Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Do COG Leaders Possess Insights Like No Other Men On Earth?

Apostle, prophet, Chief Overseer, Pastor General, President, Coordinator General, and lots of other self-appointed self-aggrandizing titles have been used by leaders in the Church of God-Armstrongist movement for decades. It is meant as a psychological tool to impress members and to keep them in church under the iron hammers of church government and control.

The other thing their titles were meant to convey to us is that they wanted us to believe that they possess special insights from God that no other human has ever had. Most of the time they try to make us believe that God speaks directly to them and delivers all kinds of fantastical tales and utterances, which actually 99.99% of the time is utter bullshit.

All of these bumptious "men" have proven to be nothing more than vomit-producing loudmouths who have no real understanding of the Bible and the New Covenant, nor do any of them have a real relationship with Jesus, that rascally dude who constantly upsets their applecarts yet is the one who they claim to follow, but actually do not.

Each one of the splinter leaders employs different manipulative catchphrases that are psychological tools to keep members engaged with the mountainous piles of crap they dish out daily, which ultimately have no benefit or bearing on the spiritual life of their followers. Sadly, far too many are still enthralled by cocksure bleatings by these buffoonish men.

Exit and Support Network had this up about Gerald Flurry's manipulation.

Adept at Using Copious Psychological Methods:
May 28 2024 
GF and his evil so-called “ministers” are extremely adept at using copious psychological methods in their literature and videos to pique people’s interest to pull them in. Words such as: lost, lost secret, God’s secret, key to, key of David, unlocks, what is truth, mystery, important message, miracle, end-time bible prophecy, world events, God’s true church; free booklet, etc., etc. 
One of the biggest lies I think I’ve read was in a 2016 article where they said: “Mr. Armstrong possessed insight like no other man of his time because he didn’t speak from his own mind, but from the mind of God—through the truth revealed in the Bible. Before his death in 1986, he accurately prophesied of many world events that were to take place—and they have or are coming to pass today. [Read: Did Herbert Armstrong Set Dates?] … Today, Gerald Flurry continues the same work…” (i. e., the same con game.) 
It’s uplifting to hear many have been brave enough to leave this cult. Gerald Flurry’s final day of reckoning is coming and hopefully soon! –R. O.


Anonymous said...

This man Plagiarized work from Jules Dervaes, then said he got it from a "mighty angel" that needed to be revised what is it, at least 6 times?? Duh?
See this link for much more information:

Gerald, if you ever see this message,
Have you ever read the 8th Commandment??

You realize you will be answering for this, right?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Always guaranteed to underwhelm!

Anonymous said...

A question for COg leaders possessing insights.........

Did Thomas, who didn't see Jesus until after 8 days (John 20:24-26) see Jesus through 40 days - Acts 1:3,13?

RSK said...

Hard to believe theyre adept at anything, but I guess so.

William Clinton said...

Whenever Jon Brisby gushes about Herbert Armstrong, he commonly says "he [Herbert] is a genius." This is fitting, because "genius" means "one possessed by a genie." This is the only thing Brisby has gotten right about Pervert W. Armstrong.

Anonymous said...

Flurry has said a few times in sermons that “A voice told him”… about different things. Possessed insights, huh? The man IS possessed. Look at his eyes. There’s no soul behind them.That goes for all of those crackpots.

Anonymous said...

One of the biggest lies I think I’ve read was in a 2016 article where they said: “Mr. Armstrong possessed insight like no other man of his time because he didn’t speak from his own mind, but from the mind of God—>>

when people choose to write words such as this I believe they are in fact committing blasphemy, yet they pretend to be chosen

Anonymous said...

COG professing leaders do possess a huge sense of entitlement to things such as,
• A loyal following
• Unquestioning obedience from members
• Respect
• Adoration and reverence
• Immunity from defending their claims
• Exclusive control over church teachings and interpretations
• Financial support
• Special authority
• The right to silence dissent and criticism

Anonymous said...

COg leaders: ......that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. Mat 6:5.

Anonymous said...

And the Herb worshippers hid his over one hundred failed prophesies.
And his failure as a father.

Anonymous said...

Did any of them prophesy the good news coming out of the New York court system today?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:02:00 PM PDT

It’s unlikely they could even get a weather forecast right. No offence to any newsreaders out there.

On the Trump issue, I was highly entertained by Joes wife trying to explain why her husband was the best man for the job in the WH on ‘The View’ this evening. Not by choice I might add but it came up on YT so I gave it a few minutes.
Damn almost dropped me beer laughing so hard.
Surely you yanks can come up with better over there.

Anonymous said...

Send Mick Jagger over here. He's geriatric, but has it so much more together than our two presidents. If Liz Cheney were running, I'd certainly vote for her!

Sweetblood777 said...

It is obvious to many thinking folks that JB isn't the one calling the shots. Who do you think is the man behind the yellow curtain? I guess that it is Obama. A man who should never have been able to run for president.

Now we are facing a nuclear war and yet again an election loss if there is even one. As most have already heard, we are facing a defeat that will destroy us faster than a heart beat.

Byker Bob said...

ACOG ministers do not possess insights. They do, however, possess many short sights. Avoid counsel if you do not wish to become infected!