Monday, February 17, 2014

Eric King: UFO and Aliens Caused The WCG Apostasy In the Early 1970's

Eric King has discovered the real reason for the 1973 WCG "apostasy."  It was ALIENS!  They came down on UFO's and deliberately disrupted the idyllic lifestyle of the Worldwide Church of God causing a great upheaval.  Apparently President Nixon was involved too.

Our SOCT studies have discovered an interesting correlation regarding the time of the great apostasy and UFO activity. In 1973 there was a huge increase regarding UFO sightings not just here in the United States but worldwide. We find this extremely interesting because the great apostasy (those trying to destroy God’s true church) became extremely aggressive during that time.-

In October of 1973 there were UFO abduction incidents. In October right around the anniversary of Radio Church of God (October 7th 1933) there was a famous sighting. On October 11th 1973 there was yet another famous abduction case. This was all during President Nixon and the great apostasy.-

Some history: As early as October 7th 1933 God was calling Mr. Armstrong to get ready to go “worldwide” with the restored gospel message. Mr. H.W.Armstrong began broadcasting on a 100-watt radio station which offered 15 minutes of free daily broadcasting.-

We here at COGSR mark our beginnings on October 7th of 2011. So October 7th is an important part of our history as the true Worldwide Church of God.-

1973 became the “Year of the UFO’s”.-

We could include other strange activity that was going on globally at this time but we at SOCT thought we would share this UFO data with our students.-

SOCT staff


Anonymous said...

Every day in every way, he is getting weirder and weirder.

Head Usher said...

Formally, this is a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy, otherwise known as correlation does not constitute causation.

This guy has students? I feel sorry for them. If they're paying him "tuition" I feel even sorrier for them.

Byker Bob said...

I think it's the other way around. Aliens caused Herbert W. Armstrong and the badly misnamed Worldwide Church of God. Those of who left in the mid 1970s are the ones who successfully resisted the aliens.


James said...

Herbert Armstrong. Alien To Humanity?

Here is a fun article to read. The conclusion should be taken to heart by the ACOG tithe slaves.

Byker Bob said...

Considering all of the ridiculous practices and events we have witnessed, I believe that one day, someone will start SACOG, the Scientology Armstrongist Church of God, a sabbath keeping church in which members practice astral projection on the sabbath, travelling backwards and forwards in time to learn what calendar to really use for the holy days, the "real" time of the end, the exact second of each new moon, and to verify the history of all the little sabbatarian groups. They'll be able to see which splinter is authentic, who the Beast actually is, and all of the other things Armstrongites have been programmed to believe are important.

Almost makes about as much sense as what they believe now!

The ministers can all be given e-meters, which can be a tool for greater intrusiveness into members' lives, and they can start charging for all of the study materials in addition to requiring tithes. The ministers will, of course, retain supremacy by claiming to be "double Clear and O.T."

Either Eric King, or one of his followers will most likely lead the charge.


Anonymous said...

It all makes perfect sense now! The 1973 WCG defections had nothing to do with the failed 1972 prophesies of HWA, but was caused by "aliens"!

Nemesis of Pack