Sunday, May 11, 2014

PCG's Wayne Turgeon's Ungodly Advice On Punishing Your Children: Because Silly Children Bring Shame Upon Their Human Father and the PCG

Wayne Turgeon offering advice on child rearing and punishment????? Wayne?  The very same guy who treats members like dirt?  Wayne?  The only reason he is in the position he is in now is that he married into Flurry's family.  If he had not done that he would be just one more sorry loser from Pasadena, much like Steve Gilbreath is.

Wayne wants you to start disciplining your children at a YOUNG age.  You should only say no once and then start spanking and punishing your child.  Notice that he says if a child doesn't obey, it is your INVITATION to punish him/her.  In Armstrongism and Flurryism, that "invitation" means spanking. Not a wimpy little swat, but a pain inducing smack of a paddle or hand.

When children are young, they should be taught the meaning of the word “no.” This simple two-letter word, in too many cases, is not properly adhered to. You should only have to say no once; if the child doesn’t obey, then that’s your invitation to properly train and correct the child. If we fail to react, the child thinks no isn’t a word to fear. This could result in much more serious consequences than if we had punished the child for disobeying. If the child knows that no means no the first time, you may even save him from a life-threatening situation. If a child wanders away and begins running toward a busy intersection, “no!” may be the only thing that can save him. In that situation, how thankful a parent would be if the child had been reared to understand what no meant.

Rebellious kiddies in Flurryism MUST be brought under the LAW!  Get out your King James and tell your child what happens when he disobeys the 613 LAWS!

Rebellion in a child requires you to bring him under the law. If you do not, the child, rather than the father, rules the household. When a child breaks a rule because he resents authority, that is a serious problem which must be dealt with. We live in an age where we see many helpless parents openly challenged by their children. Our young people need parents who care enough to challenge them when their behavior might lead to tragic consequences. Parents have a God-given duty to provide their children the security of clearly established limits in behavior.
Punishment is always proportional to the crime.  That's what the god of Armstrongism does.  The more it is pissed the more painful the punishment will be.  Armstrognism's god loves to dish out punishment to law breakers.

We must always make sure the punishment fits the crime. After a child is punished for breaking a rule or disobeying a parent, he should be very repentant for what he did! If he is truly sorry, then you will soon see a happy child. If the child is not repentant after punishment occurs, we must stay with the correction until he does become repentant, no matter how long it takes. When a child’s attitude is still wrong after correction, that child’s attitude of rebellion has not been broken. There is resentment toward authority, either open or subtle, and it must be rooted out. If we can’t get our children to properly fear us quickly, we are in for a long lifetime of needless pain and suffering.

Then Wayne has the audacity to heap praise on Garner Ted Armstrogning's booklet on how to beat your child.  If you child will not listen to you then you MUST take it to the ministry where Wayne will tell you what to do. Wayne, like all ministers in Flurryism are God's instruments and when they speak God miraculous proceeds forth from them.

The Plain Truth About Child Rearing by Garner Ted Armstrong, published by the Worldwide Church of God, offers invaluable advice on this subject. Seek counsel from one of God’s true ministers. God has provided us with all the knowledge we need to do it right! But do we diligently seek after God’s knowledge, fully intent on applying it? Or, like so many in this world, are we experimenting with our children, hoping to find some method that will finally work?
Cranky kids who are sick or have allergies are personal weaknesses brought about by sin.  Remember that sin produces health issues.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses in child rearing. In addition, there may be other contributors to children misbehaving, like allergies or poor health. But other factors and personal weaknesses must not become excuses for our failures in properly rearing our children. As Herbert W. Armstrong said, there is cause and effect. There is a reason why children become rebellious.
Exuberant silly kids have no place in Flurryism.  I cannot image the hell that the kids at Imperial Academy do through daily with this kind of sick advice.  We saw the rampant child abuse at Imperial Schools under HWA's regime.  It is no different now under Flurry's regime.

What about silliness in our children? Obviously, we want our children to laugh and have a good time, but it should not get out of hand. When this begins to happen, the parent who is in tune with his child will say, “I want you to settle down.” The child should respond immediately. “The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame” (Proverbs 29:15). This scripture mentions mother, but it also brings shame on the family name, which is the father’s heritage. Children left to run wild can also bring shame upon the Church, the mother of us all.


Connie Schmidt said...

If there ever was a book that should be burned ala "Fahrenheit 451" style it is Garner Ted Armstrong's...

"The Plain Truth About Child Rearing"

Reference Help for Anyone:
The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse. Serving the United States, its territories, and Canada, the Hotline is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with professional crisis counselors who, through interpreters, can provide assistance in 170 languages. The Hotline offers crisis intervention, information, literature, and referrals to thousands of emergency, social service, and support resources. All calls are anonymous and confidential.

DennisCDiehl said...

Wayne...if you read this blog, and have grown children, please leave their phone numbers. I'd like to have a chat with them and see how it went with you as dad... If you have no children who can share their impressions, feelings and experieces with you with us, then I guess you should just be quiet about these things.

Anxious to hear from you.

DennisCDiehl said...

A certain High Priest of sorts in Ohio did not have a lot of luck with his similar Biblical understanding either Wayne.

Personally I believe it is more healthy and practical to bring your children up to make their own choices, have their own experiences and see the world through their own unique perspectives. I bet you got to do that Wayne or do you come from an unbroken line of true believers in the one true church all of whom brought each other up in the way they should go and never departed from?

Byker Bob said...

The type of child rearing advocated by the ACOGs is known to produce sociopaths who, over the course of their childhood, had lost the capacity to empathize with others. It can also produce adults who have been "cowed", underachievers who are so afraid of life that they constantly require someone else to tell them what to do. Since the punishment is usually arbitrary, and not of an appropriate level for the offense, it also causes a life time of that irrational fear known as paranoia, when in presence of authority figures. Poor self-image, and depression, are also frequent side effects.

Probably, the kids raised as Turgeon and others recommend are going to do a lot of dope, spend a lifetime of sabotaging authority figures and making them eat crap, and end up in trouble with the secular law, or in court supervised rehab. There is hope if, as adults, they obtain therapy, but, unfortunately, the churches teachings cause irrational fear of that type of help as well. I am just so glad that I overcame this and opted for therapy! It is absolutely amazing what kind of mind control you can exert if you identify the exits and cut them off in advance!

This church publication is rooted in ignorance, and is one of the ways in which some very bad cycles get started. Often, it becomes perpetuated into the second and third generations of families remaining in the church.

By the way, excellent graphic. Some parents preferred punishing on the passenger side of the car, usually after flat spotting the tires during angry reaction to whatever the miniscule offense, but the look through the windshield gives a more panoramic view.


Assistant Deacon said...

A Flurryite priest quoting Garner Ted Armstrong; I think my head is going to explode.

Anonymous said...

The best thing that happened in the history of WCG child rearing was the end of the Viet Nam war and the abolishment of the draft. It meant that the parents who had been bastardized by Worldweird could no longer punish their kids by making sure they had no options left except 'Nam.

Black Ops Mikey said...

I fully support corporal punishment -- death to false prophets, as prescribed by the Bronze Age Religion of the Old Testament Law.

It's too bad it's unenforceable today, but never mind, even if it can't be applied today, I'd support it if it were.

With one caveat: I'd like to have torture for the false prophets like Flurry and Pack before the execution -- you know, like child rearing, where the punishment fits the crime.

old EXPCG hag said...

Yea, HWA did a great job with his kids. One he had sex with. One was a sexual predator like him. One was used and abused by him. But thankfully, Richard Armstrong lucked out. He died young never to find out what a deceitful, sadistic, tyrant father he really had.

And what about Wayne's kids...namely Grant the oldest, Which just happens to be Gerald Flurry's oldest grandchild in the PCG). Wayne and Laura Turgeon had all kinds of problems with him as he was growing up. I do not recall ever once Gerald Flurry disfellowshipping Grant. They love to disfellowship other's kids though. They have NO MERCY on other people's kids.
Those people have no right or authority to tell others how to train up a child. They are evil bastards!

Anonymous said...

Hey, this youtube has some references to "The Plain Truth About Child Rearing": The Armstrongism Song.

old EXPCG hag said...

Another BRIAN DAVIS STORY...listen up!

PCG's Imperial Academy was started because the Turgeon's and Davis' kids were getting "out of control" in public schools. They made us think it was for all the kids in the PCG. The kids at >HEADQUARTERS< got the most out of it though. They felt the kids at >HEADQUARTERS< were superior in knowledge than the one's on line. One of my child's teachers would pit the >HEADQUARTERS< kids against on liners. The comments that he made proved this.
And speaking of BRIAN DAVIS...his little mini-me brat youngest son Dillion, would drop his drawers to pee in front of everyone at social gatherings. He also had a big, silly mouth just like his daddy. Brian's son Michael was man handling a little girl in the pool once and kept dunking her. He was very cocky at a young age (same same age as my son). He boasted to my son..."I'm from the line of David!". When my son told me this I said, "No, he isn't" Just because you have the last name DAVIS like millions of others have, does not mean you are from David's lineage. Obviously, BRIAN DAVIS was filling his kids brains with lies. I was worried about this kid growing up to be mean and sadistic like his father Brian is.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Assistant Deacon -- I know what you mean.

An old principle is at work here: find SOMETHING, ANYTHING, you can QUOTE that will back up the idiocy you are trying to purvey. Flurry has done this by spending the first 10-15 min. of his TV program quoting obscure news sources that SEEM to back up his statements about "trends" leading to prophetic fulfillment.

Another example: I read through MALACHI'S MESSAGE once. (Thanks. I appreciate the sympathy.) I think there were a couple DOZEN different Bible translations used, just to get a QUOTE a little closer to what they wanted the Scriptures to say, once they twisted them with all the verbiage they add. He WAS, then, trying to use the Bible, but quoting old Armstrong lit, as an "authority," must be easier.

Assistant Deacon said...

Flurry (either one, take your pick) is a biblical illiterate. The rest is just details. Like I've said elsewhere, PCGers know where the doors are. If they don't want to use them, so be it.

But they should know that absolutely nothing will happen to them if they do. Once they can reconcile that in their minds, they'll move on without another thought.

EX-PCG said...

Wayne Turgeon would be barely qualified to be a deacon in most of the COG organizations, and yet in the PCG, he has been elevated to his highest level of incompetency.