Saturday, April 13, 2024

Stepping Away From The Church - Going to Hell Together


David Archuleta says this song based off what my mom told me a few days after I said I was stepping away from our church. She said she was going to step away too and then said, “If you’re going to hell, we’re all going to hell with you.” While we didn’t look at hell as many people do as Latter-day Saints at the time, and even now my transition out of religion has shifted the idea as a whole for me, I understood the sentiment she meant in what she said, and it meant a lot to me. Thank you for always loving and supporting me mom. ❤️ This song is dedicated to those who show unconditional love in a world where it’s so easy to judge things we don’t fully understand, the way my mom showed that love to me.

This is how many in Armstrongism feel when they first decide to step away from the system they were abused under or have come to realize how way off-base it was theologically. It takes courage to make that first tremendous leap to freedom. Oh, how awesome it is!

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RCG "Underground" R.R. timetable said...

Well it's only 193 miles from Wadsworth, OH to Hell, MI

up near Chelsea & Ann Arbor       hmm-mm also just past South Lyon

Shared route
From Wadsworth, Ohio 44281 to Hell via US-23 N.

3 hr 24 min (193 mi)
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Anonymous said...

Gary is a liar and a retard who enjoys reading these comments. They make him laugh. So he says. In reality, his tiny head explodes.

Backfire Bomber said...

The immaturity po pos are most definitely going to get me for this, 12:31, but this is what I think of your comments: šŸæšŸ’Ø

Anonymous said...

Israel's attack on Iran's embassy was an act of war. Iran has the right to retaliate. Most Western media will take Iran's retaliation out of context.

NO2HWA said...

4:57... This is only one of the many the little feminazi has sent today. This one is mild and funny at the same time. I Let this one through to show what happens when someone gets drunk while chocking-his-chicken (once he puts down the magnifying glass) in mommy's basement.

Anonymous said...

NO2HWA @ 5:23:00 PM PDT

Well that is harsh, lol.

Seriously, regular commentators here can only imagine the cr*p you have had to put up with over the years with this blog.
I would have given up ages ago. Well done you.
Don’t let this nonsense put you off.
It’s blogposts like this that are a real thorn in Armstrongism and expose it for what it is and its tentacles (daughter churches) for who they are.

NO2HWA said...

7:18. Thanks

I find it all rather humorous. He thinks he is bothering me or intimidating me. He's not. He is a closet Nazi, idolizes Hitler, denies the holocaust ever happened, is an antisemite ( the recent news really pops his little cherry, particularly today). I've had other church leaders call down curses upon me, including having my insides eaten out by cancer so that I die on Passover. Some of this guys followers threatened to come to Los Angeles to kill me with a sword. Blood sacrifice was their modus operandi. His little band of followers was going to help usher in the return of Christ by killing all COG apostates by slicing off their heads or gouging out their intestines. I offered to meet one of them at LAX and pick him up to do his deed and just like our resident feminazi, he was all bark and no bite. Fun times!

Anonymous said...

The bozos calling down the cancer curses ought to be the ones reading Bob's big "love" article.

Anonymous said...

These people who make the threats are usually too dumb to consider the possibility that those they threaten might be Second Amendment enthusiasts, or have any of a number of martial arts skills, or military background. Someone who is really dangerous does not threaten because they know that that kills the element of surprise.

It's pretty damned sad when a computer keyboard becomes an imaginary penis extension!

RSK said...

Don't forget the guy who said his cult leader (honestly I forget who now) was going to call down fire on ya, Gary.

NO2HWA said...

Do you mean Neville Stevens Zion Ministry?

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is that doing violence to others, even enemies, has always been against traditional Armstrong teachings. It's why we didn't get to serve our country in the military, work in law enforcement, participate in such sports as boxing, or play tackle football. So, these people making the threats want us to believe that they are so devout, so righteous in their faith, that they would actually use physical violence against someone with different opinions? That, to me, epitomizes a hypocrite. It's someone who is either failing one of their own tests, or was always mentally unstable and joined up with Armstrongism seeking healing. We all know that there were plenty of people who did that. It was a sick church, and I don't mean sick like the kids use it these days.

Holocaust denial, antisemitism, and anything deeper than the subtle British Israel type racism we were taught and embraced have never been tenets of Armstrongism. I don't know where these things are even coming from in church members. Years ago, and we may be dealing with the same guy, there was someone on another COG-related blog who was expressing the same abhorent views. He was cautioned by the moderator. I created some characters, one ACOG-church lady from the St. Louis area who got sick of being abused by her white husband, and one night went out to the bar, and found herself a compassionate black man, who became her new boyfriend. The holocaust denier couldn't resist making some very crude comments. So, I did some more thinking and created the boyfriend, and began posting some measured responses, defenses, and explanations as the boyfriend. The šŸ’©racist called "me" the N-word, got permanently banned from the blog, and I disappeared the characters which I had created. I have to admit that I had a really good laugh over that one. I really got him good! There is a good, right and proper use of cancel culture, and that's a sterling example. I wonder if he actually made some trips to St. Louis looking for my cybercharacters.

RSK said...

I want to say it was actually Weinland? Couldve been Pack though. We had some ardent Pack adorers here at the time.

NO2HWA said...

I forget about Ronnie's threats. Empty and useless as he is as a prophet.

Anonymous said...

Is "Ronnie" possibly Ron Weinland?

(there are certainly plenty o' Ronnies though, i.e. BBC1's "The Two Ronnies") et al