Monday, April 16, 2018

LCG: Rod McNair-Brethren, Are You A Person of Integrity and Walk In A Godly Way Like I Do?

Lots of LCG members were none too happy to see Rod McNair's pre-Passover posting about getting certain types of "leavening" out of their lives.

Given McNair's harsh treatment of members and his appalling comments about the elderly, LCG members feel he is talking out of his hypocritical ass once again, especially when he wants members to be people with integrity like he presumably is.  Or, are they like he is and put on a good show wanting to impress members and receive their accolades?

The LCG source who sent me this said,  "McNair is one of the most envious and strife causing men at LCG headquarters.  If any HQ employee is full of illusions about himself it is McNair. McNair is never capable of taking stock of his life and repenting before Passover.  He will still be the same vindictive strife causing man he was before Passover."  The LCG source also went on to say that, "McNair is prideful about his spiritual accomplishments and feels he has an inside track with God since he is God's mouthpiece as a minister in the church and that we as the dumb sheep need to heed everything he tells us to do."

McNair writes, "...acknowledge our continual need for the precious blood of Christ to cover our sins and give us new life. Thank God for that awesome privilege!"  Seriously?  When has the LCG EVER acknowledged Jesus other that using him as the source for "preaching the kingdom of God" and nothing else?  Nothing Jesus did ever has truly struck a nerve with LCG leaders, including Rod McNair. Other than saying Jesus Christ preached about the "soon coming kingdom of God" the church places no emphasis on the man.  The law is the god of the LCG.

LCG members should be emulating the characteristics of Jesus as they sit with prostitutes and drug addicts as they wash their feet and then eat a meal together.  They should be helping the poor and the destitute and those without any hope in their lives.  They should NOT pretend to be anything like the fake leaders of the LCG and above all, be NOTHING like Rod McNair!

Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees: Jesus said in Luke 12:1 “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.” What about us? Are we men, women, and children of integrity, or do we live a double-life? Do we talk in a godly way around “Church people” but then act selfishly at home, work, school or on social media? Are we like the Pharisees, who put on a good show to those whom they wanted to impress, but in private were full of envy, strife and the works of their own carnal nature?  
As we come to this Holy Day season, we must have no illusions about ourselves. We must be honest and open. We must courageously admit where we’ve fallen short in the past year. And we must throw ourselves on God’s mercy and cry out to Him for His help, to go forward! Passover is not the time to show God a list of all our spiritual accomplishments. Rather, it is an opportunity to once again, as individuals and as a Church community, acknowledge our continual need for the precious blood of Christ to cover our sins and give us new life. Thank God for that awesome privilege!
Have a refreshing Sabbath,
Rod McNair


Anonymous said...

They honestly don't (I feel) have a clue that the way they portray themselves and act toward the membership is wrong.

They have, for so many decades, been absolutely brainwashed into thinking that the dictatorial, domineering, controlling, abusive way that they act towards members is not only right, but mandated by scripture, and obligated in the government responsibilities through ordination. They have been so thoroughly programmed that wrong to them is right - and any attempt to tell them differently is met with absolute vitriol and forceful denial.

They think they are God's Government on Earth. They think they are there to correct, rebuke, discipline, and enforce. The problem that I just cannot reconcile in my head is how they can believe that, yet act the way they do in such a horrifying ungodly way. You can't reason with them, you can't talk with them about it, it's their way or the highway, and there's no point in even trying to point out the obvious. They're just too hoity toity, too good, too high in rank for little pee-ons to DARE correct them.

We know that these people frequent this blog. We know they are aware of the complaints of their members. We know they understand the situation. I've seen a member on here publicly plead for Gerald Weston to DO SOMETHING. But he does not. Is Gerald blind? Does he see what's happening? Does he even hear the complaints? Does he have compassion for the cries of his flock? Why does he sit idly by like he does?
Many might have opinions. I have one too.

My personal opinion on this, and that's all it is, is that the LCG ministry know about the complaints of the oppressed. They're aware of it. But if they begin to acknowledge problems, or, GASP - that they've been - GASP - WRONG - then they appear weak. The hardliners would then accuse them of "changing" and leave. "Oh here we go! They're saying they're wrong, just like WW did!" If they don't acknowledge problems, the hardliners are fine with it (the tithepayers), but the oppressed remain oppressed, but stay anyway. So what to do? Nothing. You just can't mess with the income source that keeps those ministers housed and fed. I feel that if they move to correct the issues, then they fear that their income will plummet from those that support them with their tithes. And if that's the case, then the god of LCG isn't God. It's money, not righteousness. And in the COGs, money is the root of all their evil. It's been that way from the beginning, and there seems to be no sign of the grip of the idol of money easing from those who are obsessed with its power.

So my opinion? Never expect any change. See some token movements to satisfy the hardliners, see some token movements to satisfy the oppressed, maintain the status quo and the money keeps flowing. People will complain, people will wait for justice, but so long as the money stream is flowing, there will be no justice.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would hungrily fumble and introduce Rod McNair like this....

"And now, brethren, for the Sermon this morning, a minister of the Living Church of God, Mr. Rod McNugget......"

Hockey Coach said...

It is so very sad to see these ACOG cults wasting their lives on lies conceived by HWA. They do all they can to look righteous but inside they have ice-cold black hearts.

Anonymous said...

Rod McNair lost his power over me when I proved to myself that he is both stupid and deceptive. He would make a great physical education coach for average junior high school students, but his approach to ministry makes him a danger to LCG.

Several who post on this blog should be able to verify that McNair believes God will implant in his mind the right answer to any counseling situation. As a result, he often approaches a matter without hearing both sides, or approaches a matter with a clear attitude of favoritism toward one party rather than seeking the spiritual good of both parties. McNair's approach encourages a "snitch" culture in which a guilty party will sometimes gain an advantage over an innocent party by running to McNair first with a tale of the other's insufficient submission to God's Government. A more mature, responsible counselor would have preserved at least one broken LCG HQ marriage, and would have achieved better outcomes in the Book of Enoch matter, the Patrick and Elizabeth Scarborough matters, the John Robinson fiasco, and several others over the years, plus of course many we don't know about.

People were aware of Rod Meredith's limitations and ego, so it wasn't really a surprise that McNair could get away with this when serving under his uncle. It is SO disappointing, though, to see that Gerald Weston seems to be happy with him.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Rod McNair is a dumb p.o.s.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:51 PM

I hope the ears and hearts of those in LCG and the other splinters will heed your sound words. Much discernment, sound reasoning and truth in your comment.

I've often wondered, if the COG's would acknowledge the wrongs done and make the appropriate course corrections, if many would not return.

Anonymous said...

What is Rod's relationship to the late Raymond?

Connie Schmidt said...

HEY!! I thought I had the "franchise" on Anagram Fun!

Im suing for infringement! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Charlotte has been lit up on here all evening. Me thinks someone must have got their attention. ;) Could it be Rod?

Or is it Gerald? Or Ames?

Well howdy. So i have an idea.

Why don't y'all stop hovering over the computer monitors and actually take time to listen to your members and actually FIX the problems. Or is it that it really isn't a problem unless it impacts YOUR paychecks?

What do you say? You in? Are are you guys really only in it for a cushy retirement paycheck? What do you think?

Since you've been on here ALL evening, you've SURELY got something to say?

Weston? Ames? McNugget?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:40 p.m.

Rod is the nephew of Raymond.

Rod's father, Carl, was Raymond's brother.

Anonymous said...

5:40 -

Ah, Carl. Yes, I have met him. Only got a nod and a smile from Raymond. Carl trained me at SEP on the rifles. He also had quite a lecture on the subject of the importance of "Respect". Very heavy into the Mr. and Mrs . thing for Ambassador students and ministers - seemed very rank conscious. I'm sure the indoctrination of Armstrongism on Rod was absolutely intense.

Anonymous said...

2.51 PM
You are mistaken that the ministers believe that they are right in their dictatorial, domineering, controlling, abusive way. Such people know that they are wrong since they have heard complaints thousands of times, and who hasn't experienced such abuse themselves. A simple proof is that they practise compartmentalization ie, they wear their Pharisaic mask with those they want to impress.

Note the 'throw ourselves at Gods mercy and cry out to him for his help' thingy.
This is creepy protestant self flagellation. This is in sharp contrast to the bibles 'be strong, brave and courageous.'
Do I cry out to God? Only in a life threatening situation. Otherwise God has given people adequate human talents to deal with everyday living.

NO2HWA said...

I have had to laugh today at how the Charlotte flags on the map have been lighting up like fireworks today over this post.

Byker Bob said...

I'm thinking that Rod probably walks like an Egyptian!


Anonymous said...

April 16 @ 4:46. What kind of a comment is it that calls a person a dumb etc., and then has nothing else to say, not to bright or intelligent, I wonder if Jesus would make such a comment no matter what a person is like. I guess if you think your perfect or so much better than others it’s okay. I’m sure there’s some kind of words that can be used rather than the now old saying that’s starting to be copied and overused. I’m not defending g or standing up for Rod McNair, it could have been anybody, but to say that about a person is just plain sick, and if that’s the only way to make yourself look good or better than someone else, and have nothing else to say, how sad. Actually I’m glad most comments are allowed on this blog, but comments like that one should be left for the trash bin.

Anonymous said...

9:12 PM
If you have ever watched Rod McNair have one of his temper tantrums, you'll have a better understanding of what he wrote. Rod is all about manly, masculine conduct for men, but when things don't go his way he sometimes reacts like a spoiled toddler.

Anonymous said...

McNair wrote:

Passover is not the time to show God a list of all our spiritual accomplishments.

Is that now the official LCG teaching about the Passover? In the past, I heard other LCG ministers teach something very different, that one very important part of examining ourselves is to recognize what God has done in our lives, and how He has helped us overcome many problems and weaknesses that we probably didn't even recognize when we repented at baptism. The teaching used to be that we should recognize that we are far from perfect and that no "accomplishments" are "good enough" for salvation. However, if we find no "accomplishments" in our lives, this is evidence that we have failed to use the Holy Spirit, and we should repent and beg for more of the Spirit to use in accomplishing what God wants us to accomplish. But, if we are overcoming, we should absolutely show God a list of our spiritual accomplishments in order to THANK HIM for what He has done in our lives.

McNair's statement, however, is a big change from that previous teaching. It is exactly what a cult leader would say to a group of fearful and depressed people he wanted to keep trapped in their depression, under his control.

Anonymous said...

I see this man, Rod Meredith, as the Charlotte-Charlatan:
I remember him pounding the pulpit with his fist @ FOT like some mad Russian dictator!
It made me feel uncomfortable & unworthy, like an abused childhood.
Have to conclude that HWA was right: He needed to be removed from Christ's service!

Anonymous said...

What would happen if the Pope changed any dogma? By admitting error it would call into question the idea of the infallibility of the Pope and open the door to further changes. He has to hold onto everything that he claimed has come from God. So it is with HWA and his successors. Their pride and what would results requires them to cling to their understanding of church government, how to lead, etc.

Anonymous said...

Rod McNair did everything he could to destroy me and without merit.

He probably believed he was justified at the time but soon discovered that he was in error.

Instead of being a Christian and admitting wrong-doing, he dug his heels in and continued to assassinate my character relentlessly. I am convinced that his goal was to get me to leave the greater COG entirely because my presence was constant reminder of what he did to me. God forbid he admit he made a mistake.

After all, if he paints me as a horrible person and I'm a valued member of my new church, what does that say about him?

He even went as far as to call my new pastor and attempt to get him to disfellowship me based on his lies. Thankfully, my new pastor refused to talk about me behind my back (and Rod was unwilling to have the conversation with me present).

Each year that passes, my new church gets to know me better and better which makes LCG look worse and worse for what they did to me.

I don't just hold Rod McNair accountable. I hold LCG accountable. LCG ministers and members alike know that what happened to me was incredibly wrong and totally unchristian. Yet, they stood by and did nothing. Choosing to do nothing in instances of injustice make you complicit.

His spiritual immaturity and innate wickedness led him to double down. That pretty much sums up Rod McNair.

I feel sad for him. He spent his childhood being beaten down by his father (mentally and physically). It's no wonder he grew up to be the man he is today.

His deeply flawed character is a result of massive insecurity. He dominates others to make himself feel bigger. His Meredith ordained power intoxicates him and gives him his only sense of self-worth. He has no understanding of grace, love, mercy or integrity. I pity him. What a sad life. One day he will account for everything. May God grant him mercy... for without it he is doomed.

Humberto said...

The only thing that has turned on is your own envy towards a religious group that does not defend itself from your attacks, you attack in a cowardly way, hidden behind a website, you are lax, lukewarm in your ideas and you let yourself be carried away by your own root of bitterness.
The ministers have the duty to instruct, correct and discipline the people, they will give an account of the flock and God does not want anyone to be lost. Did Jesus reprimand Peter? Did God reprimand Moses? Was Jesus dictatorial with temple merchants? Was God with Sodom dictatorial? Or do you want something like Tkach? You want anarchy where nobody govern anyone? ... That's Laodicea, that's the kind of blog that you have ... and of course you're not going to publish this, because you're a coward.
Finally, is this your work? .. to put in people false ideas to discredit a group that does not hurt you?

Anonymous said...

The definition of 'administering Gods government' is:

a ruler or other person who holds absolute power, typically one who exercises it in a cruel or oppressive way.
synonyms tyrant, dictator, absolute ruler, totalitarian, authoritarian, autocrat, oppressor, autarch, monocrat

Anonymous said...

As we come to this Holy Day season, we must have no illusions about ourselves. We must be honest and open.

What a strange comment by McNair. Shouldn't people be honest and open all the time? Is McNair subconsciously suggesting that he is dishonest and closed for the rest of the year? Is he suggesting that God has a different standard for Christian conduct at the Passover than on the Day of Atonement? If so, that's one more unscriptural "doctrinal upgrade" to have infected LCG.

Anonymous said...

He even went as far as to call my new pastor and attempt to get him to disfellowship me based on his lies. Thankfully, my new pastor refused to talk about me behind my back (and Rod was unwilling to have the conversation with me present).

Rod McNair and Gerald Weston should do a Bible Study on "reputation." McNair has done a great deal to give LCG a terrible reputation in the eyes of other Church of God groups. Yes, McNair has driven some former LCG members out into "the world" (for which he will need to answer to God, for being a sheriff rather than a shepherd), but he has also driven some of them into UCG, COGWA, and smaller groups.

When members of those other groups meet a refugee from McNair's LCG, they can see for themselves the difference between their churches and the LCG cult. Moreover, when LCG members meet a minister who actually strives to act with integrity, like the one described above, it demonstrates powerfully the difference between the Church of God and the Church of Rod.

Anonymous said...

As we come to this Holy Day season, we must have no illusions about ourselves. We must be honest and open.

7:34 hits upon quite the point.

The statement appears to suggest that there are TWO standards. But let me expound upon this a little further because I think it hits upon a massive character flaw that only comes from legalism.

Rod states "As we come to this....we must.....". It's far more than just coming upon the Holy Day season.

This is the attitude in the COG's about...

1. Away from church, at church.
2. Away from home, at home.
3. In public, not in public.
4. Holy Day Season, Not Holy Day Season.
5. At the Feast, Not At the Feast.
6. Sabbath, Not the Sabbath.
7. At Church, Not At Church.

You get the point. The COG's and Legalism provide a two-faced religion. A religion where you must be one way at certain times, places, events... and another way when you're not there. Pretty much meaning there are two personas that are enabled by COG doctrines... a public persona, and a private persona. Disclaimer: This isn't true for everyone. But it's an observation worth noting.

The PUBLIC persona for the enabled COG person is the business-like, temperate COG member with the firm handshake and the reasoned attitude. It's the "holier" side that kicks on at 7:36 when sunset is at 7:35. It's the "holier side" that kicks on 2 minutes after arriving at the church hall when you've been fighting and arguing with the family, and then have to exit the car to go to church. It's the "Holier" side that is a certain way at holy times, and a certain way when you're not. It's like a light switch that can be turned on, and off, at will, based on times and seasons.

The PRIVATE persona for the enabled COG person (and this is NOT applicable to every person, let's get that clear) is the carnal side. It's the side you hear about with the stories, the accounts, and the victims that have been coming forward for decades. I won't fill in the details, because of the wide range of variables here. But nonetheless, I have observed this with people, and I could guess you have too.

It's a FAR different attitude then the attitude that Jesus taught. It's the attitude of legalism where image is the idol. Because IMAGE is the idol in the Churches of God. But it's expected when your entire life revolves around a list of do's, dont's, rules, regulations, where appearances are judged and individuality, though discouraged in COG affairs, but isn't regulated or known about off the radar.

McNair unintentionally revealed in that sentence the bi-polar, image based, legalism-centered attitude that the COG's enable due to their legalistic interpretations. That wouldn't be hard for him to do though - it's all, it seems, he has known.

Anonymous said...

6.11 AM
Where in the bible does it say that the ministers have a right to 'discipline' members.
The only cases that can qualify is disfellowship/suspension or Paul's 'sharp rebuke.'
We both know that in church culture so called 'discipline' is the minister verbally bashing and tearing down members. There is no due process and a accusation is a sentence.

On several occasions I had disagreed in a civil manner with a members pet belief, only to be later attacked and called names by the minister. Evidently minister boot lickers have freedom of speech but their listeners don't even have the right of reply.
This the Bastard Church of God run by the bastard ministers. They richly deserve the tribulation.
Oh why aren't church numbers increasing? No idea.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Weston,

I hope that you are reading this and paying attention to what is being said. I know not everything here is written in the right attitude, but you can filter what is genuine and what is drivel. Please look at the harm that is being caused by certain ministers, as well as by Rod McNair, and KICK THEM OUT! They have had more than enough opportunity to turn things around and have refused. The record of the judges and kings showed that the righteous kings removed wicked individuals and God blessed them for it. Now it is your turn to DO THE RIGHT THING!

Byker Bob said...

Got anything else but cliches and Armstrong shibboleths to throw at us, Humming Bird?


Anonymous said...

In reference to 6:45....

What's really, really sad is that someone who obviously is a member of Living Church of God feels like they have to go through as an anonymous person on a dissident type blog to get to the spiritual leader of their church. That's actually beyond sad - it's a disgrace.

This member should feel absolutely comfortable to approach their church comfortably and honestly as a member to discuss their concerns with the church they attend and tithe to. But that's not the case.

Obviously, the only channel to the ministry in LCG - at least for this person - is to anonymously plead with their spiritual leader to correct the obvious wrongdoings this person has witnessed HERE.

There is something fundamentally wrong when a MEMBER has to resort to communicating with their leader on a blog that Meredith hated - and LCG likely despises - to get a message through.

Because we all know what would happen if such thoughts were ever said to one of the elite of the church. This person, who obviously cares for the people of the church - would be kicked to the curb without a second thought. And that is the sad legacy of legalism and wickedness in the COG's.

Anonymous Member of LCG - I know you aren't in agreement with a lot of the thoughts and opinions on this blog. But at least, you can know that the people on this blog are real, and genuine, in their opinions. We've all been through the wringer in one way or another. You may call some of the stuff on here "Drivel", but at the very least, it's not HYPOCRITICAL elite-type drivel. It's honest drivel, without pretense. We are real people. And we know you are a real person too who is just trying to make sense of all the crap.

Anonymous said...

Anon says, "The ministers have the duty to instruct, correct and discipline the people".

LCG ministry, in particular Rod McNair do not practice righteous judgment. Their egos and vindictiveness taint their ability to be fair.

God says to leave the 99 to go after the 1. If a member is going astray, LCG MINISTRY SHOULD TRY TO HELP THEM not harm them by cutting them off from the body.

So often the "punishments" of these men is so heavy handed. So often they behave punitively when love, mercy and help/shepherding is what's called for. So often they react based on unconfirmed gossip or personal opinion instead of fact.

I mean what kind of man keeps file folders in his office of every conceived misstep of the members he personally doesn't like? Year after year. I'm still not entirely sure how Rod McNair makes it through Passover services without a bold of lightening striking him.

Rod McNair, if you are reading this, take heed, you will reap that which you have sown. It's not too late. Make amends with those that you know you have treated unfairly. Apologize for you heavy-handedness. Repent.

Gerald Weston, if you are reading this, please wake up and do the right thing. LCG is hemorrhaging people because of this pharisaical behavior. The right message will get nowhere when the messengers are so corrupt, harsh and right in their own sight.

Anonymous said...

I mean what kind of man keeps file folders in his office of every conceived misstep of the members he personally doesn't like?

Rod, for as long as you continue to keep folders filled with accusations against LCG members, you can be certain that God is keeping a folder filled with accusations against you. For as long as you refuse members' impassioned cries that you tear up those folders filled with lies and half-truths, God will refuse your impassioned pre-Passover cries for mercy.

The day will come, whether in this life or at the Judgment, when Rod McNair will be judged by the same standard that he has chosen to use on others. That truth should fill him with great fear, and we can only hope for his own sake that he will repent before it is too late for him.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Rod McNair ever reflects and feels badly about what he has done to so many of God's people. In the quiet moments before he drifts off to sleep... or while he's standing in the shower thinking. Perhaps he feels badly but he's a coward so he lacks the courage to profess, "you know what, I think I mis-judged so-an-so" or "I might have been heavy-handed when I attempted to ruin the lives of x, y or z".

Or is he truly so evil that he has zero remorse for all that he has done?

I wonder.