Wednesday, February 19, 2014

E.W. King: I Can Open The Portal of the Fallen Matrix You Live In

In Eric's own words:

To enter true Christian reality and see the light on the other side of this current fallen matrix you must keep the feasts and the true Sabbath. You must be in God's time...not pagan time. Let Mr. E.W. King give and intro to this topic:

You must understand that God's time works together like perfect gears in motion. When we begin to keep God's time and live in God's time a "door way" or "portal" is open up to us. Our spiritual clarity increases. Feast Portals

Who in their right mind would want to live in a world dominated by King or other COG splinter cult leaders as guides to spirituality?


Byker Bob said...

God's time? I believe Mr. Einstein might have something to say about an omnipresent being tethered to the times relative to one of his small planets.

King reminds me of another King who tried in his own limited ways to be scientific. I wonder if he will eventually shave his head like Yul Brynner.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Makes you wonder what British Israelites demanded a King?

Be careful what you ask for.