Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Updated: LCG: Why are you jostling for postions and seeking to be noticed? None of us in the ministry ever did this!


Shame on LCG members for jostling for positions and seeking to be noticed. Shame on you! You dare to do this when NONE of the ministry and leadership have EVER done this! Shame on you!

As usual, in LCGland, it is the members getting called out for this instead of the leadership. Church members are weak and immature and are prone to do this while church leadership and the ministry are enlightened and incapable of ever doing this.

UPDATE: As many have noticed...this is a perfect description of Bob Thiel and his activities that led to his hissyfit in leaving the Living Church of God to form his own church. Bob demanded that he be acknowledged and acclaimed as a prophet of the church. Rod Meredith refused and the rest is history. There is not a humble bone in Bob's body. It is always about him. LCG members realized that early on and that's why he irritated so many of them and why none of them left to join him when he apostatized. Even the Apartians understood the self-centeredness of Bob, particularly Mrs. Apartian.

What Really Motivates You? In today’s world, many are motivated by a personal quest for position, power, prestige, pleasure—or a paycheck. However, the failure to be acknowledged or acclaimed can be hard to deal with. At times, this can spill over into the Church and local congregations when individuals jostle for positions and seek to be noticed. Yet, Jesus rebuked religious leaders in His day for seeking prominent positions and public recognition (Matthew 23:1–12). In place of self- seeking motives, Jesus emphasized the importance of genuine humble service: “whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant” (Matthew 20:26). The Apostles Paul and Peter urged Christians to avoid self-seeking motives and focus instead on looking for ways to serve other people (1 Timothy 6:3–5; 1 Peter 5:1–4). As we eliminate selfish motives and develop the genuine humility to serve others that Jesus exhibited, God can use us more effectively as instruments in His hands (Philippians 2:3–12).
Have a profitable Sabbath, Douglas S. Winnail


TLA said...

"As we eliminate selfish motives and develop the genuine humility to serve others that Jesus exhibited, God can use us more effectively as instruments in His hands"
Does this mean LCG is scrapping their useless TV spending to build hospitals and help the poor?

Anonymous said...

Matthew 20:26 "whoever DESIRES TO BE GREAT AMONG YOU, let him be your servant.
Christ did not condemn people wanting to be great. It's a natural desire. But in the eyes of Pharisaic Christianity it is "selfish and self seeking." The Pharisees problem wasn't what they desired, but rather their unwillingness to pay the legitimate price required.
This article is another example of the fact that the greatest taboo on the face of the planet is self love. Self love is in fact commanded with Christ's command to "love your neighbor AS YOURSELF." Condemning self interest and self profit is nothing more than rule rigging by greedy malignant narcissists who want everything for themselves. The what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine.
In this article, Douglas S. Winnail is speaking with a forked tongue.

Tonto said...

Self seeking and jostling ALWAYS occurs in any organization that practices a HIERARCHICAL type of structure.

In reality, the churches should ENCOURAGE anyone who wants to "be in charge" to go out and start a new thing, with recruiting bran new people, and then encourage the process to continue over and over again.

Oh wait a minute!... this could mean a loss of power and money for the parent group! And for this reason, it is why you will never see such an enlightened approach in the TOP/DOWN orgs. Instead , a competition by all to a smaller and smaller hilltop, the closer you get to it. It is a sort of "ponzi scheme".

Ronco said...

Poor Dr Bob- the only meaningful attention he gets is on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Bob deserves every bit of ridicule we give him here.

Anonymous said...

This comment is one of the most spot on things you could say about LCG!!

DW said...

I was going to say this article is one of the most spot on ever written about our favorite little flower girl, and should have been mailed directly to him! I see many had the same thought; this is ALL ABOUT Bob, without ever mentioning his name.

I would hate to live under the same roof as little Bob. I would be exhausted and out of false compliments before lunch.

NO2HWA said...

Bob tries to fantasize that Dibar Apartian was 100% on his side and acknowledged him as a prophet. Apartian did no such thing and when Bob says he did, he is lying to us. You can read in Rod Meredith's letter to Bob where he tells Bob this:

"Then, in your paper, you go on to describe your meeting with me in Panama City and later with Dibar Apartian who, you say, “believed” then that God had a top prophetic role for Bob Thiel. However, all of us who knew Mr. Apartian at that time and have talked to him many times about these matters know that Mr. Apartian did not think of you as a prophet. You can easily ascertain that by talking to Mrs. Apartian, Mr. Ames, Dr. Winnail and all of us. Bob, since you have this powerful feeling of “greatness” you often “read into” what anyone says. This kind of idea of you being a prophet that is pounding away in the back of your mind is once again causing you to twist your own memory of what is said by others."

Anonymous said...

Why, because we want to be like Thiel, Munson, R. McNair, Bryce etc.

Trooisto said...

Another propaganda booster from dangerous Doug Winnail.
I do give Doug some credit for mentioning Jesus and encouraging people to be like Jesus.
Unfortunately, in COG-speak, this is just indoctrination meant to keep the people subservient to the ministry.
Doug’s introspection is as lacking as his theology.
Lucky for Doug, the loyalists won’t read this piece and call to mind Doug’s own political dirty deeds and the whole evil den of vipers Spanky spawned.