math does not come about is God bad at math? Thank God He is merciful but I think sometimes we humans can push a little too much against God to our own demise especially when those that receive the greater condemnation blame God for one's own failures.

DW said...

Very well said Anon @1:13. I think that most of these cog leaders do NOT realize Who they are supposedly speaking for. Who they are blaspheming, in actuality. They dare, dare on an almost daily basis to presume a whole host of things about God that go far beyond what is revealed in Scripture. Or, just as bad, they misunderstand what Scripture is saying and to whom it applies. This is a very clear lesson for all to learn in the exceedingly dangerous habit of proof texting your way through the Bible. If you want to deceive yourself, go for it, but you are misleading every one of your members and will be held accountable. If you do not have your theological and doctrinal ducks in a row, don't take others with you to eternal doom just because you feel "led by God to preach". Given the history of the COGs, it is far more likely that you just want to be "a somebody" like your idol, HWA.

By the way, Dave. If you are a Levitical priest, where is your temple, ephod, animals to be sacrificed, etc? Why would you believe yourself to be a christian and priest of the Most High God, from the order of Levi when Jesus is a Priest forever, after the order of Melchizedek? News flash Dave........the priesthood CHANGED!! After the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, the priesthood CHANGED. Hebrews 7:11 "If,then, perfection had been achieved through the Levitical priesthood (on the basis of which the people received the law), what need would there have been to appoint a priest according to the order of Melchizedek, instead of choosing a priest according to the order of Aaron? When there is a change of priesthood, there is, by necessity, a change of law". Read the ENTIRE Book of Hebrews, in context Dave. You are making a fool of yourself in so many ways!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice that Dave is starting to look like one of Basil or Monte Wolverton's cartoon characters? Kind of getting in sync with his behavior, you understand.

Anonymous said...

The book of Daniel and many other books were back-dated. Fake prophecy. No wonder Davis is totally lost.

Jewish professor says Judaism is a much more recent invention than one would think.

Anonymous said...

It (he)is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside and enigma. -Sir Winston Churchill. A prophecy of the pester general of the RCG.

Tonto said...

Fourth Down ... Time to Punt!

Anonymous said...

What started Dave down this road of nonsense?