Monday, June 16, 2014

Bob Thiel: Those Who Do Not Support My Work Are Doomed

The self appointed prophet, apostle, Chief Overseer, Mayan authority, and despiser of Rod Meredith, Bob Thiel, has announced that no one outside his personality cult will make it into the kingdom because they are all deceived.

Ever since Bob Thiel self-appointed himself to the position as the only true end time Church of God leader, he has been declaring his personality cult the TRUE Philadelphia Church of God.

Because everyone else outside the boundaries of his personality cult are non-Philadelphians, they are cut off from God's mercy and are turning themselves over to severe judgment and damnation.

If you wisen up and join up with prophet Bob and his "true remnant" you will get the lucky "E" ticket to Petra.

He writes today:

Philadelphians have the ‘Philadelphia work’ (see The Final Phase of the Work ) and put the proper emphasis on the word of God watch the sermons on ContinuingCOG channel), and truly represents the “pillar and ground of truth” (1 Timothy 3:15), without accepting the type of doctrinal and/character compromises that others have tolerated (see also Why Bob Thiel Left the Living Church of God).  Also, many groups whose leaders once were part of the old Worldwide Church of God no hold fast to officially teach church eras as they were once taught (e.g. UCG, COGaIC, COGWA, ICG, CGOM, CGI, CGG), hence they, like those in Sardis (e.g. CG7), will not be aware or prepared enough.  As far as ‘independents’ go, the Bible warns that all should “gather together” “before the decree is issued” so that they “may be hidden in the day of the Lord’s anger” (Zephaniah 2:1,2,3).  Those who fail to support the true remnant of the Philadelphia portion of the Church of God will not be protected, as only the faithful Philadelphians are promised that protection (Revelation 3:7-10).


Connie Schmidt said...

Frankly, I have never liked Philadelphia as a city.

Besides, I think Thiels operation is base more on Charlotte North Carolina anyway.

His group should not be known as Philadephians but rather as CHARLATANS! LOL!

Black Ops Mikey said...

Apparently, Booby Thiel hasn't heard about Robert Coulter's book that debunks the whole idea of church eras. It's myth.

The CoG7 has been around for 150+ years. How long did the WCG last?

How long will Thiel's micro cult last?

And what comes after the Laodocean Era? What ever it is, that's the one Thiel is in.

Aren't false prophets supposed to be put to death?

Curious that Booby has no fear of that -- it must be hubris.

Anonymous said...

Bob is a liar like some of the people who comment on this blog. You have a lot in common. Maybe you can all join forces and lie about something that people care about.

NO2HWA said...

Oh my, is someone having a bad day?

Anonymous said...

The place of protection was just a ploy used to keep control of the members and keep the tithe money rolling in.

Byker Bob said...

If Bob Thiel's group, or anyone else in Armstrongism, ever finds themselves in Petra, they will probably find some Bibles and articles left in the caves by William Eugene Blackstone, an early proponent of Christian Zionism.

Blackstone, or W.E.B., the moniker under which he wrote, predicted that Petra will be a place of safety for the Jews when the hordes of armies descend on Israel during Armageddon. He wanted Jewish people who would be left behind during the tribulation to become educated about both their plight, and about Jesus Christ. Seeing as how Blackstone died in 1935, the Bible planting would most likely have been done at the beginning of HWA's "ministry".

Since HWA regarded plagiarism as the source for all of God's revelations, it is highly likely that Blackstone, like Rupert, and like Dugger and Dodd, is an uncredited resource for at least one of the Armstrong doctrines.

Bob Thiel has got to be one of the most presumptuous of the Armstrongite franchisees, because he was never a full member of the club, and now claims to be the ultimate leader. If we questioned Stan Rader's bathtub baptism, why would we believe that a lesser elder who did not speak English as his first language could annoint someone as a prophet?


old EXPCG hag said...

Should read..."Bob Thiel: Those That Support My Work Are Doomed"

The ONLY people that are suffering are the ones not living in mansions at >headquarters<.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Herbert Armstrong produced his greatest original works through plagiarism.

And we're pretty sure that the "anointing" of Booby Thiel was done by someone fluent in insanity.

Black Ops Mikey said...

NO2HWA, the non specific accusation with no accompanying specifics and facts is the standard "hit and run" strategy of social media.

It supplants the much more difficult and rigorous application of logic, science, facts, historical record. In short, it is the province of mental midget morons.

It is also the standard consistently used by Armstrongists.

Anonymous said...

Even if I did still accept that the bible was true, as was the god described therein, and the type of doctrinal and/character compromises that Pervert Armstrong not only tolerated, but invented and promulgated, I still find it less than compelling that Johnny-Come-Lately-Also-Ran Bob Thiel and his merry band of misfits could possibly be these "Philadelphians" of which he speaks.

Given that, his merry band should really think carefully about who the "true remnant" of the "true portion" of the "true church" (of the "true" god) really are, yaknow, just to make absolutely sure that they're supporting "it," so that, yaknow, they really get that "promised protection" when, yaknow, "the decree is issued" rolls around. For many years now I've been told that "the day of the Lord's anger" is less than 5 years away, so, you never know, "that decree" could be "issued" any day now, so best be quick about it! Frankly, Uncle Rod, as bad as his claim to that mantle might be, is a whole lot better than Bobby's is.

As part of deciding to stop pretending to know things like these (on the basis of, well, on the basis of what exactly?), I lost all fear of ancient scribblings and the foolish things written in them like "the day of the Lord's anger." How is this not an ancient hobgoblin for little minds? And the fact that people in the 21st century tremble on account of such garbage is a somewhat embarrassing admission to have to make on behalf of the human species.

There's smart money, dumb money, dumber money and the dumbest money of all. Money placed on Pervert Armstrong was of the dumb variety. Money placed on Uncle Rod is dumber, and you can figure out the rest...

Corky said...

Well...they're wrong. The place of safety is Philadelphia, Mississippi. They would know that if they understood the book of Revelation. But, no, they want "church eras" instead of places of safety. Sardis, Mississippi anyone? Anyone?

See, there are two guys just don't get it, do you?

Corky said...

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Such udder disrespect for the miniturds of Armstrongism. Nobody calls them "MR" anymore. It's MR Booby Tail to you non-Armstrongists.

Black Ops Mikey said...

You know Corky, you might want to change your picture because people might confuse you with Eric King (it's the background).

Or not -- you know, you could be more popular in some segments for the association.

Black Ops Mikey said...

You people are going to be so sorry!

Theil's followers are going to be so comfortable in the Place of Safety while the rest of the world...

In the Place of Safety the leader(s) will build a Lake of Fire for human sacrifices for the rebels who complain about starvation, lack of water, harsh conditions, misery and pain as various groups of the ACoG are gathered together in an all out war that looks a lot worse than Armageddon. It will be Jim Jones and a mini end times World War III in a microcosm of misery.

While the rest of the world... lives in relative peace for the first time in centuries in prosperity -- because the Armstrongist false prophets who have brought a curse to the world are gone.

(The above in recognition of the fact that generally sarcasm, irony and parody are greatly frowned upon on the Internet by the PC....)