Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gerald Flurry: What Was He Drinking Before His Commencement Address?

If you thought that Bob Thiel stumbled, bumbled and mumbled along in his videos, take a look at Gerald Flurry in his commencement address.  Apparently the people at PCG think this is normal speaking and are proud to post it.  The awesome preaching starts around the 8:55 mark.

Can you imagine what the parents and family members who were there for this gradation and are not cult members, what they were thinking? They probably walked out of there shaking their heads.


Joe Moeller said...

New Gerald drunk driving tape now online and a MUST SEE, watch all...

(Copy and Paste into browser, worth the effort!)

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

OMG. Copy ALL the things!

I bet when Flurry stumbles out onto the stage and looks into the sea of yellow velvet seats, he gets to imagine that he really, really IS HWA. So sad.

Anonymous said...

HWA died on January 16th, and each year, the U.S. President declares January 16th to be Religious Freedom Day.

Coincidence? You decide.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting much worst by what you said, but I must admit that he is no GTA.

He is an old man that is beginning to show confusion in his speech. He may have had a drink or two, but I don't think that he would have done beter without them.

Anonymous said...

Mild stroke, perhaps?

Douglas Becker said...

Couldn't tell for sure:

Were there more people in the Choral than the audience?

What a waste of time, effort and money for the parents and students.

Real leadership would involve leaving the PCG.

One man is making a difference: NO2HWA.

Anonymous said...

Flurry must've gotten the word from Wadsworth, and is stressed out knowing his "educated" students are destined to end up in Pack's camp.

Steve Kisack said...

Borrring! Gerry needs to study the "great generals" of motivational speaking. I got a book he needs to read, "Is There a Speech Inside You?" Definitely NOT! He certainly don't bring em in like Herbie did. What a waste of four years! Oh well, no different than wasting your life in UCG.

Anonymous said...

Flurry is about the most boring speaker to listen to.

DP said...

The police arrest report paints a pretty good picture. A pile of beer cans on the ground outside the door, an open one in his crotch and more on the seat. Then he pulls out a 20 to bribe the Officer with. Real classy dude, real classy!

Assistant Deacon said...

An evaluator in Spokesman's Club would rip this speech up one side and down the other.

Who in their right mind finds this guy inspiring?

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

A degree from HWA College is worthless. I feel bad for the young people who spent 4 years of the most productive part of their lives pretending to go to college.

A degree from HWA College won't prepare anyone for the real world of making a living or having a trade or skill for a lifetime. Ooops, that's right. Christ's second coming is right around the corner, so no need to think long term in the ACOGs.

In the early 1970s, I told a "brother" in the WCG that I was planning to go to college. The reply I received? Why go to college when the Great Tribulation is about to happen and Christ will be returning in 1975.

I applied to Ambassador College anyway. I was turned down (and some of you who read this blog don't believe there is a God or Deity - there's my proof, LOL). I was accepted at the University of Maryland where I received a B.S. degree in Finance and went on to Drake University to receive a MBA.

I am thankful I went to real accredited Universities rather than attend the now defunct Ambassador College. I would never have received the employment opportunities (and therefore income opportunities) without the education I received.

And as for the "brother" in the Church who questioned me as to why attend college since the world as we know it was going to end soon, I haven't a clue whatever happened to him.

But two things we do know - 1) Christ didn't return as the Church believed He would in 1975; and 2) as we have all learned from our WCG experience, one should prepare to live one's life for an entire lifetime despite the constant preaching from WCG pulpits that "time is short", "final gun lap", "final big push", etc.

I have to wonder if some of those HWA College students shown will be angry and bitter people when they learn the truth some 20 to 30 years from now.


Steve Kisack said...

And, Flurry STILL has followers. What's the matter with all of these damn people?

Redfox712 said...

Hey! Gerlad Flurry called Tocqueville's opinion a prophecy at 9:55 into the video.


For the benefit of anyone who has not watched the video here is a brief summary of what it contains.

The video starts with brief introduction by Stephen Flurry.

Then at 0:24 the student body president, Reniel Padua, speaks of the many things they learned there.

At 2:07 we are shown the choir singing two songs, first 'May the road rise to meet you' by Mark Jenkins and (4:50) 'We are the pillars' by Ryan Malone.

At 8:55 we are introduced to a speech by 'That Prophet,' the cult leader, conceiver of the No Contact policy towards 'Laodiceans' and ex-PCG members, the one who forbids PCG members from getting medical treatment, who forbids women from wearing make up, Gerald Flurry.

Listening to it I was amazed to see that his speech closely echoes what he wrote in his article, The Law of History, in the February 2002 issue of The Philadelphia Trumpet. (You need to sign into the website to read the article.) For a brief time I was a subscriber to PCG's recruitment magazine from 2001. That issue was the last one I received. In both that article and his speech he laments how historians tend to portray history as an unfolding process of historical forces, marginalizing the importance of individual great figures in history. It surprises me that he speaks about the very same things even after so many years.

I was also amused how he referred to an opinion of Tocqueville's as a 'prophecy'. He discusses how Tocqueville comments that historians of a democratic, republican society such as the US will be inclined to view history as a process of social movements and shared ideas. This is in contrast to historians of an aristocratic society who would be inclined to describe history as a succession of great individuals, such as aristocrats who pass on their power and wealth from father to son. He called this opinion of Tocqueville's a prophecy. See 9:59 onwards. He says, "And there's just a painfully obvious prophecy that was fulfilled and certainly should alarm us." Surely it must be a slip of the tongue.

After that at 15:11 we are shown the graduating students being handed degrees by Gerald Flurry. It is mentioned that students from the US, Canada, the Philippines and Zimbabwe are among the graduating students.

At 15:55 the video ends and so does this post.

Anonymous said...

HWA died on January 16th.

January 16th is Religious Freedom Day.

Here's a RFD tradition I'll suggest-

1) Ride a horse into the UCG headquarters.
2) Grab the big framed portrait of HWA from the wall.
3) Ride into the room where their "Council of Shitheads" is meeting, and lasso them into a tight group.
4) Smash HWA's portrait over their heads so they all get stuck together in the frame.
5) Post a video of it on youtube so people can enjoy it over and over again til the next year's action-packed video!

Why the UCG? Because at the top of the UCG is "a whole bucket of scum" (which makes them worse), and not just one honcho scumster like other armstrongite splinters have.

Anonymous said...

Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. pretended to be Herbert W. Armstrong's faithful follower, but it was all just a deceitful act. Over the years, Joe Sr. slowly managed to slip in many doctrinal changes and much error that the UNSUSPECTING people were expected to go along with in the Worldwide Church of God.

Likewise, Gerald R. Flurry then pretended to be Herbert W. Armstrong's faithful follower, but it was all just another deceitful act. Over the years, Gerald Flurry slowly managed to slip in many doctrinal changes and much outright evil that the UNSUSPECTING people were required to accept or else get expelled from the Philadelphia Church of God.

The insurmountable problem is that Gerald Flurry's Philadelphia Church was a complete fraud from the very start. It simply never was, still is not, and never ever can become, a true Church of God. All the people who ever went to Gerald's Philadelphia Church just wasted their time, energy, and money supporting something that was inherently false and evil.

Gerald Flurry is an impostor, and his Philadelphia Church is a fraud. Ultimately, Satan is behind it all. That is the simple, basic reason why the evil in that organization will only increase to try to destroy everyone within it.

Anonymous said...

I was a second generation in this organization. I now understand how I was deceived and therefore allowed myself to be made a fool of. I too agree that it is all a fraud. It was a blessing in disguise when I was suspended for personal reasons. The "No Contact" ruling has been hard on me because I have my parents and my sister still in there. On the other hand, it too has been a blessing in disguise. God is in charge of my life. My faith must be in him.

Basic Logic said...

Congratulations Mr. Padblah! Now what are you going to do with the key to understanding everything - your encapsulated fundamental truth??