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Dave Pack: The Butterfly Defect


The Butterfly Defect 

Most sane people would decide to change their vocation after failing miserably for over twelve years. But not David C. Pack. The Kingdom to Israel did not arrive on May 8, 2024. It did not arrive on April 21. It did not arrive on April 8. Repeat that exercise until you travel back to August 30, 2013. Nothing David C. Pack has ever preached has happened. Not a single thing.

The Pastor General of The Restored Church of God fulfills the biblical definitions of a false prophet, false teacher, and false apostle. Yet, about 1,200 people on the planet still believe he deserves a paycheck funded from their labors. The brethren produce income to pay a prophetic fraud to produce nothing. They only have themselves to blame.

David C. Pack self-appointed himself an apostle, Joshua the High Priest, Elijah the Prophet, the Branch, the Messenger of the Covenant, the Faithful Priest, the Goodman of the House, and the Seventh Angel. Yet, cannot do anything right.

He is either a Jew descended from ancient King David or a Levite, depending upon his desired context. He is either Elijah the Prophet now or will be soon, depending on his desired context. He is either prophesying or only teaching, depending upon his desired context. He is either fulfilling prophecy or not fulfilling prophecy depending upon his desired context.

James 1:8
A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.

How does one embody this more perfectly than David C. Pack?


The only reliable thing about David C. Pack is that he is unreliable. Let the man speak for himself.

Part 512 – May 11, 2024
@ 00:11 Well, I didn’t keep my promise. I said I would be no more messages, but here we are.

The documented oath-breaker admits in his introductory words that nobody should believe anything he says. Iyar 1 failed to produce any of the hysteria he said would befall the world. His denial is so pure he did not mention Iyar 1 or the Kingdom no-show three days prior during Part 512.

If he does not mention something, it means it did not occur. If David C. Pack does not admit to failing, then David C. Pack did not fail. “Ignoring a problem makes it go away” is an essential RCG survival tactic.

The members of The Restored Church of God must be so accustomed to letting his words slip in and out of their short-term memory that it does not bother them when his opening ten seconds invalidates 92 minutes from Part 511.

During Part 512, Dave “undid” all of these statements from seven days prior.

Part 511 – May 4, 2024
@ 16:45 But, we’re we’re more on track than you might think.

@ 17:04 After I cover this subject, there's only one more to cover, and then we're done tonight. 'Cause this is the last message of the Series. And that's for sure.

@ 43:46 Now, it's so easy to understand. So easy to understand when the Kingdom of God comes. Of course, it’s the thousand years.

@ 1:08:02 I thought, “It’s Sivan 1.” ‘Cause I’m sitting here all the while thinking, “But, Father, I’m done with the Series. If this if the Series is supposta go right up to the Kingdom, what’s gonna happen ‘cause I’m telling you, this is the last message. I don’t have anything else to say. So, I could give you many, many more indicators of Sivan 1.

David C. Pack’s prayer was answered in 3…2…1…

@ 1:16:57 If I were you, I’d pray I got this all wrong and that we’re gonna have a quiet month of Iyar and wait till Sivan.

With a splash of unrelated victimhood in 3…2…1…

@ 1:17:03 That’d be fine with me ‘cause I’m in the crosshairs more than anybody.

But the Series is over. So, there is some comfort in that.

@ 1:30:57 I won’t revisit this plan. If we had to go on somehow, I won’t revisit the plan. If time went on, I’d allude to it in terms uh in in sermons and so forth about other subjects.

@ 1:31:12 But, the but but the or my ultra-marathon is over. 512 Parts and 930 hours are over. It’s over. There’s nothing else to tell you. 

@ 1:31:30 If we somehow got beyond May 8th, which doesn't seem possible, then wait through Iyar, hoping it is less than a month. Because the only picture I see is hell and had Habakkuk shrieking and crying that God would intervene.


David C. Pack and the cowardly hirelings at Headquarters hope that none of the brethren remember those words from a week ago. Why focus on the past when they have such incredible knowledge to be spewed on them this week?

Part 512 – May 11, 2024
@ 1:14:32 I’m not prophesying now. Nobody’ll ever get me to say that. I’m not. I’m teaching. But I’m teaching things no one ever saw.

Dave will eventually get himself to say that.

If history is our guide, no one ever saw it because it was never there in the first place. As an unordained non-prophet/non-psychic, I predict much of Part 512 will be undone in Part 513 because that has been the “grand pattern” of “The Greatest Unending Story!”

Now that RCG has established God's Spirit moves people through discomfort and inspires suspicion, which is proof of God's guidance, another fruit from the head of David C. Pack is misery.

@ 1:18:40 But people wanna throw stones sometimes at Mr. Pack can’t figure [chuckles] all of this out. I mean, I I get deeply frustrated with myself. I never get frustrated with God, but it just I thought, you know, maybe it would be good if we just went really deeply into how difficult some of this is so you could be just as periodically miserable as I am. I I mean, misery loves company. This some of this is hard.

God has a final end-time messenger who has all His authority to preach to His people, thus ending the Mystery of God. If prophecy is to be fulfilled by one chosen man, why does Dave’s god make everything so dang hard? Why do the words on the pages keep moving around? Why do verses fall out and back into the Bible? How come words mean something specific one day and then something else vague another day?

Because David C. Pack is stuck in a prophetic dismal swamp of his own making.


Proof that David C. Pack lives in a dark, sealed box sequestered away on The Restored Church of God Campus in 3…2…1…

@ 00:23 How many of you’ve heard of the what’s called “the butterfly effect?” [raised hands] Okay, you all have. I had actually not heard of it until recently. It was coined by a meteorologist named Edward Lorenz. …Discovered in the 1960s that tiny butterfly-scale changes to the starting point of his computer weather models (I’m reading the quote) resulted in anything from sunny skies to violent storms.

The moment Dave said this, 
it was obvious where he was headed. He found a tiny little whatever in the Bible and would blow it far out of proportion to excuse himself for botching the past six months. Oh boy, was that the strategy.

@ 02:15 Prophetically, what if two facts emerged that altered a host of other facts? Maybe we'll call it "Uh, Two Butterflies." What if they were so big I had to speak to all that they impacted after I’d so recently said we’re done?

Your human idol did not make a mistake, brethren. “Two facts emerged” that necessitated catastrophic cascading adjustments to the prophetic picture just when they thought it was so clear and easy.

Dave’s god has tricked him into playing a never-ending game of Biblical Jenga. The unstable tower of prophetic fantasies is constantly teetering on the verge of collapse, swayed about by every wind of doctrine and tossed to and fro that can only be stabilized by persistent denial and generous portions of uncomfortable sleeplessness.

Behold the legacy of “The Greatest Untold Story!” Who could have imagined so much needed to change because of a single word? Well, David C. Pack needed to find something special and, after much desperation, found his means of escape. His favorite whipping boys were called to the carpet again.

@ 03:30 First, perhaps our last big mistranslation came clear. I began to be suspicious because of some other things, and this mistranslation became a fact that alone altered not everything, but in [chuckles] it’s almost close.

Much to Dave's chagrin and secret delight, the word "also" is not in the Hebrew in Zechariah 11:8. He makes a big deal about how it changes so much when removing the word does not change anything. It does not change the meaning or context. The only thing different is how David C. Pack's astonishingly dreadful piss-poor reading comprehension skills comprehend the verse.

The implication is that "also” is not there; therefore, it would never be Iyar.

How the yellow-spine mollusks at Headquarters do not turn beet red with shame during Sabbath Services is a living testament to their resolve to accept anything their Pastor General says no matter how unsound and asinine. Your Pope is infallible, after all. Right, Ed?


During Part 512, David C. Pack is the classic David C. Pack.

Basking in the ejaculatory ecstasy of his premature glory, Dave proclaims the illusion of assured divine knowledge without being bogged down by providing a shred of actual proof.

Remember, only fools trust the words of David C. Pack. He said so himself.

@ 00:11 Well, I didn’t keep my promise. I said I would be no more messages, but here we are.

That same unreliable narrator foretells a biblical chimera inflated with firm-fingered speculation and supported by because-I-say-so theology.

David C. Pack knows when the Kingdom to Israel will arrive.
But he will not tell anyone.

@ 07:04 What is what is the Seven Year Kingdom of “those days?” You’ve heard that term many times. What is it? Now, this gonna surprise you, and I don't mean to be cute after we've wrestled for a long, long time with this. But I know when the Seven-Year Kingdom begins. The very day. Absolutely. I know it. So do a few ministers who know what I do. Except, I gave them about 15 proofs. And I’ve got 50. I’ve got 50 proofs of when this happens.

Any list David C. Pack, Coffee Kid, and Pepper Boy create in the Third Floor Executive Imaginarium would prove more useful if they were written on toilet paper. That is one of the ways the brethren's money is being spent. Dave and his assistants are sitting around perpetually, writing down pointless lists.

@ 07:50 I absolutely know and know that I know and know that I know that I know. And those men, with a third of a maybe about 30% of what I know, said, “Open and shut.” In fact, some of them are so powerful that they could almost be enough by themself.

He absolutely knows but does not tell the members.

The Power of Presumption is alive and well at Headquarters. His emphatic convictions betray the reality of his perfect failure three days earlier when nothing biblical happened on May 8, 2024. To hear the man preach absolutes with such passion, you might think he was unaware Iyar 1 came and went without a peep.

@ 08:33 But, I can tell ya it’s 2024. I can [laughs] I know that.

Dave does not get specific but tells them it is this year. Then, he waits 90 minutes to dash any more of their hopes.

@ 1:39:59 I’ll just tell you this. The Kingdom date is not immediate.

This gives Dave a lot more breathing room to drag things out. More members cannot quit in a huff after a failed date if there is no failed date for Dave to preemptively adjust to huff about.

@ 1:24:30 If God wants me to, I’ll tell you the day it comes, this First Kingdom. ‘Cause I know absolutely as certain as I know my own name.

David Passover is certain about his own name. Take that with a grain of salt.

@ 1:40:14 But, I’m just gonna say this much because I feel duty bound since I I–I’ll just say one last time and and nobody gonna get it out of me. I know the date this comes. It’s impossible that it’s wrong. Impossible.

Raising your hand in that moment to ask, “As impossible as Iyar 1?” is the fast way out the door.

Know this for sure: It is impossible for him to be right.

David C. Pack is a biblical fraud. The man is a hypocritical blaspheming liar. He will never be correct about any date. The Holy Spirit does not inspire him to teach this. God will not use him to provide any accurate prophetic knowledge. THAT is impossible.

@ 1:41:57 If God wants me to tell you the date, and I'll tell you why, I'm not so sure of that. If He wants me to, I'll tell you. If He doesn’t—and I have my reasons.

David C. Pack has absolutely no idea what God wants. Zero. Nada. If Dave cannot discern the actual picture from the pages of the Bible or correctly interpret his discomfort, how could he possibly know when his god wants ANYTHING from him? He has bumped his head against the wall for over seven years, constantly bumbling in the dark, but now he would know when his god wants XYZ? Good luck, dude.

@ 1:42:38 So, Godspeed the the day I know about [laughs], and if I sound like I'm teasing you, I partly am. But, I just cannot tell you yet. I’m not gonna do it. Always did in the past. You must know something’s up that Mr. Pack is not doin’ it this time. He’s he’s breaking with tradition.

Believe it: Dave will spill the beans on this. No doubt about that. Maybe even today during Part 513. He declared before what he "wasn't gonna do" and then practically pissed himself with excitement to blurt it out. This latest impossible-to-be-wrong date will not remain a secret for long. And will prove to be wrong.

@ 1:42:58 I always told you when I had the wrong date. Now, I know I've got the right one, but I’m not gonna do it.

Oh, yes, he will. He will do it sooner than you think.


David C. Pack cannot preach, teach, or utter any date other than the wrong ones. History and the Bible guarantee that. Rest easy, everyone. Do not fear this man or his feeble, empty words. In the world of David C. Pack, the sky is always falling.

@ 1:42:21 …as good as that is, it’s raging hell and ends in death for many of the saints, and half of 'em fall away and of those half, that that that that don't fall away, they hafta get killed.

@ 1:40:30 But, I’m just gonna tell ya the world will continue a while. You’re gonna hafta watch it.

@ 1:41:28 And the collapse of society. It’s gonna go a little while longer.

David C. Pack Newsflash: The world will continue for a little while. Nobody shocked.

David C. Pack is a know-nothing know-it-all. He preaches the same malarkey week after week for years and still expects the brain-dead among the members to get excited. That is a mental illness realized.

@ 1:34:21 If you don’t find yourself mumbling about this and talking in your sleep, then it was lost on you. This some of the most amazing understanding I ever heard. I mean, a week ago, I said we're done. Well, now you know we're not. We’re not even done today.

For those who may assumed David C. Pack has an ice-cold heart, witness his profound forgiveness. For himself.

@ 1:22:00 But, lemme just say that I can be forgiven, and you can, too, for believing this [Seven-Year Kingdom] is the Kingdom of God because it sure does look like it. It sure mimics the Kingdom of God in every way I always thought it would be, plus a bunch more. That oughta at least have you excited what whatever it is.

Should they be more or less excited than they were about Iyar 1 on Wednesday, May 8? How about being as excited about Abib 15 or Abib 1? What excitement level should sane, rational people keep experiencing since David C. Pack’s first prophetic failure on August 30, 2013?

Maybe Jaco Viljoen can write another hastily written email to explain that.


David C. Pack never heard of the Butterfly Effect until he needed to. His entire Prophetic Jenga construct centered on Iyar 1 came toppling down because he never realized “also” was not in Zechariah 11:8. As if that word mattered.

We can all learn from his lesson because little things carry big implications.

David C. Pack’s real Butterfly Defect is that on August 30, 2013, when Jesus Christ did not return to Wadsworth, Ohio, to center the Kingdom of God on The Restored Church of God Campus so that the members could be blessed with exousia to preach the true Gospel to the entire world, David C. Pack became a false prophet.

That tiny detail created massive ripple effects, turning calm biblical weather into a raging, destructive hurricane of blasphemy, causing personal devastation unto this day. What once appeared to be a beautiful butterfly of divine knowledge handed down to God’s people at the time of the end became a dead husk of spiritual corruption caught in a spider’s web of deceit and manipulation.

The Restored Church of God is spiritually bankrupt, devoid of love, and a haven for wicked arrogance.

David C. Pack’s Butterfly Defect forbids him from ever being right.

Marc Cebrian


Byker Bob said...

Dave is like the old kids' playground joke! Pete and Repeat were in a boat. Pete fell out. Who was left?


The W.A. said...

Mr. Pack needs to attend a Promise Keepers conference. ASAP.

Ronco said...

"Most sane people would decide to change their vocation after failing miserably for over twelve years... Yet, about 1,200 people on the planet still believe he deserves a paycheck funded from their labors."

I'm not sure you can call it a miserable failure when you consider the 'money for nothing' that's still coming in.

As for the 1200, shame on them!

Anonymous said...

Assuming an average income of $60,000 then cutting it back to say $30,000 as not all members would be working then he's still pulling in about $3.5. million a year.

DennisCDiehl said...

It is actually quite astonishing that Dave has the deviant personality disorder that he has. You would think that the arrogance, self-centered and delusional views he spews out every week would be easily seen for what they are. Among the fateful, evidently not so. His enablers can't be this unaware of how shit filled Dave Pack is. Perhaps waiting in the wings for his personal demise one way or the other.

On the other hand, why would you want to inherit anything Dave Pack created by bullying the theologically feeble minded into "sending it in". Had Dave actually made it into the Naval Academy back in the day, and he was in charge of anything, he would have been loaded up into a dingy and set adrift by those driven to mutiny.

Dave Pack is simply a fool's fool.

Anonymous said...

"about 1200 people"

That might around the same number he was in charge of in upstate NY when he was a strict, by the book, WCG enforcer, as colorfully described elsewhere by Dennis. So he's still a true believer of the same old discredited mid-century Armstrong schtick!

Anonymous said...

Have people closed their eyes to what Deuteronomy said about a prophet that makes prophecies that fail to pass? That alone should disqualify Pack, also Flurry and HWA.

Jeff Spicoli said...

We have many very appropriate nicknames for Bob Thiel. Lucy Pack seems appropriate for Dave, as he continues to pull the football at the last minute from Charlie Brown (the RCG), allowing poor Charlie to fall flat in his back (yet another symbolic sign from the Bible) preventing him from finishing the game (the work).

According to the laws of probability, we know this cannot go on forever and ever. It just seems as if it is. It is a right wing corollary to "Dude" Lebowski's "Abide". In reality, it would actually be less harmful for these folks to be following a stoner.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dave Pack being involved in WCG exorcism cases years ago wasn't such a good idea.

Brian Drawbaugh said...

>>According to the laws of probability, we know this cannot go on forever and ever.<< So we may wish, but...

... according to Charles Schultz and his successors, it can. Apparently, enough of us are the forever optimistic Charlie Brown.

FWIW, fiction and comics can explain humanity as well as, if not better than, pure science. IMO, most everything can be explained by Dr Suess's "Sneetches" and Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland." The Bible makes sense of it all, but even secular authors have pinpointed the problems.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Brian, I agree, but when people try to interpret the Bible like SciFi, or comics, literalists tar and feather them as gnostics.

Anonymous said...

That's it! The spiritual cosmic bad-guy worm-hole tunnel's one-way safety valve-flap FLIPPED, and during that retro disco era exorcism Dave was dabbling with, the wonky spirit flapped into Dave instead of out from the afflicted person/persona.

Now he spreads his angst outward like The Blob, onto the ill-advised.

Anonymous said...

Dave sez he nos the name of the false prophet "who joined Nebuchadnezzar" but won't reveal his name yet....(Youtube posted 3 weeks ago). Whoooooooo Dave?

Anonymous said...

Why would he not want to share one more false date???

Mark Wolfe said...

Unfortunately, Dave is an example of the bad fruit that Herb's WCG produced. The Armstrongism doctrines that were created outside of the core doctrines, government and culture that Herb and his "evangelists" created spawned the Pack's, Weinland's, Flurry's and Thiel's of Church today.

I mean, seriously, if you look back at Herb's thinking, he believed that he was the one and only chosen apostle on earth and if he made a mistake God would cover for him or bring the error to fruition. So his god was a respector of persons.

What an erroneous and destructive way of thinking and Dave exhibits so much of these ludicrous and covetous traits. Dave WANTS to be all of these titles. So his imagination creates the reality. His followers WANT a human representative on earth so they follow him. And, notice, these types of people can not work with anyone.

There is alot of Satanic thinking in Herb's version of the Church of God.