Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dave Pack Second Passover: Will He Visit Weinland In Prison and Wash His Feet?

Today is the date of the Second Passover in Armstrongism.  Though, if you are a Malmite, you are doing it on the wrong day.

Today is the day that Dave Pack should be going to visit Ron Weinland in prison to wash his feet.  Can Dave humble himself enough to do so? Can Dave be a REAL Christian for once and be just an itty-bitty Christ like to another person?

Will Dave wash the feet of a prostitute today?

Will Dave wash the feet of an AIDS patient today?

Will Dave wash the feet of disfellowshipped spouses he has kicked out of RCG?

Will Dave wash Rod Meredith's feet?

What is he afraid of?

Why can he not do what is commanded in the Bible when he is supposed to be taking the Passover?

Why can he not forgive those he feels have wronged him?

Why can't he give Rod Meredith the kiss of peace?

Why is Dave such a poor example?


Anonymous said...

...because when he reaches way down inside of himself he comes up empty?


Anonymous said...

Defying Catholic law, the new Pope recently washed the feet of two girls, one of which is a Muslim.

Not that I'm a big fan of the Catholic Church, but I thought that was a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Pack? He might as well pack his bag and go join HWA,Flurry, Meredith, and a host of those legends in their own minds in the SUPER EXCLUSIVE SELF APPOINTED APOSTLES CLUB. I think this club is too obvious that they are renaming it as the TITHE MILKERS CLUB.

Corky said...

I started to say something about foot washing but decided it would be better if folks had a look in their bibles and see what Paul, Mark and Matthew said about it.

Hussein said...

Exactly Corky! I think you forgot to mention Luke too. I'm a Xian but I dont believe footwashing was meant to be a part of the Christian Passover. Having said that I still think it's a "nice" tradition. But there are some out there who think washing others feet once a year absolves them from their lack of humility and service the rest of the year...