Friday, March 10, 2017

Dr. Germano: Living University is now a recognized University...but STILL unaccredited

From Dr. Germano

To: Living University Students and Friends 
Greetings everyone, 
Late yesterday afternoon, we were informed that on March 3, 2017, the University Of North Carolina Board of Governors authorized Living University to offer an online associate of arts degree (A.A.) and baccalaureate degree minors in business and communications. We plan to implement these programs this fall semester. These programs are in addition to the University’s authorization as a religious-exempt institution to offer Associate of Theology and Bachelor of Theology degree programs.
This is indeed very good news. In regard to our application, the UNCA staff report to the Board of Governors concludes: “Upon review of the Team of Examiners’ report, and Living University’s response to the recommendations and suggestions of that report, the UNC General Administration staff finds that recommendations have been satisfactorily addressed, and recommends that Living University be licensed to offer the degree programs requested. An appropriate review will be performed within two calendar years of the initiation of the licensed degree programs, by UNC GA, to ascertain the institution’s compliance with the Rules and Standards, including the recommendations contained in the report.”
Living University is now a recognized University. The examiners and the UNCA staff placed a lot of confidence in us and we intend to continue to function with integrity and in good faith and fair dealing with you and everyone whom we serve.
Thank you for your continued support and all you do to help our collective pursuit of achieving excellence in godly education in service to God and His people. Your continued prayers bring about more than we can even fathom.
Warm regards,
Living University


Dennis Diehl said...

Lol lol lol lol lol.

Anonymous said...

Germano should know better. After all, he was part and parcel with all of the changes. Endorsed the changes, rejected British Israelism and much more. He and his wife celebrated holidays and lived like normal people. Then he threw it all away and jumped back into the legal cesspool of Armstrongism and joined forces with Meredith to created an itty-bitty "university" for the cult. Pathetic man with no integrity.

Anonymous said...

What must Germano's conscience be saying to him? Imagine Germano explaining himself to His Savior?

"Well, Christ, I know I said I understood and accepted your grace, but LCG offered me all this money and a good health insurance package (and you know how much I need good health insurance) in exchange for keeping the dumb legalistic sheep happy in their Old Covenant bondage. They weren't going to change, anyway, so I might as well take their money, you know?"

Everybody in LCG knows that Germano doesn't really believe what LCG believes. They know he's a consummate politician from the old AC days. Remember, this is a guy who got exposed for voting and making campaign contributions in 2008, then after that kept on voting at least through 2014 when he was exposed again. He has gone to such extraordinary efforts to flatter the egotistical Rod Meredith that even his supporters are beyond embarrassed. Will Gerald Weston prove to be equally susceptible to Germano's flattery?

Anonymous said...

"Living" University will die with Meredith when LCG splinters into two or three pieces and their "faculty" go separate ways. What a waste of everyone's time and money.

Byker Bob said...

This has got to come as particularly good news for Bob Thiel. It means if he repents, and applies himself to his studies, he can actually get a somewhat more legitimate degree from University of the Living Dead!


Anonymous said...

Licensed to offer a degree by the state of North Carolina does not mean accredited by the regional accreditation agency (SACS).

Hoss said...

Byker Bob wrote: good news for Bob Thiel

Bob might want to be a Professor in the LU School of Prophets. As a precedant, he could cite HWA's appointment of Professor Gotoh and creation of the Ambassador College Asian Studies Department.

Vaughn said...

Is it a real university? The answer lays in the answer to this question: do they have an NCAA member football team?

Anonymous said...

LCGers will eat this up. Recognized by the state of NC is far from being an accredited university but most LCGers don't know the difference which is what LCG is counting on.

Anonymous said...

Degrees have become what finishing high school used to mean a few generations ago. A degree doesn't mean much these days. It's common to find waiters/waitresses and bar tenders who have had a degree for ten years.
The joke about street sweepers with degrees has become a reality.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Education sure has gone downhill. Now anybody can be sort of accredited.

And that course on British Israelism? Add journalism to the degrees offered. You can attend Living University and produce the same excellent articles like they have over there at The Journal.

Creative writing should also have its own school there. After all, British Israelism has been declared science fiction by Oxford and really, we need more really good science fiction authors, although it's not clear what sort of stories one could write about Israelites becoming Americans and Brits and still be accepted to Analog and Asimov's. Maybe the Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy? Remember though, their literary standards are a bit higher than you might imagine. You can't just slap aliens with flying saucers into a story of the wanderings of the Tribe of Dan and have them accept it for publication....

Very nicely done Dr. Germano. You have a place in the cabinet of the next Democrat President whoever she is....

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr Germano for all your hard work. Living University is providing an invaluable service for all who utilize this exceptional resource.

Anonymous said...

Unaccredited is hard work? Being accredited is hard work and proves a school is actually interested in educating their students. An LU "degree" is essentially worthless in the long run. Nice decoration for the wall though.

Connie Schmidt said...

Now that they are a UNIVERSITY are they going to have a football team??

Anonymous said...

Sooo impressive. They have like 15 students and are able to offer 2 majors.

LCG MUST be the one true COG! It's so obvious (not).

Anonymous said...

Germono, Winnail and countless others are total sell-outs. It's widely known that they don't believe BI but they are willing to peddle it for a paycheck.

How sad it must be to live such disingenuous lives.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you should read what he wrote in the May 9, 1995 Worldwide News. Would give you some great insight to his true character.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Germano's May 9, 1995 letter:

The encouraging comments from our ministry all across the nation have been inspiring to my wife, Brenda, and me. It seems that each person had his or her own personal struggle in coming to understand what God is leading us collectively to know and do as his children.

Learning is painful; there is nothing easy about it. I used to believe, and preach, that the most difficult aspect of life was child rearing. I have now changed my mind. It is being a Christian.

Thanks to Mr. Tkach's leadership and relationship with God, we have been led by the Spirit of God to come to a deeper, richer, fuller understanding of what it is to be a Christian. The understanding appears to be wholly of the Spirit. When the veil is removed, all comes into place. Spiritual renewal is being worked out in a powerful and wonderful way throughout the Church.

At Ambassador University we have some on the faculty (both lay members and ministers) who have not been able to see or accept the
New Covenant understanding. The majority of the faculty, however, have and are deeply thrilled and excited about the new understanding. Some faculty and students have decided that they will work in active opposition. This is sad, but each person has come to his or her decision.

All of our children and their mates remain loyal to God's Church and work as it is administered by Mr. Tkach. I believe that by the early summer the Ambassador University community will all be of one mind once again, and we can go forward with the wonderful work that lies ahead. It is going to be a very large and exciting work, and I hope we can all grasp the vision and significance of it.

Our prayers and thoughts are with all our brothers and sisters in Christ—the ministry and the brethren. Please pray for Ambassador University. We love all of you and we know you love us.

Michael and Brenda Germano
Ambassador University

Have you considered the possibility that Dr. Germano didn't believe what he wrote in this letter? Why does anybody assume that he believes what he was teaching then... or now? He's just another hireling.