Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Bob Thiel Tells Another Whopper About Rod Meredith

Almost arrested, but not arrested Elijah, Joshua, Thiel is back again telling another whopper about a supposed conversation he had with Rod Meredith.  I can guarantee you that Rod Meredith would NEVER have agreed with Thiel about this conversation or Thiel's interpretation on how it went down.

Notice the way Thiel phrases this:

04/17/18 p.m. The late Dr. R.C. Meredith used to state that LCG was only "half a peanut shell" in the Pacific Ocean. The last time I attended LCG in San Diego (in 2003, this is before the move by LCG to Charlotte, North Carolina), I came up with him and essentially said:
You've said that LCG is like a half of peanut shell in the Pacific Ocean. So, if LCG doubles its television coverage, then it is only about 1 peanut shell. I don't believe that Matthew 24:14 will be fulfilled by buying television time. This is not second guessing your decisions to be on television stations, but your own words show that television like LCG has been doing is not enough.  
How Matthew 24:14 will be fulfilled will be from one of us, like me, identifying the coming King of North, saying the Great Tribulnation is about to beging, and telling people that he is about to destroy the USA and UK, then the King of the South, and he will be in league with the Antichrist, as he puts forth a false message of peace by human means. The media will cover us, and this will get people's attention. Enough so, that this will fulfill Jesus' 'gospel of the kingdom to the world' prophecy.
Dr. Meredith essentially agreed with me then. This was something that I also covered with the then three other LCG HQ evangelists in meetings later in Charlotte, North Carolina--all of whom (Richard Ames, Dibar Apartian, Doug Winnail) gave me their concurrence.
How can anyone believe this conversation took place when no one believes God spoke to him in a dream and told him to start another splinter group? Even Gaylyn Bonjoir disagrees with Thiel's interpretation of events regarding the supposed double blessing.


Anonymous said...

Rod was very money-conscious, so he would rarely speak harshly to big tithers/donors.

I can easily picture Rod "playing along" with Thiel, avoiding a direct "No" as Thiel spun his crazier and crazier ideas. The problem is that where Rod simply wanted to avoid saying "No", Bob inferred a "Yes."

Anonymous said...

This is the reason so many in LCG disliked Thiel. Everyone knew he was a windbag that thought far too highly of himself. People gradually saw through his lies and started to ignore anything he said. That is why no one from LCG ever joined up with him. Other than his crazy African's who have aligned themselves with him and with several other churches as they milk each one for money, computers, and BIbles. Thiel is such a narcissist that he cannot see through his own bullshit. Thiel may soon end up more dangerous than Flurry or Pack!

Anonymous said...

I think Rod was very careful not to say or do anything to stop/slow/lower Bob's income source into the church. Of course, he agreed with Bob. But Rod never, I believe, intended Thiel to ever have any real authority in the church. I don't believe Thiel ever believed that.

I think Thiel's whole lifelong dream was to someday be some kind of minister in the LCG. I think he was working to it, and inferred every thought and action of Meredith as being toward that goal. All he has done from that point until now was rationalize his thoughts and actions.

He has tried to rationalize an "ordination" that wasn't. He has tried to rationalize "dreams". He has tried to rationalize "prophecies" that aren't even close to actual prophecies. The very words he always uses are rationalizing words. He uses those words to "nudge" something that's not quite there into something that he "wants" to be there. That's how he tries extremely hard to make things fit.

Because if you say things that are TRULY accurate, 100% accurate, without a shadow of a doubt, you will never have to rationalize anything with words and phrases such as:

Seems, essentially, possibly, likely, it seems that, it could, if all things, it is probable, and maybe.

If you will notice there is almost never, ever anything truly definitive. His entire construct is a ministry of assumptions turned into "fact" because that's what he wants them to be. If he did not use the phrases and words he is most famous for seemingly every post, he would never have a leg to stand on with the most basic premise of why his "Church" even exists.

This is why he is, though he always denies it, self-appointed. Because no one has ever come forward in an official capacity stating that he ever was an ordained minister. All Bob could ever do is rationalize a conversation, assume an ordination, and run with it so all his dreams of being a minister could come true.

He is self-appointed, and in my opinion, his ministry is illegitimate. Why people give him, an ordinary church member gone wild, the time of day is beyond me.

Anonymous said...



A new name for a COG:

"Half a Peanut Shell In the Pacific Ocean Church of God"

HPSIPOCG. This is pronounced Hipsipocog. I can pretty much be confident no one has this name. It's catchy! It's unique! It's new! And a Peanut would make an amazing logo for a COG! Welcome to Hip-sip-o-cog!!!

It's not like it doesn't have the backing of a former WCG evangelist. I mean, it is what Meredith called it, right? And if everything an evangelist says is "divinely ordained" (cough), then wouldn't this be an INSPIRED NAME?

Well, brethren, welcome to the Half a Peanut Shell in the Pacific Ocean Church of God Feast of Tabernacles! Let's turn to All Peanuts That On Earth Do Dwell!
Then let's turn to Crack the Shell let Peanuts Hear. And, Turn Thou From Almonds, Crack what is Good, Pursue the Peanuts Earnestly. The middle song will be "Glorious things of Peanuts Spoken", followed by the closing hymn, "Whole and Crunchy Is The Peanut, Who Doth Never Leave It's Shell."

All the COG's are just nuts anyway, they're not all they're cracked up to be, they always have a tendency to split, so it's just a name to chew on. Though the church might start small, salt never loses it's flavor. You might roast me for this post, but I think nut-thing's funnier. Not trying to squirrel around with the humor ;) .


we now return you to your regularly scheduled posts.

Byker Bob said...

Focussing in on one of the myriad flaws in Bob Thiel’s logic, media attention on “prophets” over the past several decades has not miraculously brought joiners or supporters out of the woodwork for some great cause. Some high profile religious guy (that leaves all the ACOG leaders out) gets a bad case of prophetic diarrhea of the mouth. The media brings readers and listeners in to share the joke. Everyone has a good laugh at the fool, his prophecy doesn’t come to pass, and he is soon forgotten. Besides, there has already been an endless chain of idiots and assholes who believe they know who the King of the North, King of the South, Antichrist, Beast, False Prophet, and Whore of Babylon are. It’s been mined for all it’s worth, and nobody takes it seriously.


Wheel Helens said...

I happen to like Bob, he was always kind to me when I was in WCG.

Near_Earth_Object said...

If you Google "king of the north", you will retrieve just about every Armstrongite fragment church with a web presence. You will also bring up the Jehovah's Witness site.

For some reason the Christian Movement is not well represented - for the most part only the Culties are snagged by the Google search engine. This should immediately raise a red flag. Another droll Millerite foray into misinterpreted prophecy.

Historically, the "King of the North" was probably a reference to the Seleucids. How the Millerites can take this and re-tread it to refer to the coming head of some great European political combine is puzzling and should make anyone suspicious of motives.

This is a prophecy that already happened. Yet, Armstrongist Millerites are waiting perched to adapt this already fulfilled prophecy to some news event that they can use as leverage to grab more money from the flock and more prestige for themselves as great prophets. David Koresh did something very similar and quite successfully. But there is a lesson in the David Koresh scenario that seems to be lost on these people.

David Rickman said...

The only "king of the north" I know is Jon Snow.

Connie Schmidt said...

In the South, peanuts are known as "Goobers".

It is certain that Thiel is more than just a "half a goober", and is completely

a full fledged 1000% GOOBER!

Zippy said...

Nobody in the south calls peanuts "goobers", we call peanuts, peanuts. :)

Anonymous said...

I have never heard peanuts called "goobers" anywhere either! But, that does not eliminate Connie's assertion that self-appointed church leaders aren't Goobers.

A Goober is as a Goober does.

I think I just heard from Arroyo Grande this:


I half expect to read this on a certain news blog: ;)

"Certain haters of the truth are attacking me again. Though I don't always respond to the constant ridicule and persecution coming from certain haters of the truth, I take strong offense to being called a Goober.

I have not, nor have I ever been, a Goober. But certain people seem to always want to say just that about me.

Scripture says that in the last days people will scoff and mock. Apparently, that seems to be more and more the case every day.

I will continue to keep these people who constantly belittle me in my prayers.

I am not a Goober. Never have been a Goober.

In fact, the name Goober is in fact a noun, which means, a peanut. Because I hold such a high degree, it took me only a few clicks to find this in Google. But I also found the name Goober means a naive, ignorant, or a foolish person.

This person on the blog apparently, then, called me a fool.

Scripture says that if you call someone a fool, then you're in danger of Gehenna fire.

Because of this, I believe it is not proper for anyone to call anyone a Goober, because of it's connotation of calling someone a fool. So, because it's wrong, and someone called me that word, I don't believe anyone should ever call anyone that word in the church. It is improper, and is as bad as playing football. I hate football so much. I need to write another article now on football. Because all football players are goob-

Anyway, it seems persecution is getting worse in these last days. We here are continuing to make the final push. Please support this incredible work, as we are the only ones that seem to be doing just that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Connie! I *just* now realized why Goober Grape Peanut Butter and Jelly is named "Goober Grape" thanks to you. I always thought it was just a silly name for a brand of Peanut Butter.

You have successfully fulfilled your educational good deed for the day! ;)

Anonymous said...

This is Rod down here in hell with Herb: If Bob Thiel doesn't quit telling lies about me, he's going to be here where I am. Does he really want that? This environment really.....burns me up. (Herb says hi!)

Hoss said...

Wow, so the Gospel is actually Bob's prophetic speculations... I never knew that. And I was going to settle for making a weak joke twisting "one of us, like me" into a whimpering "none of us like me!" - which would explain why only a handful eventually followed Bob out of the LCG.