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Dave Pack: As He Descends Further Down Into The Danger Zone His Rotten Fruit Continues To Be Exposed

David C. Pack’s Danger Zone

This week, David C. Pack endured another biblical failure when Jesus Christ did not return on Sivan 1.

The world continued to turn without divine incident all the way through June 7, 2024, once again proving the scientific fact and law of physics that the Pastor General of The Restored Church of God is a false prophet, false apostle, and false teacher. Nothing he says should be believed or feared. Ever.

Even though he began walking it back shortly after his declaration, the countdown timer on unsurprisingly wound down all the way to zero. Whether his fraudulent timeframe was at sunset the night before, dawn the next day, or the moment before sundown Friday night, David C. Pack’s words have fallen to the ground, returning to him void for the 81st time since March 2022.

The timer will soon be reset for Pentecost on June 16 after the zeros are left to soak in the sink for a bit longer.

During “The Greatest Untold Story! (Part 515)” on June 1, 2024, David C. Pack entered a religious danger zone with a disturbing declaration that he had been cultivating for years.

David C. Pack can receive an utterance from God
without hearing an utterance from God.

Throughout the Series, God spoke to him. Or maybe God did not speak to him. He is not quite sure because he did not hear anything, which means God could have spoken to him. God moves holy men by the Spirit which means He can work with His chosen vessel without the man actually hearing a still, small voice.

Just what you would want to hear from a guy who claims to be fulfilling prophecy as an apostle, high priest, and descendant of King David while living on a private compound wielding unchecked religious authority as the only human on earth who understands when Jesus Christ will return and continuously pressures members to remember that their salvation is tied to how much money they give his spiritually bankrupt organization.

What could go wrong?

Part 515 was a list fetishist’s dream filled with major reversals and embellished revelations.

·      David C. Pack is NOT the Branch. Jesus Christ is.

·      David C. Pack reiterates that he is NOT Elijah while making the case that he is Elijah.

·      David C. Pack cannot declare the date for the return of Jesus Christ. 

.   But it looks like Pentecost.

·      The 7-Year Kingdom is back to being the Kingdom of God.

·      A still, small voice does not mean hearing an actual voice.

·      Many more lists prove whatever.

David C. Pack has a knack for spinning embarrassing reversals as powerful improvements. 

Imagine your favorite store informs you how pleased they are to share some exciting improvements coming your way. They are raising their prices. This is excellent news because they can now provide you with the same goods and services you have grown accustomed to.

Skilled businessman Dave embraces this approach.

Part 515 – June 1, 2024
@ 00:38 Now, I want to present a background because we’re gonna discuss some really powerful things. Some life-changing, game-changing things here. And I wanna take you back to where I was three weeks ago, then about ten days ago, and then ‘cause I’ve gone back and forth on some things. But I want you to understand the evolutionary way I’ve come to a certain point.

You can almost smell the greasy, slimy maneuver dipped in desperation coming. He front-loads it with how wonderful it is. He admits to some vacillating but is evolving to his current position.

The longer Dave talks by saying very little, the faster his hamster wheel is spinning.

@ 05:11 Hear me out here. The case for Day One being Pentecost is strong. But, for the last day, it is much stronger.
@ 06:26 But, here’s the problem I ran into. And you run into it as a ten-foot-thick reinforced with steel concrete wall. Shifting all months and years for eternity to land on the tenth day of a month is an enormous challenge to work out. I submit, it is not possible.

Dave is not exactly the gold standard authority for determining whether something is possible or not.

@ 13:23 Now, I’ve had a lotta time to think about these things.

Ever-Learning Dave has a lot of time because hardworking people pay him to do nothing but study and think all day long without the pressure of producing anything tangible. He spends 19 minutes just to set up his surrendering punch line.

He sounds like an abused wife recanting her story to the police.

I am no body language expert, but it is fascinating how often Dave presses his fingers over his lips when he makes statements like that. Subconsciously, he knows he should not be saying it, but he does anyway.

Part 515 – June 1, 2024
@ 19:55 YOU maybe want me to declare the day, and I cannot do that. I can’t do that.

Cannot do that? Yeah. Too late on that one, Dave.

Flashback Part 512 – May 11, 2024
@ 07:25 But, I know when the Seven-Year Kingdom begins. The very day. Absolutely.
@ 1:40:22 I know the date this comes. It’s impossible that it’s wrong. Impossible.

Flashback Part 513 – May 18, 2024
@ 00:22 I told ya that I know the date, and I’m three times more certain of it…

Flashback Part 514 – May 25, 2024
@ 1:13:42 I told you I knew exactly when this was, and that's true. …I'm dead down the middle 50/50whether we’ve got a 12-day wait or 21 minus some hours.
@ 1:31:35 Virtually every point proving Sivan 1 can be tweaked to fit Pentecost equally.

Part 515 – June 1, 2024
@ 19:55 YOU maybe want me to declare the day, and I cannot do that. I can’t do that.

How are the arrogant fallen!

If anyone feels even the slightest empathy for him, revisit his chest-beating on the topic.

David C. Pack – I Know. But I Won't Tell You (Part 1 of 3)

The immediate implication for this change is that Dave does not know his own name.

Only fools believe the words of David C. Pack. He proves nobody can trust what he says. He reveals himself as a liar and a biblical fraud week after week.

@ 20:38 You you just I don’t know the answer and I I don’t want to pretend that I do. I mean, I I can tell you this: these are very tightly listed. The number of things that point to the season of Pentecost are powerful.

Dave has another listgasm in 3…2…1…

@ 20:53 And I said jam ‘em together so I can get ‘em on two pages right to the bottom. And then we deleted some, and I put there's a lot of these points that are side-by-side that would normally make them about two legal length sheets. Pentecost is in the picture, but I cannot exactly tell you how.

@ 1:40:03 And remember that while we must continue waiting, I don’t care if we waited past Pentecost and God cuts more days to test our patience. I don’t see how that could be, but I wouldn’t care.

If Pentecost is a no-show, then it is God’s fault. That is classic Dave. Brethren, God is just testing your patience. It would have nothing to do with your human idol being a lying charlatan who is so painfully transparent you have no excuse for sticking around.

Of course, Dave would not care. The guy who does no real work and has everyone bow before him is always happy to wait a little longer at the top of the food chain. Life is good as it is, so what’s the rush?


The most often repeated excuse RCG members tell their family and friends when confronted with evidence David C. Pack is a false prophet is, “Mr. Pack doesn’t claim to be a prophet. He has repeated he is not Elijah and he is not prophesying.”

Dave may have claimed to be a prophet and Elijah yesterday but denies it today. Thus, that is good enough for them. There is no virtue in recanting a claim after it is proven false. The Bible gives each man one shot at proving God is backing him, and David C. Pack burned that bridge on August 30, 2013.

Current members in The Restored Church of God will not stomach watching Frank Kelley’s compilation video of Dave claiming to be and not to be Elijah the Prophet. Brethren are so mind-controlled and buried in their denial they will dismiss any tangible proof that does not support their desperate beliefs. Facts suit the devil’s purpose and cannot be trusted. Dave is human, after all, so he can make mistakes.

I wonder if the inhabitants of Sodom realized they made a mistake when the fire started raining down.

Dave knows how to capitalize on the power of refutation. He can say something a hundred times, but the single denial is all anyone needs to cling to and keep feeling good about signing their tithe checks.

When Dave boldly asserts he is not Elijah, it gives the Headquarters hirelings plenty of padding to deflect direct confrontations when the unpaid field mollusks are asked hard questions by members.

David C. Pack cannot erase his past, and an unordained non-prophet/non-psychic antichrist serpent more wicked (almost) than the devil will not let him.

Flashback Part 375 – June 12, 2022

@ 14:19 I may’ve been Elijah for a week. I may’ve been Elijah since the Series began…
@ 14:50 But, I don’t know when I became a prophet. I don’t know.

Flashback Part 447 – June 6, 2023
@ 2:02:42 Now, the fact that He’s revealing this to me, I have to be a prophet.
@ 2:02:57 I have to be Elijah now. Elijah comes first. He does not rise first.

When it comes to Bible prophecy and offices in God’s government, legitimacy and authority are not established by conflicting declarations. They are proven by fruits. Dave’s fruits are rotten.

David C. Pack knows he is Elijah despite what his lips confess. During Part 515, he states he is not Elijah while presenting questions that lead to why he is.

Part 515 – June 1, 2024
@ 1:28:26 I’ve said to you, brethren, I am not Elijah. I’ve maintained that. But, I wanna ask a question that I’ve had to come to grips with. If one explains a coming Seven-Year Kingdom that no one knows about it, is he foretelling it? If you learn, for instance, it’s the Kingdom of God, is he foretelling that Kingdom?

A series of targeted questions point to the same answer: David C. Pack is Elijah. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. 

But this is when David C. Pack’s astonishingly piss-poor reading comprehension skills get dangerous.

@ 1:30:19 But He [God] said I wanchu understand. My Spirit is like a still, small voice, and I can talk to you without you hearing My voice at all. I remember years ago trying to figure out what that was. Well, if there was ONE who would come later and carry that name [Elijah], I wonder if there’s a message in it for THAT MAN.
@ 1:31:03 “…but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.” God promised He would never lie to me. [chuckle] He never has, but He said that this would be resolved at the end. They’re moved by the Holy Spirit.

Pentecostals believe they are moved by the Holy Spirit when they speak in tongues each Sunday. David C. Pack is similar in that he is incapable of discerning which spirit moves him.

@ 1:33:09 So, I think of Elijah. I think of Peter. I think of Zechariah, and I think of Paul in Ephesians and I didn’t get an utterance. Or I did. I don’t know.

Dave says he is not sure but leans toward believing he has. After all, Herbert W. Armstrong never heard God speak audibly, which somehow proves He is using Dave in the same way.


This leaves a dangerous open door for anything David C. Pack says or does. He can claim he received “an utterance from God” without hearing a voice. He has granted himself the ultimate authority without ever needing confirmation.

From now on, there is nothing too strange or too foolish for him to claim on God’s behalf. He is above accountability, above reproach, above chastisement, and above reproof. This perfects his Get Out of Jail Free Card, which can be used anytime, anywhere, for any reason.

And the hirelings at Headquarters will continue to defend him.

Every idea, theory, whim, speculation, suspicion, machination, assertion, reversal, and blunder can all be willed by God through an unheard utterance directly into David C. Pack’s brain.

Hallelujah! At least David C. Pack will sleep better at night, knowing he no longer has to wonder why he keeps failing miserably. He was instructed to. It is all God’s fault.

Dave has been laying the groundwork for this necessary realization for years.

Flashback Part 375 – June 12, 2022
@ 39:09 So then, I ask the question, “Did I get the last messages from God’s mouth?” I’ve never pretended to get a vision…I didn’t get any visions. I didn’t hear any voices. I didn’t see, you know, Gabriel in my bedroom or anything like that.
@ 39:49 I got it from God’s mouth outta the scriptures.

Flashback Part 380 – July 1, 2022
@ 1:26:38 If, for some reason, it's not this picture, I will not bend it, I'll tell ya that now. Have to be an oracle. I’d have to have Gabriel in this ear and Michael in this ear telling me to change it in some way. And maybe Christ Himself for something.

Flashback Part 383 – July 23, 2022
@ 01:15 Now, I said I would not speak again unless I got an utterance or an oracle of God, and there are only two places in the New Testament where it mentions oracle. One simply means in 1 Peter 4:11, an oracle simply means in one of the places, “an utterance” just an utterance “(presumably of God).” So God reveals things through His Spirit, and that’s what He did.

Dave altered the definition of words to avoid appearing foolish. Too late. By the way, he did change his teachings despite Michael and Gabriel standing him up.

Flashback Part 425 – March 4, 2023
@ 02:57 The entire Series did (and we learned) can come from God’s word already recorded "the Scripture of Truth," without an oracle from God or Christ or Gabriel or Michael or anyone else.

Flashback Part 500 – March 23, 2024
@ 19:12 I didn’t get that from Michael or an utterance from God or Christ or Gabriel or anything. I’m teaching you what’s in the Bible. …John said he wasn’t Elijah. Turns out, he was. …will that be the same with me? And I’m gonna tell you, in my case, I believed the answer is No. I think I know who will go on to be Elijah.

David C. Pack does not hint at any other name under the sun other than his own for Elijah's identity. He knows who that man is just as well as he knows his own name. Surely, that is impossible to be wrong.

Flashback Part 501 – March 30, 2024
@ 47:00 I'm gonna come up someday [laughs] be able to go over and talk to the prophets and say, "I know exactly what you went through. Only your situation was worse. I had two verses that said eventually, I'm gonna get this right. It’s foretold. I have to get it right, and I will." But, I’m not gonna hear from Gabriel to help me do it. I’m not gonna hear an utterance of God or Christ in my ear. Nothing.

John the Baptist received an audible utterance from God. David C. Pack has not.


Part 515 – June 1, 2024
@ 1:33:38 So, would would would you say when the Kingdom comes, I’ve already prophesied? That’s a question. And I’m gonna do it again.

The answer would come when the Kingdom appeared. If it came exactly when and how he proclaimed it, that would cement his authenticity. But like the failures of Sivan 1 and Pentecost next week, they cement David C. Pack’s inauthenticity.

Notice he stated the foregone conclusion he will prophesy "again." He denies being Elijah with his lips, but his lips also betray his true beliefs.

@ 1:33:49 We would surely say in all these points, WHOEVER was sitting up here, that they only came to light because God was guiding THIS MAN.

He keeps Elijah's true identity at bay with third-person pronouns. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Did Dave learn this greasy, slimy technique from Brad, or did Brad learn it from him?

@ 1:34:26 Now, I’ve said I’m not Elijah. Remember. This is the only thing I can point to. John the Baptist was asked, “Are you Elijah?” And he said, “I am not Elijah.” And Christ’s answer was, “Oh, yes, he was.” [laughs] So, he said no. Oh, yes, he was. Maybe I was destined to feel the same.

If David C. Pack was not Elijah and believed it, how would he be destined to feel anything like that?

Commenters on Banned by HWA and YouTube have drawn lines from David C. Pack to Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite, and David Koresh. I used to shrug off those comparisons as silly. But not anymore. With this new unfettered doctrine, now nothing will be restrained from him.

David C. Pack can say anything and do anything, claiming he received an unheard utterance from God by being moved by His Spirit with “just knowing” as his only proof.

With that frightening concept, David C. Pack has moved into a whole new danger zone.

Marc Cebrian

See: Danger Zone


The W.A. said...

How can you say Mr. Pack "failed" on Sivan 1 when he said he was "50/50 down the middle" on EITHER Sivan 1 or Pentecost?

Either score it a half-failure... or wait until after Pentecost to call it a full one.

Anonymous said...

It seems perfectly obvious at this point in time that Dave Pack needs a "God Whisperer".

What Dave has experienced in his relationship with God (based on 100% failure), is theological dyslexia. It's as if Dave had come to us in a time machine as one of the architects of the Tower of Babel! He does not have full comprehension of any language. He's a participant in what God has divided and confused!

If any of you disobedient ones from RCG are defying Dave by visiting here, you really need to find a more accurate spiritual guide, or perhaps go for the direct connection with the members of the deity, because by now you must surely realize that it is not possible to find a worse guide than Dave!

For special music, RCG should be playing "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns and Roses.

Anonymous said...

"How can you say Mr. Pack "failed" on Sivan 1 when he said he was "50/50 down the middle" on EITHER Sivan 1 or Pentecost?

Either score it a half-failure... or wait until after Pentecost to call it a full one."

You certainly are not naive enough to think this will happen, Pentecost, are you? I will bet you 100 Billion Dollars that it will not. It is a guarantee it will not happen. Every single COG prophet and church leader when it comes to prophecy has been a liar.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a Tesla zap-o-magic energy beam weapon.

Anonymous said...

Every single one was a liar? Jesus too?

Anonymous said...

6:01 said: "Every single one was a liar? Jesus too?

Jesus was not a Church of God member and never will be.

No COG leader in the last 90-some years has ever made a prophecy that has come true. Just look at David Pack, Bob Thiel, and Gerald Flurry for that to be evident. They are only prophets of could be, should be, and maybe's.

Anonymous said...

You left out Herbert Armstrong, Gerald Waterhouse, Raymond McNair, and Rod Meredith. These guys lied through their teeth.

Anonymous said...

Dave is a "used to was" at this point.

Donald Trump sometimes connects with people through the arts. The Flurrys appear to have connected with his organization through "Celtic Throne". It's a good fit, British Israelism with White Nationalism, at least until connections are discovered and it becomes obvious that PCG are not trinitarians, do not keep Sunday, don't vote, and won't serve in the military. Actually, considering Trump's acceptance of the militias, we know he sets the bar low at least if he knows that people like him. He may actually embrace PCG if he can convince them to vote for him.

One thing Trump is not going to want to hear is that Jesus is going to return every couple days, because it means that he, the Donald, does not get to be the hero.

Anonymous said...

If Dave Pack ever approached either Donald Sr. or Don Jr. in the golf shop like Steve Flurry did, hopefully a flank of Secret Servicemen would keep back the Pack.

Donald Sr. certainly would not want to hear Pack's story of Jesus acting like an alzheimer patient repeatedly missing scheduled appearance appointments.

That, is how blasphemous Dave Pack is, he thinks Jesus is fumbling through the busy archaic rolodex file & keeps missing the appointments.

Anonymous said...

This post had some pretty callous things to say about the "current members of The Restored Church of God." I would expect there to be more empathy from a community started by people once in the same or similar situations as the RCG members. The post paints this broad brush to include all members, but I believe that there must be people in the RCG who do not believe or accept Dave's nonsense, and for one reason or another, just as many others in the COG world, feel that they have to stay. They keep their heads down, don't protest, and hope a minister doesn't interrogate them or force them to state whether or not they support David C. Pack. I don't know any members in the RCG, so this is just my speculation, but I have experienced directly in a couple other COGs, where people feel they have to hold there noses and put up with some BS because leaving the church would be too disruptive in their or their family's lives. They walk very carefully around the members who are full-on believers but this post seems to label all the members as "mind-controlled."

And speaking of those who are mind-controlled, it's unclear if the post holds them responsible or the ones who used whatever tactics to control their minds. Is there any sympathy for those people, or are we supposed to throw them in the shredder along with those in control? Is it possible to help them with scathing sarcasm, telling them they are buried in denial, shaming them for consorting with the devil, and threatening them with fire raining down on them if they don't hurry up and get it together? I don't see how that is expressing love and understanding for someone who has been "mind-controlled."

Anonymous said...

7.08 AM, While it's true that many in COG-land are trapped by family considerations, not all are. Based on the evidence before them, many should know better, and leave for a less toxic group or become stay-at-home Christians. Christ's instruction to treat a unrepentant brother like a heathen applies equally to toxic groups. Christ cursing the unfruitful fig tree makes it plain that He is against loss.

God is a God of kindness, so He initially rebukes His children in a kind manner. But if they don't respond, He uses harsher measures such as mocking, sarcasm and even worse in order to get through to them. I remind you that God harshly punishing nations and individuals is rampant throughout the bible.

Anonymous said...

There can be many sets of circumstances, 7:08, but truth to tell, being an ACOG member is a symbiotic relationship. Both ministry and members share responsibility for their presence. With the myriad false prophecies, it's difficult not to see all of the RCG members as getting exactly what they deserve. Even if the basic package of Armstrong doctrines are a Linus blanket to them, there are less stringent, less ridiculous ACOGs who would welcome them.

Marc Cebrian said...

Anon 7:08AM, You will have to tell me which quotes you felt were "callous things" in that article. The website has been up for 2 years now with 269 articles thus far. Making a call about not having empathy for a community I was part of from 2012 to 2021 does not appear to weigh the sum of it all.

Unless you just meant the comments section. Dude, it's a total Fallout wasteland here. Don't leave the vault without your armor.


Anonymous said...

When you have got current members who know and openly say between each other that things are very wrong in RCG, even calling it the synagogue of Satan but still choose to stay based on the messages from the other ministers still being good and them enjoying the fellowship then that’s where empathy can go out of the window. I personally still have empathy for those that genuinely do not seem to understand what they are involved in but not those that do and still stay.

Eyes wide open said...

The RCG flock is no more mind controlled than those who go along & participate in either a riot, or in a glass counter display smash & grab.

They are as aware of their leader's shame & scams as were the WW II townsfolk of FlossenbĂĽrg ordered by US liberation troops to re-bury mass grave bodies during Forced Confrontation 1945.

They're like Tony Soprano's wife & kids who deep down knew what business Pops & Uncle Jun' were up to.

They can immediately attend another splinter or start their own straightway & leave Dave behind.

God sees the honor of a brave whistleblower & has lots of escape routes available for RCG, PCG or any Jimmy Jones-ey ponzi scheme.

Free Your Mind said...

Those Dave Pack images are great material for memes.
Here is the latest:

Free Your Mind said...

Dave Pack is under a delusion. There is no other rational explanation for his behaviour. And his followers are the same. All deluded, deceived, just like kiddies believing in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

Free Your Mind said...

Dave Pack ponders:

Anonymous said...

Psa 17:10
They close up their callous hearts, and their mouths speak with arrogance.

Psa 73:7
From their callous hearts comes iniquity[fn]; their evil imaginations have no limits.

Psa 119:70
Their hearts are callous and unfeeling, but I delight in your law.

David killed Uriah so he Could marry his wife. Consider your ways you might be in a total Fallout. It's never a wasted land you got till the end to repent!