Thursday, January 26, 2023

People of The Restored Church of God: Please Consider...


Please Consider


Four David C. Pack prophetic failures have occurred this week, with a fifth to occur tonight at 11:35 PM. No matter what sunrise or sunset is in Jerusalem, the disappointments for The Restored Church of God shall continue because the Pastor General is not a goodman.



Please Consider:


God is about to culminate His plan that has been in motion before the Garden. This plan included His Son coming to earth in the flesh to die horribly on a stake so that mankind could have a Savior. God and Jesus Christ waited another two thousand years to get to the next few hours.


David C. Pack gives up a world-class swimming career to attend the unaccredited educational institute, Ambassador College of The Worldwide Church of God.


Due to apostasy and then church corruption, David C. Pack established The Restored Church of God in 1999. This house will be where the truths revealed by Herbert W. Armstrong will be preserved and taught until Jesus Christ returns. Without compromise. That is a promise.


Well, until 95% of that understanding needs to be snatched from the dead man’s clutches. This is by grand design, so just accept it.


David C. Pack was divinely inspired in 2005 to understand he is an apostle. Not only that but Joshua, the High Priest of Zechariah 3. As if being mentioned in the Bible once was not enough, this same man is also Elijah the Prophet of Malachi 4. A type of John the Baptist. The Seventh Angel of Revelation. A type of John in Revelation. A type of Ezekiel measuring the temple. He is the righteous from the east. He is the faithful priest. He is the twig. He is the man in linen talking with Daniel. He is David. He is a type of Moses.


Jesus Christ is not That Prophet. David C. Pack is.


David C. Pack is all of those biblical figures because it was revealed to him that it was so.


His speaking fulfills prophecy dozens of times. He reveals the Man of Sin a few times. He unseals Daniel a few times. He unseals Revelation despite John being told not to seal it.


The man possesses no fear of God when he adds to and takes away from the words of the Bible because it is revealed to him that he has the authority to do so. Definitions bend to his will. Numbers are readily manipulated with verbal magic turning lead into prophetic gold through arcane alchemy.


"The Greatest Untold Story!" is required for salvation. The 416-plus epic reveals the Mystery of God in a definitive way using inarguable proofs laid out in a way impossible to misunderstand with metrics that break if another year passes, which utilize stone-cold mathematics.


The coming of the Kingdom of God is the next most-significant occurrence in human existence. The Father knows when this will occur, and He cannot let it fail. David C. Pack is charged with teaching these hidden truths accurately. The Kingdom of God cannot come until His chosen servant correctly prepares God’s people. 


Everything in Creation had led to a specific day: Shevat 4. That is today. January 26, 2023.


Today, the 45-day Kingdom of God begins, followed by a 10-day Tribulation that ends on March 22, 2023. That day is Abib 1, when the Day of the Lord starts, precisely 55 days from today.


God needs this to come together in perfect harmony with all the scriptures so His Word is not broken.



And yet:


God does not give David C. Pack an utterance for certainty’s sake. God removes His servant’s dunamis and never allows him to show any signs of an apostle. He blinded the man instead. God played a few ruses along the path just to see who would leave and who would stay.


David C. Pack confessed to speaking presumptuously. Early parts of the Series have been permanently removed from the Sermon Library in Member Services due to the rampant errors and their “uninspired” nature. God allowed His apostle to set false dates by tricking him into seeing patterns in the Bible that were never there. God inspired David C. Pack to spend hours studying, preparing, and delivering knowingly-fraudulent teachings. By grand design, so just accept it.


His servant claims, “On God’s authority…” on matters later proven false. His servant sometimes thinks he is Elijah the Prophet, but at other times, he will be raised as Elijah in the future. David C. Pack is telling, not foretelling. He is prophesying but understood only as “inspired preaching” once the office of prophet is demystified.


The words of God’s chosen vessel are so contradictory and error-filled the Bible needs to be ignored just to tolerate him. He has proven to not be a man of his word. He cannot be trusted, even when he quotes himself. Fact-checking and dictionaries are thorns in the flesh for David C. Pack. He has been caught lying, fabricating, and embellishing. He has a proven record of not being faithful with even the little things. As the Bible describes, he is the antithesis of a faithful preacher of righteousness.


During this process, the faithful sheep are left distraught and confused. Some to the point they quit and give up everything. The cowards at Headquarters dare not leave the 99 remaining because it was only one stupid weakling who wandered off that was probably a tare anyhow.


Let the devil have them. When the Lake of Fire appears, they will be sorry because David C. Pack will be proven right. This is the plan of God in motion.



And yet:


The brethren of the Restored Church of God must continue to believe Pastor General David C. Pack no matter how many failures and proven falsehoods are laid at his feet.


He surrounds himself with the weakest, most compromising men he could possibly find. These hirelings care not for the sheep but love their ceiled houses increased with goods, who have need of nothing. They are enablers that support the system of deceit for their own gain.


This is The Restored Church of God.


Is David C. Pack the man God has chosen?


Does David C. Pack speak with God’s authority?


Is this the way God always intended His plan to be carried out?


Does any of this sound like the God of the Bible?


If it is all true, is this a God you want to worship and spend eternity with?


And be like?


Or David C. Pack is just a man more lost than anyone in The Restored Church of God.



David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God is not an apostle. He is not Elijah. He is not a goodman.


If this were Old Testament times, he would be asleep under a pile of rocks. Do not stone him, but pray he repents. And think about not giving him any more of your money.


Following his teachings are chasing after mirages in the desert. Your thirst only increases, and when you get there, you find barren sand because he has already moved on to the next distant hill.


The man tells you everything you need to hear to know if he is true or not. Listen to him closely. Pay attention to his words. Did the Kingdom of God arrive today?


People of The Restored Church of God: Please Consider.

Marc Cebrian

See: Please Consider









DW said...

Hey Dave-it's 10 pm. Do you know where your Savior is?

You may need to be over 40 and from the NYC area to get that, but I kept thinking about it today, knowing Dave's jesus would be a no show again.

Find another hobby Dave. Anything having to do with the Bible or God is not your strong suit. How about retirement?

I have also been wondering what was going on in his life when all this nonsense started 7 years ago? Was there some trigger that got him off on this wild tangent? A life crisis? A stroke? Something had to have caused him to go so far off course that his present location cannot even be located by GPS, but what?

Anonymous said...

When all this nonsense started? I think it was when he preached that the God of the old testament was the father and not the one that manifested himself in the flesh as Jesus Christ. Marc called it the church of another god. And so that other god is leading him by the nose into a noose.

Anonymous said...

God is giving the people of RCG more time to be beaten by their shepard because he was never there to begin with.

Anonymous said...

I only have one question. Would a man sent by God be so wrong, so many times in his prophetic utterances? When I say wrong, I mean 100% of the time, every time, all the time? Kinda simple. End of story. How do his "followers" explain this?

Anonymous said...

14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

II Corinthians 11:14-15

Anonymous said...

They are just not going to stand up and leave the obvious fraud, because that's not how brainwashed culties roll. He's got them, firmly, the gutless bogus ministry he's set up as well as the rank and file members. This is going to go on and on and on and on, and we are going to helplessly read about his people sticking around in spite of his continued failures until someone stops publishing them, or until Dave dies, or we die. So get used to it. These people are beyond help, just as all the other culties. I know, A mystery. We left Armstrongism. How can that be? How did we escape while these people can't? But then, is it really such a mystery? Some people quit smoking, and others never can. Some people escape abusive relationships, while others never do. Some get clean and sober, while others are seemingly condemned to a life of enslavement to drugs and alcohol.

Addictions come in many forms. Some apparently have a perverse need for someone in their lives who lies to them, steals from them, and abuses them.

Anonymous said...

Some of them want to use you, some of them want to get used by you, Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want be abused,... I've traveled the world and the 7 seas, everybody is looking for something. Eurythmics

Anonymous said...

The Elephant in the RCG Room regarding David C Pack

Delusional thinking and beliefs with religious content:

psychosis a severe mental disorder in which thought, and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality:

A delusion is where a person has an unshakeable belief in something untrue.

A person with grandiose delusions may believe they have power or authority.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where his current wife stands on all of this?

Zippo said...

From the revised RCG hymnal, "Even the foolishness of Dave, wiser by far than we are..."

Anonymous said...

I'm not even part of RCG, and I'm sick and tired of this guy.

Anonymous said...

Come spring in never never land they can hold hands tip toeing through the Tulips together.

Anonymous said...

The ACOGs define the mark of the beast as keeping the wrong day as the Sabbath. But it's more broad than that. It's bending the knee to what's clearly condemned in the bible. Ministers who lord it over the brethren even though they know that Christ condemned this, are guilty of having the mark of the beast. This applies to the many other moral compromises that are part of Armstrongism. Those who speak HWAs name or the word 'church' in reverential tones are guilty of this. As are those who keep attending the RCG.
The RCG is the Mark of the beast church of God.

Anonymous said...

The beast is a symbol for badness. Having the mark of the beast involves being predominantly on the side of badness. Badness and goodness occur in nature in degrees or percentages. We have all seen many people who keep Sunday whose overall thrust of life has been towards goodness. We've also witnessed people who teach and keep the seventh day sabbath who abuse and exploit people, and prevent them from growing and learning as individuals.

The sabbath is not some sort of magical whitewashing tool that excuses all of ones badness or indiscretions. Sunday keeping is not something which invalidates all the goodness in ones life and makes one worthy of tar and feathering. The mark of the beast has to be something deeper, much more comprehensive than a day. Armstrongism has always been overly simplistic, a dummying down accompanied by willful tunnel vision. The ACOGs use the sabbath as a kind of a countermark. Many other qualities and behavior patterns would need to be attached to that for it to be such. Plainly, those things are missing from Armstrongism. We experienced that.

Anonymous said...

all I can say is the unending church of fraud and how do the members stay with such lunacy?