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"Elijah Work" is alive and well ONLY in the PCG, as it claims to possess the two most important books ever writen in human history

Gerald Flurry as a "new" article up on the PCG website, "Elijah’s Prayer"

If you though the narcissism of Dave Pack and Almost-arrested Bob Thiel knew no boundaries, just get a load of the hyperbole of Gerry Flurry and Lil'Stevie who is being set up as a modern day Elijah and one of the Two Witless Witnesses.  All of this is coming about because the Philadelphia Church of "god" claims to be in possession of the two greatest books ever written in human history, after the Bible, of course.  One is a summary of the entire bible and the other is a book spoken about in the book of James.

That first book is Herbert Armstrong's, Mystery of the Ages, the book that the Philadelphia Church of God was found guilty of plagiarizing and ended up having to dish out $3,000,000.00 for the rights to legitimately publish it.  The second book is Malachi's Message, a book that Gerry Flurry stole from Jules Dervaes, Letter to Laodicea, that Gerry Flurry claims is the "little book" of the book of James. in the Bible.

Gerry Flurry makes a further claim that is absurd beyond understanding.  He claims that Herbert Armstrong prayed that all "spiritual rain" (spiritual revelation) would cease for 3 1/2 years.  According to the delusional mind of Flurry, that was when the withholding of spiritual revelation ceased when Herbert Armstrong died.  Of course, the man on the receiving end of new godly revelation was none other than Flurry.
This prophecy tells us much about an end-time Elijah and some vital history of God’s Church. 
“Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months” (James 5:17). 
The epistle of James is for the end time. If you look at 1 Kings 17, you will see that the original Elijah prophesied about rain and drought—he didn’t pray for it. James is speaking about the end-time Elijah, who prayed about spiritual rain and drought. James is talking about a man who faced a different set of problems than did the original Elijah. In this verse, Herbert W. Armstrong prayed that it not rain—that there would be no revelation from God. 
“And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit” (James 5:18). 
This prophecy has been fulfilled during the Laodicean era of the Church of God.
Consider what this verse is really saying. 
Mr. Armstrong fervently prayed that the spiritual rain—the revelation of God—would stop coming into God’s Church, and that it would begin again after 3½ years. In order to pray that, he must have recognized the rebellion in the Church—probably far more than we have realized. Why else would he pray that God would cut off His revelation and guidance until He raised up a new work? 
Events prove that this prayer was answered. After Mr. Armstrong died, the Church suffered through precisely 3½ years of spiritual drought, and then we received rain.
It was two months after HWA's death that Flurry supposedly received the revelation to write Malachi's Message.

Mr. Armstrong died on January 16, 1986. After 1,150 days, or around March 11, 1989 (probably that exact day), God began revealing to me the truths contained in the book Malachi’s Message. In God’s eyes, it was at that point that the sanctuary was cleansed.
But look again at the prophecy in James 5:17-18. 
Though the sanctuary was cleansed through God’s prophet, spiritual rain was not watering the Church immediately.
Of course what Flurry failed to realize is that people realized something was afoot.  He had ripped off Jules Dervaes Letters to Laodeacia, that was published in 1987.
The Letter To Laodicea  was written c. 1987 and delivered to Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. by certified mail.  

September 26, 1990
P.O. BOX 1787
EDMOND, OK 73083

RE: MALACHI'S MESSAGE To God's Church Today
Yesterday I received unsolicited in the mail the above publication along with Volume 1, Nos. 1-5 of The Philadelphia Trumpet. I wish to inform you that I challenge your copyright of 1990, printed on page one of MALACHI'S MESSAGE and other copyrights of this message in your other publications. Whether it was done unknowingly or deliberately, many of your ideas are a direct and clear plagiarism of my work The Letter to Laodicea which was in stages published from December '86 through January '88. 
The first parts of what would be a seven part letter I sent to Mr. Tkach via registered/ certified mail beginning December 1, 1986 (see enclosed copy). Later, the entire seven part message was sent to--I believe--every evangelist in the Worldwide Church of God both here and overseas. And, not only to them, but this message was mailed to many, if not all, of the ministers at headquarters. Additionally, many local pastors or elders in the United States (a few overseas, too) were sent this information. I have the mailing list of the ones which were contacted. Furthermore, I sent The Letter to Laodicea to hundreds of WCG members living in the United States and also to a few overseas. I have kept the complete mailing list. Finally, every regional office of The PLAIN TRUTH was sent this message. Thus, the files of the WCG are filled with the message that I delivered to it. 
When the bulk of the mailings were finished, I began to proclaim this Laodicean message to church brethren on the streets of Pasadena, beginning the Last Day of Unleavened Bread in the spring of 1988. The WCG has a photo record of every banner, every sign, that I have displayed. More than a few of "your" ideas can be found on my signs. Not only have thousands of local church brethren seen these messages but also many thousands of American and foreign members have viewed them during the Feasts of Tabernacles of 1988 and 1989. It's now been two and one-half years that every Sabbath with few exceptions I have held the Laodicean message before the church's eyes on the streets around its headquarters. 
For you to make the statement on page 67 that Dr. Hoeh "stated that the Church of God has entered into the Laodicean era" and that, having said this in the Spring of '88, this message "was quickly stopped by Church leaders" is absolutely ridiculous. Not counting the letters I sent him, I PERSONALLY delivered the Laodicean warning to him--via my ten foot banner--on a sidewalk outside the Imperial Schools. He said, "Good afternoon," as he walked on by. 
Again, much of your material plagiarizes what I have written. You will not be allowed to claim it as your own. I would advise you to settle this according to Matthew 5:25-26.
Jules Dervaes, Jr.  From: The Plain Truth About Malachi's Message
As Flurry was busy plagerizing Dervaes Letter, he was searching for a way to present it to the church.  This is where Lil"Stevie comes into the picture.
God reveals His truth to apostles and prophets (Ephesians 3:5), but that truth doesn’t rain into the Church until His man speaks to the Church. 
You can see the same pattern in Revelation 11:1. When God measures His temple, first He measures the altar—then He measures “them that worship therein.” To get His message to the people, first it must go to the altar, or the ministry, when God reveals it to His man. It takes time, then, for that truth to get beyond the altar and to reach the Church. 
As God was revealing Malachi’s Message, my children were at Ambassador College in Pasadena, California—my daughter, Laura, in her senior year; my son, Stephen, in his freshman year. That was where I felt they could get the best education on this Earth. But I became increasingly uneasy as I detected the wrong direction the leaders were taking God’s Church. Both of them were alerted to problems in the Church. I convinced Stephen to continue his education at the Ambassador campus at Big Sandy, Texas, closer to where I was in Oklahoma.
This is also where the Robbers Cave then enters the picture.  Robbers Cave is a revered location of the PCG as "holy ground."
EDMOND—“So what do you think?” the minister asked when his son paused while reading the manuscript. “Well, that definitely will get you fired,” his son responded.”  It was July 1989, and the young 19-year-old was on a Y.E.S. camping trip with his father at Robbers Cave in southeastern Oklahoma during the summer break. But this turned out to be more than your everyday summer camping excursion. It became a pivotal moment in the history of God’s Church and marked Robbers Cave State Park as an important historical location for the Philadelphia Church of God.   
See: Robbers Cave, Philadelphia Church of God's Most Sacred and Holy Site and Standing On Holy Ground With Philadelphia Church of God at Robbers Cave State Park
 Flurry continues as he reveals that Lil'Steveie eventually read Malachi's Message and thus the 3 1/2 years of spiritual drought ends.  The revelation was back into the church and Lil'Steveie was the bringer of the "rain."
Finally, my son read the rough draft of Malachis Message on Sunday, July 16, 1989—exactly 3½ years after Mr. Armstrong died! My son was positive in what he said, but he didn’t say much. I could tell he had been sobered by what he read. The sanctuary had already been cleansed, but it took a few months before that rain began to reach beyond the altar, or ministry. 
In God’s eyes, that is when the “latter rain” began (James 5:7)—with my son. At that point, the drought ended. With great relief and joy, we thanked God that He was once again revealing truth to His very elect!
As Flurry's health and mental facilites diminsh due to age and dementia setting in, he has to set into place and elevate Lil'Stevie to a place of promenance.  Lil'Steveie is beign set up to be the new Elijah for the chruich.  Eveytign about Lil'Stevies life is now of great spiritual significance.
For me to give Malachi’s Message to my son placed a heavy responsibility on him. I knew this was going to be a test for my son. When something like that happens, we have to make the right decision! Clearly, the way God viewed it, that was a far more significant moment than it would have appeared.
Young people, realize: My son really wrestled with that choice—as probably any unbaptized person would have. He loved college, yet here was his dad doing something that many members dismissed as rank rebellion! God made him choose—just as He makes each of us choose. It would have been so easy to turn away from God at that point and to miss all the blessings. But if we make the right choice, God can accomplish tremendous things in our lives! We must always strive to get ourselves out of the way and let God lead us.
Look what one person can achieve by choosing correctly and going wherever God leads him! 
The entire PCG is now an Elijah work:
Mr. Armstrong is involved in our Work today in a way we had not understood before. And God is involved in the pcg much more deeply than we often think!  
“Where is the God of Elijah?” He is extremelypcg today!
Malachi's Message is now the most important book the PCG has now.  It is right up ther enext to HWA's Mystery of the Ages
Malachi’s Message is the seminal book of the Philadelphia Church of God. When we came to understand that it was actually prophesied right in the middle of the greatest book of prophecy in the Biblethat significantly elevated Malachi’s Message in importance!
PCG members who do not worship this book have serious spiritual issues and need to repent!
If you want to identify the people of God, just find the little book of Revelation 10. It must be special to us. If it isn’t, we need to repent of that. 
God’s end-time Elijah died January 16, 1986. Just 1,150 days later, God revealed the heart of Malachi’s Message to me. The sanctuary was cleansed.
Then, 3½ years after Mr. Armstrong died, God began to rain new revelation (Malachi’s Message) into His Church beginning with my son—that continued the Elijah Work.
God reveals through James how Mr. Armstrong was beseeching God to stop new revelation from entering His sinning Church—and then continue to provide it 3½ years later. That is when God started raining the little book into God’s faithful remnant. We now see his prayers were fulfilled in a specific time sequence, which makes our spirits soar!
All of these events revolved around Mystery of the Ages—Mr. Armstrong’s most important book and a synopsis of the Bible. The message of the Bible was condensed into a smaller book—Mystery of the Ages. Why is this so vital? It clearly shows that the God of Elijah is powerfully alive in the pcg! The Elijah Work continues. 
Flurry is also setting Lil"Stevie up as one of the two witless witnesses, though he says "no one knows who they are yet." 
“And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth” (Revelation 11:3-4). Very soon, two witnesses will come from this Church with a powerful message that will shock all humanity. 
We are getting awfully close to the time of these two individuals! 
Clearly the two witnesses would have to come from this Church, God’s faithful Philadelphia remnant. It is striking how directly God ties their work into the work of the pcg and the little book. 
I don’t know who they are, nor do you. We don’t need to speculate about it. But I believe that God put the thought in my mind that we do need to tie their work in with the little book. It certainly is interesting the way it is linked here. 
We need to carefully ponder these statements. 
Consider the amazing events God is orchestrating for His Church. 
On March 11, 1989, the sanctuary was cleansed, and God began to do a work again. But what good would it have been if God had given that revelation to me, and it never reached the people of God? That is who the message is for! 
On July 16, 1989, that little book was delivered to my son, and from there that spiritual rain began to fall in the Church—“them that worship therein.” The drought ended.
Rain doesn’t come from a man! Rain descends from above! Spiritual rain comes from God!
Whoever the two witnesses are, Christ in them will be doing that work. How could men—apart from God—possibly fulfill a job like that? 
As the PCG contnues to dwindle, they know they have a frighened base that will defend these teachings.  Fear stil runs rampant in the Church of God.



Anonymous said...

Herbie beseeching God to stop revelation to his sinning church? Ha, ha, ha.
Herbie was the one leading the church into sin. It was Herb who introduced roman Catholic hierarchical tyranny into the church. It was Herb who taught the give way, with the winners doing the giving and the trailer park losers doing the getting. It was Herb who hid that Christ leads every Christian individuality, rather than God communicating exclusively through some church governing body.

Yesterday I watched the YouTube video " video Psychologist talks about dangers of watchtower." It's worth watching. I felt they were describing Herbs church. They mentioned all these parallels such the end is always 5 years away. Their members were looked down upon for buying a house and saving for the future since the end is always so near. This left many destitute in their old age. They mentioned that Herbs church was the only other denomination that taught the end was coming in 1975. The pointed out that their governing body was viewed as Gods exclusive mouthpiece, and to disagree was to disagree with God. Which is the same story in today's Herbie slivers. They mentioned the mind conditioning using repetition that permeates Herbs slivers and the 'blackmail' of cutting members off from their families if they left.
Listening to Herbs sermons, it was obvious that he wasn't intellectually inclined. So I used to wonder where he got all his ploys and brainwashing techniques from. Well look no further than the Jehovah witnesses Watchtower.

Anonymous said...

To any PCOG Members that may read this:

Decades ago, a Jules Dervaes wrote a set of warning letters to the Tkach Leadership of WWCG, and he repeatedly claimed that Gerald Flurry's Malachi Message did major plagiarizing of it. This man wrote Flurry and told to stop...

Are you SO SURE a "Mighty Angel" brought this book to Gerald Flurry? Do you realize you are betting your salvation on this? The Same God that warned for all time in Rev 22:18-19 about those who would ADD or SUBTRACT from His Word!

Why do think some of the "ministers" in your church tell you to "get your nose out of the Bible and into church booklets?

The Real God is there. Waiting for you to reach out to HIM instead of M-e-n!

nck said...

Gerald Flurry is right that "Robbers Cave" defines pivotal information on the contemporary history of the Church(es) of God.

Realistic conflict theory (initialized RCT), also known as realistic group conflict theory (initialized RGCT),[1][2] is a social psychological model of intergroup conflict.[3] The theory explains how intergroup hostility can arise as a result of conflicting goals and competition over limited resources, and it also offers an explanation for the feelings of prejudice and discrimination toward the outgroup that accompany the intergroup hostility.[1][3][4] Groups may be in competition for a real or perceived scarcity of resources such as money, political power, military protection, or social status.[1] Feelings of resentment can arise in the situation that the groups see the competition over resources as having a zero-sums fate, in which only one group is the winner (obtained the needed or wanted resources) and the other loses (unable to obtain the limited resource due to the "winning" group achieving the limited resource first).[1][2] The length and severity of the conflict is based upon the perceived value and shortage of the given resource.[1][3] According to RCT, positive relations can only be restored if superordinate goals are in place.[1]

Robbers cave study[edit]
The Robbers Cave Experiment by Muzafer Sherif represents one of the most widely known demonstrations of RCT.[4] Sherif's study was conducted over three weeks in a 200-acre summer camp in Robbers Cave State Park, Oklahoma, focusing on intergroup behavior.[3] In this study, researchers posed as camp personnel, observing 22 eleven- and twelve-year-old boys who had never previously met and had comparable backgrounds.[3][8]

The experiment was divided into three stages. The first stage being "ingroup formation", in which upon arrival the boys were split into two approximately equal groups based on similarities. Each group was unaware of the other group's presence. The second stage was the "friction phase", wherein the groups were entered in competition with one another in various camp games. Valued prizes were awarded to the winners. This caused both groups to develop negative attitudes and behaviors towards the outgroup. The third and final stage was the "integration stage". During this stage, tensions between the groups were reduced through teamwork-driven tasks that required intergroup cooperation.[8]

Sherif made several conclusions based on the three-stage Robbers Cave Experiment.[3][8] From the study, he determined that because the groups were created to be approximately equal, individual differences are not necessary or responsible for intergroup conflict to occur.[8] As seen in the study when the boys were competing in camp games for valued prizes, Sherif noted that hostile and aggressive attitudes toward an outgroup arise when groups compete for resources that only one group can attain.[7][8] Sherif also establishes that contact with an outgroup is insufficient, by itself, to reduce negative attitudes.[8] Finally, he concludes that friction between groups can be reduced along with positive intergroup relations maintained, only in the presence of superordinate goals that promote united, cooperative action.[3][8]


Byker Bob said...

Of course the only verification for any of this is "Mr. Flurry says....." How naive are his followers? I understand that they must agree with it in order to be baptized.


Anonymous said...

This comes under the category of mystic manipulation. From the internet:
"Eight Ways to Identify Religious Brainwashing: Mystical Manipulation (Part 2 of 8) by Steve Smith

By setting themselves up on a pedestal as an incandescent personality, a cult leader attracts followers as moths to a flame.

Most cult leaders or leaders of unhealthy religious groups claim that God reveals himself to them in special ways. They also may appear to perform miracles of knowledge or miracles of healing used to enhance their own power or wealth. For example, a group leader might say, “God spoke to me last night and said that it is his will for everybody in this church to sell all of their possessions and give the money to the church.”

Cult leaders often make up stories about their past in order to prove that God has chosen them as a special servant who people must follow. They may claim to have heard revelations, seen visions, or spoken to angels who revealed special truth to them. Through this special anointing, they claim to have authority over other people."

Questeruk said...

Let’s look at this in Flurry’s own language. Flurry states:-

“Mr. Armstrong died on January 16, 1986.”
“Finally, my son read the rough draft of Malachi’s Message on Sunday, July 16, 1989—exactly 3½ years after Mr. Armstrong died!”

Remarkable isn’t it. Three and a half years to the day! However why would Flurry expect his god to use our modern ‘pagan’ calendar? Surely not?

The real test would be was it 3.5 years according to the Hebrew calendar? We don’t have to get into calendar issues here, because Flurry uses the standard Hebrew calendar that the Jews use and he should surely expect his god to do the same?

A ten minute check on Google shows.

1. 16th January 1986 is the 6th day of the 11th month on the Hebrew calendar.
2. 16th July 1989 is the 13th day of the 4th month.

This is way short of three and a half years. Three and a half years would be 6th day of the 5th month.

The 6th day of the 5th month in 1989 in the Hebrew calendar, translates as 7th August 1989. The Robbers cave experience was 22 days too early!

Gerald Flurry has a case of "hoist with his own petard," as Shakespeare would put it.

Anonymous said...

The 'pagan' calendar works because it is based on the solar year of 365 days per years. It works in the sense of certain calendar days repetitively appearing in human history.

Questeruk said...

Anon 10.11 PM

You need to have a bit of lateral thinking here, Anon.

Of course your statement sounds sensible to you, and to me, and it would seem sensible to Gerry F too, because that is exactly what he was saying too. (Aren’t you glad you are agreeing with Gerald!).

But that is because we have all been brought up with a calendar that is solely a solar calendar. We use the term ‘months’ (moons), but they have no relevance as to what the moon is actually doing. We are looking at dates from the point of view of the solar calendar, and only ‘translating’ those dates back to the Hebrew calendar

The Hebrew calendar is a solar/lunar calendar – it takes into account what the moon is actually doing, as well as the sun. So on the 6th day of one month, the moon is going to look very similar to the 6th day of any other month.

For someone that was brought up with only a Hebrew calendar your point would sound completely ridiculous.

Just try to use a little lateral thinking on this case in point.

On the Hebrew calendar HWA died on 6th day of 11th month. Add three and a half years. Three years would bring you to 6th day of 11th month three years later. Another half year will bring you to 6th day of 5th month of the following year. Easy, no problem!

Try telling that person that your ‘solar only’ calendar makes three and a half years to come out on their calendar as 13th day of the 4th month, and you would be laughed to scorn.

‘Why that is obviously wrong – the moon is nearly full on 13th, but nowhere near full on the 6th – plus it’s only 5 months that you are counting, not 6. What a stupid calendar this solar calendar is that you are using!’

It’s all a matter of perception, of what you are used to. And the Hebrew calendar is the calendar used in the bible, not the solar only calendar.

Anonymous said...

It is easy to prove which one of us is correct. Cycles and timing is rampant in human history, so all that's required is back testing to see which of the two calendars gives the better success rate.
You haven't done your homework, have you?

Questeruk said...

Anon, you have missed the point entirely.

The bible, when talking of time periods, and time cycles is using the Hebrew calendar, not a ‘solar 365 day calendar’.

If Gerald Flurry is using his personal experiences to imply a prophetic biblical result, he needs to do so by the same biblical standard. That is my point, and that is my only point.

It is you, not me, that have made the claim that cycles and timing are ‘rampant’ in human history. I made no such claim.

It is you that have, thus far, failed to give even one example.

Maybe you would care to produce some of this ‘rampant’ data? Or is it you that have not done your homework?

Henry Bemis said...

I hope when ol six pack dies people will be liberated.