PCG Suicide

We have all heard over the last few years the disgusting policy that Gerald Flurry has forced upon his members telling them to cut off all contact with ex-members whether they be family or friends.  It has had a devastating impact on the lives of many people, none more so than the following story of a suicide that happened recently in PCG due to its no contact policy.

PCG is deliberately LYING to members about this.

From Exit and Support website: Letters of those impacted by PCG:

Suicide in PCG Due to No Contact Ruling:

(Notice: Certain details have been changed in this letter due to further clarification.)

July 28, 2014
Janet C. Privratsky, age 30, a member of PCG, committed suicide on July 20 because she had to cut off her parents and only brother due to the no contact rule. She became depressed and then killed herself. Her husband's name is David. Someone I know (ex-PCG) attended the funeral and said it was heart rending to see the parents' grief. Not one person from PCG was in attendance. PCG is truly a sick organization. --[name withheld]

Members Being Told Death of Janet Privratsky Was Due to Heart Failure:
July 29, 2014

Just read on your site this morning about Janet's death being a suicide. Those in the PCG are being told it was "heart failure." People have been so saddened and shocked!

Believe me, I know how this will be kept on the "down low!" They will not want this out there, for many reasons. One of them being, PCG is in the process of purchasing property in the UK, raising up another college. This would not go over well at all. I am shocked--not once did this enter my mind.
It sickens me. Here it is in a nutshell: You obey the PCG rules because those laws, rules, judgments, anything that comes down from the "government" (which, believe me, members strongly and devoutly believe comes from God); if you go along with all this, you will get along just fine in the PCG, and love it there. But if you disobey and voice any disapproval, and do not agree, and do not give in, you cannot stay in the PCG; cannot be among the people.

Janet's parents and brother, for whatever reasons, were suspended from PCG. I do not know when. David and Janet would, of course, be told they could no longer see her mom and dad and her brother, since the ones who leave are considered to be "Laodiceans."

In their hearts, to whatever degree, David and Janet felt God (down through His "government") was telling them to do this. David, most likely still does, no matter how much he hurts. He'll just suck it up and draw closer to all his PCG family, with all their "love and support."

Everyone in PCG just hopes and prays no one in their family leaves. They don't want to go down the same path as Janet or want that for anyone in their family.

I can tell you right now, many in PCG do not agree with that ruling! But if you choose to leave and your family's in, you just cut yourself off from your own family! They'll turn it around and say, "We did not cut you off, you cut us off when you left us!" They believe firmly, Satan now has you.

If you have any more details or proof about this, let us know. I do know for sure that it was a PCG minister that officiated at the funeral.
Thank you. --Anonymous


Redfox712 said...

Exit and Support Network has just confirmed that Janet Privratsky's death was suicide and they have also published letters from her father.


Anonymous said...

Try reading what the Bible says and stop blaming PCG.You probably won't print this.

Anonymous said...

1 John 2:
26 I write these things to you about those who are trying to deceive you. 27 But the anointing that you received from him abides in you, and have no need that anyone should teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about everything—and true and is no lie, just as it has taught you—abide in him.

Anonymous said...

I have read what the Bibke teaches and know for a FACT that Gerald Flurry does not tach anything from it or believe it. He can't stand Jesus or grace and therefore has to lie in order to force the law on gullible members. He is an a narcassistic psychotic charlatan who has directly influenced people to commit suicide and abandon their families for his deviate church.

Anonymous said...

I heard that one of the splinter groups is forcing people to sign wills over to them. Also jewelery, whatever.

Anonymous said...

Also, I do not know how he is doing it, except through a neighbor of mine, he has forbidden her to talk to me, but he is able to see me on my on tv. All of you should be aware. I looked it up & yes, it can be done. I just don't know how to undo it.

Anonymous said...

One of the most painful, and agonizing things the COG has done, and continues, to do, i force people to be loners, and also tell singles "no dating outside the church." Even some of the more liberal ones do this! Myu first lady i dated in WCG, was devastated by HWA'a thundering against women using "makeup". She ended her life seven months later, at age 21. Mr. Flurry was her pastor, and did the funeral. I do not blame the ministry totally, as she had serious father problems, and was poor, and had a terrible time holding a job, though she was a good worker. I was 27, then. I am now 60, still single. I have had my rifle barrel up to my head several times, and planned my suicied many times. Only my cats, have deterred me from doing it. I have been a loner for the work, so long, and had no one to date close to my age, ever. Yet,, all around me were couples, and families, and a few other aging bachelors. The ministry has no clue what it is to be a lifetime loner, for the work sake, the loneliness, and shame, sorrow, feeling like from another planet, antisocial, etc. I have know a number of old bachelor men, who died, and were loners, never had a chance to dte or marry, largely because the church forbad it. To me, it seems the ministry, and church were good, at, "The Big Picture", but AWFUL;, at the little picture, peoples personal pain, and unmet social needs as human beings.

Anonymous said...

Hey loner, I too was in OKC with Flurry in the 80's. I've had an interesting life walking with God (never was in PCG). I still walk with God but have problem with ALL splinter groups. I have a good understanding of their errors and why they hang on to them. Have a lot of things to share with anyone who needs a shoulder and possible direction. Remember Romans 11:29. If you have a concordance, "without repentance" means irrevocable, the gift of the Holy Spirit cannot and will not be taken away. The New King James actually use the word irrevocable. You know the scriptures, GOD CANNOT LIE and all scripture is given by inspiration of God. One of the biggest lies of the CoG groups is that you can lose your salvation...who is blind here? Jesus will NEVER leave nor forsake you. Don't believe the bull crap that YOU could forsake him. If you tried you would find yourself in a trial that would bring you back to your knees. He will NEVER forsake you. God CANNOT lie! I am here at john7teen17@yahoo.com Johnny Croney Gibbers90@gmail.com is not my main email but one I have to use to post this. I never check my gmail account, but always check my yahoo account.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they really are watching on tv...just like you, I donot know how to stop it..in my case, it PCG, There is another one & I think it is David Pack. What do they want? Money, I am sure,another thing, they do not like my make up. Please , get out of those churches,you do NOT lose the Holy Spirit.

DennisCDiehl said...

Common sense should be able to say that it doesn't matter what the bible says. It's safer.

Anonymous said...

I am a PCG member right Now and I noticed that you don't know the PCG that well when it comes to the no-contact policy. First, you only get marked if you are a baptized member. Second, if you're a non-baptized member you are either suspended from the church or you are to go Outlook of the church and come in on your own. Third, you don't read the bible enough, because in Romans 16:17 it states we should mark those who cause divisions and avoid them. Forth and last, this is not a Christian website since you are not loving thy neighbor as thy self and to forgive those who have wronged you.

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone who said this! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I've been a follower for five years of PCG and have been subscribing to its magazine The Trumpet. I haven't noticed anything wrong with regards to their teaching, doctrines whatsoever. In fact, I'm planning to be baptized for me to be it's member.

Private Account said...

6:36 PM, You Are Brainwashed!

Ray said...

This sad circumstance will not be judged lightly by G-d. The G-d of Yisroel is very clear, you are to be welcoming to the stranger among you. If we are to be welcoming to the stranger, how much more so should we be welcoming to family.

The uses of bogus NT scriptures, notwithstanding, does not excuse anyone from G-d Torahs and His simple truths. The concept of "causing divisions" was used by HWA & thugs to stifle questions they did not like, as bad as the WCG was, these PCG policies are far worse. I was "disfellowshipped and marked" by a man who THREE WEEKS later was greeting me with a handshake at the first meeting of the UCG in Eagle Rock! The oddity of walking up to the man who SCREAMED at me just three weeks earlier was made better when he was forced, by me, to eat crow.

Leviticus 19:16 commands, "...you shall not stand idly by your neighbor's blood..." The source of this information is in compliance with G-d's command! He or she spoke up about this crime by PCG and those of you who are apologizing with nonsense from the NT should be ashamed of yourselves! SHAME ON PCG! SHAME ON GERALD FLURRY! Those who do what they do, mostly behind closed doors (in secret) will have their crimes declared for all to hear by Ha Satan (The Prosecutor) when they stand before HaShen on the day of their personal Yom Kippur!

When I awaken each day I thank my G-d and the G-d of my ancestors, Abraham, Yitzhak & Ya'acov, for allowing me to THINK OUTSIDE THE CULT of WCG and Christianity and for opening my eyes to His Torahs!

May her memory always be with a blessing.

Janet Privratsky, of blessed memory! G-d knows she was murdered by greedy disgusting souls.

Unknown said...

Its' all about control. I was in the old church, many years ago, and to be in THAT one, if you were in a 2nd marriage and wanted to join the church, you had to leave your husband because that was adultery, not wear make-up, not celebrate birthdays--on and on. It cost me my marriage and the love and respect of my children. Should I say more?
It's all about power and control.

Anonymous said...

Power and control ??? Partly, but really it's MONEY.

Anonymous said...

I left the WCG years ago because of the falsity of many so-called "Doctrines" which had/have NO scriptural basis. Strayed with PCG a while and left them too, for pretty much the above reasons and the same reasons as many others who have written their experiences here.
I left the Church of God, the Eternal a while back, since Jon Brisby has, for the past few years, been turning his church into a David Pack/Gerald Flurry cult as well. It's all about control, and he's demanding more and more of that ..... and now, from what I heard from a current member, (on the grapevine), your salvation depends on the ministry, his ministry, no others are 'true ministers of God'.. If you don't obey them without question, (i.e. don't question any of their decisions under any circumstances), you will lose your salvation!

Brisby recently gave a sermon (posted online) about makeup, using HWA's booklet as proof, but when he's asked for scriptural proof, (that's where doctrine comes from according to Christ, THE SCRIPTURES, NOT HWA!), he used 3 scriptures to say that the Bible says "women are whores if they wear makeup". NOT ONE of those scriptures mention whoredom, prostitution, or anything close. He's an avid worshiper of HWA, and is known by some there as Pope Jon, since he claims the authority to create new doctrine and/or do away with Biblical Law, just like HWA did! If you don't believe this comment about the makeup or the worship of HWA, just look on the COGE website and review his sermons - they're right there for the whole world to see what a wacko he is. He's another one of those HWA nuts that believes that the entire Penteteuch was thrown out after Christ's death and resurrection, yet when it's convient, they use one of those Penteteuch Laws to proclaim that you're sinning through your disobedience to those Laws tht were supposedly done away with?????.

To him, the "faith once delivered came from HWA, NOT from God thru Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, the Prophets, etc. They don't seem to realize that the LAW that Christ, the Apostles and any other New Testament ministers that might be mentioned, are NOT from the New Testament, since the New Testament was not canonized until after their deaths (except possibly John), ALL scripture, back in those days, was from the Old Testament. He makes the same mistakes that many uneducated Protestant and Catholic believers make, they only had the Old Testament to go by at that time. It was canonized somewhere between 90 AD and 130 AD according to some writers. Brisby even wrote a book about HWA called "A Peculiar Treasure" (free Download on his church's website if you want to see some fake glorifying). HWA definitely was peculiar, but not in the way Brisby tries to represent!
Just my experience and opinions in those cultic "churches"...... YMMV.

Anonymous said...

Power and control = Money - just ask any politician!