Wednesday, May 22, 2013

E. W. King and His 100% Accurate Prophecies

I am so humbled to just be able to read the 100% accurate prophecies of E. W. King.  Can there be any greater human on earth today?  Dave Pack thinks he is the greatest, but apparently that is not true.  Bob Thiel thinks he is  a prophet after getting a double portion of gas.  Yet these two little men pale in comparison with the mighty prophecies of King.

Here are a few of his latest 100% accurate utterings.  Read them and be amazed!

  • E.W.King predicted more Gov-Computer Control!In 2011 and into 2012 I predicted that the US government would continue to try and get more control over the internet. I stated in 2012 my predictions for 2013. I stated in my prophecy forecast:“We will see strong government control over the internet. Government will try and control freedom of speech.”We now have learned that since I stated this last year we find that the Semphonic Monitoring system of computer data is being accomplished by the US Government through the new Utah Data Center which is a new huge government facility.

  •  E.W.King predicted new illness! MONTGOMERY, Ala.A mysterious respiratory illness of unknown origin has killed two people in southeast Alabama and put five more in the hospital.A May 21 statement from the Alabama Department of Public Health says that seven people have been admitted to a hospital with a fever, cough and shortness of breath in recent weeks.

  • E.W.King’s warning about FOX News legal battles continues!In 2012 and in 2012 I informed COGSR members that in the year 2013 FOX News would face legal battles. All of you have been reading our articles know about this and the original posted articles are still up. Remember my rant? I stated in more than one article:“FOX news will face legal battles.”And in today’s news we learn…behold, yet another:  Newly uncovered court documents show the Justice Department seized phone records associated with several Fox News lines as part of a leak investigation — a revelation that comes as the White House Correspondents’ Association spoke out against the administration’s monitoring of reporters.

  • Mr. E.W.King’s Tornado predictions just won’t stop!Isn’t it amazing? All of the things that COGSR ministries has warned about are coming to pass yet the world continues to close it’s eyes to the TRUTH. How sad. I have several articles about tornados…I have continued to warn about these terrible events.Many of you have sent me emails regarding my tornado predictions. Now…look at what has happened since all of these warnings:  A massive and powerful tornado hit Moore, Okla., yesterday, causing widespread destruction, including at least 51 deaths. 

  • COGSR Against Homosexuals Showering with Straights! “If you are going to let gays shower and change with straights…then let opposite sexes shower and dress together in public facilities with tax payer money!”  [This message was given by God’s servant: Mr. E.W.King, founder of COGSR on January 17th, 2012 in Utah. Will the major News Networks address this issue? Probably not! FOX & CNN have ignored Mr. King’s accurate prophecies. They have ignored God’s true Last Day Church!COGSR]

  • China Earthquake:  Here’s what we know about Saturday’s massive earthquake that has, for the second time in five years, thrown China’s Sichuan Province into despair: Over 200 people are either dead or missing. Over 11,000 are injured. 17,000 more are homeless, a number that will surely go up.

  • Heatwaves! Mr. E.W.King posted in a letter another recent dream, strange indeed! Here is how it goes: “I was watching ships, I think they were military, but not sure. A beam of light came from a land mass and was directed, like a laser, to one of the ships…from there it was reflected to other ships. The dream then went to me being with some other people in a house where we were told that a heat wave was coming our way..this heat wave had already killed many people. They said it should hit around 2012 [perhaps military time?]..then it came, the heat wave. we jumped in a small pool of water to try and cool off…them I woke up. Very strange indeed!”

  • Mr. E.W.King gave warnings about the current terrorist attacks!

  •  Mr. E.W.King warned about UFO freaks in 2013! Look what there doing now!   Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2013 International UFO Congress. The event was a success thanks to our wonderful speakers, volunteers, vendors, and of course our attendees. We’re back in the office and are already beginning the preperation for next year’s event. The 2014 International UFO Congress will take place February 19-23, 2014 so mark your calendars!

  • “We will see violence of the strange kind enter our homes…through the News!”And what do we see on our televisions? “This is so, so sad… not to mention SCARY!
Are you not astounded and amazed?  Can there be any greater prophet in the Church of God?  We are not worthy to be in his presence!


James said...

How many follower could an asshole like king have? He is irrelevant.

Byker Bob said...

As far as the term "Mr." is concerned, I like the line attributed to the ghost of Hank Williams in David Allen Coe's country classic, "The Ride."

It goes, "You don't have to call me Mister, Mister, the whole world called me Hank!"

In the kingdom, probably more people will want to be looking up and talking with ol' Hank than with "Mr." E.W. King. I know I sure will!