Wednesday, November 7, 2012

E W King on Soldiers Wearing Dresses, Pagan Freeloaders, and Liberal Dope Smokers

E W King is NOT happy that Obama won the election.  He has this to say about his country and the Republicans that have been taken over by pagan dope smoking atheist liberal hippies:

The so called “conservative Christian” party, the Republicans, are being punished with a very liberal president, Obama. Why? They have become decadent and liberal. This current situation of things makes the Republicans look stupid. Most of the so called Republicans think like Libertarians. They have accepted homosexuality, divorce, certain drugs, unmarried couples living together [which is fornication], etc. Most of the so called “Christian” Republicans accept pagan holidays, pagan doctrines and are lost in the liberal Christian world of “evangelicalism”.

Though President Obama won the 2013 election by meeting the electoral 270 mark Mr. Romney clearly won half the nation vote. Thus, this shows that America was willing to accept another false leader whom is guided by a false prophet. The judgments which shall now unfold on this great country will be shocking! They have turned away from Jesus Christ as the true King.
The younger generation has turned to socialism and the older, supposed Christian leftovers from ages past had no problem voting for a Mormon who follows a false prophet. How messed up is that? God is showing that the majority of the United States is morally & spiritually lost.

When we look at the “hippie”, homosexual, anti-Christian, pro-abortion people who reside in the United States of America we must realize that these people are guilty of treason!  

We have Liberals who want our men soldiers to wear dresses. Perhaps the US government should milk feed them with a bottle at the same time! We have sick perverted Liberals that want a man in a dress ruling the country! Perverts! True Americans are getting ready for the final war! 

The children of the Atheist Liberals are learning how to be dirty and nasty! They have no morals and are all freeloaders! The Liberal parents need to be held accountable! The Liberals could care less about the sacredness of marriage. They care only about themselves, how they can “get off”, and never care about the children. They smoke dope, put children on dope and could really care less. They want government aid because they are too lazy to work

If you do have a job look how much they take out of your pay check. And where is that money going? To pagan freeloaders! And you have done nothing about it. America is governed by the people of America, people born in America, at least that is what the US Constitution teaches. You need to speak up! Stop all of this. If you don’t, you will find yourself ruled by a pagan nation who doesn’t really care about what you, a true American, think. Especially if you are Christian. Don’t you believe in true morals and values for your children? Are you now so blind that you are drugged to give-in to all of this nonsense?  
The true Church of God is sounding the trumpet. It is now time to wake up. The pagans want you and your children kept on drugs so that you stay “asleep” so that they can take-over this great nation. 



Anonymous said...

Obviously, Ewww King needs to smoke a scoobie doobie and calm down.(And hopefully not think he's in some cheezy adventure with holy ghosts.)

"True Americans are getting ready for the final war!"
Great! So, THAT'S how I can tell who a True American is!
(It's NOT the nice lady next door baking bread; it IS the skinhead guy in the next neighborhood with the swastika flag and collecting guns.)


Head Usher said...

"The true Church of God is sounding the trumpet. It is now time to wake up. The pagans want you and your children kept on drugs so that you stay 'asleep' so that they can take-over this great nation."

True church of god? please...

I thought he called his blog or church or whatever it is, "Speaking to the Remnant." Remnant meaning those slackers in other COG splinter groups, right? And he doesn't believe in voting, right? So, who exactly is he talking to? And what exactly does he want them to do?

Anonymous said...

EWWWW Kink says "It is now time to wake up."

Is that like gun laps???


Douglas Becker said...

And yet nothing is ever mentioned about cleaning up the false prophets because God loathes them.

What an abomination -- worthy of death.

Byker Bob said...

Got tinfoil???


Painful Truth said...

"Most of the so called Republicans think like Libertarians."

What a fucking moron! This fool knows nothing of the Libertarians. Is rant is like saying Ron Paul is a long haired dope smoking homo. He's a fool folks. A true, full blown ignorant armstrong loving piece of shit false prophet!

Anonymous said...

OK, Ron Paul is a GREY haired pot-smoking homo with freaky looking eyebrows.


Paul fans are still on the fringe, like a damn cult.

Assistant Deacon said...

Ron Paul is one of the most sensible and transparent people in public service, hands down. Likewise, Gary Johnson was the most reasonable candidate in the recent presidential race, if for no other reason that he didn't speak out of both sides of his mouth.

And Ewww King is not worth commenting about.